The psychological implications of internet surveillance on a quantum-level

There are two opinions in regards to being tracked in the web though cookies, Google and Facebook: Some do mind having their data (ab)used and the majority, for the sake of convenience, succumbs to its dominance by declaring that “they have nothing to hide”.

Yet there is a total different aspect hardly anyone does sense:
The fact that by merely being observed we already are influenced on a deep molecular level.
You can see this on children who freeze as soon as they are photographed, because they loose their natural flow.

In the same way electrons loose their fluidity when being observed in the double-slit-experiment, as explained in this video:

We are literally snapped out of our holistic intuition and living in the moment; into the dualism of opinions and its concepts which drag us away from the now.

Observation determines the axis of thought-patterns of the observer.
Try to simply observe your breath and you will see how it is influenced depending on your focus on its speed or depth.

Some internet-users sense that something is bothering them, but because they can’t pinpoint it, they create conspiracy theories to have a construct against which to push back.

If you found the above video excerpt interesting, you can watch the entire versatile documentary here:

(The first 3 minutes are a hectic animation but afterwards it becomes quieter.)

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How to see beyond the illusion called Maya

We have heard that the world is an illusion – a concept called Maya in spirituality, and we hear about shifting dimensions. Such pictures initially invoke comparisons to the mystical world of Shangri-La or parallel worlds as displayed in Science Fictions.

I would, however demystify that terminology by telling you that this is much less spectacular than you were hoping for , but therefore bears possibilities to influence our reality without relying on high-tech, the findings of hidden places, or the hope for extraterrestrial aliens to open some space-portal for us.

The illusion Maya is more about our emotional (mis)conceptions and conditionings.
So to show you how conditioned we all are, let’s play a game:

As you scroll down you will see 23 photographs of people.
All you have to do with every picture is to ask yourself what kind of a soul is presented to you – beyond your illusions of conditioning. Soul meaning the inner core of a person: its life-path, character-trades, value-system and all aspects which reveal their emotional state and mindset to you.

What helps to see the character behind people is to put those people in relationship to you, by putting them in fictitious situations, such as:

  • Would I entrust this person a secret?
  • Could I fall in love with that person or that person with me?
  • Could I rely on that person in times of need?
  • Would this person stand up for me when I did something wrong?
  • Could I entrust this person my money?
  • Could this be a killer, healer, thinker, worker, politician, or anything you can think of?
    Think of any question which helps.

The pictures are numbered in case you want to comment on one.
Don’t worry if you know some of those – just go by your character analysis.
Now just brainstorm what jumps to your mind within a second,
and then move on to the next photography.



Tilda Swinton in The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)



Tilda Swinton in Suspiria (2018)



Snowpiercer Tilda Swinton's Most Terrifying Roles


The Roles of a Lifetime: Tilda Swinton


















Those are the pictures.
Were the attributes you gave each person very different?
Did they reflect some of your own values?
Or did you put people in boxes, by age, gender, attractivity, etc ?

You may have known it or not, they all are Actress Tilda Swindon,
all the same soul someone who can see behind Maya could recognise.

Tilda Swinton Shaves Head

I admit that the test was not entirely fair, because it included masks which distort the face, but so is the entire hype of the beauty industry today. How much we are hooked on it shows the current amount of makeup-tutorials and selfies. So next time you see some attractive celebrity, search for that name and add “without makeup”, and don’t be fooled by the beauty of youth – it only shows you a person which did not yet have a developed many issues which may come at a later stage.

The way a 2 1/2 hour of Sodarshan-Meditation does change that is that you slowly see people ‘out of the box’ of their person.
You don’t see the friend who always was this
or that or a person with such and such political or religious opinion,
a woman or a boy etc.;
but when you stand in front of someone you see each issue, as it is dealt with, very differently.
One may be a very tolerant person,
yet be quite stern about a certain issue,
and feel attached to other issues – the possibilities are endless
and the further your distinction develops, the more you learn to see individual strings of consciousness floating through each human.
This is what Indians call Viveka – the art of discrimination.

And once someone can perceive the all pervading divine force in someone, they say Namaste – I bow to the divine in you (if this phrase is not used mindless).
So the illusion does not lie as a veil or hologram in front of our eyes,
but is our misconception, that certain material forms would be separate entities.

The more you stay in the current current,
the more you are in the flow of things

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Schlüssel zum Verständnis des Lebens #2 : links, oben, unten, rechts

english article here

Im ersten Kapitel wurde Meditation als das ‘in die Mitte (medi) bringen’ erklärt – den Zentralpunkt eines Kreuzes um alle Perspektiven zu sehen.

Was sind also die horizontalen und vertikalen Richtungen?

2a.) Das Prinzip von nach oben und unten strebenden Bewegungen

In der Tabula Smaragdina, hat Hermes Trismegistus (der eine Kombination des griechischen Gottes Hermes und des alten ägyptischen Gottes Thoth ist), gesagt:

1. Wahr, wahr, kein Zweifel darin, sicher, zuverlässig!
2. Siehe, das Oberste kommt vom Untersten, und das Unterste vom Obersten; ein Werk der Wunder von einem Einzigen.
3. Wie die Dinge alle von diesem Grundstoff durch ein einziges Verfahren entstanden sind.
4. Sein Vater ist die Sonne,
seine Mutter der Mond;
der Wind hat ihn in seinem Bauch getragen,
die Erde hat ihn ernährt.
5. Er ist der Vater der Zauberwerke, der Behüter der Wunder, vollkommen an Kräften; der Beleber der Lichter.
6. Ein Feuer, das zu Erde wird.
7. Nimm hinweg die Erde von dem Feuer, das Feine von dem Groben, mit Vorsicht und Kunst.
8. Und in ihm ist die Kraft des Obersten und des Untersten. So wirst du zum Herrscher über das Oberste und das Unterste.
Weil mit dir ist das Licht der Lichter, darum flieht vor dir die Finsternis.
9. Mit der Kraft der Kräfte wirst du jegliches feine Ding bewältigen, wirst du in jegliches grobe Ding eindringen.
10. Gemäß der Entstehung der großen Welt entsteht die kleine Welt, und das ist mein Ruhm.
11. Das ist die Entstehung der kleinen Welt, und danach verfahren die Gelehrten.
12. Darum bin ich Hermes der Dreifache genannt worden.

Diese Weisheiten werden oft in der Alchemie  oder im Okkultismus verwendet (der nicht so dunkel ist, wie es scheint, sondern schlichtweg “verborgen” bedeutet). Alchemie beschäftigt sich mehr mit inneren Transformationen, als mit äußeren, weswegen dieser kryptische Txt die Funktion von “Qi” (der Lebenskraft in Chinesischer Medizin), bzw. “Prana” (der Lebenskraft indischer Ayurveda) beschreibt.

In der traditionellen chinesischen Medizin (TCM) wird die vertikale Beziehung des oberen, mittleren, und unteren Körpers die 3 Dantians genannt.
Das kann in manchen chinesischen Bildern gesehen werden, wo unten ein Schlamm ist, in der Mitte ein Ochse, der seinen Weg aufwärts arbeitet, und oben einer Perle der Erleuchtung.

Die Energie wird intern durch “Trennung des Feinen von dem Groben” gereinigt. Das genau ist was die Därme tun indem sie das nützliche Essen vom unnützen Stuhlgang reinigen.

Die Fähigkeit klare und wertvolle Gedanken von unnützen Informationen zu trennen, ohne das intellektuell begründen zu müssen, heist Intuition, also die Fähigkeit, sich selbst eine Lehre (englisch “tuition“) zu geben. Diese Fähigkeit heisst im Indischen Viveka – die Fähigkeit zu diskriminieren – eine Terminologie, die im Westen leider meist negativ belegt ist. Und weil diese Fähigkeit im Bauch angesiedelt ist, nennt man das “Bauchgefühl”.

Der Grund, warum Frauen mit einem besseren Grundverständnis für Intuition geboren sind, ist, weil das Herz in dem aus spiritueller Sichtweise unsere Gedanken hausen, ein Gefäß voller Blut ist,
und das einzige Körperteil unter dem Zwerchfell
(also unter dem Wasserspiegel, über dem der Intellekt, und unter dem die Intuition gefunden werden kann),
der auch ein Beutel voller Blut ist, der Uterus ist.
Daher konnte früher beobachtet werden, dass Frauen die einer Hysterektomie unterzogen wurden, bisweilen hysterisch werden konnten.

Später im Leben entfaltet sich die Intuition mehr dadurch, wie viel sie beleuchtet wurde, bzw. wie weit sie durch den Intellekt unterdrückt wurde. Daher nivelliert sich der Unterschied der Geschlechter auf Dauer.

Daher muss man in Sodarshan Chakra Kriya den Atem (und damit die Gedanken) anhalten, und den Bauch pumpen, während man sich auf ein höheres Selbst einschwingt, indem man schweigend das Mantra for Gott, “Waheguru” rezitiert.
Da sich Denken für mich ähnlich wie Hören manifestiert, war ich einmal in 26 Jahren damit gesegnet, das Mantra nicht mit meinem Hirn, sondern aus dem Bauch raus zu hören.

2b.) Die links-rechts-mitte Beziehung

Wenn immer wir die horizontale Beziehung sehen, dann bedeutet das Interaktion mit der Welt (im Gegensatz zur vertikalen Beziehung zum Höheren Selbst).
Das resultiert dann meist in starker Gewichtung auf Ethik, wie sie in eeiner der ältesten Religionen der Welt, dem Zoroastrismus hochgehalten wird, was man an den Schwingen dessen Hauptsymbols, dem Fahavar gesehen werden kann.

Diese Schwingen sind wahrscheinlich bekannter aus dem alten Ägypten, und Wissen davon ist im Okkultismus, Rosenkreuzertum, Magie und der alten Kabbalah zu finden.
In der jüdischen Kabbalah gibt es drei vertikale Säulen:
Links, das Urteil, in der Mitte die neutrale Klarheit , und rechts die Gnade.
Klarheit ist das höchste geistige Gut, die Welt so zu sehen, wie sie ist.

Überraschenderweise ist die Verurteilung auf der weiblichen Seite, und Gnade auf der männlichen, was mehr Sinn macht, wenn man über Yin & Yang Qualitäten kontempliert, denn Yin ist absteigend und somit “zerstörend”, und Yang aufsteigend und erhebend.
Daher sollten diese Prinzipien möglichst vom Geschlechtsdenken ausgeklinkt werden.

Auf dieser englischen Seite wird Chhinnamasta, die Göttin der spirituellen Selbst-Realisation und das Erwachens der spirituellen Kundalini-Energie durch Nadis (Energie-kanäle indischer Medizin) beschrieben:

Die drei Blustströme könne durch das Nadi-System in unserem Körper verstanden werden. Diese 3 Ströme sind Naadis: die seitlichen sind Ida und Pinglaa (links und rechte) Naddis; das mittlere ist das Sushumnaa Naadi.
Kopf ist Hirn und Hirnrinde – der Sitz der Wünsche. Susumnaa Naadi steigt durch das Hirn, welches Nahrung vom Zentralen Blutstrom erhält. Geist (die Kundalini-Göttin) steigt durch den Gaumen hoch and den Höhepunkt des Kopfes.; ‘geköpft sein’ bedeutet einen abgeschnittenen Geist zu haben.
Amanska, ein Stadium des Mangels mentaler Funktionen, die zu höherem Bewusstsein führen, dessen Ziel die Parasiva (höhere Realität) ist.
Die Naadis brechen durch den grantha(-knoten) in den Chakrasund erheben sich vom Kopf, dem Sitz des menschlichen Bewusstseins.
Chinmastaa represäntiert Susumnaa Nadi, Varni, die Pingalaa Naadi, und Daakini, das Idaa Naadi.

Auf ähnliche Art gibt es in der chinesischen Medizin eine links-rechts-Beziehung in der Puls-Diagnose, wo die linke Seite die Blut-Seite reflektiert, während die rechte die (Ener)qi Seite ist.
(Interessanterweise ist die Blut-Seite kühlend, während die Qi-Seite wärmend ist.)

In einem alchemistischen Text, der Marsilio Ficino zugeschrieben wird, werden drei Sonnen beschrieben: Eine schwarze, weisse, und rote, die den drei alchemistischen Farb-Stufen zugeschrieben wird.

Außerdem wird in Kapitel 14 der Bhagavad Gita diese drei Aspekte als Gunas gesehen: Der dunkle (schwarze) Aspekt gehört zu Tamas (Unwissenheit), der hitzige (rote) Aspekt zu Rajas (Leidenschaft), und der pure (weisse) ist Sattva (Reinheit).

14. Die drei Erscheinungsweisen der materiellen Natur.
14.5 Die materielle Natur besteht aus den drei Erscheinungsweisen Reinheit, Leidenschaft und Unwissenheit. Wenn das Lebewesen mit der Natur in Berührung kommt, wird es von diesen drei Erscheinungsweisen bedingt. 
14.6 O Sündloser, weil die Erscheinungsweise der Reinheit reiner ist als die anderen Erscheinungsweisen, erleuchtet sie und befreit den Menschen von allen sündhaften Reaktionen. Wer sich in dieser Erscheinungsweise befindet, entwickelt Wissen, wird jedoch von der Vorstellung gebunden, glücklich zu sein. 
14.7 O Sohn Kuntis, die Erscheinungsweise der Leidenschaft wird aus unbegrenzten Wünschen und Verlangen geboren, und deshalb wird man an materielle und fruchtbringende Aktivitäten gebunden. 
14.8 O Nachkomme Bharatas, die Erscheinungsweise der Unwissenheit verursacht die Täuschung aller Lebewesen. Die Folgen dieser Erscheinungsweise sind Verrücktheit, Trägheit und Schlaf, die die bedingte Seele bindet. 
14.9 In der Erscheinungsweise der Reinheit wird man von Glück bedingt, in Leidenschaft von den Früchten der Handlung und in Unwissenheit von Verrücktheit.
14.10 O Nachkomme Bharatas, manchmal gewinnt die Erscheinungsweise der Leidenschaft die Oberhand und besiegt die Erscheinungsweise der Reinheit; manchmal besiegt die Erscheinungsweise der Reinheit Leidenschaft, und ein anderes Mal besiegt die Erscheinungsweise der Unwissenheit Reinheit und Leidenschaft. Auf diese Weise findet ein ständiger Kampf um Vorherrschaft statt.
14.11 Die Symptome der Erscheinungsweise der Reinheit können erfahren werden, wenn alle Tore des Körpers mit Wissen erleuchtet sind. 
14.12 O Oberhaupt der Bharatas, wenn die Erscheinungsweise der Leidenschaft zunimmt, entwickeln sich die Symptome von Begierde, großer Anhaftung, unkontrollierbarer Verlangen und großer Anstrengung
14.13 O Nachkomme Kurus, wenn die Erscheinungsweise der Unwissenheit zunimmt, werden Verrücktheit, Illusion, Untätigkeit und Dunkelheit manifestiert.
14.14 Wer in der Erscheinungsweise der Reinheit stirbt, erreicht die reinen, höheren Planeten.
14.15 Wer in der Erscheinungsweise der Leidenschaft stirbt, wird unter denen geboren, die fruchtbringenden Aktivitäten nachgehen, und wer in der Erscheinungsweise der Unwissenheit stirbt, wird im Reich der Tiere geboren.
14.16 Wer in der Erscheinungsweise der Reinheit handelt, wird gereinigt. Arbeiten, die in der Erscheinungsweise der Leidenschaft verrichtet werden, enden in Leid,
und Handlungen, die in der Erscheinungsweise der Unwissenheit ausgeführt werden, enden in Dummheit.
14.17 Aus der Erscheinungsweise der Reinheit entwickelt sich wahres Wissen; aus der Erscheinungsweise der Leidenschaft entwickelt sich Leid, und aus der Erscheinungsweise der Unwissenheit entwickelt sich Dummheit, Verrücktheit und Illusion.
14.18 Menschen, die sich in der Erscheinungsweise der Reinheit befinden, gehen zu den höheren Planeten; diejenigen, die sich in Leidenschaft befinden, bleiben auf den irdischen Planeten, und diejenigen, die sich in der Erscheinungsweise der Unwissenheit befinden, fallen in die höllischen Welten hinab.
14.22-25 Der Höchste Herr sagte: Wer Erleuchtung, Anhaftung und Täuschung nicht haßt, wenn sie vorhanden sind, noch nach ihnen Verlangt, wenn sie verschwinden; wer von nichts berührt wird, da er sich jenseits der Reaktionen der Erscheinungsweisen der materiellen Natur befindet, wer unerschütterlich bleibt, weil er weiß, daß allein die Erscheinungsweisen aktiv sind; wer Freude und Schmerz mit Gleichmut betrachtet und einen Erdklumpen, ein Stein und ein Goldstück mit gleichen Augen sieht; wer weise ist und Ruhm und Schmach als gleich ansieht; wer in Ehre und Unehre unverändert bleibt und Freund und Feind gleich behandelt, und wer alle fruchtbringenden Unternehmungen aufgegeben hat – von solch einem Menschen sagt man, er habe die Erscheinungsweisender Natur transzendiert. 

Diese drei Farb-Aspekte schwarz-weiss-rot kennt man von altdeutschen Flaggen, vom Dornröschen der Gebrüder Grimm, als sie sich am offenen Fenster an der Spindel den Finger sticht und das Blut auf den frisch gefallenen Schnee tropfen sieht und sagt: “Rot wie Blut, weiss wie Schnee, und schwarz wie Ebenholz!”
Dieser Konflikt zwischen dem Rajas: “man muss doch” und dem Tamas “man darf nicht” ist also urdeutsch.
Bei der schwarz-weiss-roten Flagge stimmte noch der Bezug zu den 3 Gunas (Aspekten) zur Anordnung der 3 Nadis (Kanälen), und an der neudeutschen Flagge, wie am heutigen kalten Bauhaus-stil (im Gegensatz zu arabischen Türrahmen mit zwiebelartiger Aussparung für die Aura z.Bsp.) kann man den Verfall der Spiritualität beobachten.

Das Konzept vom dualistisch versklavten Satan ist auch in roten und schwarzen Farben dargestellt, während die Farbe der Engel weiss ist – die Farbe der Weisheit. (Die Hochachtung vor Weis im Mittelalter hat auch fälschlicherweise dazu geführt, dass weise Menschen mehr wert wären – dabei war es zunächst einfach die Farbe derer, die nicht ständig draußen arbeiten mussten, also besonders der Hofdamen (‘my fair lady’).

Das satanische Prinzip, was Abergläubische einer sprichwörtlichen Person zu-deuten ist im Grunde eine Darstellung des tragischen inneren Kampfes zwischen unserer cholerisch-feurigen roten und der dumm-faulen schwarzen Seite, so wie es feurige Drogen, wie Kokain oder harten Alkoholika tun, die einem zunächst ein Gefühl von Stärke und Entscheidungskraft vermitteln, aber später mit bösen (schwarzen) Katern bezahlt werden muss.
Der Mittelweg wird als weis(e) bezeichnet, der Farbe von Heiligen und dem göttlichen Licht.

Hier ist ein englischer Artikel über den gleichen Aspekt im Kashmir Shaivism: the 3 godesses: Para, Apara and Parapara.

Es gibt zwei Wege die neutrale Weisheit zu erlangen:
Entweder durch absolute Widmung dem Göttlichen hin,
oder indem man sich energetisch ausbalanciert,
was ich in folgenden Artikeln beschreiben werde.

< vorheriges Kapitel

Spiritual question of the month: If you had the power, would you perform miracle healings?

Since a while I became increasingly uncomfortable of writing blog articles, because I felt like ‘dishing out my truth’, so I purposely took out the sharp analytical style which on one hand did produce the best articles,
but on the other hand were a clever way to impose my opinion on others.
That’s why the quality of the articles suffered a bit for the sake of me being more authentic.

I also felt that the rise of social networks did culture a consumption attitude of readers to suck in as much information as possible at the expense of digesting and internalising wisdom, which frankly did frustrate me a bit because I see tons of ‘fence-sitters’ taking in inspirations but not acting on it. In 4-5 years I have only seen a handful people who did dedicate themselves to a daily practice of Sodarshan Chakra Kriya, this blog is actually designed to aspire to.

Hence I had the idea of asking you, my readers, one spiritual question a month which I actually am working on right now. So the question for January is:

I recently did post an article about miracle-healer Bruno Gröning of whom you can watch a documentary here:
part1, part2, part3.

Now the question for spiritual inclined people is:
Assuming that you do believe that siddhis (supernatural powers) like such healing powers are possible,
if you gained such a power (through a dedicated longterm spiritual practice), would you use it to heal others?
(And don’t dismiss such questions with “oh, I won’t deal with questions about powers I don’t have”, because that is simply putting your head in the sand to avoid responsibility, meaning that you voluntarily put a lid on your own spiritual evolution.)

Because of your desire to do good I assume you would say: “Yes, of course”. But here’s the catch:

The enlightened Vivekananda said here that at the brink of understanding the universal force one would either ascend further into the divine, or descend, when making use of siddhis in order to engage in the world.
I assume that most of us still would like to be inclined to heal, maybe without charging; to prove to yourself that you only have the best of intentions and are not acting out of an egotistical interest.

But Vivekananda also brought up another reason for not doing miracle healing, which I was not aware of. He said:

You see it in modern times; the faith-healers teach people to deny misery and pain and evil. Their philosophy is rather roundabout, but it is a part of Yoga upon which they have somehow stumbled. Where they succeed in making a person throw off suffering by denying it, they really use a part of Pratyahara, as they make the mind of the person strong enough to ignore the senses. The hypnotists in a similar manner, by their suggestion, excite in the patient a sort of morbid Pratyahara for the time being. The so-called hypnotic suggestion can only act upon a weak mind. And until the operator, by means of fixed gaze or otherwise, has succeeded in putting the mind of the subject in a sort of passive, morbid condition, his suggestions never work.

Now the control of the centres which is established in a hypnotic patient or the patient of faith-healing, by the operator, for a time, is reprehensible, because it leads to ultimate ruin. It is not really controlling the brain centres by the power of one’s own will, but is, as it were, stunning the patient’s mind for a time by sudden blows which another’s will delivers to it. It is not checking by means of reins and muscular strength the mad career of a fiery team, but rather by asking another to deliver heavy blows on the heads of the horses, to stun them for a time into gentleness. At each one of these processes the man operated upon loses a part of his mental energies, till at last, the mind, instead of gaining the power of perfect control, becomes a shapeless, powerless mass, and the only goal of the patient is the lunatic asylum.

Every attempt at control which is not voluntary, not with the controller’s own mind, is not only disastrous, but it defeats the end. The goal of each soul is freedom, mastery — freedom from the slavery of matter and thought, mastery of external and internal nature. Instead of leading towards that, every will-current from another, in whatever form it comes, either as direct control of organs, or as forcing to control them while under a morbid condition, only rivets one link more to the already existing heavy chain of bondage of past thoughts, past superstitions. Therefore, beware how you allow yourselves to be acted upon by others. Beware how you unknowingly bring another to ruin. True, some succeed in doing good to many for a time, by giving a new trend to their propensities, but at the same time, they bring ruin to millions by the unconscious suggestions they throw around, rousing in men and women that morbid, passive, hypnotic condition which makes them almost soulless at last. Whosoever, therefore, asks any one to believe blindly, or drags people behind him by the controlling power of his superior will, does an injury to humanity, though he may not intend it.

Therefore use your own minds, control body and mind yourselves, remember that until you are a diseased person, no extraneous will can work upon you; avoid everyone, however great and good he may be, who asks you to believe blindly. All over the world there have been dancing and jumping and howling sects, who spread like infection when they begin to sing and dance and preach; they also are a sort of hypnotists. They exercise a singular control for the time being over sensitive persons, alas! often, in the long run, to degenerate whole races. Ay, it is healthier for the individual or the race to remain wicked than be made apparently good by such morbid extraneous control. One’s heart sinks to think of the amount of injury done to humanity by such irresponsible yet well-meaning religious fanatics. They little know that the minds which attain to sudden spiritual upheaval under their suggestions, with music and prayers, are simply making themselves passive, morbid, and powerless, and opening themselves to any other suggestion, be it ever so evil. Little do these ignorant, deluded persons dream that whilst they are congratulating themselves upon their miraculous power to transform human hearts, which power they think was poured upon them by some Being above the clouds, they are sowing the seeds of future decay, of crime, of lunacy, and of death. Therefore, beware of everything that takes away your freedom. Know that it is dangerous, and avoid it by all the means in your power.

He who has succeeded in attaching or detaching his mind to or from the centres at will has succeeded in Pratyahara, which means, “gathering towards,” checking the outgoing powers of the mind, freeing it from the thraldom of the senses. When we can do this, we shall really possess character; then alone we shall have taken a long step towards freedom; before that we are mere machines.

So what do you, my dear readers say to his wisdom?

The biggest heroes are the unsung ones

Spiritual inspiration Sunday 20

By our rewarding education we are conditioned to do well and excel;
and depending on how much punishment was involved we define our sense of ‘right and wrong’ by what others reward or dismiss. This is why you see kids who weren’t educated in ethics often behave in unnecessary destructive ways – simply because their limit seems to be punishment – not higher insight.

Each human is like a garden with all kinds of seeds and those you cultivate are the ones which blossom. Because we applaud people who did well; approval is what most people strive for. Yet there are many whom we could be grateful for: The ones who made an effort not to cultivate their seeds of lower consciousness, which would have damaged us. Those can be:

  • the one who makes an extra effort to buy sustainable, or recycle products, even when no one sees it.
  • the one who didn’t steal when the opportunity was there,
  • the one who found a wallet and returned it – not stealing passively only no one saw it,
  • the one who got out of his way to help when others were in need – not hiding behind ignorance,
  • the one who didn’t accept a bribe (and there is a very fluent border to bribery),
  • the one who chose not to seduce someone sexually when seeing that it could have caused suffering,
  • the one who did not murder someone even though s/he was enraged,
  • the one who chose not instigate hate,
  • the one who made a great effort to overcome sexual urges not to be a pedophile,
  • the one who did not send others to war, be a terrorist or bring up any of those lowest mindsets,
  • or even the many who sacrificed success because they saw others suffering if they would have taken the glory for themselves.

This list is obviously random and could go on and on, but those are the people we have to thank for daily to have had the bliss of having had many peaceful days in which we did not get raped or killed.
Imagine what a horrible life you could have had if all those around you would have lived out their lower impulses.

It is the average person who may have suffered a lot and not even shown it to us we have to be grateful for – especially because no one else thanks them.

So next time you see someone whom you consider to have a dark energy, be undiplomatic or nasty, remind yourself that they could be doing pretty well right now by having watered down much larger issues (which we all are partly to blame for).

Often especially those who look ridiculous like punks, alcoholics, homeless people or people who play the clown in a certain group are the ones who struggle most to find a way out of multiple dilemmas.
I just wanted to put that out for you in order to shed a light that doing is not the only commendable action, but making space for others also is.

I want to tell you a story of synchronicity:
Just as I was finished writing this article I randomly did pick out one of my 100 followers and looked up what kind of person this might be and then I found out in this article that one of my readers is such an unsung hero,
so I want to dedicate this article to her.
And not only that, exactly at the same time that I read her story
she also had written an article about her pain and forgiveness.

Not only did she do an incredible job
in overcoming much of her pain and potential bitterness, hate or judgement
through ethics, meditation, contemplation and self-reflection,
she also sprinkles love all over the web, writes books and blogs, and despite her harsh life makes beautiful videos such as those above and below.

She also has a free course onBuddhism

Her past sufferings as well as the good Karma she transformed it into is a result of her open heart-energy having transformed a potential harsh intellect into a tool of communication of compassion.

If you want to support her, you could subscribe to her – or better even – straight away donate to her.

Is procreation really 'pro creation'?

Spiritual inspiration Sunday 16

The problem with our religious upbringing (regardless of the religion) is that morals are forced upon us in combination with guilt, so we now face two dilemmas: Trying to overcome our lower nature whilst at the same time having to shed moral dogmas which at times go hand in hand with our own insights. That makes it difficult to distinguish whether a resolution is based on your own insight or an external imposition.

But if we don’t resist spiritual voices of reason, they can serve as great reminders to be stored in the back of our heads to know at least what to gear towards slowly.

The most difficult worldly attachment to shed, apart from food, in my eyes, is sex, because our biological drive is so strong and we humans celebrate the dogma of multiplying to uphold our religion, nation, race or species – even more so, because it is so pleasurable. Yet, those are mere intellectual reasons to justify our hormonal drives, whether it is the sex-drive in men , or the biological clock in women – both are equally animalistic, designed by lower nature to ensure procreation and therewith merely to sustain itself.

Since I am not out to depress anyone who already is in a relationship or has children, I will include a video here, which will show how to transform into spirituality within the already chosen female family-structure.
From all angles we can gear towards our highest self – the key is to make each choice a conscious and meaningful one, but our life should not be a result of mere animalistic reflexes.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mindy-sanghera-manchester-police.jpg

The sense for cuteness seems so benevolent, but it is also just one of those reflexes we only redirect into stereotyping people, whom we feel attracted to, into niceness.

This pretty Indian lady for example []:::::::||=======>

stabbed her lover’s pregnant wife 42 times,

And this cute Austrian baby below… ▼

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… ended up becoming Adolf Hitler.

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Nature simply is our most archaic environment and whist it is much less pathological as we are, our natural instincts are just a program built into us in form of strong urges.
In order to make ourselves feel good about being enslaved by them we love to glorify them.

On an emotional basis cuddling serves as the ultimate absolution from feelings of guilt or feelings of insignificance, but that is a solution based on the approval of some other person whose mood it depends on.
Hence this blessing can backfire anytime, if it is withdrawn arbitrary.

Our longing for that one partner who likes us completely is dangerous, because it leads to a seclusion away from ‘the bad world out there‘ towards ‘but we are the good ones‘.
Our need for sensuality suggests that we would need physical contact in order to celebrate love, but this is a romantic instead of all-embracing love, which locks the energy into a couple instead of letting it flow out to the world. This is why often the most social helpers or saints are single.

By declaring procreation as a virtue we are heading in an ever increasing speed towards the extinction of the human race by overpopulation.
But only very few will even consider not to procreate for the sake of saving the planet.
The rest will rather blame anyone else for destroying it, whilst ensuring their own slice of the cake. That’s how huge the need of our ego is to sustain itself in form of offspring.

The same principle, by the way, applies to capitalism by first ensuring ones own wealth and later considering to donate a fraction of it to philanthropic causes. Such similarities give rise to the suspicion that our financial system is a lower-chakra-system of control but not one of the heart.

Another mere spiritual reason for not creating a family is because once the family is set up, your spiritual progress inevitably will come to a halt because you need all your energy to raise and provide for the children. It basically boils down to a preference of the horizontal multiplication of a species versus the vertical spiritual evolution.

An indication that our brain is wired to snap into the (worldly and literal) horizontal axis, is that ones sexual fantasies (for the ones who aren’t narcissistic) nearly always evolve around another partner – if it were merely about the own pleasures there would not be a need for another one to fulfil it.

You see this everywhere in nature: If the quality of life is good it blossoms (vertically and spiritually), but if it is bad it quickly multiplies (horizontally and materialistically) rapidly to at least ensure the survival of the species.
This is how lemons are bread: They are deprived of water to implant the fear of death into them so the rapidly multiply.
And then they are watered again.

The dogma to save human life above all simply stems from our fear of dying, so what contemporary western medicine has brought us is a mere increase in quantity of the all-devouring virus called ‘human’ instead of having elevated us towards our full spiritual benevolent potential.
Whilst democracy and free speech were designed to be means of equality, they now serve to drag down humankind’s consciousness to its lowest denominator.
Unfortunately the few who manage to rise above it are called unworldly, yet it clearly is not the mass of humans which elevates us, but the quality of our individual’s consciousness.

How can we practically transform our sexuality ?

As I see it, the best we can do is to gear towards it slowly, by not putting the oil of seduction into the flames of mutual temptation, and as I said in my post about diets: “Transformation is very slow, but if in doubt, cut it out”. This rule allows for a merciful flexibility and we can slowly tune into our higher inner voice (or as some call it: ‘the voice of god’).

Steps on the way are to separate sex from the moral guilt of our religious upbringing and from medical claims that it would be necessary to move energy or releasing heat.

What I don’t recommend, however, is to impose rigid morals to deny ourselves sex, because that would be like putting a spoke into the overactive wheel of our sexuality, which then would make it crack in forms of diseases.

But if we let our desires slowly swing off we make space for a serenity to enter our lives , which may give us the the clarity how to proceed next.

But what if you have children already? No problem. As soon as they left the house you will be free again to ascend beyond the average wellness-yoga and therewith may be even set an example for your kids to do so as well. My point merely is that as long as family is a priority your spiritual ascension works in the background, by mostly observing that of your offspring.
From a point of education, technically it would be best to raise children in maturity after an ascension, but biology does dictate it the other way around.

Turn loneliss into a bliss !

Spiritual inspiration Sunday 17

Because those videos are more targeted towards already dedicated practitioners, for more worldly inclined people I want to add that you can also just take a bit of his advice and take one day off for yourself weekly,
or if you are in a relationship, use one hour daily all for yourself.
(Not for distraction, but more for contemplation upon a personal issue until you got a grip on it.)
It works wonders how much you know when you stay with a lingering issue for a while.

General observations:

You might not understand why living seclusive is so important, but as someone who is currently full-time dedicated to a spiritual progress, my experiences do confirm what he says because a huge amount of dilemmas occur if someone shifts:

First one has all kinds of assumptions about life which then will lead one to (re)act in certain ways; and those reactions in turn will trigger new dilemmas which then start to build triangulations between different kinds of assumptions.

Due to experiences, education or the zeitgeist you may for example have a concept about genders and relate to one more than the other, and you also may have a political agenda, and maybe a religious one or many more on top – all results of your childhood-experiences in combination with your inherited energy.

Then you encounter a person from a gender you like, but political opinion you don’t like and there is the first dilemma.
You then react and a third person joins who shares your religious agenda, but not your political one but is of your preferred gender.
Then you start to play all sorts of twisted roles in order to react in a way which does suit all your contrary agendas.

Over that struggle in the end you totally loose focus over who you really are and have all your hands full playing a bunch of roles or withdrawing into a passivity which can’t be attacked, but that also is another role. So however you twist and turn it, as soon as someone does confront you in any way you are forced into a role – and be it only the one not to be passive aggressive by not responding.

To make it more complicated, people who know you (like friends, family or even like-minded ones) already made up their opinion about you and may impose huge burdens upon you for demanding changes which might be contrary to your own insights and current course of (non-)action.

Hence best is to withdraw for a while until the tree of your life found or built its stem and knows where to stand. By then your concerns will less and less be the ideas of others and you just are.

Personal experiences:

Now that I do Sodarshan Chakra Kriya for a tenth of each day, I literally can feel my gestalt (or aura) changing,
and such subtle shifts are easily trampled upon by disharmonious experiences. I realised three things going on:

  1. I felt offended and hurt, which did linger for a long time in my system,
  2. then I learned to express myself eloquently in order to push back adequately,
  3. but right now I am learning that I did perpetrate the mutual blame-game by at times having behaved too dogmatic myself.

So I am in a very fragile state of not wanting to be intruded by others, whilst trying not to interfere with others’ philosophies and lifestyles.
This means that I am deprived of the common ‘weapons’ of deflection and dismissal of others in order to defend myself.

Hence, after having tried for all my life to play it the way that everyone would be satisfied (in vain),
two days ago I told my family that I need a benevolent pause from contact with them for the next three years in order to avoid confrontations.
It took many of those in the past decades, for all of us to finally lovingly bless that solution.

And to still be able to fulfil my extrovert need to communicate I write this blog and only stay in contact with those whom I want to tune up my spirituality with – which right now are you, my dear readers.

Schlüssel zum Verständnis des Lebens #1 : Reflektion, Kontemplation, Meditation

english article here

Während das Leben für uns ein Mysterium ist, ist es hauptsächlich das Resultat vieler Faktoren – die meisten in tief unterbewussten Entscheidungen begründet, die wir vor langer Zeit gefällt haben – so tief, dass wir uns inzwischen einem Weltbild des “Schicksals” oder einer Hoffnung auf göttlichen “Gnade” einer externen Autorität verschrieben haben.

Man kann diese Änderungen der Persönlichkeit beobachten, wie man
* zuerst bewusst die Konsequenz zieht sein Verhalten zu ändern (was hunderte male hin und zurück gehen kann, bis es sich manifestiert), und
* dann, wenn die Entscheidung final ist, man etwas einfach unterbewusst tut, ohne überhaupt noch darüber zu sprechen.

Das kann eine Erleichterung von großen Lasten darstellen, aber wenn es in Bitterkeit geschieht, dann kann es Menschen zu körperlichen oder psychischen Pathologien treiben. Das ist, wie sich Charaktere bilden.

Charakterliche Veränderungen sind schwer bewusst zu erreichen, doch gibt es Möglichkeiten die Situation in die wir uns selbst hineinmanövriert haben zu entwirren;
und die unübersehbaren Ähnlichkeiten östlicher und westlicher Lehren zeigt, dass es Grundprinzipien gibt, die Jemanden aus der Misere seiner Ignoranz herausführen können.

Wenn man einen Eisberg anschaut, sieht man die Beziehung zwischen dem sichtbaren Bewusstsein oberhalb des Wassers …

… und den wesentlich größeren unsichtbaren Teil des Unterbewusstseins unter Wasser.
Also ist es klar, dass die Hauptaufgabe im Reich des Unterbewusstseins stattfinden.
(Schamanistische Reisen z.Bsp. führen einen meist zunächst durch einen Tauchgang in die Höhle des eigenen Selbst.)

Da alle Wege nach Rom führen, gibt es nicht nur den einen Pfad zur “einzigen Wahrheit”, sondern so viele Wahrheiten, wie es Menschen auf diesem Planeten gibt.

1.) Das Prinzip der Reflektion, Kontemplation und Meditation

Aktion ist das Yang Prinzip der Sonne:
Einfach zu scheinen und sprichwörtlich zu strahlen.
Reflektion hingegen ist das Yin Prinzip des Mondes: darüber zu reflektieren was geschehen ist. Das ist das Mittel der Therapie, und ein guter Therapeut ermögliche dem Patienten zu reflektieren,
um den Intellekt tiefer in das Reich der Kontemplation zu führen.

Ein Eremit wurde mal gefragt, warum er in Einsamkeit lebe,
aber anstatt zu antworten nahm er einen Stein, warf in in einen Brunnen, und fragte den Fragenden was er sehe.
Der Wanderer antwortete: “Ich sehe Wellen auf dem Wasser”;
und als sich die Wellen beruhigt hatten, fragte er den Wanderer nochmals, so dass der antwortete: “Ich sehe ein Spiegelbild meiner Selbst”.
Da antwortete der Eremit ihm: “So bald die Wellen des Geistes sich beruhigt haben, kannst Du Dich selbst sehen.
(Eine der wichtigsten altgriechischen Leitsätze ist: “Erkenne Dich selbst.”)

Während Reflektion eine passive Art ist,
ist Kontemplation eine gewählte Aktivität, um willentlich an einem Bestimmten Thema eine längere Weile dran zu bleiben.
Beide Wege funktionieren als Vermittler zwischen Bewusstsein und Unterbewusstsein, und beide Wege sind ineinander verschlungen,
weil man seine Gedanken nicht erzwingen, sondern eher anziehen kann, um dann darüber zu reflektieren.

Eine Behinderung einer guten Übersicht is der Tunnelblick, weshalb man um alle Sichten wahrnehmen zu können am Besten in der Mitte einer Kreuzung, und nicht in einer Gasse stehen sollte.

Medietas” heisst “in der Mitte” in Latein. Daher bedeutete das Wort “Medizin” ursprünglich die Rückführung auf die Gesundheit, wenn man in seinem Zentrum ist, und “Meditation” das Zentrieren des Selbst, um so viele Perspektiven wie möglich, und damit die Welt “wie sie ist” wahrzunehmen.

Das erklärt auch das Symbol des Kreuzes, was keinesfalls nur im Christentum verwendet wurde, sondern z.Bsp. auch bei Rosenkreuzern. Während das körperliche Zentrum der Bauch ist, wird es in anderen Richtungen als das Herz gesehen, was im alten Ägypten als “zweites Gehirn” angesehen wurde.

Gregg Braden setzt einen starken Wert auf die Herz-Hirn-Verbindung; und der Verlust davon ist die Wurzel der meisten internen und externen Leiden in dieser Welt.
Mitgefühl (wie es von den meisten Religionen propagiert wurde, bevor viele davon verkrusteten) ist eine gute Methode dies zurück zu erlangen,
und Buddhisten wie Thích_Nhất_Hạnh oder der Dalai Lama haben dies zu ihrer Priorität gemacht.

Für rationale Menschen ist Meditation oft das am wenigsten greifbare Konzept, so dass es ihnen für lange Zeit wie eine Zeitverschwendung vorkommt, weshalb es Anfängern meist als Entspannungsübung oder zur Selbststärkung propagiert wird, um mehr effizient zu erscheinen.
Während beides wahr ist, ist Meditation wesentlich mehr, denn es ist wie ein Sanktuarium, in dem interne Turbulenzen beruhigt werden, solange man nicht vom täglichen Leben aufgewühlt wird.

Der leichteste Weg zu Meditieren ist sich eine Minute hin zu setzen und den Atem zu beobachten, denn man kann sowohl bewusst, als auch unbewusst atmen, weshalb der Atem als Vermittler zwischen beiden Welten funktioniert.
Währenddessen kann man auch seine Gedanken einfach auslaufen lassen, indem man kein Öl mehr in die Flammen gießt, so dass Gedanken, die in Meditation aufkommen nicht weiter gefüttert werden, wie z.Bsp. der Gedanke an das spätere Einkaufen nicht durch eine ganze Einkaufsliste erweitert, sondern hinten an gestellt wird, so dass man sich wieder ganz dem jetzigen Moment widmen kann.

Bezüglich der Länge: Wenn Du Deine Meditationzeit (natürlich nur durchschnittlich) um nur 1 Sekunde mehr täglich vergrößerst, addiert es sich auf 7-8 Minuten im ersten Monat, 5-6 Minuten pro Woche im zweiten Monat, und während die Zeit zunimmt, wirst Du in eine regelmäßigere Vermittlungspraxis automatisch hineinwachsen, um zu viel nicht aufholen zu müssen, bis Du letzendlich alle zwei Monate eine Minute mehr täglich meditieren kannst.
Um solch komplizierten Berechnungen zu vermeiden, kann man im ersten Monat einfach so lange und oft man will meditieren,
im zweiten Monat versuchen, es wöchentlich zu tun,
und ab dem dritten Monat versuchen 2 Minuten täglich zu meditieren,
und ab dann alle folgende zwei Monate die Länge um 1 Minute erhöhen, bzw um 6 Minuten jedes Jahr zu verlängern.

Die leichteste Zeit, um zu meditieren, ist vor der Morgendämmerung – am zweit besten nach der Abend-dämmerung, und am Ungünstigsten in der Gesellschaft von Leuten zu meditieren die nicht meditieren.
Täglich ein bisschen zu meditieren ist wertvoller, als nur ab und zu viel zu machen, weil Dein Charakter dadurch durchweg abgestimmt wird.

Meditation, Kontemplation und Reflektion waren und werden intuitiv in natürlichen Kulturen praktiziert, wurden aber durch den Leistungsdruck unserer ersten Welt, ständig Gewinne zu maximieren (die dann gewöhnlich bloß als Entschädigungen für unser verlorenes ganzheitliches Glück dienen) marginalisiert.

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The precepts & tenets of my former Kung Fu System Nam Pai Chuan

Spiritual Inspiration Sunday 14

When I was half my age I did train with the Kung-Fu system Nam Pai Chuan and because I found the teacher Christopher Lai Khee Choong to be the spiritually most authentic of all Gurus I did meet so far, I reblog an article I wrote for the Kung-Fu magazine nearly 3 decades ago – without altering a single word.

Before we trained we had to repeat 18 precepts which a random student did read aloud to us. Don’t waste that wisdom: Read them attentive,
and then take a minute to reflect upon what those principles mean to you.

  • Revere your ancestor
  • Respect your guide
  • Train with your mind
  • Strengthen the will
  • Centre your energy
  • Focus on reality
  • Act with earnestness
  • Covet nothing
  • Subdue the “I”
  • Behave with fortitude
  • Approach with innocence
  • Ever hope
  • Life is death
  • Death is life
  • Teach with passion
  • Teach the deserving
  • Learn always
  • Assume nothing

Now you can read how I understood those tenets,
based on my studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine back then.

Revere your ancestor

Qi (or chi) is the energy of life, the force which is trained and directed in martial arts; the energy which flows throughout our body. Pre-heavenly Qi, the energy we inherit from our ancestors, is stored in the form of Jing. This is the essence of life, the factor which dominates our physical and mental growth, our determination and even our biography to a certain extent. It is stored in the kidneys from where the Yin and Yang of the whole body stems. So it can be seen as a seed of a plant. What we do with this inherited gift is up to us but it is important to make the best out of it. If one is given a certain amount of money and does not value it, one will lose it quickly, in opposition to the person who does see in the gift a chance for growth. So if we revere our ancestors we respect ourselves. This might be the reason why in Feng Shui (the art of applying Qi to space) it is very important to bury the ancestors in a place with good Qi. In the I Ging (the Book of Changes) it is written that as one who understands growth properly has to understand contraction as well, so birth can be seen as a mirror or a prism through which the ancestral Qi flows and then spreads again to build a new life – the better the Qi, the better one’s life.

Respect your guide

There are five different spirits in the body, housed in different organs. One is the Hun, the ethereal soul, which gives a person charisma. In its emotional aspect it has to do with anger and fighting. At rest the blood is stored in the liver; in a fight it is distributed to the organs. Each spirit and organ also belongs to an element which reflects principles of nature. The liver and the Hun for example belong to the Wood element which is responsible for growth; it is upward and outward in direction such as a tree grows. That is why angry people rise up from their seat in order to hit or shout at one another – upward and outward. On a mental level the wood element has to do with career – upward and outward movement. It is very important to balance ones own personal growth as it is balanced in nature. First, a good foundation has to be built to support the structure on top. A tree must have a good stem to support its crown. So you should respect your guide in order to acknowledge the fact that we all received help and have to help, that we are just threads in the fabrics of life. This puts everything into perspective and thus enables us later to judge clearly when it is appropriate to gain respect and when not. Therefore, our career will be balanced and suit our position in life. This does not mean that the humble person will not reach as far; vice versa, an aware person will see more clearly his or her destination and then go even further than people with ungrounded dreams.

Train with your mind

Another spirit is the Yi, the spirit of thought, housed in the spleen. In the case of imbalance, thought circles round and round: the process of worrying. There is a saying; “Where the Yi goes, the Qi goes”. This means where the mind is, the Qi – our energy, therefore our abilities and our whole life – will follow. A basic principle of some kinds of meditation is to let the thoughts go in order to have a clear mind – to be totally in the present and not to think about the past and the future. This is very difficult; yet important because it brings sense into the most boring activities of our life for we will be aware of what we are doing and therefore learn always. So when doing a horse-riding stance or a kick or a punch you’ve done a thousand times before don’t get bored but try to focus on nothing else but on what you are doing at the moment and you will discover how difficult that is and when you are focused your technique will improve because you will be aware of a lot of mistakes you have not seen before.

Strengthen the will

Willpower is a spirit called Zhi which resides in the kidneys, like Jing. If the kidneys are weak, there will be fear. People have to go to the toilet when they are scared, because the kidneys control the bladder: fear descends as water, the element of the kidneys. So if the will is strong, our determination and perseverance will benefit from it and also will the kidneys and therefore our Jing and our courage for the potential for fear will be reduced. In terms of our physical training the willpower will benefit from a grounded stance which draws the Qi down to the kidneys. This shows that certain Nam-Pai-Chuan techniques have a double meaning because they benefit on an exterior level our fighting skills and on an interior level our energy by balancing out bodily functions. This applies especially to the forms which have a very profound meaning far beyond the level of self-defence and contain elements of Qi-Gung, the work on Qi.

Centre your energy

The direction of the earth is toward the centre. The gravity force of the earth pulls all things towards its centre. By centring our energy we will be able to focus better. In opposition to pre-heavenly Qi as in precept 1, post-heavenly Qi is the energy which we get from food, air and all the things which are consumed after birth. Food and drink are obviously big parts of it and in order to transform them properly the stomach and especially the spleen have to be strong, otherwise the food will only be used to a certain extent and not to its full potential. This is obviously another reason to centre the Qi (to the stomach and spleen) in order to be and to become strong.

Focus on reality

Probably the most important of the five spirits housed in the body is the Shen. It is responsible for clarity, excitement and love. The Shen is housed in the blood of the heart. (The organs as seen from a Chinese medical point of view are seen as a collection of functions and therefore not identical to the Western concept of material things, but overlap to a large extent in their functions.) The heart belongs to the fire element. The direction of fire is upward; the Shen has to do with growth, especially in a spiritual sense and can be compared to the light which attracts all life. Like the sun, the Shen can never be deficient but clouded, which might cause depression and a distorted perception of reality. So focusing on reality means to keep the natural direction of growth in mind and never to forget the light even in the sky may (i.e. the mind) is temporarily clouded. To be out of tune with reality means to become mentally disturbed; and to be “en-lightened”. Here is the link to precept number 3 because a clear mind which is not distracted will not be clouded, hence access to the Shen is uninhibited.

Act with earnestness

As mentioned previously, determination and seriousness are qualities of the kidneys and the Jing. The quality of the Jing is the quality always to stand up again when knocked down by life. Determination has also to do with a sense of direction in life. To show direction, the index finger is normally used. The large intestine channel starts at the index finger – a channel is a pathway of Qi which flows from and towards all organs in the body – relating it to the sense of direction of life. The colon belongs to the metal element, as do the lungs. The lungs house the Po, another of the 5 spirits. The Po is the incorporated soul so is responsible for all involuntary movements in the body such as the metabolism, the heartbeat, breathing, etc. It is also responsible for getting things done. This is because it belongs to the metal element and metal cuts through any obstacles just like a sword. A very big obstacle in getting things done is sadness, the pathological state of the lungs when Qi is deficient. Sadness causes a stooped posture which further depletes the lungs, so when someone is determined to fulfil his/her own goals s/he cuts through this obstacle and breaks the vicious circle.

Covet nothing

When Buddha sat under a tree and tried to develop himself through meditation, five women came to tempt him away from the path of true development. These women represented corruption or criminal behaviour, grief, fear, ignorance, and greed. These are the pathological states of the five elements. Corruption is a disharmony of the earth element because it means that one allows another person to set a point of focus; and therefore, one’s own centre point of focus is weakened. Grief is an imbalance of the metal element because the metal contracts and grief also contracts the sad person, who becomes smaller and introverted. As discussed above, deficiency of the water element (kidney and bladder) causes or is caused by fear. Casual factors and caused factors are reversible in Chinese medicine which means that something which could be caused by a deficiency such as grief can also be the cause for this deficiency. Ignorance is a stagnation of wood energy – related to the liver and gall bladder; an ignorant person will not have the patience to explore the truth with care. Greed, finally, is an excess of the fire element: heart and small intestine. Over-excitement in the heart causes a thousand wishes; and the failure of the small intestine in its natural function of separating the pure from the un-pure will impair the person’s decision on what is not. There is too much energy in the heart and upper part of the body (fire rises) and too little in the lower part. This is another case in which centring the energy would definitely help.

Subdue the “I”

As much as the clouds (between the earth and the sun) belong to the earth, so the filters which are between reality and the observer belong to the person them self. These filters are the same which inhibit access to the Shen. They are: emotions, thoughts, beliefs, etc., in other words everything which belongs to the ego or the “I”. In order to challenge the individual to experience these filters and get rid of them, there are a lot of ‘unpleasant’ exercises such as conditioning or standing in a low horse-riding stance for a long time. These exercises are done much more in the east where people tend to have greater understanding of their value. The idea of conditioning, for example, is not only to get hard skin but to let unpleasant sensations, known as ‘pain’ pass through the “I” in order not to let them be felt as pain, and therefore to get rid of judgements which inhibit us to see reality for what it is. We can see for example how distorted our view becomes when we are in a hurry. Everything which gets in our way is extremely annoying and every minute waiting time might not even be noticed on other occasions. There was once a novice monk meditating in a monastery high up in the snow-covered mountains. The door to the meditation hall was always wide open so that it became so cold that ice would freeze on the noses of the monks. The novice monk told his master that this would be unbearable for him – and to his surprise the master agreed. So he asked him why they would not close the doors and heat up the meditation hall whereupon the master replied: “Let the cold inside you where it kills the student!” Every assumption is a reduction of the reality to a model of life and therefore a distortion of our perception of our environment. This inhibits one to focus on reality.

Behave with fortitude

Fortitude is defined as firm and lasting courage in putting up with trouble without complaining. How can this be done? By subduing the ego and strengthening the willpower!

Approach with innocence

The word “innocence” does not mean naivety in this context, but instead, open mindedness which helps the student to focus on reality. Innocence also means being without guilt – so an innocent approach is one without bad intentions which can spoil good training. Innocence also carries the quality of a subdued ego without wishful perception and thoughts so that the student is able to respect the guide.

Ever hope

This has to do with a focus on reality without judgement. If training at one stage seems not to progress any further; then it is time to train the mind by not judging ones own development. In training we are mostly asked to be Yang by acting and training hard but here we have to be Yin in be patient and preserving. This reminds me of the story of the two frogs who fell into a pot of milk which was too high for them to jump out, so one of the two frogs gave up and drowned. The other one had hope and continued to swim in the milk. The next morning it found itself sitting in a pot of butter.

Life is death

The Yin and Yang symbol should not be seen as a static balance, but a constantly changing balance, as everything changes all the time. When it is seen as a clock, four different stages emerge: 1) Yang within Yang: total Yang; midday, summer, brightness, life…2) Yin within Yin: total Yin; night, winter, dark, cold, death…3) Yang within Yin: Yin turns into Yang; birth, spring, morning…4) Yin within Yang; Yang turns into Yin; ageing, autumn, evening… This shows that growth means decline like a flower which blossoms and necessarily afterwards dies. The same applies for training, which is growth and development and therefore a preparation for death. It is important not to fear death because fear will not only become irrelevant at the time of dying but will inhibit our progress throughout life – for one who fears death is subconsciously scared to develop because growth means decline and life is death. I am convinced that nearly all people can improve their development immensely and reach far beyond their present existence if they accept death and dying as a necessity of life. It is important recognise the principles within Yin and Yang, just like the principles of the five elements. It is better to understand them properly than learning lists of attributes because if you know the principle you are in a better position to work out everything else. For example, what ascends – Yin or Yang? Yang because it means growth and action and every plant grows upwards to understand these principles deeply, I strongly recommend the I Ging, the book of changes; the most accurate translation seen so far is the one by Richard Willhelm.

Death is life

Apart from the continuous changes mentioned, there is the aspect of death as a transformation of our existence. The Po is the corporeal soul and the Hun the ethereal soul. After death, the Po goes into the earth and stays there for three generations. The Hun leaves the body after death which can be seen when an excessive amount Eaglewood incense is burnt in the room where someone is dying. This shows that our perception of our body being us is incomplete because the 5 spirits continue to act after death. A seed grows into a tree, the tree blossoms, the leaves die fall to earth and become soil, out of which the seeds which fell from the tree grow and become another tree. So in nature everything cycles. So it is quite likely that human beings recycle. It might be either that the soul or spirits as a whole continues to live until it is reincarnated or that parts fuse together with parts of others and manifests a new mixture such as rain drops which fall individually to earth, mingle with others to build a river and flow into the sea or into plants from where they evaporate again to fall down as rain drops. If a body is seen as a candle and its spirit as the flame, the question is whether the flame which is passed onto other candles is the same or a different flame. This is a matter of belief and individual experience; it is up to everyone individually to make up their own mind about reincarnation.

Teach the deserving

Initially this might mean “teach only the deserving”, because otherwise the spirituality could get lost and what is left over would only be a mechanical procedure without its contents. Nam-Pai-Chuan is not only a good system to gain technical skills but also highly spiritual because it is well balanced between form and content, i.e. physical work and mental work. Another aspect of this precept is also to teach all the deserving whether you like them or not. This is applicable to all grades at any time. This means not to get excessively involved emotionally in the process of the teaching; hence another step in subduing the “I”.

Teach with passion

Although the I should be subdued, there should be one’s passion (coming from the Shen – fire), mind (coming from the Yi, earth), and Willpower (Zhi – water). Passion is obviously important to make the lesson exciting for the students but it is as beneficial for the teacher because the water and the fire and the element have a very strong link. Water controls fire, as everyone knows. These two different forces have opposite directions and if one element is predominant and imbalance follows. Excessive fire causes inappropriate laughter, over-excitement, giving all the emotions away and thereby draining oneself. Excessive water means that one is determined without compassion, a career-type who does not care about others. Dictators are an extreme example of this case.

Learn always

To get the Qi flowing, which is very important for the health, an intake has to be equivalent to an output. The outlet is the teaching and the intake, to learn. We are mostly too comfortable and narrow-minded to learn always, but every situation can teach us, even if it seems to be boring. In fact a situation only starts to get boring when we can’t learn from it any more. If we have totally explored a situation that we are in, it is time to move onto another level and observe our reality from a new point of view. If you train, for example, one possibility is to observe very carefully its effect on the body, mind and emotions. This is training with the mind and can be done in any situation and everywhere. A higher level of sensitivity will then open new doors to different realities. It is also possible to think about the principles which determine the moment. It is very useful to apply acknowledged principles to other circumstances. This is how Albert Einstein worked out the theory of relativity, by simply finding the principles which underlie movement and mass, when he experienced it by sitting in a tram. Unfortunately he could not accept that particles could be found randomised in fields because his beliefs suggested that God organised everything. This was an inhibition to his step forward. This leads us to the tenet…

Assume nothing

Every assumption is a reduction of the reality to a model of life and therefore a distortion of our perception of our environment. This inhibits one’s ability and willingness to focus on reality. So assume nothing, and don’t believe this article as well.

Sifu Lai Khee Choong

Special holidays movie to gain a 20-20-vision about society for 2020

Dear readers, since this is a time of many holidays, including new year, you may want to watch some entertaining yet profound movie you very likely never have seen.

It is well worth reading through the subtitles – I can assure you this movie stuck in my head since I saw it, because it conveys the absurdity of society in such a funny manner.
Watch and share with your friends!

Because it is quite difficult to find: If you know of any links where to purchase it, or of other language versions please share all informations you can get about it with us in the comments.

The insatiability of desires

Spiritual inspiration Sunday 12

I have a riddle for you:
If a wildfire burns towards you faster than you can run, how can you come out of alive?
I tell you the answer after the video.

Each Sunday we see a few minutes of wise words here, but I am well aware how this goes: The words appeal to our higher self and we open heartedly agree, only to have forgotten about them half a day later.

So despite the fact that those videos don’t need any explanation or can’t be improved upon, I write some introductions in order to make it a bit more relatable for common folks like us, simply to serve as an intermediate “translator” to make those wisdoms more relatable.

I simply tell you how long it takes me to shed one layer of desire after the other within my meditation project – all in the form of initial sacrifices without gains:

  1. sacrifice: I decided to meditate daily (nerve wrecking, but a good sacrifice of fun-time for a higher purpose)
  2. My ageing pushed it on me in ever increasing reminders that I should give up my desire to still be young and attractive.
  3. However, I still was hoping for to at least at one point become wealthy in order to get what I was aspiring for in my youth, but I realised that this is a never endling story – even Rockefeller as he was asked when he finally would be financially satisfied said “just a little bit more” – so I realised that greed is never ending.
  4. I also understood that the concept of enjoying life to the fullest does cause more suffering then pain, because fully expressing oneself without moral inhibitions will harm others and therewith impair their ability to express themselves. And like greed this also is insatiable.
  5. In the same way I realised that sexual desires never end, because we feel compelled have certain sexual experiences with certain sexual (arche)types but in times of desire forget that we already had this or that kind of experience or type of a person, so it is only our sexual drive tricking us into believing that we still have to undergo specific experiences. And let’s face it: sex is not essential to life as is eating or drinking. Only because the drive is strong does not mean that it is essential.
  6. I then held onto the concept of still being important by providing some unique value to it, (by healing people or rescuing the world from its self destruction,) but then realised that the misery of us humans are mere karmic results of our own doing, so first and foremost I should rescue and heal my own spirit, mind and body. Only then I might reconsider becoming more active again.
    Actually: Whilst pondering about that it dawned upon me that if I would have had the power to save the world when I was young I could have caused a lot of disastrous turmoil by my ignorance and blinkered approach.
    And who knows:Maybe I do a lot of good by cleaning out all my hidden demonic trades before they had the chance to even manifest?
  7. And every once in a while I got the urge to “treat myself well” – but more and more I notice that each of those fulfilments of wishes usually only lasts a few months and then is used up, rendering the object of desire old.
    So because each purchase endangers me to hoard, plus it essentially is damaging to the environment, I more and more refrain from buying things and “if in doubt, I cut them out”.

And now to the rewards after all of those sacrifices:

In the short run each sacrifice is a loss, but in the long run makes me stronger and gives me a radiance of walking the walk and not only talking the talk. There is some kind or aura people with integrity have – just think of the charisma spiritual leaders or social justice fighters had.

A simple life is something I also admired in lone fighters. The less I need the more mobile and flexible to travel I am also.

Not running after sex whenever the opportunity arises (merely “to better my statistics”) also helps me in not running into random troubles, because more and more I learn to see whether a person is compatible with me.

And now comes the answer to my riddle at the beginning:
If a wildfire burns in your direction in full speed the best you can do is to set a second fire in the direction the wind is blowing to, so that some ground will be covered before the wildfire reaches you.

Choosing to refrain from desires yourself is like anticipating what life would take from you anyway – but before it was forced upon you.
By having chosen that reality out of free will makes one emanate dignity.
If the same things are taken from a person against their will, it will result in a nervous wreck.

One word of caution though:
Especially when we change course; initially our sacrifices often make us stern and serious, so, especially in the beginning, don’t impose your new ways on others, because else it can turn into guilt and then backfire big time:

For me, the longest struggles to cut out some habit, desire or to undergo a change were usually the upholder of moral standards who got so much on my nerves that my rebellious ego stubbornly did resist a change for decades.

So just do for yourself what makes sense – even if others destroy the world we all live in – to push change onto them hardly ever makes a difference.

2012 is now!

As I was just writing tomorrows blog-entry I saw on the computer clock that it is the legendary 21st of December which was the big event in 2012.

Were you one of the people who in 2012 were really hoping for some kind of change to happen;
only to have experienced nothing, but instead the ridicule of materialistic trolls who didn’t understand the concept of it all?

I just want to let you know that the good news is that we literally are at the second point of change right now for following reasons:

A sun dawn or rise takes 20 minutes, which is 1.4% of a day.
If you take 1.4% from a Mayan long count cycle of 5125.36 years, it means that it takes over 72 years for a change to occur – an entire human life-time or two generations !

Hence – don’t believe at all that nothing changed – a turn happened -just very very slow. And this shift of consciousness will pervade the rest of your entire life. In case you don’t believe me, write down where you were at 2012, where you are now, and keep track of your own evolution.

As for me I can only tell you that the last 7 years were definitely the most spiritual accelerating I experienced in my entire life up to the point of having an entire new outlook on life, death, myself and the world.

Plus there is the Cabalistic cycle of 7 years after which all planets are walked through, and we are exactly at the same point in the constellation again. And what do we have right now?
To the day 7 years after the ominous shift of consciousness of our millennium! (It also is winter solstice in 8 hours and new moon in 4 days.)

The second seven year cycle merely does shift now from sun to moon, from franticness and fear to emotions and serenity,
so within the upcoming seven years it should be easier to tune into spiritual work than within the last 7-years.

This will only apply to those involved in spiritual personality work – the rest of the world may get even more nervous for being out of tune with the cosmic cycle, so make sure not to be contaminated by them – just keep calm and meditate.

Here is a beautiful summary of what this change, we currently are in, is all about. Choose between the first long version at the top:

… or the short final one below:

just a quick note for my subscribers

I have to apologise that I did promise multiple times to deliver my spiritual biography and did not deliver.

That was because it turned out to be much more complex to untangle the interwoven reasons for us to act and make decisions or conclusions.

Over the last 2 years I actually made several drafts and a few attempts to start but found out that each timeline is only capable of displaying a fraction of reality.

The urgency why I wanted to start to write down my life as soon as possible wass because the more I did meditate the more I literally saw it slipping through my fingers, because individual events at one point become so irrelevant, that they slowly descend so far, that first details, and later entire issues become forgotten.

I guess this is why really wise people don’t talk about their past much anymore – not to withhold information, but simply because by subduing their egotistical identification to “their own” life-story, they became oblivious to holding on to it.

Therefore I have to postpone my decision of what is relevant until the completion of this SCK-project in approximately 3 years.

Then I will write down all changes the meditation-yoga did cause for me and maybe find a concise way to have analysed better how a longterm dedication to meditation-yoga can untangle the twists of our mind which do lead to the common hypothesis that Karma would be unfathomable.

So far, all I can say is that the difference between therapy and meditation is, that therapy provides understanding and absolution which helps to resolve emotional attachments,
and in meditation, issues don’t get solved one by one, like pixels of a picture, but by stepping back, in order to see the entire picture, in which individual pixels at best lost their relevance.

The longer you meditate, the more you also see even entire pictures as pixels of an even larger picture

From being an altar-boy via an (a)gnostic approach to the non-religious divine

spiritual inspirational sunday #11

For 2 years I tried to write down my spiritual biography and realised that it doesn’t work in a blog for several reasons:

  • The experiences are very individual, so hardly anyone will bother to bring a lot of patience reading them
  • Maybe if I was a very successful person people would be interested, but for all the wrong reasons.
  • Non-holistic-life-experiences to a large extend do not conform with political correctness and therewith will automatically antagonise half of my readers if written as a standalone post.
  • The difference is that between the LOTR trilogy and a TV-series which does have to put closure on each episode.
  • So a larger arch is needed to put everything in context before writing out individual aspects.

My intend is to show to people the how karmic experiences pile up upon another, how slowly they resolve themselves;
how much faster spiritual insights work.
I do this to show you why you should practice spirituality in order to save yourself decades of suffering.

Hence within this week I will create a timeline of my life – each line resembling on year – and fill it with keywords of experiences.
But for now: I will write down a timeline reduced to religion to let you know how I came to the conclusion of that video, despite having had an initial resistance against it.
If anyone is interested in me expanding on individual aspects, which are not linked to yet, I will do so if requested.

Year 1-15
Was raised as a Christian, made an altar-boy and tried my best to believe in god, especially because my simple grandmother said: “Children’s prayers reach the clouds”.

Year 15-30
Discussed god with many people but in the end had such emotional, intellectual and even spiritual aversions, that I did leave the catholic church.

Year 30-45
In my search for the higher meaning I tried all sorts of paths, including Rosicrucianism, the occult, zen-Buddhism and Vipassana, but none was my path.

Year 45-60
Am persistently working my way up by the means of the Yoga-Meditation Sodarshan Chakra Kriya in a gnostic way,
* initially I wanted to prove that it is possible to become divine without faith in god,
* but once I dissolved much of the identification with my bodily form I came to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter whether one believes in a god or simply bows to the almighty laws of life or the universe.

Hence today I replace the word “god” with much more abstract, in an article about the dedication to the divine.
Hence the physical death slowly becomes more and more irrelevant to me.

I would recommend to everyone to actively face death
in order to loose the fear of that ever nagging sword of Damocles which only spoils the quality of our lives.

Keys to understanding the universe #5: surrender to the wisdom of the universe

Let’s start with a game: Above 9 dots are covered with straight & connected lines…
… now try to connect all 9 dots with only 4 straight and connected lines: 
(You will find the answer later, but think for yourself first, before scrolling down).

the problem looks straight forward but requires unorthodox thinking to be solved

What is the difference between the dedication towards the highest, the absolute, and the divine?

  • the Highest = to be “your best you can be”, such as practiced in
    • Karma yoga which includes high ethics
      (not to be misunderstood with political correctness)
  • the Divine = focus on a higher force ( which is the realm of religions)
    I do distinguish it from the religious god in my two posts:
  • the Absolute = a cosmic state pervading everything (as used in Buddhism for example)

Just to make sure, that you don’t mistake the orthodox concept of a liberating daddy-god who rescues us from the misery we brought upon ourselves, Krishnamurti does debunk an obedient belief in a creator-saviour-person-god here:

Rituals to connect to the divine are.

  • Bhakti Yoga
  • Jesus prayer and mantras like the rosary,
  • chanting: the repetition of certain words tunes one into a vibration by
    • either repeating a certain meaning until it sinks in
      (here are 16 interpretations of the meaning waheguru
      which is used in SCK for example);
    • or using certain syllables to influence the energy,
      • such as “wa” for “water, “he” for air and “guru” for fire,
      • or “wa” to open the heart, “he” to defend against others
        & “guru” to draw down the energy.
        (poets often use such psychological effects, which is why translations are so difficult)
  • postures, such as
    • the folding of hands which is not only designed to be pious, but also to balance out the left and right sides of the body and mind
    • Jalandhara Bandha: sitting upright in dignity whilst at the same time bowing ones had in humble acceptance of a higher divine.
    • touching the forehead or the heart opens the chakras responsible for connecting to the spiritual realm

Talking forehead: The third eye is where the vision of a personified seems to be locked:
Ramakrishna was already totally devoted to the personified Kali and could not move beyond until his teacher Totapuri did cut him with a glass at the forehead right at the moment he had his vision again. This is when Ramakrishna moved beyond into the realm of the abstract divine.

Initially the divine still is needed by humans who need to make sense of everything by projecting a higher intelligence into everything.
It also reflects a residual need for something higher in order to have a reason to bow to it.

But once those concepts are resolved it becomes the Absolute,
and connecting to that is not by devoting oneself to a higher being anymore, but like swimming in the ocean of higher intelligence.
One Zen-school I once visited had a tenet which said:
To look for enlightenment is like standing in the middle of the water and crying to be thirsty.”

I recapitulate:
1. step = personified god(s) {religions are a mere intro-kickstarter}
2. step = the divine {in a spiritual sense}
3. step = the {totally abstract} Absolute

But why then bother with the intermediary step of personified gods and the divine at all?
Because most of us simpletons are not capable enough to straight dive into the Abstract, and until then a tangible guide-rail is necessary.

The substance of the absolute is inwardly, like wood or stone in that it is motionless, and outwardly like the void, in that, it is without bounds or obstructions. It is neither subjective, nor objective, has no specific location, is formless and can not vanish.
Those who hasten towards it, dare not enter, fearing to hurdle down through the void, with nothing to cling to, or to stay their fall, so they look to the brink in retreat.

Huang Po

Yet we need the larger picture because there are some rational problems we simply can not solve without stepping outside the box.
Look at the 9 dots of the initial riddle as the material world.
You could not connect them with 4 lines within that square.
(Hence materialistic squares will hit their limits sooner or later).

the problem looks straight forward but requires unorthodox thinking to be solved
the solution is to jump out of the box by creating external reference points

For some issues you simply need some non-materialistic references to solve seemingly unsolvable issues. And here the need for spirituality in general comes in.
By merely confining oneself to only believe in what is palpable and visual, one limits ones possibilities to a tiny square, but when someone steps outside the box “connecting the dots” literally is possible:

This is how I would explain the modern disease of schizophrenia and why it didn’t exist in ancient “magical times”:
In our cold world of neon-lights, plastic, cement and machine-noise, paranoid schizophrenics usually were not spiritually educated.
Yet they do have a sense of a much larger reality behind the narrow materialistic constructs.
So without any spiritual foundation they express their (often correct) intuition of flaws in the system in form of the most absurd conspiracy theories – often very intelligent ones, because their theories have to be designed to fully satisfy their own schizophrenic’s intellect.

Now there is a dilemma: Humanity is divided between the pious believers and the rebellious atheists
yet in order to fully experience the Absolute, we need trades from both sides at the same time:
1. a humbleness for life which is larger than us, but at the same time
2. an insatiability to grow beyond the narrow frames of materialistic values.

How can we reclaim a humbleness to the mysteries of the universe in dignity;
without becoming a submissive obedient sheep which merely serves religious organisations (and large corporations)?

An easy way is to simply keep in mind the vastness of our universe.
When you start the video (in fullscreen)
visualise yourself as a mere tiny microbe sitting on planet earth which is only one cell in a huge body of the divine.
And then see how many of those cells of god are out there.

Now that you have a moment of realising how insignificant you really are,
let us quickly dive into the next step before your next “yes, but…” will snap you back into your tiny narrow own universe with all its fake-importance.

How do you now tune into that huge Absolute, and how not?

  • You won’t get there by merely begging in old fashioned prayers in the hope that a daddy will rescue you – look at it from above as if you were the god for trillions of microbes inside you: Do you care about each one of them individually?
    The older people get, the more inclined they are to resort to this last known hope to them – would they believe in reincarnation then it never would be too late to start shifting their reality.
  • You also won’t get there by being a nice person who expresses unconditional puppy-love for everything. At the latest when you encounter a deadly creature you know that this doesn’t work. Hippos and Lions are cute, but I wouldn’t go out to hug them.
  • You also won’t get there by fighting for your religion as atrocities in the past have shown us.

The above ways are just like trying to catch the raindrops by grasping them, but what works is simply to open your hand for the rain to flow in.
By opening your ego-fist you allow to open your hands for the divine to rain in or even better – to start swimming in it.

And all above points will be solved automatically ones you are in tune with the divine:

  • You won’t need extra personal attention, because you will become in synch with everything around you
  • You won’t have to try extra hard to love even your enemies, because being in the right place will make you love yourself and that tops any love even from the most revered person, because it is total acceptance for yourself as you are – and then the acceptance for others will follow.
  • And your belief system will radiate by its success so just as a rich person does not need approval from a poor, you won’t need to get others on board with you to strengthen your faith.

All you have to do is to let go of your believe that you are the one who is important here – it’s not you – it’s the universe!

So without having to feel like a worthless sinner, just relax into reality as it is (hence the Buddhist recommendation to live “here and now”;
and replace what the Rosicrucians call the outer (egoistic) will; with your inner will (of your higher self).
Hence in the Bhagavad Gita it is recommended never to expect results from your deeds – the equation is just so much larger than what we can fathom

Initially this seems like a huge, never ending sacrifice of all pleasures, desires and ambitions, but the longer you practice it the more some temporal ecstasy which is very much prone to fate, is replaced with a stable sense for serenity and tremendous happiness literally nothing can match anymore. Just let go, step by step and see below how beautifully Mirabai Ceiba put the process of surrendering to the divine into a song:

Har har mukanday is a Kundalini yoga mantra that liberates the yogi from whatever is blocking or holding him/her back. 
Har is the Sanskrit root word for Hari, one of the Hindu names for God; and hara, which means “destroyer” or “remover.” 
Mukanday is the liberating aspect of the Self.
Therefore, in the spiritual sense, the mantra beseeches God to remove or destroy that which is preventing liberation.

album:awakened earth from Angelika Baumbach & Markus Sieber, videofootage from ridden by nature (no affiliation links)

har har mukanday har har mukanday har har mukanday
take from me what i want
take from me what i do
take from me what i need
take from me everything
take from me everything
that takes me from you
fill me with your love
liberate my soul
har har mukanday…

3D: Destination, Disease and Death

Spiritual inspiration Sunday 10

Because we live in a materialistic age it is commonly believed that our physical existence is all that we have, so most people’s biggest fear is death, and their believe to postpone it seems to be health.

Billions are invested by governments and medical care to poke around the unknown to propagate the newest hype which one generation later often turns out to be obsolete. Our current mainstream-medicine with its high-tech- and chemical approach creates the biggest environmental impact of any medicine in history, which in its own should give a clue to a holistic mind – how can a medicine heal humans if its side-effect (like excessive waste-packaging) is damaging to our planet?

People who don’t subscribe to the current food-dogma are shunned – in the past those were thin people, and currently smokers are hated and obese are sneered at, whilst mental illnesses are on a constant rise – only slowly starting to be acknowledged because they impair society’s desired productivity.

Statistics are a means to give informations credibility, but they neglect the most crucial factor of all the big D’s: The individuality of a human.
How else could you explain a 300 pounds heavy man who never did any sports becoming between 280 and 338 years old?

All that science sees is a physical machine which has to be maintained, but if you look at it from the spiritual purpose or agenda somebody has, that somebody becomes a someone, a person, or a soul. And this explains why there simply is no standard to health and why some live perfectly and still die younger than others whose lifestyle is not conform to the standard of eating well, physical exercise and sleeping enough.

Science does not explain miracles, such as Bruno Gröning who merely stood at a balcony to heal thousands of people only by his word. Yet despite his healings he could see a person’s point of death also. So it was clear to him …

… Disease simply has nothing to do with death at all! (watch the documentary: part 1, 2, 3)

Gröning knew that one simply has to tune into ones higher self in order to stay and become healthy. This is why he never needed to know any kind of diagnosis.

Death is the end of ones life-mission but not the result of disease, so you may say: “Well, then I won’t fulfill my mission and live forever.” But this is not how it works, because you will learn your lesson, the question is only how hard and prolonged you will get it.

Disease in opposition is the grade in which one deviates from ones soul mission, meaning: the worse of a job you did fulfilling your destination – the bigger your disease is, serving you as your personal

So if you are chronically ill don’t ask yourself: “How can I get rid of this disease” but
“What is my illness supposed to teach me?”
With that answer, your healing will follow,
and in the long run even an acceptance of death, liberating us from its grip of fear.

The dark side of the dogma to contribute to society

Spiritual inspiration Sunday 9

Anyone who does good is a good person. Obviously, so it seems. Ways to do it are:

  1. Usually by hard, honest work
  2. By contributing to the national gross income
  3. By doing philanthropic work
  4. Efficiency is a good mean to those ends, because it saves time, money and resources.

So why should there be anything wrong with above presumptions at all?

I am not even getting into the inhumanity, that a cold logic of being measured by ones contributions would render disabled and elderly as a burden to society (who then should be put in euthanasia),
but address this issue by debunking above suppositions.

1 ) Hard work in a frenzy can lead to disaster

I once knew a woman who worked really hard to save for a house for a family – so frantically that she failed to hold on once in a while to reassess her path of life. And because she also was under the self-imposed pressure to start a family as soon as possible, as soon as she had the money, she did end up marrying a guy she herself acknowledged not to love.
I doubt whether her rush made her happy.

2 ) The national income is a pig in a poke

For ancient isolated tribes it was obvious that everyone needs the support of others, especially since many tasks can not be accomplished alone. As tribes did connect to other ones, alliances were born, which then turned into nationalism. So to support the national income seems as supporting ones community. The only problem being that due to the hierarchical structure of large communities, i.e. nations, it is not guaranteed anymore where ones support does end up. You can see this in the many absurd spendings of governments, which often even are detrimental to mankind.

In the past the highest dedication to ones community was to sacrifice ones life, but in this day and age, soldiers not rarely are used as expendable throw-away gadgets for behind-the-scenes-agendas, destroying their entire life by having turned their natural inborn capacity for unconditional love into hate for arbitrary concepts of enemies – leaving them with post traumatic stress disorders due to shock and the guilt of having killed for all the wrong reasons.

In our current democratic structure, political power is also shifted every 4 years, resulting in the nations agenda to possibly turn around; so ones entire energy for the own tribe may be directed even into the opposite agenda at any time. It is said not to put all ones eggs into one basket, so why putting them into the national basket?

Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all other countries
~ George Bernard Shaw

The love of one’s country is a splendid thing. But why should love stop at the border?
~ Pablo Casals

I am not an Athenian or a Greek, I am a citizen of the world.

~ Socrates

Carolyn Myss explained in her book “sacred contracts” that the tribal consciousness does everything in its power to keep an individual in line with the tribe in order for it to survive, but it does that at the expense of a person to fulfil its own life quest. This is why it is so difficult to hear the silent inner voice against the majority of the noisemakers who aggressively demand from everyone to support the system.

3 ) Philantropy is a changing fashion

To pick just two of the current political correct agendas:
After ages of male domination feminism was necessary to alert men to the fact that women are equally intelligent and capable to lead companies or nations, but since being a warrior is a male virtue, to fight a gender-war for decades did lead Women to neglect their female virtues of grace, sensuality and serenity for too long so that the terminology in the West is now overstretched into the absurdity that “equal rights” “domestic violence” usually neglect the male half of the population.

Another one is the fight against climate change. Whilst it is totally necessary to push back against ruthless exploiters of our natural resources, as with most philanthropic projects, a huge aspect is the blame-shifting away from ones own responsibilities towards shaming politicians or others who aren’t in line with ones own ethical standards. This is why there is so much hate out there for Greta Thunberg who merely does her best saving the planet (ironically also for those haters). Whilst everyone likes to dish out blame, no one likes to take the blame, so a demand for sacrifices triggers a hateful resistance from those who fear their loss of comfort.
Since the law of attraction states that everything which is brought to awareness will come into ones life, it is questionable whether mere demonstrations against fossil-fuel-mining won’t even manifest it even further.
An example of the negative effects on climate-change-agendas is that once the awareness finally also did reach the USA, the first panic-reaction was not to question own consumption habits, but instead to scream for more nuclear power in order to combat CO2 – jumping right from the fire of fossil fuels into the frying pan of thousands of years of toxic waste.
Edit: I want to make sure that this was not a criticism against Americans, but only meant to show that Demonstrations can cause nervousness which then leads into the next frenzy.

4 ) Pragmatism and efficiency can kill the soul

Logistics is a great means to direct and distribute efforts in the most efficient way by reducing as many unnecessary steps as possible. Thereby it idealistically is beneficial to the environment and saves time.

However, there are ever so subtle side-effects which in the long run can take away the entire purpose of ones life.
Let’s make a simple example: You make your life easier by taking your empty plate back to the kitchen when going to pick up a desert there. But this can become obsessive if you want to take each time something with you whenever you walk around your apartment, because it kills the spontaneity which allows for fun and serenity. Think about yourself wanting to a moment of peace first in the day – if you then have to think about what you still have to tidy in order to take it with you to the bathroom, kitchen and all places, by the time you sit down quiet you are already agitated. Even more absurd would be to ask all your party-guests to always tidy up after themselves wherever they go.
Think about it: Whenever you felt most alive (whether as a rebellious adventurer or a serene sharp meditator, efficiency usually played the least role.

Another issue with pragmatism is that it always seems to be right by allowing to do things faster, better or with more rewards. But the question is whether the reason behind it is justified.
The most common reason for pragmatism is to make money, but look where that did lead us to: To productions of tons of useless environmental damaging goods which are pusposely designed not to be sustainable in order to force people into further consumptions.
The reason why politics does not further sustainability is on one hand the strength of lobby of such producers, but on the other hand also the fact that consumption does accelerate taxes, which does bring us right back to the questionability of the value of the national gross income.

The results of efficiency so far were detrimental to our social needs:

  • Small shops with individual customer care and an opportunity for people to meet neighbours are replaced by cold storage halls with assembly-line-checkouts. What wasn’t destroyed then is killed now by the online- giants.
  • Customer care is stripped of any of its humanity by the means of outsourcing and the redirection of enquiries to artificial intelligence. The continuous decrease in human interaction does force people into social networks which ironically also are manipulated by automatic robots.
  • Because Formulars are the only way to guarantee a standard information; the ever increasing need to comply with them does violate free spirits through a sieve of rules and laws.
    Each time this is done; a piece of ones individuality and spontaneity is imperceptibly ground away, which is the reason why we nowadays see so many spineless fence-sitters who don’t stand up for their values, but stay anonymously in the dark, applauding celebrities and taking pleasure in idiosyncratic people failing.
    If you doubt that statement, think about an ancient hero. Do you really think a brave warrior who had to make quick and clear decisions would have bothered to fill in forms?

In the worst case it can happen that someone who has been sieved through bureaucracy too much, can find themselves in the gutter of neuroses, and end up like a homeless who is sleeping at the bottom of a skyscraper. Ironically, such a person would never be acknowledged by the manager at the top of the very same building, who may have contributed to such a collateral damage. Such tragedies in the end render all efficiency inefficient.

So what do all criticisms have in common?

The fact that the road to hell is paved with good intentions,
because if they are not aligned with ones deeper inner voice or higher spiritual mind, they can lead to disaster.
Hence it is not the frenzy of the world, which should dictate our ethics, but our contact with our higher mind.
The tragedy is that most people derive their drive for action from unreflected responses to past experiences, not realising that it is exactly their actionism which does serve them as a means not to have to face their own inner issues.

And this, my dear readers, was my long intro for down-to-earth-minds
who otherwise would have dismissed the following video as “yet another airy-fairy spiritual talk”.

Sodarshan Chakra Kriya: Meditation für Fokus und geistige Reinigung

Zitat von Yogi Bhajan:

“Hier ist eine Meditation, die mit Hilfe von Prana geistigen Müll aufräumt, und Klarheit schafft. Von allen 20 Arten Yoga, einschliesslich Kundalini Yoga, ist das das höchste Kriya. Dies ist eine sehr wirksame Meditation, um Reichtum zu erlangen. Sie wird Dir einen Neustart verschaffen. Es ist das einfachste Kriya, aber gleichzeitig eines der schwersten. Diese Übung schneidet durch alle Barrieren der psychotischen oder neurotischen Natur. Wenn sich eine Person in einem sehr schlechten Zustand befindet, werden extern angewandte Methoden nicht funktionieren. Der Druck muss von innen stimuliert werden.

Die Tragödie des Lebens ist, wenn das Unterbewusstsein Abfälle in das Bewusstsein entlädt. Dieses Kriya erweckt die Kundalini um Dir die notwendige Vitalität und Intuition zu geben, um die negativen Nebenwirkungen des Unterbewusstseins zu bekämpfen.

POSITION: Sitze mit einem geraden Rücken ( entweder mit gekreuzten Beinen oder in einem Stuhl mit den Füßen flach auf dem Boden ) Augen sind auf die Nasenspitze fokussiert, oder geschlossen, falls Dir das lieber ist.

a) Blockiere den rechten Nasenflügel mit dem rechten Daumen. Atme langsam und tief durch den linken Nasenflügel ein und halte den Atem.
Chante im Geiste 16 mal ‘Wahe Guru”, und pumpe dazu den Nabel 3 mal mit jeder Repetition ( einmal bei “Waa”, einmal bei “Heh” und einmal bei “Guru”; insgesamt 48 Bauch-Anspannungen.
b) Löse den Finger vom rechten Nasenflügel und benutze den rechten Zeige- oder kleinen Finger, um das linke Nasenloch zu schließen. Atme langsam und tief durch das rechte Nasenloch aus. Setze die Übung genauso fort links einzuatmen und rechts auszuatmen.

BEENDEN: Inhaliere und halte die Luft für 5-10 Sekunden an. Ausatmen. Dann strecke und schüttle den Körper ungefähr eine Minute lang, um die Energie zu zirkulieren.

ZEIT: Empfohlene Länge für dieses Kriya (Übung) ist 31 oder 62 Minuten täglich.
Ideal ist es mit 31 Minuten anzufangen, aber Du kannst auch mit 11 Minuten anfangen un dann auf 31 Minuten aufbauen, dann 40, und letztendlich 62 Minuten.

  • Es gibt keine Zeit, keinen Platz, keinen Raum und keine Bedingung die mit dieser Meditation verknüpft sind.
    Jeder Müllhaufen benötigt seine eigene Zeit um gereinigt zu werden. Wenn Du Deinen eigenen Müll angehst, musst Du selbst schätzen; und ihn dann so schnell als Du kannst oder langsam, wie Du willst verarbeiten. Du musst entscheiden wie viel Zeit Du hast, um Deine eigene Müllhalde zu verarbeiten.

Wenn Du diese Meditation 62 Minuten lange machen kannsst, dann baue sie bis zu dem Punkt auf, an dem Du sie für 2 ½ Stunden täglich (1/10tel des Tages) machen kannst. Das gibt Dir dann ”Nao nidhi, athara sidhi”, also die 9 edlen Tugenden und die 18 okkulten Kräfte. In diesen 27 gesamten Tugenden liegt das gesamte Universum.

Wenn für 2 1/2 Stunden täglich praktiziert, macht Dich diese Yoga-Übung zu einem perfekten Übermenschen. Sie reinigt Dein Unterbewusstsein und versorgt das menschliche Leben. Sie macht Dich extrem intuitiv. Sie führt alle 27 Facetten des Lebens zusammen und macht einen Menschen heilig, erfolgreich und qualifiziert. Diese Meditation erzeugt dazu auch pranische Kraft ( über den Atem). Dieses Kriya versagt niemals. Es gibt einem inneres Glück und bringt einen in einen Zustand der Ekstase im Leben.”

Hier gibt es noch weitere Informationen dazu

Dr. Kuppuswamy’s mind-opening dietary advice

Spiritual inspiration Sunday 8

Happy 🌤day, my dear readers, wherever you are!

Dr. Kuppuswamy was one of the most knowledgable doctors who will give us his unique dietary advice – unique, because he doesn’t explain it purely from the health-perspective, but from the perspective of spirituality by focussing on the Yin (Tamas) and Yang (Rajas) aspects.

He probably is one of the rare to talk about both angles, because in his mid-life he became Sivananda Saraswati who left his stamp ( –>) on the world by writing 296 books!

These days it is very fashionable to talk about health-foods – and spirituality is often sold to us through the benefits of wellness, but what made the Dr turn to into a Swami was the fact that he realised that medicine was healing on a superficial level only and spirituality is essential for a more profound transformation. You can read more about him here.

Obviously I do agree with everything he says but want to throw out a word of caution to spiritual followers for imposing their (often just new found) values on others in contempt for anyone who does not live up to their standards.
Have you ever been in a spiritual retreat where people frown upon nearly everything you did enjoy in your life? This usually made me run away and not even following half of it anymore.

The focus on food in my opinion is overrated.

  • When studying Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) we learned from the director of the college – a Vietnamese Buddhist monk – about a herbal remedy for a heart condition which does contain 5 eggs. Instantly people in class got upset for it containing cholesterol. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is thousands of years old – Western medicine just a few hundred years – so 20 years later it turned out that there are different sorts of cholesterol of which some are even beneficial for the body. It seemed that TCM knew better, just as they seem to know better in terms of the moderate intake of the other substances which nowadays are shunned for political reasons.
  • In TCM a bit of meat can give one strength, a bit of alcohol move the energy, and the Vietnamese monk taught us that 2 cigarettes per day are not only not harmful, but even beneficial for connecting the lungs to the large intestine.
  • The aggression with which some vegans push their agenda upon everyone seems a fashion which is counterproductive, because it spreads guilt and pushes fake-meat products on people who still depend on meat. Those products often are unnatural compositions and more energy-consuming than having eaten meat in the first place.
  • Vegetarianism is a very emotionally charged issue, but sentimentality should not serve as a base reason for imposing values on others: For Westerners it is shocking when dogs are eaten, yet to Asians cows are just as cute, and the grandmaster of the Rosicrucian order A.M.O.R.C. once said to me that we should eat everything because we don’t know whether plants are the lesser living beings than animals.
  • This is why guilt against meat eaters should not be dished out too quickly – I have seen meat-condemning 3HO-Gurus fly half around the world and back within a weekend considering themselves to be important enough to have the right to dismiss that two flights cause as much CO2 emission as one person eating red meat for an entire year! Especially the health-advocates on Youtube should keep that in mind.
  • Even the most spiritual people like the Dalai Lama eat meat occasionally because in the Himalayas she-goats can live on grass within steep rocks which no human could.
  • And the vegetarian Hitler is proof that changing ones diet alone is no guarantee for a peaceful character.
  • We will hear below that vegetarianism is recommended, but a vegan lifestyle not – in fact I never saw any ancient culture which was based entirely on vegan food.
  • If one eats vegan in order not to damage any living being then it also is counterproductive to inflict guilt upon non-vegans, because any thought which does contract, like anger, guilt and resentment, does block the free flow of energy and therewith contribute to the rise of all kinds of diseases.
    Hence, someone whose agenda is to further life should never impose own values on others against their own free will.

    The first 8 minutes of this video will provide an orthodox dietary advice, and the last third are advanced spiritual remarks most who only want hard and fast rules will overlook, so I will address them again below the video after you have seen it.
to recapitulate his wisdoms:

A transformation should be slow

One of the rare German Hindus I met once told me that it is not about becoming perfect, but leaving the axes of ones entanglements. You can see how people often keep in their duality by changing from one extreme to the opposite, like smokers who after having given up smoking having a strong aversion against smoke, or ex-alcoholics, who hate drinkers. Both clearly have not finished (dis)solving their axes of entanglements, so I would say that you either can solve your issues rapidly but then take years of personality work to work out the residual resentments , or fade your addictions out slowly – my assumptions is that both ways take an equal amount of time.

What changed my attitude was when I once had an epiphany of our soul-cycles being thousands of years in the making – so obviously – if you were a fierce warrior in the past who did need boosts of compact yang-energy through rough foods, even a change which takes decades still is very fast and longer lasting than one set by a resolution due to some current fashion hype.

I never believed in fear as a motivation.
To quit drinking or smoking was a longterm process for me which took me three whole decades to slowly move out of chain-smoking and heavily drinking to a level where I am now capable to only drink a champagne socially when celebrating, and even to be able to smoke cigarettes when drinking, without falling back into the habit of smoking again the next day. (I admit, I still vape, but without flavours and am literally at the verge of also omitting nicotine also.)

Rudolf Steiner – a very advanced spirits of the West said that nicotine can be beneficial for people who lack Yang (Rajas) energy. This would explain studies why it can be beneficial for Alzheimers patients.

Also my own observation is that it serves as a protection against attacks from society – especially from narrow-minded people.
Ironically it often are the most narrow minded ones who do attack smokers most aggressively.
My mother for example never realised that by nagging at my father for smoking she did trigger the law of attraction which states that whatever is mentioned does come into ones life, and additionally compel him each time to smoke the stress away she just gave him.

The above mentioned Vietnamese monk also said that smoking two cigarettes are not only not harmful but even beneficial to connect the lungs to the large intestines. I even would have the audacity to propose that fewer people die from smoking a little daily than the ones who did quit at an instant. Another very subtle and abstract aspect is

The immeasurable social damage caused by dogmatic coercion

The smoking ban lead to a nearly impalpable shift in societies behaviour because by forcing the population into the obedience of giving up century-old coping mechanisms, the masses have been turned into prison-inmates which now are fighting amongst themselves.
But people aren’t fighting against each other physically, because coincidentally at the same time the smoking was banned, social networks arose, which now enable people to lock away from real-life-contacts in misanthropy, so that the digital fake-anonymity allows for aggressive political attacks and trolling.
– In the past people came together to drink and smoke;
– then TVs did kill conversations
– and if an extraterrestrial would visit earth, they only would see few people communicating – usually the ones smoking, and the rest is staring at their smartphones in a creepy way.
This is a shift of symptoms away from physical towards mental and social problems.

Unfortunately most are not woke enough to challenge systemic failures
and therefore compensate for their stolen free will by kicking unorthodox or untamed spirits into marginalisation.

And by doing so they ironically end up supporting the system which just took their liberty – but then again, it’s them who are the system in the first place.

The most constructive way to solve the social as well as addiction issues in one go would not to revolve against the horizontal walls of dogmas and restrictions but to evolve into the unlimited vertical realm of the higher self. I can testify that the more I meditate, the clearer I see which contacts as well as foods are suitable for me personally without having to impose my own life-changes onto others.

Finally, the aspect, he mentioned, which puts everything above in perspective:

Air, as well as as sunlight can provide cosmic energy (Prana),
so it is possible to live literally without having to eat (or maybe even drink).

This puts the above fights for a CO2-friendly reduction of certain foods into a new light: In essence if one evolves enough, one could nearly nullify their ecological imprint.

Unless you live on pure prana from air or sunlight, regardless whether you eat animals or plants, you have to kill living beings in order to survive. So let’s be honest and say:
I admit it, I am not evolved enough to live without food (yet)“.

Whilst I obviously admit that I also don’t believe in forced breatharianism, because I have witnessed many excited intermediate spiritual people who want to proof to themselves and the world how advanced they are by not eating.
So far everyone I saw did it only once or twice and gave up under the pretence that they would not have to eat, but food would be so enjoyable.

Yet I do strongly believe that spiritual masters can live without having to consume any food at all anymore. But I am honest enough to admit that I am by no means a spiritual master yet and just as with siddhis (supernatural powers), I don’t run after them but evolve and maybe such an ability will come one day or maybe not.

However, I am working on my sensual attachment to food, by increasing intermittent fasting times (and omitting 1-2 meals daily) but only until I am not weakened. And when I eat, I am slowly gearing towards moderation, by taking breaks in between and listening to my body if I still need more food or not.

I pass on what worked for me:

  • When telling others about a longterm strategy to fade out unhealthy foods slowly, only expect a few compassionate people who believe in your authenticity to believe you – most others will dismiss this as an excuse for not using discipline (hence I only could post this after I did succeed and not before).
  • Start to cut out the most extreme foods which have the strongest impact on you. Example: I don’t have coffee at home anymore, but still drink green tea.
  • Make yourself a list of walls you can cross. When I still was struggling with alcohol I said: “Worst is alcohol, but if you must have something allow yourself to compensate with sweets” for example.
  • Only use il/legal drugs very aware in spiritual rituals like native American Indians used their peace pipe, but don’t use them “recreationally” because they cause much heat and mental turmoil.
  • Instead of hating certain foods as “evil” (and then hating yourself when you failed to adhere to your own rigid rules) , be more compassionate to yourself and simply say:
    If in doubt -cut them out”.
    (This is how I did it: I chose to consume a little bit less than before, so my entire consumptions went down to zero and even though non-smoking makes you gain weight I lost over 40 pounds (20 Kilos) without self-hate too.)
  • And on really tough days when you see yourself failing at everything: Enjoy it properly rather than half-heartedly, because afterwards you can at least say: This was a great movie-night or party with enjoyable food and drinks – I did need this!
  • You can apply those principles to any aspect of your life, btw.

Be good to yourself and therewith to others.

Vivekanda’s and Ramakrishna’s outlining of the evolution of enlightenment

Today we get a very profound map about the correlations within our mind, so whenever the information is too much for you, pause the video, maybe at times rewind (with the left arrow), contemplate and maybe even pause it all together. This is how I watched this 15 min video over two days.

Because there is so much information in it, I write down this mind-map below but I still would recommend to watch the video, because he gives reasons, which make us assimilate the information better so that we can keep it longer.

Read the summary of his map of the evolution from bottom to top

Enlightenment of a sage, prophet or saint;
Effulgence of the immortal & all pervading essence of all things.
Samadhi : A non-dualistic, stillness of the mind,
being able to perceive the identity of the individual soul and cosmic spirit.
no egoism
[god’s happiness lies in spiritual contemplation]
{6. complete suppression of the ocean of waves in the mind}

{5. if strong enough to resist miraculous powers}
^ further ascension ^
{5. If indulging in extraordinary powers which arise}
v back to step 2 v

{4. perception of motions & mental reaction will lead to knowledge of everything}

Dhârâna: holding the mind to certain (physical or mental) points
Pratyâhâra: strength of mind to overcome the senses

(internal column )
Dhyâna: meditation
(external column)
{3. reaction of the mind:
Jnana: knowledge}
breathing techniques
yoga postures
inner exploration,
Non-violence or harmlessness,
Non-lying or truthfulness,
overcoming sexual desire,

all those methods don’t necessarily come in this order
[man’s happines lies in the intellect]
Realm of egoism and evolutioniary struggle with sorrows and miseries
{2. nerve and brain motion: Artha: meaning}

possible for all beings from lowest animals to highest angels
{1. external ethereal vibration: Shabda: sound}

Realm of the unconsciousness:
automatic bodily actions
no egoism
[animal’s happiness lies in the senses]

And this is how Vivekanda’s teacher Ramakrishna did sum up the spiritual evolution:

Warum Religionen spirituell blockieren können

{english article here}

Nachdem ich 3 emotionale und 3 intellektuelle Kritiken gegen Religionen genannt habe, will ich im abschließenden dritten Teil noch 3 spirituelle Probleme mit Religionen nennen.

Während Religionen vorgeben spirituelle Hilfe und geistige Führung zu geben, und sie als Zünder funktionieren, Menschen dazu zu veranlassen nach einem höheren Sinn im Leben zu suchen, können sie dem ernsthaft spirituell Suchenden in seiner Entwicklung auf verschiedene Weisen hinderlich werden:

7.) Das Verbot sich (oder sein) Selbst individuell weiter zu entwickeln.

Im Geist des Agnostizismus, also nicht wissend, ob ein Schöpfer-Gott existiert, fange ich mit einer Analyse religiöser Grundsätze an, indem ich ihnen erst mal vertraue.

Wenn eine Art Gott Alles im Universum durchzieht, dann muss er/sie/es doch innerhalb jeder unserer Zellen sein, also müsste Jeder sich zum Göttlichen entwickeln können.

Aber orthodoxe Geschichtsschreiber versuchen mit allen Mitteln eigene Aspirationen das eigene höchste Potential zu erreichen zu blockieren, weil sie folgsame Schafe wollen, die sich nur ihrem Glauben verschreiben – etwas was entwickelte Geister, die sich dem Göttlichen selbst annähern nicht mehr nötig haben.

Oft wurde mir sowohl von christlichen Mönchen, unnachgiebigen Bibeltreuen, als auch einigen Eso-Gurus erklärt, dass hohe Aspirationen nur Zeichen des Egos wären, weshalb ich zunächst einmal lernen sollte bescheiden zu sein.

Was dann aber passiert, wenn man Menschen ihre Ambitionen und Aspirationen als pathologisch ausredet und ihnen damit ihren Zugang zu ihrem eigenen Lebensweg nimmt, ist, dass sie nervös werden, so dass man oft eine Diskrepanz zwischen religiösen Autoritäten und ihren nervösen Gefolgsleuten sehen kann.

Es gibt nur eine ganz feine Linie zwischen Egoismus und autentischen Aspirationen.

Heutzutage wird Spiritualität mit Gelassenheit assoziiert, aber wo ist die Grenze zwischen innerer Ruhe und der Fähigkeit Andere mit süßlichen Worten zu beeinflussen ?

Andererseits kann Jemand, der einer höheren Wahrheit nach strebt, aufgrund von Unterdrückungen engstirniger Dogmen, ein nervöses Wrack sein.

Daher ist Geschmeidigkeit kein Kriterium für Spiritualität

8.) Rigider Konservativismus blockiert den Geist, sich abstrakteren Interpretationen zu öffnen.

Hier mal ein Beispiel für den Unterschied von der orthodoxen sprichwörtlichen Bibel-Version der Genesis in 6 Tagen; und im Gegensatz dazu dem symbolischen Verständnis der Kabbalah oder des Okkultismus:

Die Bibel-, sowie die Torah Version ist:

1. Dunkelheit & Licht, Abend & Morgen = 1. Tag,
2. Himmel und Wasser waren der zweite Tag
3. Trockenes Land und Pflanzen kamen am dritten Tag,
4. Sonne und Sterne am vierten Tag,
5. Fische und Wasser Tiere am fünften Tag,
6. Land Tiere und Menschen am sechsten Tag,
7. und der letzte Tag war ein Tag der Ruhe (weshalb wir Wochenenden haben).

Der sich daraus ableitende Symbolismus ist:

1. Licht: Sonne (scheint von selbst / vom Selbst)
2. Wasser: Mond (Menstruation Zyklen & Gezeiten)
3. Trockenes Land: (heiss) Mars {energetisch}
4. Himmisches Firmament (höherer Geist): Merkur
5. Wasser fliesst überall, wie Spiritualität, die mit Jupiter assoziiert wird.
6. Gott sagte “seit fruchtbar”(macht Liebe) : Venus
7. Ruhetag: Saturn (Herrscher der Blockaden und Abrechnungen)

Symbole für die Wochentage

Seit dem Mittelalter wurden die in Astronomie und Astrologie üblichen Planetensymbole auch für die Wochentage verwendet. Für die Werktage findet sich dies in Kirchenbüchern bis ins 18. Jahrhundert. Für den Sonntag wurde dort allerdings nicht das Sonnensymbol, sondern „Dom.“ oder „dies dominica“ verwendet.

2 Dienstag3 Mittwoch4 Donnerstag5
6 Samstag7 Sonntag
Italienische Armreife mit Darstellung der Wochentage durch die olympischen Götter

Diana als Mond für den Montag, Mars für den Dienstag, Merkur für den Mittwoch, Jupiter für den Donnerstag, Venus für den Freitag, Saturn für den Samstag und Apollo als Sonne für den Sonntag (Walters Art Museum)

Wir sehen also eine Korrelation des Planetenzyklusses, der vor Allem in der Kabbalah verwendet wird. Leider versuchen einem orthodoxe Bibeltreue einzureden, dass die Genesis wörtlich anstatt symbolisch zu verstehen sei, was jedes Querdenken im Keim erstickt.

8.) Das Fehlen von 60-90% des Leben Jesu

Das größte Loch für mich allerdings war und ist immer noch, dass Jesus auf mysteriöser Weise einfach fehlt für 18-30 Jahre. Das stinkt ja nach einer vorsetzlichen Zensur, um die Geschichte von Jesus als Sohn Gottes aufrecht zu erhalten.

Für mich persönich hat es immer viel mehr Sinn gemacht, dass Jesus in der Zeit spirituelle Disziplinen gelernt hat, und ein Gnostiker geworden ist, um letztendlich ein sehr weit entwickelter geistiger Meister geworden zu sein.

Daher sehe ich ihn nicht als Teil eines personifizierten Schöpfer-Gottes und es macht keinen Sinn für mich, dass er die Menschheit von allen Sünden erlöst haben soll, die seither offensichtlich genauso schlecht weiter lebt wie vor seinem Leben.

Wenn er gesagt hat, dass er “der Weg” sei, dann bedeutet das für mich, dass er seine Göttlichkeit realisiert hat und dass er sich als spiritueller Lehrer anbietet – nicht, um eine Krücke für große Institutionen von großer Macht und Reichtum zu werden (was genau das Gegenteil seines Kampfes gegen Pharisäer und Tempel-Kaufläute ist).

Das Gesetz der Anziehung besagt, dass man das manifestiert, an was man denkt.
Jesus Bewusstsein war das eines Kämpfers gegen reiche diktatorische Eliten. Daher hat er diesen Konflikt auch angezogen und ist dafür gekreuzigt worden.
In den alten aber Veden steht, dass man anstatt ein guter Mensch zu werden, um nicht Gefahr zu laufen, dass das eine Extrem in das Andere umschlägt. Daher sollte man lieber auf einer tiefer gehenden Ebene die dualistischen Achsen verlassen.
Das klingt jetzt absurd, aber es könnte es möglich sein, dass die Bewusstseins-achse von Jesus’ Klassenkampf sich ironischerweise in der Kirche wieder manifestiert hat, weil die Schwingung seines Kampfes gegen das etablierte Pharisäertum oder Tempel-Händler noch nach seinem Tod weiter geschwungen hat.

Anstatt, der Sohn Gottes ist er für mich die Sonne Gottes – ein Strahl, der uns mit unserer eigenen Göttlichkeit verbindet.

Daher bin ich von seinem gnostischen Weg inspiriert, der für mich der Grund ist, warum ich mein Leben der Meditations-Yoga-Übung Sodarshan Chakra Kriya widme.

Spiritual inspiration Sunday 6

Happy 🌞day, my dear readers, wherever you are!

You might be puzzled that on one hand I do post spiritual insprationos, whilst on the other hand I am slagging of orthodox religions. This is because it took me decades to see the difference between the divine and an orthodox personalised creator–god, so today I would like to show you the difference between the god as we know him from orthodox religions, and the divine which does connect to you to the entire universe in a loving way.

You can find the god of orthodox religions in the other post I did send simultaneously (or in the menu under spirituality -> religion, and the divine right below in this video).

Whilst religions did a god job in the past to remind the oblivious mass of the divine by making god tangible in human form; at the dawn of what some call the new age, the divine is much more abstract and it can even become a hinderance to still cling onto obsolete teachings, instead of directly experiencing the divine.

So if you are an atheist, don’t get hung up on the terminology “god” and him being male, and if you are religious don’t feel obliged to follow only the one book you were given in childhood – open yourself up anew for your connection to the oneness, which will transcend your entire reality.

Here comes a beautiful description of the divine from a Yogi who did dedicate his life to serve as a bridge between orthodox Christianity and Indian Yoga.

Spiritual inspiration Sunday 5

I just wanted to tell you that those videos are about very advanced spiritual experiences – maybe too far out for many.

But I still share them here to inspire all of us
(who compared to those people are mere beginners),
by giving us a glimpse of the highest levels out there,
so that we may keep in mind why we simple minds learn to meditate.

They are not made by me
(and neither are any ads within the video or the blog by the way).

Meine Dreifaltigkeit gegen Religionen

the english article is here

Im letzten Kapitel habe ich 3 emotionale Gründe gegen Religionen aufgelistet, die mich letztendlich aus der katholischen Kirche austreten liesen, heute bringe ich drei intellektuelle Gründe dagegen.

4.) Die Fehler alter Schriften

Der offensichtlichste, und damit Hauptgrund,
liegt in den Texten selbst, die als absolutes Wort Gottes verstanden werden.
Wenn man es wörtlich nimmt, dass diese Bücher das Wort Gottes enthalten, warum hat Gott dann die Menschheit bis zu dem Punkt, an dem sie geschrieben wurden, ignoriert?
Es ist nur logisch für einen Glaubenden all die Texte als falsch zu verwerfen, die vor der eigenen religiösen Schrift geschrieben wurden.
Unlogisch wird es dann, wenn die eigene Schrift auf alten aufbaut, wie z.Bsp. das neue auf dem alten Testament.

Wie elitär solch ein Denken ist, zeigt sich darin, dass Menschen normalerweise an der angeborenen Religion hängen bleiben – sie sollten sich mal fragen, warum Andere ihrer Religion beitreten sollten, sie aber nicht in Erwägung ziehen selbst die Religion zu wechseln.

Wenn man mit Fanatikern orthodoxer Religionen diskutiert, dann kommt als Hauptargument meistens:
“Aber in meinem Kindheits-Märchen (was natürlich die einzige Wahrheit ist) steht …”
Es macht einfach keinen Sinn für mich, warum Menschen so dumm und starrköpfig sind, immer noch in ein Buch zu glauben, was voll an Fehlern und Unstimmigkeiten ist, nur weil sie darauf in ihrer Kindheit dogmatisiert wurden.

Die jüdische Torah und Teile des alten Testaments der christlichen Bibel sind identisch.
Beide haben einen Protagonist, der in unzähligen Beispielen extra Fallen der Sünde aufstellte, nur um dann Millionen derer zu töten, die Gottes Versuchungen verfielen.
Ihr Antagonist, Satan dagegen, tötete Keinen.

Zudem gibt es etliche Fehler in der Bibel sowohl als auch im Koran, die so vielzählig sind, dass ich hier erst gar nicht anfange.
Wen es interessiert, der Suche einfach danach und wird sofort Seiten von Leuten finden, die auf jeweilig die andere Religion zeigen.
Demnach ist klar, dass diese Schriften nur Sinn machen, wenn man sie symbolisch in einem spirituellen Zusammenhang aber nicht wörtlich versteht.

Religion ist im Grunde ein Thema unseres inneren Kindes.
Wir wurden darauf konditioniert eine Autorität zu fürchten, lieben und verehren, so dass unser inneres Kind an diesem ersten Konzept fest hält, wie Elefanten, die als Junge an einen Pflock gebunden wurden, und sich danach nie wieder davon lossreissen, obwohl sie längst stark genug dafür wären.

Der Fehler in der Logik ist, dass die gepredigte brüderliche Liebe in dem Moment unstimmig wird, wenn man anfängt Andere umzustimmen, eigenen Kindheits-Konditionierungen zu folgen.

Die Ironie dabei ist, dass versucht wird das eigene kindliche Unschuldsbewusstsein zu wahren indem man sie anderen nimmt.
Die Wahre Unschuld dagegen muss auf täglicher Basis durch Ehrlichkeit, Ernsthaftigkeit und moralische Integrität täglich auf’s Neue erschaffen werden.

5.) Eine ungesunde Verkrustung, die gute Werte verzerrt.

Da die totale Widmung an ein altes Buch (ob Bibel, Torah, oder Koran, oder Ansprache verstorbener geistiger Lehrer) ein “in Zeit eingefrorener” Ansatz ist, beinhalten sie viele veraltete Lehren, die zu deren Zeit förderlich waren, aber heutzutage nicht nur veraltet, sondern schlichtweg hinderlich sind:
Hier mal drei Beispiele:

  • Der Ansatz des alten Testaments “Auge um Auge, Zahn um Zahn” war ursprünglich dazu gedacht, Gewalt auf eine adäquate und objektivere Stufe zu reduzieren, um nicht ohne Grund zu töten.
    Aber in unseren Zeiten, in denen Gerechtigkeit durch die Komplexität unseres Rechtssystem verschleiert wurde, wird solch eine Philosophie nur noch dazu verwand die öffentliche Meinung zur Gewalt aufzustacheln, die dann die Spirale der Gewalt immer höher treibt.
  • Die Regeln von Juden und Muslimen kein Fleisch zu essen war ursprünglich ein guter Schutz gegen Trichinellose, ist heutzutage in Zeiten der wissenschaftlichen Essenskontrolle und der Kühlschränke aber veraltet.
  • Der Ratschlag der Bibel “seit fruchtbar und mehret Euch” war in einer Zeit, als die Weltbevölkerung nur um die 170-400 Millionen betrug ein guter Rat, um das Überleben unserer Spezies zu sichern;
    aber in Zeiten der Überbevölkerung sollte stark überdacht werden, ob es förderlich is noch mehr Menschen in unsere Welt zu bringen, die aufgrund ihres niederen Bewusstseins, und ihren damit verbundenen Handlungen, unserer Erde mehr schaden als nützen, denn anstatt uns die Welt als verantwortliche Herrscher wohlwollend untertan gemacht zu haben, sind wir jetzt der Hauptgrund dafür das Tiere sowohl als auch Pflanzen schon auszusterben beginnen.

6.) Der Zirkelschluss, der Vielfältigkeit verhindert

Ich wurde einmal zu einem langen Video eingeladen, in dem Jemand “bewies”, dass der biblische Gott existieren würde.
Der große Fehler, der das ganze Kartenhaus für mich zum einstürzen brachte, war, dass das ganze komplexe Video auf der anfänglichen Annahme basierte, dass Gott existieren würde.

In gleicher Weise kann man normalerweise kaum wissenschaftlich mit Kreationisten argumentieren, weil die gesamte Diskussion von ihrer Indoktrination überschattet wird, dass es nur ein Buch gebe, auf dem die Wahrheit aufgebaut wäre, und dass jedes weitere Gespräch darauf basieren müsse.

Wenn immer man also “Beweise” für die Wunder Gottes im Internet findet, kann man die genießen, sollte sich aber darüber im Klaren sein, dass wahre Beweise bei Weitem nicht so spektakulär sind, als es gerne gesehen werden würde.

Damit will ich nicht sagen, dass Gott nicht existiert, sondern dass das Göttliche als eine allumfassende Kraft ist, die Anderen nicht aufgezwungen werden kann, sondern über Jahrzehnte in einem selbst erforscht werden muss.

Spiritual inspiration Sunday 4

After watching this video I realised that enlightening experiences are just glimpses into the divine;
but by no means the end of the road for us,
because we still have to work out a lot of our own stuff
parallel of those inspirations.
I think enlightenment helps us to see what to gear towards or what gives us purpose in life.
(But that is only my own personal opinion in 2019)

Drei emotionale Probleme mit den drei Abrahamischen Religionen

You can find the English article here

Unabhängig von Jemandes Glaube, schätze ich den Versuch Glaubender sich zu ihrem Besten zu veredeln und den Frieden und die Liebe zu verwirklichen, die ihnen ihre Bücher gelehrt haben.

Wenn immer ich durch Länder gereist bin, deren Bräuche ich nicht einzuschätzen wusste, dann habe ich meistens religiösen Menschen vertraut, weil sie ethische Richtlinien hatten, die egoistische Atheisten belächelten.
Daher sehe ich in Zeiten einer unreifen Gesellschaft Religion als wertvolle moralische Geländer
(solange diese nicht in Fanatismus umschlagen).

Außerdem habe ich Freunde aller Arten von Religionen, deren Aufrichtigkeit ich wertschätze,
erst recht im Vergleich zu der gleichgültigen Mehrheit, die sich lediglich einem blinden Materialismus verschreibt,
nur um ihren unersättlichen egoistischen Hunger nach Bequemlichkeiten und Genus zu stillen.

Daher fragte ich mich, warum ich in meiner lebenslangen Suche nach dem Göttlichen, und vielen langen Diskussionen eine Hass-Liebe-Beziehung mit orthodoxen Religionen aller Art entwickelte:

1.) Die (Ehr)Furcht vor dem allmächtigen Gott

Was früher und jetzt noch immer ein unbewusstes Unbehagen in mir auslöst, ist das religiöse Dogma,
dass Gott einen nur lieben würde, wenn man an ihn glaubt.
Das eng-gestrickte Geschlecht von Gott als männlich macht es nur noch schlimmer, weil es den negative Archetyp Gottes als den bestrafenden Vater evoziert.

Es scheint mir kindisch zu sein, zu sagen: “Entweder bist Du für mich, oder gegen mich“.
Glaubst Du wirklich, ein allmächtiges Gott hätte so ein Ego, dass es sich darum kümmert, was wir menschlichen Mikroben von ihr denken?

Der Grund dafür, dass Glaubende eine regulierende Autorität mögen, scheint mir der zu sein, dass danach keine Leistung vom Glaubenden mehr zu leisten ist, denn Alles, was man tun muss ist danach blindlings einer Handvoll limitierenden Regeln der Diät zu leben, und die Ethik wird dann vom “großen Papa” garantiert werden.

Der Nachteil solch einer Einstellung ist, dass es den Glaubenden auf ein Stadium der Infantilität festnagelt, die eine mehr abstrakte innere Entwicklung verhindert,
was dann zu einem blinden Punkt für die Möglichkeiten führt, sich selbst, oder sein Selbst weiter zu entwickeln,
(wie man schon daran erkennt, dass allein dieses Konzept orthodox Gläubigen unbekannt ist).

Um fair zu sein:
Das ist nicht nur ein Problem von Religionen, sondern Teil der Unreife der gesamten Menschheit, wie man am globalen Schulsystem sehen kann, was definitiv nicht dazu dient, die Persona hervor zu bringen,
sondern uns lediglich zu gehorsamen und produktiven Arbeitsmaschinen zu erziehen.

Ironischerweise wird das von der Kirche geschaffene Bewusstsein der Unterwürfigkeit ausgerechnet von unspirituellen Materialisten ausgenützt, die anstatt an das Göttliche den Mammon anbeten.

Das Dogma der Angst vor Bestrafung bei Unglaube hat nichts mit Liebe zu tun, sondern verhängt ein Schwert des Damokles über Jeden, der seinen Geist für alle Möglichkeiten der Realitätsschau offen halten will.

2. Der herablassende Anspruch auf Alleingültigkeit

Ein reiner Glaube ohne spirituelle Erfahrungen lebt von der Stärke einer Gemeinschaft, weshalb sich Glaubende zu einer konstanten Mission berufen fühlen, den Kreis ihrer Gleichgesinnten zu erweitern, währen Menschen, die “sich selbst erkennen“, wie das die alten Griechen propagierten, keine Notwendigkeit darin sehen, die Zustimmung Anderer zu erheischen.

Der Wunsch der Stärkung der eigenen Gemeinschaft hat sowohl zu Dogmen wie “seit fruchtbar und vermehret Euch” geführt, was angesichts der Überbevölkerung nicht nur veraltet, sondern inzwischen schädlich für die Erde ist;
und außerdem auch zur Rechtfertigung von scheuklappen-denkenden Glaubenden, einen Großteil ihrer Lebenszeit damit zu verschwenden, Andere mit Bauchläden von ihrer Meinung zu überzeugen, welche die Meisten gar nicht interessiert.

Orthodox Gläubige egal welcher Religion scheinen in meinen Augen das gleiche Übel zu sein. Fanatiker hämmern konstant und blindlings ihren Glauben in Jedermann’s Hirn, dass der Glaube, in den sie hineingeboren waren, der einzig wahre sei, was genau zu den Abscheulichkeiten geführt hat, wie wir sie heute im Nahen Osten sehen.

Die Arrogante Einstellung “die einzige Wahrheit zu besitzen” (wie es Christen und Muslime machen),
oder “zu den Auserwählten zu gehören” (in was nicht nur Juden, sondern auch Koreaner glauben),
ist die Quelle aller Kriege aufgrund eines verzerrten Konzepts besser als Andere zu sein.

Gnothi seauton 
(altgriechisch Γνῶθι σεαυτόν, durch Elision auch Γνῶθι σαυτόν Gnṓthi sautón „Erkenne dich selbst!“)
ist eine vielzitierte Inschrift am Apollotempel von Delphi, als deren Urheber Chilon von Sparta, einer der „Sieben Weisen“, angesehen wird.
Die Forderung wird im antiken griechischen Denken dem Gott Apollon zugeschrieben. Als nosce te ipsum oder temet nosce wurde die Anweisung ins Lateinische übernommen.

3.) Religiöse Kriege und Akte des Terrorismus

Wie Pflanzen, die dann seitwärts streben, wenn es nicht möglich ist sich aufwärts zu entwickeln,
so verteilen auch Menschen dann Seitenhiebe, sobald sie von einengenden Dogmen geknechtet werden.

Schaue einfach in die Geschichte, und Du wirst sehen, dass sich alle Religionen ihre Hände mit dem Schlachten Andersgläubiger beschmutzt haben.
Bis heute wird das praktiziert, und ist lediglich als “Krieg gegen den Terror” oder “Kampf für die Demokratie” getarnt, während ganze Gruppierungen andersartiger Religionen stigmatisiert werden, um Gründe dafür zu haben, diese Länder aufgrund ihres Öls oder anderer kapitalistischen Machenschaften anzugreifen.
Minderheiten, denen die Mittel heutiger teuerer Kriegsführung verwehrt ist, benutzen dann Terrorismus als Mittel. Hiermit verurteile ich Terroristen sowohl als kriegstreibende Politiker, und die, die sie gewählt haben gleichermaßen:

Ich habe nie größere Scheinheiligkeiten und Dummheiten gesehen, als die von aggressiven Fanatikern, die behauten ihrem Buch der Liebe und des Mitgefühls zu folgen, nur um dann Andere zu töten oder verletzen!

Während ich jeden Politiker verstehen kann, der in eine Position der Macht gewählt wurde, und dann aus Kriegen langsam rückwärts hinausgehen muss, gilt das für alle Politiker, die unter der Behauptung es tun zu müssen, neue Kriege angefangen haben
-> Das Blut jedes einzelnen Toten; ob von Zivilisten, durch Kollateralschäden, oder von Soldaten, klebt an deren Händen!

Der Nobel-Preis ist schon etliche male an Politiker vergeben worden, die Krieg geführt haben,
weshalb ich den auch nicht mehr ernst nehmen kann.

Leider verurteilt die ignorante Masse einfach denkender Menschen ganze Mehrheiten friedlicher Mitglieder fremder Religionen, weil sie von Medien, die von Angstnachrichten leben, hirngewaschen wurden diese zu hassen.
Das ist ausserdem eine strategische Dummheit, denn ein tief verwurzelter Glauben wird nur durch das Herz verändert werden, nie aber durch Gewalt oder Dogmatismus.
Nationalismus, sowohl als auch religiöser Fanatismus haben beide unheimliche Ähnlichkeiten
– höre einfach die Phrasen von Politikern oder religiösen Anführern an – sie sind nahezu gleich.

In dieser ausgewählten halben Stunde kann man eine interessante Zusammenfassung der Geschichte der Religion sehen, einschließlich, wie die Kirche unser Gottesverständnis verzerrt hat.

Spiritual inspiration Sunday 3

Happy 🔆day, my fellow soul-searchers!

If you are interested in health and healing,
I have some free excerpts from the documentary Heal for you:
For the rest of this month will put up a few new videos which are available for one day only before they are charged for.
So bookmark that page and watch 1-2 videos every day, as long as they are free.
And here is the spiritual ascension inspiration of the week:

Schlüssel zum Verständnis des Lebens #0:ffenheit

English article in menu: spirituality>Keys to understanding the universe #0

0ffenheit für verschiedene Weltansichten

Dieses Einführungskapitel ist #0 und 0ffenheit wird hier mit einer Null geschreiben, denn sie hat Null Vorurteile (so wie Jesus die Kinder beschrieb).
Je offener man für verschiedene Konzepte ist, desto mehr Werkzeuge hat man an der Hand, um die Mysterien des Universums zu verstehen.

Wir Alle haben teilweise ein Scheuklappenbewusstsein, was im Fall einer Konfrontation mit unpassenden Meinungen zu Ärger führt.
Aber rein strategisch gesehen, wäre es am Förderlichsten, so viele verschiedene Konzepte wie möglich zu integrieren, um die Aspekte zu verstehen, die in einer einzigen Sichtweise nicht erfasst werden können.

Beispiele für Scheuklappenbewustsein sind:

  • Nationalismus,
    denn wenn man die sich ständig verändernde Weltkarte unten anschaut wird klar, das es immer Veränderungen gegeben hat.
    Sich also an einen Status Quo der letzten Zeit zu klammern, in der das eigene Reich am größten war,
    bedeutet sich an einem längst vergangenen Stadium aufzuhalten, was höchstwahrscheinlich so nie wieder zurück kehrt.
    Das schafft ein stagniertes Einfrieren in verzerrten Wunschvorstellungen, was den freien Fluß des Wandels der Zeit verhindert. Verzerrt deswegen, denn für Nationalisten gilt meist der Punkt der größten Ausdehnung des eigenen Reiches.
    Wieso soll ausgerechnet dieser zu Lasten aller Anderen wieder hergestellt werden,
    und wieso soll die Nächstenliebe für die eigene Gruppe genau an künstlich geschaffenen Landesgrenzen anhalten?

  • Rassismus
    fällt in die gleiche Kategorie und schafft nur mehr Angst oder Aversion gegen das Unbekannte, was dementsprechend eigene Ein-sichten in verschiedenartige Arten das Leben zu handhaben verhindert.

  • Materialismus
    scheint zunächst einmal der klarste Weg zu sein die Dinge anzuschauen;
    aber das ihm innewohnende Verurteilung aller spiritueller Konzepte (um die es in dieser Serie ausschließlich geht), verhindert den Zugang zu Prinzipien, die einen einfachen Zugang zur Lösung vieler Probleme gewähren,
    ohne auf derzeitige Forschungen zurückgreifen zu müssen,
    die letztendlich oft nur Neuerfindungen des Rads sind.
    Außerdem muss man sich dann an wesentlich weniger Fakten erinnern, denn man kann sich Einzelheiten anhand dieser Prinzipien erschließen.

    Ein solches Beispiel, ist das Yin & Yang Symbol mit Hilfe dessen man die Jahreszeiten, den Menstruationszyklus und Vieles mehr ohne viel lernen zu müssen verstehen kann, wenn man das Prinzip versteht.


  • Die Abwertung “abergläubischer” Konzepte
    ist zunächst einmal konstruktiv, um Angstmachereien nicht zum Opfer zu fallen,
    aber eine zu rigide Aversion von Konzepten, die man nicht verstehen will,
    beraubt einen des Querdenkens, was einen Dinge aus einem völlig neuen (queren) Winkeln sehen lässt.
    Ein gutes Beispiel dafür ist die oft belächelte Astrologie die in Form vereinfachter Kurzzeit-vorhersagen oft in oberflächlichen Magazinen gefunden wird.
    Aber wenn man versteht, dass Astrologie keineswegs nur auf das Sonnen-sternzeichen reduziert ist, sondern die Qualität der Zeit beschreibt (im Gegensatz zu unseren Chronometern, die lediglich die Quantität messen), dann kriegt man Zugang zu einer weniger fatalistischen Sichtweise,
    indem man eigene Handlungen in einen größeren Zusammenhang zu stellen vermag.
    Wenn Jemand zum Beispiel einen Zusammenstoß von hochenergetischer Marsenergie und der blockierenden Saturnenergie hat,
    dann kann sich das zu einem gewissen Zeitpunkt bei Unachtsamkeit sowohl als Autounfall manifestieren,
    bei Beachtung und Anwendung dieser Prinzipien aber zu dem Vorteil führen, dass Jemand in einem Kampfsportwettbewerb gewinnt, wo man seine energetischen Mars-schläge freiwillig saturnisch blockiert.
  • Die eigene Religion als die einzig Wahre zu deklarieren
    scheint mir schlichtweg das Resultat von Kindheits-konditionierungen, über die man nicht hinausgewachsen ist, zu sein;
    und dessen Einfachheit man dadurch aufrecht erhalten will, dass man es durch Vermehrung von Gleichglaubenden zu stärken versucht.
    Oft ist es aufgrund eines vermenschlichten Konzepts des Göttlichen aufgrund unserer Unfähigkeit, das höhere Selbst zu erkennen.
    Das hat dann zu einer Ausgrenzung anderer personifizierter Götter (und damit der Absurdität von Religionskriegen, die im totalen Gegensatz zum Gebot der Nächstenliebe stehen) geführt.
    Adyashanti sagte,  dass Religionen im Grunde als “Türvorleger” gedacht waren, uns zu unserem eigenen Heim, und damit unserem höheren Selbst zu führen, aber dass die meisten Religionsanhänger leider an der Matte hängenbleiben würden, um diese zu verehren, anstatt den Weg zu sich selbst zu finden.
    Deswegen sind ironischerweise Atheisten oft authentischer um Ethik bemüht, als religiöse Fanatiker, denn Erstere müssen jede eigene Handlung mit ihrem eigenen Gewissen abgleichen, während sich Religionsfanatiker schlichtweg auf ihre längst nicht mehr begründbare Berechtigung berufen Alles richtig zu machen, solange es under der Flagge ihres Kindheitsdogmas steht.
    Wenn immer man also Jemand von dem EINZIGEN Weg, oder DEM wahren Weg, sprechen hört, der diese eigene Philosophie durch einen BEWEIS bekräftigen will, dann ist das kein Beweis oder Indiz for die Alleingültigkeit eines Weges, denn Göttlichkeit und ortodoxes Gottesverständnis sind zwei total gegensätzliche Wege:
    Das eine ist das Verständnis für einen einzigen externen Schöpfer-Gott, und das Andere die Suche nach dem eigenen einzigartigen Lebensweg des von Dogmatiken befreiten Selbst.

Spiritual inspiration Sunday 2

Happy ☀️day to you all!

Today I have an article about an inspiring conscious evolution for you.

And here is the video of the day:

To be able to read the words better, make the video fullscreen by clicking on the square on the right bottom of the video.

The intermediate Sodarshan Chakra Kriya game

The intermediate steps

… are meant for those who already can do SCK but came here for clarity, affirmation and inspiration.

If you are a beginner, please do claim all 9 previous cards of the beginner’s course first.

And understand: The reason why you should do each step and not more, is because you slowly have to build up your stamina.

Like in body-building, it is not about lifting high weights,
but always to lift a little more than you could before,
because that builds muscles without tearing them.
In the same way you are building up your aura in this course.

Believe me: I tried and failed for 20 years to push myself to the highest level – only to fail hundreds or probably even a thousand times; so you can learn from my mistakes and avoid tremendous suffering by following my unorthodox recommendation here!

Someone who already can do 20 minutes 5 times weekly for example, can continue to do their practice, but on the usual days off, instead of not practicing, do just 3 minutes to fulfil the 3-minute levels, and then move on in this course or game.
The rule of thumb is: Always only claim the level of the least time you did in that period.

And if you, for example have done 73 days of SCK for 3-15 minutes,
* then you have already done the 40 days to claim card 8,
* and are 33 days into card 9 already.
All you have to do then is to add 47 days of a minimum of 3 minutes daily and you will have claimed the first 120 days of all three 3-minute levels and therewith the card “Fortune“.
(If things get hard, don’t even try to do more than 3 minutes, but stick to your daily practice.)

I know that you may want to speed up your practice – I myself did even build it up to 2.5 hours within the first two weeks,
but my downfall was that I wasn’t warned by Y.B. and therefore gave up about 50-60 days into it.
Would he have told me to fall back initially to 3 minutes, then 11, 22 & 31 minutes, I would have kept going – maybe only would have done 3 minutes for the second half of the first 120 days, but I would have kept going.
Hence – do as much as you want, but reserve the right to fall back on your level’s minimum time.

The key here is patience and completion of all steps, preferably in order.

Once you had enough of your karmic suffering and feel the need to cut through the slime of your worldly entanglements you may walk the fast path by choosing to do a Tibetan retreat time of 3 years, months, weeks and days, whilst building up, plus 1000 days of a tenth of a day, which Sikhs call a Dasvand.
Those 6-7 years it will take you, reflect a full Cabalistic cycle in which you will have gone through all personality aspects:
1. year: Sun (personality),
2nd year: Moon (emotions),
3rd year: Mars (energy),
4th year: Mercury (communication),
5th year: Jupiter (spirituality),
6th year: Venus (love) and
7th year: Saturn (duty).
If you don’t believe in the Kabbalah, know that our weekdays run exactly according to it (as you can see especially in the french names),
and the biblical Genesis of the 7-day creation of the world simply reflects those qualities.

(That method is what I currently do – with some needed pauses in between, so it even takes me longer.)

You might think that you are not capable of pulling that through
(so your mind will fool you into thinking that you wouldn’t want to do it),
but it is easier than you thought, because the trick is to take breaks after each step, and therewith make space for your other personality-trades which also need attention.

The only steps you shouldn’t take breaks in between are
* the three 3-minute levels
* and the two 11-minute levels,
because they add up to 120days each, and if you break those,
you have to restart those levels all over again without being able to use your previous levels.

In order to accelerate the 28 year long slow path mentioned in the beginners course, I came up with a simple method to collect all the steps, Yogi Bhajan taught about meditation times, and lock in each of them like a ratchet wheel.

Once you accomplished 40, 90, or 120 days of each level, you will have secured it into your personality and be able to start at that level anytime again – even after a long break, so that nothing will be lost.

Let’s start with an easy step: Just do 40 days of 3 minutes only and you will gain the card. (Self-)Adjustment or Justice.

Everyone can do this – even if you didn’t get around to meditate the entire day there is always a way to squeeze in this short time.

You may tick of any step you already did in the past, but you must have completed all steps before moving on to the advanced level.

3 minutes affect
the electromagnetic field,
the circulation,
and the stability of the blood

After a daily practice for 40 days,
any negative habits that block you from the expansion a yoga kriya makes possible,
will be broken.

A transformational example is Jesus, who went for 40 days into the desert, experienced worldly temptations and after resisting them came back transformed.

Without breaking the routine yet, extend your daily practice to 90 days.
This is difficult, so to give yourself an incentive, by adding one more minute every week until you reached 10 minutes.
But even if you stuck to the minimal 3 minutes daily only, you can claim The Hermit
for being able to withdraw into your own world by meditating daily.

A daily practice over 90 days
will establish a new habit in your conscious and subconscious minds.
It will change you in a very deep way.

People who already can practice longer times, instead of skipping this step should dedicate 3 minutes out of their normal meditation time to a total focussed state of mind.
(Simply set a second alarm 3 minutes before the end of your meditation and instead of “sitting out” the last minutes impatiently, doing them in an earnest way, which might bring a surprising addition of insights).

Between 50 to 90 days is where I failed most times so far.
Assuming that you also will fail some steps a few times on this road,
don’t gloss over it in denial,
but restart the entire step from scratch again, because you must prove to yourself that you are up to it.
Believe me, it makes a huge difference, because subconsciously each cheat is nagging on your sense of accomplishment.

I once did restart the entire 120 days of 31 minutes, only because I failed on day 119 (I am not exaggerating: I really had a crisis).
If you failed, you didn’t loose, because
Honesty to yourself will build your sincerity!

As an additional consolations prize, for each time you failed,
you can take one of the 8 cards of the beginner’s course:

This way even failures are turned into a success of building up your personal collection.

Still don’t take a breake yet!
After you did spend so much effort it would be a shame to stop now, because it is quite easy  to complete the last month and turn the 90 days into 120 days.
You only have to do 3 minutes on bad days, and can do up to 10 minutes on good ones. Don’t do it for more than 10 minutes, because else the kriya can bring up so much that you may throw in the towel.

You can feel fortunate for being able to sit now up to 10 minutes,
because you earned the card #10: Fortune, or Wheel of Fortune

A daily practice for 120 days will confirm the new habit of consciousness created; and its positive benefits get integrated permanently into your psyche.

You may ask yourself why the first three steps and the following two are separated when you have to do them in one go anyway, but that is for you to learn to know about the time-lengths of 40,90 & 120 days and can observe yourself what the effects of those are; and also to ensure that you did claim a card, even if you failed once or twice. Now can take a break.

Before moving on, best is to choose a continuing date, which is of symbolic value to you
(such as a new moon, birthday or new years eve for example).

First of all this gives you inner strength to go with the flow, and secondly it serves well for you to remember the beginning of your meditation-practice.

(I needed an entire year for those steps above, because I failed at the critical half-time of 60 days twice and each time had to restart it from the beginning).

11 minutes begin to change the nerves and the glandular system

Now go straight for the difficult 90 days of 11 minutes and meanwhile slowly build it up to 21 minutes. By proving that you have the Strength to do so,
you will get the card 11.

Most people can do 11 minutes easily, so they may be impatient to move on to a higher level straight away, but I urge you to do step after step, because you first have to consolidate this level firmly.

Instead of pushing yourself, rather enjoy the freedom you still have, because later it will get very difficult.
Also: by collecting each card you gain a sense for accomplishment and therewith confidence.

This step is easy again:
Withouth taking a break from the exercise before, simply continue the 11-21 minutes for one more month, until you reached 120 days.

For completion of those, you get The Hanged Man
, because you now start to “hang” up your ego bits by bits.

That’s why I tell suicidal people:
“Go for it!
But instead of killing your body,
kill your ego!
This way you will literally kill two birds with one stone: 1. gain a new life now and
2. loose fear of death also.

And this, again, is the reason for you not doing more than those recommended times, because doing too much too early can throw you into a heavy crisis!

(Just read my bio here, in which I post my epic downfall due to a too early deconstruction of my ego.)

Just for your comparison:
Because I did fail again, 1-3 times, those two above steps took me yet another year to complete.
So enjoy a break from your self-development now, because you have earned it!

22 minutes balance the three minds (positive, negative, and neutral) and they begin to work together.

Since you now know the drill, now, simply skip the 40&90 days, and go straight for 120 days of 22minutes, whilst building it up to half an hour.

Whenever you start a long period there is a hesitation, so the beginning is the most difficult time. The mind plays tricks and tells us that after half a week “just 3,4 days are lost” when taking a break. To get through that point is difficult.

For doubling up your meditation time and your efforts to do 120 days straight, you get the saturnic (duty) card, Death (of false energies).

Now you can take a well deserved break again and enjoy your free time without having to meditate and confronting your self!

I actually did not know of this step at the time,
so after a 4 months-walk, I restarted, in order to do a 1000 days continuing to build up from that level onwards.

31 minutes allow the glands, breath, and concentration to affect all the cells and rhythms of the body. It lets the psyche of the meditation affect the tattwas (elements) and all layers of the mind’s projections.

Now do 120 days of 31 minutes – this seems a lot, but as you probably did experience yourself: Each step is equally difficult, because it is new.
However – up to this step many people have done it, so you can too.
Meanwhile you can build it up every 4 days by one minute, until you can do around an hour. For having had the stamina to complete the intermediate course, you get the Card: Art, or Temperance

Congratulations – you now completed the intermediate course – the level where most people are stuck at!

In your time you can move on to the advanced course, but first enjoy a proper break, because the times of pure contemplation often yield the most interesting results.

This step took me 1-1.5 years because in between I walked along the Danube for 4 months.

If you already can do half an hour daily, please leave a comment here or mail me and I will instantly post the advanced course.

Die Mittelstufe des Sodarshan Chakra Kriya Kurses

Die “mittelmässigen” Schritte …

… sind for diejenigen gedacht, die schon SCK praktizieren können, aber kamen, um Klarheit, Affirmationen und Inspirationen zu finden.

Um Dich einzuschwingen solltest Du alle vorherigen 9 Anfängerkarten zunächst sammeln.
Während das einen Anfänger 7 Monate dauern kan, kannst Du jede Karte in einem Tag einsammen, wenn Du schon täglich praktizierst.

Verstehe, dass es hier um das Langzeitvermögen geht, und nicht um schnellen Fortschritt.

Wie im Bodybuilding geht es nicht darum gleich große Gewichte zu heben, sondern immer wieder etwas mehr zu schaffen, als mal zuvor gemacht hat, denn das bilded Musken ohne sie zu zerren.

Gaube mir: Ich habe 20 Jahre lang versucht mich auf die höchste Stufe zu zwingen, nur um dann miserabel um so tiefer gefallen zu sein. Ich erspare Dir also Jahrzehnte an viel Leid, wenn Du meiner unorthodoxen Empfehlung hier folgst.

Jemand der schon 5 mal wöchentlich 20 Miniuten schafft, kann z. Bsiepiel anstatt den Tagen an denen er nichts tut, nur 3 Minuten machen, um damit die erste Stufe erreicht zu haben.

Als Daumenregel gilt: Sammle jeweils nur die Karte Deiner kleinsten Meditationszeit ein, also wenn Du während einer Meditationsperiode einmal nur 3 Minuten gemacht hast, dann hole Dir die 3 Minuten Karte, und nicht die höhere.

Und wenn Du zum Beispiel schon 73 Tage zwischen 3 und 15 Minuten täglich gemacht hast,
* dann hast Du schon die 40 Tage für die Karte 8 gemacht,
* brauchst nur noch 27 Tage für Karte 9,
* und hast die Karte 10 in 57 Tagen geschafft.

Ich weiss, dass man Anfangs schnell vorwärts kommen will – ich selbst hatte damals innerhalb von 2 Wochen 2,5 Stunden erreicht und konnte die für 50-60 Tage lange machen.
Das Problem war, dass Y.B. mich nicht gewarnt hatte, und ich deswegen ganz aufgegeben hatte. Hätte mir Jemand gesagt, dass ich das Recht habe, eine Weile lange nur 3 Minuten zu machen, hätte ich weiter praktiziert.
Also behalte Dir das Recht vor jederzeit auf das Minimum von 3,11,22,oder 31 Minuten zurück zu fallen, und ansonsten die Empfehlungszeiten des Kurses durch zu machen.

Der Schlüssel hier ist Geduld und Vervollständigung aller Schritte – möglichst in aufsteigender Reihenfolge.

Wenn Du von Deinem karmischen Leiden genug hattest, und es für Dich an der Zeit ist, den Schleim Deiner weltlichen Verstrickungen aufzulösen, dann kannst Du den schnellen Pfad gehen, indem Du 1000 Tage SCK, gefolgt von einer tibetischen Klausur von 3 Jahren, Monaten, Wochen und Tagen eines Zehnt des Tages machst (was bei Sikhs “Dasvand” heisst).

Diese 7 Jahre reflektieren einen ganzen kabbalistischen Zyklus, in dem Du durch alle Persönlichkeitsaspekte Aspekte gegangen sein wirst:
1. Jahr: Sonne (Persönlichkeit), 2. Jahr Mond (Emotionen), 3. Jahr Mars (Energie), 4. Jahr Merkur (Kommunikation), 5. Jahr Jupiter (Spiritualität), 6. Jahr Venus (Liebe), und 7. Jahr Saturn (Pflichterfüllung).

Wenn Du an die Kabbalah nicht glaubst, dann wisse, dass unsere Wochentage genau nach diesem Schema ablaufen, was übrigens der 7-Tage Schöpfungsgeschichte der Genesis entspricht.

Du magst glauben, dass Du nicht fähig wärst das zu machen (so dass Dein Geist Dich veräppelt zu denken, dass Du das nicht tun wolltest), aber es ist leichter als Du denkst, denn der Trick ist nach jedem Schritt Pausen zu machen, um für Deine andere Persönlichkeitsaspekten Raum zu machen, die auch Aufmerksamkeit fordern.

Wenn Du also den Anfänger Kurs gemacht hast, gönne Dir eine Pause, bis Du bereit bist, weiter zu machen.
Die einzigen Schritte zwischen denen Du keine Pause machen solltest sind die ersten drei 3-Minuten-Schritte, die insgesamt 120 Tage machen,
sowohl als auch die nächsten Zwei 11-Minuten Schritte, die in Einem gemacht werden sollten.

Um den langsamen Pfad des Anfängerkurses zu verschnellern habe ich eine Methode entwickelt, all die Schritte zu sammeln, die Yogi Bhajan über Meditationszeiten gelehrt hat, und diese wie ein Zahnenkranz zu arretieren.

Wenn Du die jeweils 40, 90, oder 120 Tage jeder Stufe gemacht hast, wirst Du diese in Deiner Persönlichkeit verankert haben und fähig sein dort weiter zu machen, wo Du aufgehört hast . Selbst wenn Du eine lange Pause hattest wird nichts verloren gehen.

Lass uns mit einem einfachen Schritt anfangen:
Mache 40 Tage lang nur 3 Minuten SCK, und Du wirst die Karte: (Selbst-)Regulierung oder Die Gerechtigkeit bekommen.

Jeder kannn das machen – selbst wenn Du den ganzen Tag lang nicht dazu gekommen bist zu meditieren kannst Du diese kurze Zeit noch schnell machen.

3 Minuten der Yoga-meditation beeinflussen das elektromagnetische Feld,
die Zirkulation;
und die Stabilität des Blutes.

Nach einer täglichen Praxis von 40 Tagen können negative Angewohnheiten, die Dich von der Erweiterung der Yoga Übung zurückhalten, aufgelöst werden.

Ein Transformationsbeispiel dafür ist Jesus, der 40 Tage lang in die Wüste ging, weltliche Versuchungen verspürte, und nachdem er diesen widerstanden hat als transformierter Mensch zurück kam.

Ohne diese Routine zu unterbrechen, erweitere Deine tägliche Praxis auf 90 Tage

Das ist schwer, weshalb
Du Dir den Anreiz geben kannst, jede Woche eine Minute mehr zu machen, bis Du 10 Minuten geschafft hast.

Du kannst dann die Karte Der Eremit dafür bekommen, dass Du fähig bist, Dich beim Meditieren in Deine eigene Welt zurück zu ziehen.

90 Tage täglich zu praktizieren wird eine neue Gewohnheit in Dein Bewusstsein und Unterbewusstsein integrieren.
Das wird dich auf eine sehr tiefe Art und Weise ändern.

Leute, die schon länger meditieren können, sollten, anstatt diesen Schritt zu überspringen die letzten drei Minuten ihrer Praxis einem totalen Fokus widmen.
(Benutze dazu einen zweiten Alarm, der 3 Minuten vor Deinem geplanten ende ertönt, denn anstatt Deine Normalzeit am Schluß in Ungeduld “abzusitzen” kannst Du aus einer kurzen ernsten und aufrichtigen Zeit noch viel mehr an Erkenntnissen rausholen.

Mache jetzt immer noch keine Pause!

Nachdem Du so Viel investiert hast, wäre es schade jetzt aufzuhören, denn es ist ziemlich leicht noch den letzten Monat zu machen, um die 90 Tage in 120 zu verwandeln.

Alles, was Du tun musst, ist an schlechten Tagen 3, und an guten 10 Minuten zu machen.

Übe noch nicht länger als 10 Minuten, denn dieses Kriya (diese Übung) kann ansonsten so viel Unterbewusstes hoch bringen, dass Du das Handtuch schmeissen könntest.

Dafür, dass Du jetzt bis zu 10 Minuten sitzen kannst, bekommst Du die Karte #10 Glück, oder Das Rad des Schicksals

Eine tägliche Praxis über 120 Tage wird Deine neue erschaffenes Bewusstsein konsolidieren, und die positiven Vorteile werden permanent in Deiner Psyche verankert.

Du magst Dich fragen, warum die ersten drei und darauf folgenden zwei Stufen getrennt sind, wenn sie doch am Stück gemacht werden sollten.
Das ist, erstens um Dir die unterschiedlichen Zeitlängen nahezubringen und selbst zu beobachten, was sich in diesen 40,90 & 120 Tagen tut;
und andererseits, damit Du Dir jeweils eine Karte gesichert hast, auch wenn Du es nicht gleich beim ersten oder zweiten mal geschafft hast 120 Tage am Stück zu machen. Aber jetzt kannst Du dir eine Auszeit nehmen.

Bevor Du weiter fortfährst ist es gut, wenn Du Dir ein symbolisches Datum auswählst, (wie z.Bsp ein Geburtstag, Neumond oder Neujahresanfang).

Das gibt Dir erstens innere Kraft, und zweitens kannst Du Dich dann später besser an Deinen Meditationsanfang erinnern.

(Ich habe ein ganzes Jahr für die obigen Schritte benötigt, weil ich zweimal bei den kritischen 60 Tagen versagt hatte, und dann nochmals ganz von vorne anfangen musste.)

11 Minuten fangen an die Nerven und Dein Drüsensystem zu verändern.

Jetzt mache gleich am Stück die schwierigen 90 Tage der 11 Minuten und baue inzwischen Deine Meditationszeit bis auf 21 Minuten auf.

Indem Du Dir beweisst, dass Du Die Kraft hast, das zu machen, bekommst Du die Karte gleichen Namens.

xDie Meisten können 11 Minuten leicht machen, weshalb sie ungeduldig diesen Schritt überspringen wollen, aber ich empfehle strengstens diesen Schritt zu machen, um Deine Praxis zu verfestigen!

Jedes Haus braucht ein gutes Fundament, um später solide stehen zu können.

Anstatt Dich jetzt selbst zu drängen, genieße lieber die Freiheit, die Du jetzt noch hast, denn später wird es sehr schwer werden.
Außerdem bekommst Du beim Sammeln dieser Karte ein Gefühl der Verfollständigung und damit auch eine Selbstsicherheit.

Dieser Schritt ist wieder leicht:
Fahre einfach ohne Pause zum vorherigen Schritt Deine 11-21 Minuten einen weiteren Monat fort, bis Du die 120 Tage zusammen hast.

Für die Vervollständigung dieser Stufe bekommst Du Der Gehängte
, weil Du jetzt anfängst Dein Ego Stück für Stück zu erhängen.

Deswegen sage ich zu Selbstmordgefärdeten: Tu es!
Aber anstatt Deinen Körper umzubringen , töte Dein Ego!
Auf diese Art schlägst Du sprichwörtlich zwei Fliegen mit einer Klappe:
1. bekommst Du jetzt ein neues Leben, und
2. verlierst Du auf diese Art auch die Angst vor dem Tod, weil Du über ihn hinaus Deine Seele veredelt hast.

Und das ist auch ein Grund, warum Du nicht mehr als in jeder Stufe angesagt meditieren sollst, denn ansonsten kann Dich SCK in eine tiefe Krise stürzen!

Nur für Deinen Vergleich: Weil ich erneut ein bis dreimal versagte habe ich diese zwei obigen Schritte mehrmals neu gemacht, so dass das mich mindestens ein Jahr gedauert hat bis ich es geschafft hatte.
Genieße also danach eine Pause von Deiner Persönlichkeitsarbeit, denn Du hast Sie verdient!

22 Minuten balancieren die drei Geisteszustände (den positiven, negativen, and neutralen), so dass sie anfangen zusammen zu arbeiten.

Da Du inzwischen das Muster erkennst, können wir ab jetzt die 40&90 Tages-stufen überspringen und gleich 120 Tage von 22 Minuten machen, während Du langsam auf eine halbe Stunde aufbaust.

Wann immer man eine lange Phase wie diese 4 Monate anfängt, dann zögert man, weshalb es am Schwierigsten ist, anzufangen.

Zudem spielt uns unser Intellekt Streiche, indem er nach einer halben Woche sagt: “nur 3-4 Tage sind verloren, wenn ich jetzt nochmal aufhöre”.
Diesen Punkt zu überwinden ist auch schwierig.

Dafür, dass Du Deine Meditations-zeit verdoppelt hast, und die 120 days in einem Zug durchziehst, hast Du Dir die saturnische (Pflichterfüllungs)Karte Der Tod verdient, die den Tod von falschen Energien und Unaus.

Du kannst jetzt wieder eine wohlverdiente Pause nehmen und die freie Zeit ohne Meditation und Selbstfindung genießen!

Derzeit wusste ich übrigens noch gar nichts von dieser Stufe und habe die deswegen nachdem ich schon 1-2 Schritte weiter war nachgeholt.

31 Minuten erlauben den Drüsen, dem Atem, und der Konzentration alle Zellen und Rythmen des Körpers zu beeinflussen.
Dann wird die Psyche der Meditation die Tattwas (Elemente) und alle Schichten der Geistesprojektionen beeinflussen.

Mache jetzt 120 Tage lang 31 Minuten.
Das scheint viel zu sein, aber wie Du inzwischen vielleicht schon selbst erfahren hast:
Jeder Schritt ist gleich schwer, weil er neu ist.

Wie dem auch sei, bis zu diesem Schritt haben es viele erreicht, also wirst Du das auch können.

Währenddessen kannst Du (nur falls Du Dich stark fühlst) alle 4 Tage eine Minute mehr machen bis Du ungefähr eine Stunde schaffst.

Dafür, dass Du das Durchhaltevermögen dafür aufgebracht hast, bekommst Du die Karte “Kunst”, oder Die Mäßigkeit (die es ja braucht, um solch eine lange Zeit durchzuhalten).

Gratuliere – Du hast jetzt die Mittelstufe durchgangen, an der die Meisten hängen bleiben!

Wann immer es Dir passt kannst Du zum fortgeschrittenen Kurs weiter gehen, aber genieße erst eine gute Pause, denn die Zeiten reiner Kontemplation bringen oft die interessantesten Resultate.

Der letzte Schritt hat für mich 1-1,5 Jahre gedauert, weil ich zwischen drin 4 Monate lang die Donau entlang gewandert bin.

Falls Jemand all diese Schritte schon getan hat oder schon einige Zeit mindestens eine halbe Stunde täglich meditieren kann,
oder schon länger als 5 Jahre SCK macht, dann hinterlasse hier bitte einen Kommentar oder kontaktiere mich, damit ich den fortgeschrittenen Kurs hier einstelle.

Und wer etwas an die Gemeinschaft zurück geben will,
möge hier seine Erfahrungen mit uns Allen teilen, um Anderen zu helfen.

More Self-Aware, Less Social?

Jen puts here into great words what I just experienced:

I am on the longterm meditation Sodarshan Chakra Kriya project/experiment which does make me more and more reclusive, except for this wordpress blog where I release all my insights and self-reflections; plus a handful of mail contacts.

Last month I did reactivate an old twittter account, and soon became involved in a frenzy of rather meaningless smalltalk;
until one small misunderstanding did suck me into a spiral of a witch-hunt, I only could get out of by closing my account.

I also watched “The great hack” and realised that social media nowadays is overrun by bots who instigate hate in order to influence world-politics to that extend that entire countries are shaped.

The problem is the anonymity which does bring out the worst in people under the illusion not to be seen,
whilst in fact everything is analysed to build profiles,
which then are used malevolently.

Smartphones (apart from being spied upon every location and word we exchange)
are a tool to escape society in contempt for humanity,
whilst jumping from the fire of irl interactions into the frying pan of superficial ego-polishing at the expense of sincerity.


One evening, when I was walking for 4 months from Germany to Bulgaria, only with my backpack and a tent;
a Bulgarian put me up at his place only to sit in front of F***book for the rest of his evening;
instead of having used the opportunity to hear the adventures of my hike, or the differences of our cultures.

In the 70s there was a great political awareness; but since then it developed into Orwell’s “1984”, or the Carpenter movie “they live”, where people see the world merely through their distorted glasses of consumerism.


Since self-development is such a slow path,
and people become very aggressive when asked to question their luxury lifestyle,
the best we can do is to work on ourselves with dedication and persistence to become as calm and content as possible when the shit hits the fan.

Why I write down my biography for you

{ongoing story: Menu>bios}

My life is not more or less important than anyone elses`,
and not even an inspiration for seekers of success,
but throughout half a decade, I have observed,
that literally ALL of us get entangled in many pains and disappointments
and either spiral down into bitterness,
or manage to transform into a wiser person.

I will use my own biography to follow the evolution of the human mind
in this order:

1 .) Karmic lessons and disappointments

Those are the lessons learned by experiences.

In my personal opinion (as a non-Indian Westerner)
Karma seems to be the susceptibility for energetic constellations
which do match our current level of im/balance.

Since everything in nature is drawn to a state of balance,
those experiences usually lead to “dis-appointments
– a gradual annihilation of our internal appointments with reality,
known as (mis)conceptions.

Whilst Karma – especially for followers of Abrahamic religions –
seems to be linked to a punishment of a higher authority;
I see it as a merely a neutral consequence of nature.

Nature’s laws are unfathomable to the unenlightened mind,
so it’s regularities seem to be fate for most people.

Whilst an intellectual understanding of Nature is equivalently futile
to predicting the flight-path of a released rubber-ballon,
I strongly believe that an unconditioned mind is capable of intuitively understanding the regularities of life.
That is why I am not searching intellectually for the principles of life,
but do this yoga-meditaton instead.

Because I want to walk with you through the entire process chronologically,
the difficulty for me will be will be to write down my experiences
without adding relativizing & resolving insights I had decades later,
so I warn you that there will be a few politically incorrect posts upcoming, designed to show you how frustrating experiences in ignorance can be.

So even if you at times totally disagree with my first views or early conclusions, please bear with me, because this is not about singular issues
but about the larger picture of the development of insights.

This series also is designed to demonstrate the value of a daily meditation practice,
by comparing decades of my own faults and pains to the much faster evolution, when daily tuning into one’s higher self.

Once I collected the chronology of my epic downfall, I will tell you about …

2. ) The deconstruction of an ego.

All experiences leave residues of emotional reflections
which in time turns into admittance of personal responsibility in form of regrets.

To know this, btw, can help you tremendously when working on letting go of violations or victimisations, which had been committed against you.

The effects of a conscience will serve each person their own punishment,
and even if it seems that some are not receptive for it,
it only means that their boomerang is delayed into the next of afterlife.

This will be the chapter which will provide all answers to my frustrating experiences, so you can take this page as a disclaimer for all my biographical posts.

Once this episode is completed I finally will move on to tell you about …

3.) Mystical insights …

… I am having as a very late reward of my long & tedious meditation-yog-practice described here.

~ ~ ~


The rise of social networks did create an atmosphere of most people putting on a mask to display themselves more beautiful and successful than others – under the pretence to spread positivity.

Instead what they do is to make anyone who can’t live up to their distorted standards of their photo-edited pictures to feel like a looser.

Therefore I want to fill the void of authenticity
by bringing you an honest and complete picture with all its shadow-sides.

I hope that this will bring a sense of identification and belonging
to the many whose suffering currently disables them to express their pain.

Meditation games to counteract boredom

To bridge the gap I first offer a short explanation what Meditation is, and then give you some ideas for games which make it more fun to grow into it:

Ok, so we have the two kinds of people: The ones who propagate meditation and the ones who hate it.

The problem is that all Meditators convey is “do it”, which does not explain at all why we should sit around and ‘wait’ for the end.
To a real down to earth person meditation must justified seem like a total stupid waste of time without any hard graspable effects.

First of all, Meditation is not a mere waiting in the sense of sitting out the moment in order to ‘kill’ time.
(If it would be possible to kill time, we wouldn’t get bored, would we?)

Meditation is the process of putting a temporal fence around your monkey-mind or a round pen around your internal wild horse to calm it down.
Many try to force their horse to sit still within that fence, but that makes meditation a killer.
My first meditation teacher was such a guy and I ended dropping it altogether.

Then a much more wise and gentle vietnamese Buddhist monk told me:
“Simply let your mind run out, until it is exhausted and calms down itself”.

But how can you let your fire-horse-mind calm down?

By not putting oil into the flames of your constant flood of new ideas.
For example, if you are sitting in meditation and think: “I have to go shopping afterwards”, then pit that thought into your own virtual patient waiting room and simply say: I deal with it later – “next please!”.

I can give you an example how this doesn’t work, and then you know what not to do:
If you want to quiet your mind and I tell you “don’t think of a pink elephant!”, what does come into your mind? Of course a pink elephant. So don’t fight against specific issues, but let everything fade out naturally.

This, btw, is also the best way to deal with malevolent trolls: Don’t fight against them but as they say: “Don’t feed the trolls!”, (especially not the worst ones, which are the ones within your own mind.)

There is a huge resistance in you not wanting to face the moment and that tricks you into solving worldly important issues, such as “if I have to go shopping later, what will my shopping list be?”. This is how you put oil into the flame

A nice way is to remember your self-worth:
That you are just having a few “Me-only”-minutes and shouldn’t spoil them with your shopping list.
Remember: What is more important, the divine you or the shopping?
The shopping should serve you, and not you the shopping list.

Most people don’t treat themselves with the dignity they deserve, but do it for their lover. So simply remember: Would you treat someone you deeply love and only see for 15 minutes before flying of for the rest of the day with non-attention? And would you like to be treated this way? So give to your divine self what it deserves!

As a rule of thumb for the length: Consider when you first learned and practiced meditation. From that day on add a virtual second to each next day, meaning after a year you should be able to meditate 6 minutes, after two years 12 minutes and after a decade it could be possible for you to meditate for an entire hour (but you don’t have to – rather do 15 minutes than none).
(Of course you will have breaks in between, but this is a guidline, which time-length to get back to, once you stopped it for a while.)

It is btw more effective to do every day 10 minutes than once a week 70 minutes, because your mind does not have to rest as your body does but needs daily vitamins of your medi.

But then there still is the dreadful time-length 😮

This is a bummer, because there is only so much patience, before your inner monkey gains consciousness again and starts rebelling.

Ways to train your animal-mind to become patient, is to feed it intermittently with little rewards by honouring its limits.
One reward is to know how much you did accomplish yet, so you can set yourself two timers: one for your fiery monkey, and one for your goal.

Let’s say you have 5 minutes patience but want to train yourself up to 20 minutes, so what you do is to set yourself a timer for 20 minutes and one for 5 minutes. And then start them both simultaneously at the begin of your mediation.

After 5 minutes the first alarm goes of and you may end your meditation then. And if you had a good day and were surprised about time flying by, then, sit a little bit longer, and as soon as you get impatient, quit and look at your second 20 minute timer to remember how many minutes you did manage to meditate altogether.

If you found it easy 3 times in a row to do 5 minutes, then increase that timer to 6 minutes and see how things go from there. You get the picture.

If you ask about what kind of meditation is best for you,
simply choose the one you feel drawn to
(whether it is because it is fun or because you respect it most).
Over the years your approach will change automatically.

The most important step in the beginning is only to put a foot into the door of spirituality.

Another question is:
Am I allowed to look at the timer to see how much suffering I still have ahead of myself?

My recommendation is: Put that timer out of sight (like turning it around), because if it is in front of your eyes, as soon as you open them, you inevitably will have seen the remaining time, which you probably did not intent to.

Then when you really want to know the time, first estimate how many minutes you did sit already, or how many you estimate to be left.
This might take a while in itself but is a great exercise for your temporal intuition. Always estimate the time before looking at the clock, because this way you create your reality, else you get the feeling of leaving it up to fate.

Initially you want to check often how much time passed,
but there comes a time when you want to see it only as late as possible,
because you learned, that if you looked to early, you only got frustrated about having so much time left to meditate.

Another aspect is denial of this moment:

It is amazing how many ways we come up with to suddenly make our minds busy – from calculating things, over worrying up to excited plans of the future. But ultimately you will realise that all those issues are prosponable and actually best to be solved straight after meditation, because you did prepare your mind to focus.

So enjoy the time afterwards and simply hang around – it is usually the best time in which you get the most ideas and insights. And don’t let any non-meditator force you straight into immediate action, because you deserve your contemplation-time – just consider it to be a (most pleasant) part (and reward) of meditation.

How my bad luck did come in threes

Chronology of an epic downfall #2

You could call me an entrepreneur-personality, always thinking positive and searching for ways to make the world a better place.
I also never thought of giving up and long before knowing about it thought in terms of the law of attraction – that thinking positive does attract alike.

As an example: After
1.) Having been kicked out of the USA, and
2.) discovered that my TCM-diploma did not count in Germany, I instantly invented a Moxa-pyramid but did not have the energy to follow up on a production – bright mind, but non-consistent energy.

I also was the kind of guy who always gave everything – having always loved movies, you could have put me into any movie-project (as pretty much anything) and like the stars I would have worked my ass of up to my limits, because I always did believe that you succeed if you go the extra mile, the sluggish masses aren’t willing to invest.
To show you how dedicated I was to put my full heart into any mission, I tell you a story:

A friend, who still lived in New York knew an MTV-director called Markus Nispel, who at times (when MTV still did play music clips fulltime) did direct 45 minutes of one hour MTV. He then became a Hollywood-director and had the chance of doing the movie “end of days” with Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose winning-attitude I admired.

‘Normal’ people would not even think about grasping so high and stick to their small world, but because I always was striving to thrive, you can imagine how excited I did jump to that occasion and persuaded my friend to give my demo to Nispel. As soon as he agreed I got myself an old Atari computer which I used as a sequencer.

Because the movie was supposed to be about Satan in NYC, I composed
1. first something really sinister,
2. then a second track with movie-like sound-effects:
3. and to show that I was capable, also a very beautiful song
4. (which was a remake an old saxophone-song of mine)
You can listen to all 4 tracks in a row here if you simply let the player play

(Btw. I did play and compose everything myself – you can stop after track 4)

Then I borrowed a video player from my parents and did record all Schwarzenegger movies I could borrow in the video-store (without even being able to watch them, because I had no TV).
I did record and cut hundreds of his phrases onto a minidisk player,
wrote a script from then, sampled them, and then did put together a funny fake-interview with Schwarzenegger, which you can listen to here:

Overall I worked for 3 months for at least for 16 hours every day if not more: Got up, jumped to the equipment, got myself a pizza, continued, and in the evening went to a nearby pub for an hour to often continue further afterwards.

And then the tragedy happened:

The old Atari I got from a friend broke down and as it turned out, beforehand had overwrite all 4 security copies I made with ones and zeros, so the entire music was lost !!!

And when I went to the pub to tell people my tragedy, those rednecks simply nodded non-empathically, because they had no idea how it is to ‘give it all’ and pour your entire heart-blood into something for 3 months. (Not even to mention the loss of a heaven I nearly grasped, because I SO MUCH would have wanted to get back to the USA straight away.)

Just so that you understand why you can hear those lost tracks now:
In my desperation I convinced my parents to sponsor a tiny home-studio, bought an Apple and a sequencer-keyboard, which took ages, because I had no experiences with computers and had to research everything.
Then I did reconstruct all those abstract songs out of my head,
but by the time I was finished with it all, it turned out that the director had canceled his contract with Hollywood because the studios didn’t want to put up the money for his desired special effects.

When telling local friends about it, I could literally sense that they felt that I was crazy for even having tried to put a foot into Hollywood. Such is the energy of the small-minded local people in my hometown: They watch you in anticipation whether you are going to make it, but if you fail, they smirk priggish.

This was the third major blow to my ambitions.
{and the path was about to spiral down further}ca

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OMG (Om, I, God) – the better half

The god-experiment part 2

In part 1 I told you about the horizontal intellectual axis between
Atheist / Agnostic <——————– vs —————–> orthodox Believer

To explore the vertical intuitive Axis (which I will explain at the end),
I seriously dedicated myself to the nebulous ‘divine’ (for 4 months now and ongoing)
as described by an Iranian mystic of the 13th century;
to explore the subject in the most global and versatile way possible:

  1. Putting god to a critical test from an Agnostic point of assuming nothing,
  2. following Gnosticism, which originated in Hellenistic Judaism
  3. inspired by an Islamic account of 9 months divine experience
  4. I used wisdoms I found in the Sikh ‘bible’ Siri Guru Granth Sahib,
  5. which is based on a combination of Hindu yoga techniques, such as prana yoga or Jalandhala Bhanda,
    implements a Bhakti tradition of worshipping the divine,
  6. and comes close to the Christian Jesus prayer,
  7. with a the Buddhist state of mind of non-attachment and exploring the absolute.

I did this by the means of a yoga-prayer-meditation, called Sodarshan Chakra Kriya.
Let’s first continue from part 1-3 on our journey through religions.

4. the Eastern intuitive path

The reason why ever more Westerners loose their faith in traditional religions and turn towards Eastern wisdoms, is that the Abrahamic religions lost their touch to spirituality and therewith merely offer the comfort of holding on to a straw of hope of being saved out of the misery of their suffering due to ignorance.

In India there was never a need for such a power struggle, between one or many gods, because from the beginning,
their broad range of believes, wisdoms and philosophies, allowed for thousands of deities, which do serve as manifestations of individual worship-needs or character trades, whilst above it all an unfathomable abstract higher intelligence called the OM was recognised .
Since Westerners couldn’t grasp that versatility, the British did put all directions, which did tolerate and embrace each other, into the box of one religion they called Hinduism.

Meanwhile in China:
Around the 4th century BC Daoism emerged, which taught Yin & Yang, and with a rich wealth in non-religious understandings of the universe, such as the Tao Te Ching, the fortune telling principles of the universe I Ching (which goes back to 1000 BC), and the medical Texts Neijing and Nanjing which are the foundations of traditional Chinese Medicine.

So Chinese culture proves that religion is not a necessity for our spiritual evolution.

5. Mysticism vs faith

Whilst in mainstream religions, the dogma of faith is usually a prerequisite of any bliss thereafter, the destruction of our intuitive faith, as described beforehand lead to secularisation, and its value being totally turned around:
Before the Age of Reason, which ironically is called ‘Age of Enlightenment’; intuitive ‘knowledge’ did take predominance over objective rationality. Since then objectivity is taken as a guaranty for truth.

Whilst this seems to be a progress, it came at a loss of the contact with our subconsciousness with detrimental effects:

The marginalisation of faith into the realm a subjectivism, which is overwritten by objective science led to a twist of the terminologies “faith” and “knowledge“.
Everything that we think to know by the means of science requires a believe in machines like micro- and telescopes, which we have to rely on for our knowledge of the micro- and macrocosm.

You may have just skipped over that sentence, but hold on and think for a second: What do you really KNOW and what do you BELIEVE? You might be surprised.
Nearly all scientific experiments (the ones which rely on machines), do require our belief in the accuracy of the correct display by those gadgets. So we believe in what our gadgets tell us, but don’t know our gut-feelings anymore.

The conspiracy theory about a flat-earth is a perfect example of the subconscious fight of scientific knowledge vs own intuition.
People lost contact with their own sense of reality , but also don’t trust the scientific dogmas anymore. So their egos rather create conspiracies, then admitting to themselves that they are simply lost and have to find new ways to reconnect to their self as well as to conduct science.

Another example of the loss in intuition is our chronological interpretation of time, which first was propagated on the clocks of church-towers. Whilst the division of time is practical, useful and today essential;
time, before clocks existed, did hot have today’s quantitative connotation, but was seen for its quality as a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ time and allowed to for the spiritual virtue of being ‘in the here and now’.
(Astrology, for example, is the science about the quality of time).

You can make an experiment and listen to contemplative music whilst looking at the time display – and then hide the display and continue listening. You then can sense time differently.
Here is a suitable song I once composed, which you can use for it:
(best listen with headphones or base-speakers)
Whilst it plays, keep moving your mouse over the video, then let go of your mouse and as the timeline disappears keep listening how the music affects you in a non-linear fashion. You can repeat this a few times over the duration of this song.

The Chinese Buddhist Huangbo Xiang from the 8th century did sum the difference between intellectual and intuitive understanding of ‘the divine’, which he did call ‘the absolute’ up brilliantly:

The substance of the absolute is inwardly, like wood or stone, in that it is motionless,
and outwardly like the void, in that, it is without bounds or obstructions.

It is neither subjective, nor objective, has no specific location, is formless and can not vanish.

Those who hasten towards it, dare not enter, fearing to hurdle down through the void, with nothing to cling to, or to stay their fall,
so they look to the brink in retreat.

This refers to all those who seek such a goal through cognition.

Thus – those who seek the goal through cognition are the many, [like hair on a cow]
while those, who obtain intuitive knowledge of the way are the few. [like horns on a bull]

And finally now I get to let you know how the non-intellectual mystical approach towards god did so far manifest for me:

In the entire 2.5 hours I sat, on average I usually only managed to fully focus for one tiny minute on this unfathomable abstract of god, which Sikhs call “Waheguru”.

First I clinged on focussing on the word “Waheguru”, and after 3 months, when my impatient refusal to focus on this (nearly annoying, because ungraspable) subject slowly dissipated, I started to be immersed in temporary fields of focus,
and after 4 months I sometimes descended into a state of trance which goes down the rabbit hole in different layers:

  1. Visual:
    Random archetypal images sometimes pop up (something spiritual beginners know from taking hallucinogenic drugs, or non-drug takers know from when not having slept up to the point of being severely over-tired).
    But the difference is that those are the same effects without dissolving my self, meaning that I am not prone to fate, carrying me wherever my subconscious just floats.
  2. Kinaesthetic:
    Deeper is the level in which I sense my electromagnetic energy-field expanding. You can imagine this field like your aura getting bigger. This has some mystical quality beyond intellectual morality. A neutrality which can be described in a dark way like Dracula or the Lord of the Ring at night in a castle surrounded by dragons, or in a light way as the majestetic serenity of huge angels (who often in the bible had to greet people with ‘fear not!’).
  3. Auditory:
    Thinking “Waheguru” for me is usually like hearing it in my brain. Only once within 25 years, I literally heared it out of my belly, meaning that my consciousness was literally centered.
  4. My eyes start to focus automatically towards the tip of the nose, which made me realise that the mention in the description of the Kriya were not meant as an instruction but as a description of the effect it has.
  5. The grainy picture you see when you simply close your eyes also gave a sense of an energy field surrounding me, like being in the midst of the vast universe of stars – at times the part in front of my eyes became brighter, either grey, white or blueish.
  6. Then a state of bliss and majestic serenity, occurs –
    yet again it can be compared to the relaxing aspect of smoking weed, but without that stupefying and numbing part.
    After experiencing it, I understood why highly spiritual evolved people don’t want to destroy that by engaging with others, whether to impress, nor to argue with them.
  7. Once I gave up an issue, to be solved by ‘the divine’. And due to letting this go, and allowing for literal “in-spiration”, this universal energy-field started to flow into instead of out from me and I realised that the expanding of my own aura in the previous points still was attached to an egocentric perspective of the world.
    I then learned why ‘the ego’ is shunned as a hinderance on the spiritual path.
  8. Other effects I felt was for example that my face somehow is much older than my body (and I am talking lifetimes here, not years).
  9. Longterm effects are:
    that over the years it took me to build up this exercise, I seem to have matured by one year within one month, so it corrected many discrepancies in me, which you can see in many people who are partly great and partly like a child.
  10. Overall there comes a deeper intuitive understanding of people which leads in a preventive course-correction before they even realise that I was on the way to annoy them.

Considering that those were fruits of just having been able to focus for one minute – imagine what can be possible to the ones who manage to focus throughout an entire session!

The similarity between the drug and the mystical experiences made me aware that (illegal as well as legal) drugs are only needed by the rigid minds who cling to their books and rules.
Think about it: The word “ad-diction” translates from Latin to “cling onto words”.
In German addiction means “Sucht“, which translated back into English as “seeking”.
So addictives actually often are people with a high spiritual potential who simply seek for something, their soul longs for, but society did not offer them yet.

I got a glimpse that as soon as someone manages to totally open up oneself for all the Qi, Prana, or energy literally miracles may happen.

However – the difficulty to accomplish that, is that we first have to ridden ourselves from any kind of egotistical self-definition, something I did work on for 25 years and just reach the brink of sensing that there is something beyond.

And the dilemma is that once we do open ourselves up for the universe,
all previously hidden worldly entanglements float in first.
So don’t expect results for quite a while – it could be decades to work through it;

But then again – at the same time, it only takes a minute of pure focus to really dive into a glimpse of an entire world which can be expected afterwards. The hearing ‘Waheguru’ from my belly was an experience within the very first month after just having accomplished to do the Kriya properly.

Even though I never had this experience anymore, this glimpse of clarity did show me that I am on the right path, and kept me going for more the remaining time of my life.

So my conclusion is that you can’t actively force to find god,
you can only allow the divine to flow right through you.

Is obvious to us that a group works best, if some small part does not take on a life of its own – whether it is a member of a community or some cells in your body. So the first step to empty oneself for the overall energy flowing in, out and through.
But that does by no means that you shan’t have the ambitions to be special, because every organ is unique and even must be it.
To bring this contradiction (of allowing to merge with the absolute versus living out your own life) together,
think of each organ needing the blood which flows through the entire body, whilst at the same time has to fulfil its own, and only its very own function – not the one of anyone else.

As promised, I close this article by telling you the difference between the intellectual horizontal,
and the intuitive vertical axis: If you take the A from ‘Agonisticism’, and the ‘v’ from ‘Believer’ as Arrows, to turn the axis like a dial clockwise, you end up with a new axis, …

Agnostic <———————- vs ———————-> orthodox Believer

… a second axis, which is not believers against non-believers anymore, but “experiencers” vs people who in latin are ‘at the word‘ (of their bibles) {as mentioned above = “ad-dicts”}.


AGNOSTIC <—————————-||————————-> GOD (Believe)


The karmic boomerang

Chronology of an epic downfall #1

After I had been kicked out of the USA, without the chance to withdraw money, cancel my apartment or get any of my belongings out of the states, I did strand in London where I had no place to stay anymore.

So I asked my old teacher of TCM to put me up and called my father to pay for the next flight ticket back to Germany. Setting up a new existance in the UK was literally impossible without a penny, so I was forced to go back to the very place I did try so hard to leave behind.

I then stood in the same room I occupied as a child – the basement of my parents – a place which is ok to be in as a teenager,
but considered to be a looser’s home when still staying there whilst being an adult.

This was very hard, because I just came from the city which never sleeps, where I could shop at 4am at night, and suddenly found myself in a quiet village with nowhere to go, and my parents went to bed at 10pm.

You have to know that there was still no internet around at that time,
so that the only escape was the TV with its brain-numbing program and ads – all catered for the lowest intellectual denominator.

In order not to fall into a depression I instantly switched on an activity mode and searched for a job, but to my dismay I found out that the diploma in TCM was worth nothing in Germany, because an old Nazi-law (which was incorporated into the post-WW Grundgesetz) stated that no one is allowed to heal unless he has a German qualitifaction called Heilpraktiker – a qualification for which someone has to be qualified at the level of a nurse, merely to learn what one is NOT allowed to treat – a total useless qualification under the pretence to ‘protect’ the population when in fact it does not even ensure any healing qualification.

Since I had never an interest in western medicine and also did not plan to stay in Germany for the rest of my life, I rather looked for a job being employed by a doctor, and found one in a small town nearby, so I moved there. Soon I found out that this tiny town was full of squares or drunks and it turned out to be even more hostile than the village my parents did live in – one neighbour watching me from the opposite house, telling the neighbours in my house my life, who in return did eavesdrop at my door and balcony and did check out my place, when I once forgot to lock it.
In short – I full force run into the worst of my German nightmares – a place which did embody the essence of narrow-mindedness.

The doctor also turned out to having employed me merely for the reason that I was in his eyes willing to do any airy-fairy healing method he just learned, and the breaking point for me was me being in multiple seminars for doctors in which healing machines were taught, one of which was Bioresonance a therapy based on the Scientology tool ‘E-meter’.

There, the speakers compared the picture of the human aura to their machine. The room was full of 200 dentists and everyone nodded weightily, but I stood up and told them that the scala of their machine was 10-times smaller than that of the aura, meaning that their machine would merely reach a tenth or much less of the human’s electromagnetic field.
I then learned that all those degrees of titles the self-important western medical practitioners did obviously not enable them to think independently – they all did follow statistics like sheep.

I also saw how bitter those doctors were: Here I was in the most expensive hotels and saw those rich doctors sitting there with grumpy faces, because they did believe that they had “earned” being there – they even complained when driving me with their expensive Mercedes-Benz somewhere that politics would take their money away.

The most absurd moment was

  • The doctor I worked for ordered me to put the patient in front of a picture of the star-constellation of the Pleiades (because he claimed that we all come from there), to give the patient home-sickness.
  • Then I was supposed to use a pendulum to find the weakest spot on the patient’s back, and then
  • stick a photocopy of a massively enlarged DNA of a dove on it, which was cut multiple times so that it was not in order anymore. This was supposedly meant to be “satanic” and against the forces of nature, in order to weaken the patient.
  • Then I was supposed to put African Bachflower-remedies into the hand of the patient and do a Kinesiological test to find out the one which does weaken him most.
  • And then I had to put it in to the above mentioned ‘Bioresonanz-maschine’, and reverse the vibration to insert a maximal reversed negative vibration into the body.

I then told my employer that I did not study for 4 years full-time in order to make experiments on human beings, and he sacked, so I was unemployed and moved to my hometown into a nice apartment in the hope that I would get another job soon.

Unfortunately that did not happen and I was forced to move into a 30 SQM (300 SQF) one-bedroom apartment on the same floor, which ironically only had windows onto the road side side opposite offices, and their windows did reflect at night, so that my neighbours also could look into my room then.

From there the only view was exactly to the place I did hate most as a child:
my old school, and behind it the valley where my parents lived.

So life pushed me straight back into my starting position, I worked on so hard to leave, for a quarter of a century.

A karmic boomerang.

OMG (Om, I, God)

The god-experiment

From birth on we are conditioned into belief systems and believe to knowthe ultimate truth“, assuming that all generations beforehand were fools. Yet the fact is that believes did change throughout history, so much even, that they did turn around not only by 180°, but that even multiple times.

Most humans do get their own beliefs strengthened when being affirmed by others.
In one way this is good, because fine-tuning ones own beliefs protects us from becoming deranged;
on the other hand, however, this often leads to believers wanting to strengthen their community by proselytising others, which in the end leads to an ever growing emotional resistance from either members of another faith or atheists.

This article deals with the horizontal Axis of
Atheists < ————————- vs ———————> Believers in a personified God

and therewith is a crossover post of two other series:
1.) It is part 5 of the series: Keys to understanding the universe and connects straight to part 2: up, down, left and right,
2.) And it is a continuation on the series about Religion.

Instead of joining the countless, endless and useless ping-pong games of throwing back and forth individual opinions;
I decided to approach this subject in a scientific way,
starting from an agnostic point of not knowing whether god exists, and not accepting the circular reasoning of referring to a single religious book, in order not to favour any direction.

In this article you will find an intellectual exploration of the evolution of monotheism,
and in order to look at the issues from all angles,
and in the next article I will deal with the intuitive part of the divne,
and will observe the vertical axis between material vs spiritual consciousness .

It took me an entire year to find an objective approach for this subjective matter.

1.) the oneness in the womb.

a.) The internal (esoteric) view correlating to the nervous system

The history of religion shows that the first indices of religion were burial sites, which are an homage to “mother earth” and the internal self.

There was Eru, the one are the first words of Tolkien’s the Silmarillion – the book which introduces the entire mythology of the Lord of the Rings.
In the womb, initially everything is one,
because there is no separation from the external world and the self.
Bible: Genesis 1:2: “the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters“.

“Man was created from clay”

A shared view amongst Greek, Sumerian, Egyption, Hindu, Norse, Native American, African mythologies and contemporary superhero stories, such as Wonder Woman.

b.) The external (exoteric) view

Correlating to amniotic fluid is the scientific theory of the Soviet biologist Alexander Oparin from 1924 who proposed the theory of the primordial chemical carbon- based solution, which was triggered by an external energy source to form life.

So human kind’s very first experience which shaped our deep instinct, is that there is a oneness which is larger than our body-self-perception.

2.) The Sun

After birth the senses, such as the eyes and ears evolve.

Genesis 1:3 “And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.”
John 1:3 “In the beginning was the Word”

Two Bible-quotes shared by all 3 abrahamic religions: Jews, Christians, and Muslims

The first impression usually is the strongest, so it is no surprise that when the first external influence enters our life it replaces our previous but undefined sense of self with an appreciation for the first reference point in our lifes.
You only can define a size if you have at least two reference points, so whilst life in the womb was totally holistic, now came the time when we started to be able to perceive ourselves.

Brahma: “let me have a self”


The most predominant external energy source to the earth obviously is the sun. This is how the atheistic as well as the religious views come together:

Ancient enlightened Indians, called Rishis, did since a long time perceive the influence of the sun. When western people still were savages, they already knew that the sun was the source of the light of the moon, and the Sanskrit language already had time units which range from durations as small as the duration of light rays up to the vastness of the age of our universe.

From there the teachings spread on one hand to Egypt in the form of the Sungod Ra

Ra – Egyptian Fifth Dynasty (2494 to 2345 BCE) 

… to the Iranian Zoreaster (also known as Zarathustra) – the founder of Zoroastrianism, a monotheistic religion from the 6th century BCE.

Fare-e-Kiani is a symbol which represent a guardian angel called Fravashi

… which obviously has some links to Egyptian symbology

Around 2000 BC (long before the Christian cross existed), sun crosses emerged in Europe, during the Neolithic to Bronze Age periods.

In the foremost sun-cross you can see how this evolved into the astrological sun symbol ☉

Astrology btw is not the superficial future-telling pseudoscience it is made out to be in woman’s magazines, but the reflection of the elaborate ancient greek descriptions of the human personality by the means of deities, such as Mars for warlike energies or Venus for love.

astrological symbol of the sun ^

This 3 minute video shows that there was such a vast knowledge about astronomy,
that many are convinced that higher evolved civilisations were in contact with ours.

Regardless of whether those were aliens or humans: the existence of so much ancient knowledge does marginalise the version of a unique creator god to a mere option only.

So how did humankind jump from a profound understanding of the universe to a version of “the one and only” god?

3. The western personification of god

The main reason why atheists cringe at the word “god” is because of the attached dogma of one being a ‘sinner’ who only is saved by salvation of a higher authority one has to belief in and be subservient to.
This dogma, however is by no means as ancient as we are made to believe.

My personal view is that planet earth, like our body,
has a conscious and subconscious part,
the former correlating to the north-west and the latter to the south-east.
So whilst the East did approach this subject by subscribing to intuitive experiences of wise people;
in the West, intellectual dogmata became predominant:

This is maybe why spirituality intuitively was understood in the South-East, whilst in the North-West it had to undergo a myriad of god concepts and misunderstandings.

The decline of Western strength and intuition

In the past, westerners also intuitive knew what was right and wrong.
They feared not to act upon their values, and their faith of the afterlife, which was as strong as knowledge made them not fear of death.

Old western religions initially had a very good intuition for gender roles, the place of when to use female yin and male yang, and a clear sense for justice.

Our natural intuition was forcefully replaced by the means of religious wars with the dogma of one personified higher force, designed to cultivate an obedience towards authoritative institutions in order to guarantee devotees.

Up to this day witchcraft, magic and paganism are shunned by Christianity and Islam, and western spirituality is marginalised into the corner of occultism – a word, which to mainstreamers equals ‘darkness’, whilst the true meaning of the word means ‘hidden’ (as you can see in the medical term ‘occult blood‘.

The western spiritual traditions and secret orders:

Since occultism nowadays is marginalised into secrecy,
here is a 1-paragraph-summary of this incredible vast subject:

Most Western paths stem from the tradition of the believe in the sun as mentioned above, which was re-cultivated by the pharao Akhenaten – as the name implies “the prayer to the sun (Athon).

From here many mystery schools, such as the Rosicrucians, the Freemasons, emerged,
and out of them mixtures, such as the Ordo Templis Orientis arouse,
which bright spirits, such as Rudolf Steiner, but also dubious ones, such as the black magician Alestair Crowley, or the founder of Scientology Ron Hubbard were members of.
Helena Blavatski together with Steiner created a synthesis of Eastern and Western knowledge, the Theosophic society.

My personal experiences:
The most spiritual orders are A.M.O.R.C and the Servants of the light,
And people who don’t like orders may read Steiner, who held very unique speeches about spirituality.

Freemasonry with its men-only-policy is antiquated,
and it’s old boys network ethically dubious for distorting fair chances for non members by giving theirs significant advantages.
Crowley (who was very spiritual advanced and versatile) and Hubbard, both unfortunately descended into egotism – Scientology’s book ‘Dianetics‘ is nothing more than a fashionable conglomeration of OTO-knowledge.

The question now is why and how the occult holistic understanding of a monotheism, directed at the sun was turned towards a personified god.

The following 25 minute video excerpt explains how mankind’s planetary wisdom was perverted into a humanised version of a creator god:

Due to our contemporary subscription to merely worldly values, people nowadays are afraid to loose material values, such as their possessions or their body – both values which are limited to this life only.

The fear of death did evolve into society which at first seems to protect the weak,
but in the longterm is full of pathological norms which allow for devious but spineless lawyers, politicians, and business people to dominate strong and authentic warriors.

True male powers, such as a courage to stand up for ones’ opinion today are replaced with cowardice hiding behind political correctness, female virtues such as poise, dignity or serenity are channeled into a destructive feminism, which is more concerned in copying and accusing men, than to shine as a true woman, and our access to god(s) is degraded into empty rituals performed by self-declared authorities.

To finish part 1, I leave you with a fascinating rarely known Western version of human evolution:

part 2 can be found here>

The destruction of my American dream

Chronology of an epic downfall
ground #0

You might have perceived the intro to this series as arrogant or bragging, but that article was needed to show you the rise before my fall.

Whilst the details of my story are too personal to be relevant for others, they can serve as an example of how slow or painful it can be until karmic experiences grind down one’s ego,
and how a much faster it can be, if one (voluntarily and preemptively) does personality work, such as meditation, yoga, and other spiritual methods.

Even though, I did dread for two and a half decade to bare my soul publicly (and only can do it now, because it is the earliest point I am stepping out of this trauma),
I think that this reconstruction of my deconstruction could increase compassion by understanding in people who mostly did live on the bright side of life,
and comforter to to sufferers, who still might be much to entangled in their own pain in order to be able to reflect upon it.

In order not to turn it into an endless moaning, I will alternate it with posts about spiritual insights.
~ ~ ~

Germany in the 60s:

After WW2, the destructed Germany was for decades busy building itself up again whilst dissolving the traumata or the war, so that meanwhile the main sources for TV-shows and movies were imported by the master of the movie industry: the USA.

Movies are probably the most impressionable ways of influencing people, especially children, and so it was for me:
The first TV my parents bought (from a salary my father did for working on a TV-play) was for the moon-landing, when I was 3 years old, and to watch it with their friends was memorable for all of us, not only because of the event, but not many Germans possessed a TVs at that time.

Most TVs at that time were still black and white, and even ours had a button to toggle the colours, which we often left of, because it looked so artificial and aggressive. Hence we watched a lot of old black and white movies and slowly grew into newer ones, probably also because old TV-series were cheaper to buy for German TV stations than new ones.

So I developed a nostalgic and quaint view of the USA of old Jazz-bars and Western saloons.
As a child I did paint a large picture with an American flag and did stick many American photos from magazines on it, and listened to my Grandfather telling me the story how, when he as an 80 years old, did travel from East- to West-coast and back – all on his own without being able to speak one word of English, except for “Hi!“.

In school I did proudly wear a sheep-leather bomber jacket (which I assume was a relic from an US-care-parcel), and as I grew into a restless puberty, Europe seemed sluggishly antiquated and inflexible, and I started to fall in love with the notion of thinking big, and that everything was possible when following ones’ dreams.

Even as a child I often sat looking into the blue sky and felt the freedom of being connected to the skyscrapers of America I had seen in some 70s movies.
I fell in love with American music, played in a big band and loved the Blues which did reflect my own blues with Germany’s rigid society.

I got much classical education, from piano to church organ, but since I wanted to play Saxophone, I first had to learn the Clarinet, which my parents deemed essential in the European classical culture;
so after I left school I moved to Berlin to become a musician.
Since the restrictions of the East-German Berlin-Wall did create an aggressive Atmosphere there, I moved to London shortly after the Wall fell.

There I was really happy to encounter the multiculturalism and differences of lifestyles I found so inspiring, and copied the dream of evolving from dishwasher to millionaire by washing dishes in a Jamaican restaurant whilst my music teacher performed in the dining-area.

But instead of studying music in the Guildhall School of music and drama, which I prepared for a year,
I spontaneously switched to Traditional Chinese Medicine, because my parents always wanted me to have “a proper job” and I thought that this would be an ideal compromise between helping people, whilst gaining emotional inspirations for artistic work.

I never forgot the dream of wanting to move on to NYC, so as soon as I finished my studies of TCM there, I flew straight to Manhattan without having had a Green Card, because I was following, what seemed to have worked for Arnold Schwarzenegger, who also did come to the US, even without a tourist visa (but therefore he had connections in high places).

So I did literally carry 100kg (over 200 pounds) of stuff (including my 3 saxophones) in my first flight, and after living in the cheapest place in town (a small hotel for transvestites mostly), I found a small place to live in.

There started treating a poor artist for $5 in my apartment, then an owner of a fashion shop for $30, and thereafter never had to increase the price again.
The show room whom of my patient did attract makeup-artists who talked to the models they were working on,
so I got an alternate mix of models and makeup-artists who did recommend me to each other – each time for a higher price, so that my price rose automatically to $150 within 6 months and likely would have risen more.

To the models, who had money, it was not much, plus the USA had (and still has) not such a good healthcare system, as Europe has, so any health-issue was really expensive for Americans and I was cheap in comparison.

I did attract a lot of extroverts who felt comfortable with me for not condemning them for their avantgardism – one example being a model who despite it being cold outside had to dance in several bars on Halloween showing of her blue painted body in a bikini, and instead of telling her off about running around in the cold, I did work around her needs to further her success – an attitude which is much more common in America than Europe – one reason why I loved it in Manhattan – things just could grow fast and big there.

Whilst going to the party, she did invite me to, I realised that I was not dressed up for Halloween at all, and because it was too late to buy anything, and I had nothing original at home, I came up with the idea to put on my black leather coat and stick a dozen really long acupuncture needles in places in my face, which were no acupuncture points, in order to look like Hellrazor.

This really demonstrated to me the difference between a village in Europe and a cosmopolitan large city in the USA: In my hometown I would have been denounced for such a madness, but in NYC people found it funny and when I told them that I was an acupuncturist, they even wanted my card to get treatments.

Funny enough, when I already had forgoten all about the needles afterwards on my way home, I run into a neighbour for the first time, and chatted with her casually, as if it was the most normal thing to do, running around with needles in the face.
Such and many more crazy stories did happen every day and night, and I met the most fascinating mix of famous or extravagant people, like Hollywood directors, actors, musicians, and many unknown, but very unusual and open-minded people.

But on a serious note: Everything seemed to work: I had at times nearly miraculous success with treating people, and felt really appreciated for my compassionate care around the clock.
Many were interested in the ancient Chinese, and Indian spiritual wisdoms I had to share.

So I was invited to many really interesting parties (from dinner-size to many meters of oysters on one table), and could tell you a story about those events which happened nearly each day or night, as intense and interesting, as highlights in a normal life, which would only happen about once a year.

This is what I liked most in the USA: People are really open to new ways and there is a child-like state of awe for new things,
whilst in the more critical dinosaur Europe I often felt blocked and suppressed, when trying to inspire others open-heartedly for a positive change.

For the first time I really felt home,
and even got myself an apartment with a view onto the Empire State Building.

But before being able to move in there, I had to travel for the third time to London, because my Tourist Visa did run out, and I did not have the audacity, to just stay in the USA illegally as some others did whom I met.

So I did return for a third time, and within the 9 months I had been in Manhattan,
I already underwent most of the exams to be able to work there as an accredited practitioner of TCM,
got myself an non-drivers-ID, and first accreditations to be able TCM in the USA,
and did spend a lots of money there in order to make it all legal.

When I did travel back, my flight was delayed for half a day, which made me arrive at 1am in the morning in John Kennedy airport, and when I stood in line I suddenly could sense that this was going really wrong but there was nothing I could do about it anymore.

The officer did send me to a room and two very officers – one male, and one very harsh tiny stocky woman with pebble glasses – did question and threaten me for 2 hours in the ‘good-cop-bad-cop’ fashion, whilst cheating me of my Miranda rights for a lawyer, by threatening me that asking for one would only make things worse.

When they finally did get my luggage and saw many used CDs in there, it was clear that I had to come clean to tell them that I had transported my belongings in steps to the US and was on the way of working hard to become a legal citizen with a Green-card.

They instantly handcuffed me to a bench, right in front of a window and next to 3 Afghan children of the age around from 3 to 11, and told racist remarks about non-caucasians. It was heart-breaking to see all three of those cute kids cry their eyes out, knowing that their life was literally over, and the oldest girl having had to comfort the others, despite her having been in a very bad shape herself.
(I don’t want to know to which terrible circumstances they may have had to return to and how their family had probably put together their entire savings to give at least their kids a better future.)

The room had a large ‘shopping window’ for all travellers to see what happens to illegals, and I was forced to sleep on the floor, because I was handcuffed on my ankle to the bench and as a meal they gave me one heartless buttered bread, until the next flight to London arrived on which they did put me handcuffed.

If I had a lawyer it probably would have been clear that I did not even do anything legally wrong, because the entire time I stood there legally – only my intentions were to make it permanent.
This is how one’s life can be destroyed by two officers just being in a bad mood and by lacking informations.

I won’t ever forget the officer’s bitter faces, which were signed by the aggressive dismissal of any empathy for the daily flood of lives they saw being destroyed by their actions, and got some sense for how harsh people must be treated in Guantanamo, even if they just are suspected terrorists.
(We are so mate-mongered by the media that I wouldn’t be surprised, if the word ‘suspected‘ falls right through the raster of many readers when reading the word ‘terrorist‘.)

This then did shape my opinion of refugees in a total different way most legal first-worlders who never left their country for longer than a safe holiday see it:
Many only see the threat to their own country, and fear that jobs or benefits are taken from them, but I now see behind most refugees a huge story of either tremendous despair and a great hope for a new start – something it takes, to make one abandon all own roots.

The irony of it is that often immigrants are the ones who really put a lot of effort into succeeding; and develop a greater appreciation for the country they immigrated into, than the majority of people who were granted their citizenship from birth without any efforts.

The refugee situation seems to a large extend to be created by the first-world, due to exploitation of the third world for centuries,
and wars, which to a large extend are designed to destabilise regions in order to control them later.
So in a way the refugee-issue is not only the Karma of the third, but also the first world.
Unfortunately most of the time it does not hit the countries which caused the issue, but the ones closer to the crisis centres.

Finally: this experience also had another effect on me:
It turned me into a passionate enemy of neoliberalism and also nationalism,
because I experienced first hand that firms are allowed to go without any loyalty to humans, wherever they can save most taxes or work-labour-costs,
whilst humans are imprisoned by nonsensical (because arbitrary) national boundaries for the rest of their lifes.

This was the end of my life-long ‘American dream‘, which then did cause an avalanche of misfortunes and an epic social downfalls I will continue to tell you later.

Next Chapter: The karmic boomerang into my beginnings >

Chronology of an epic downfall

Whenever you look for spirituality on the web you usually find positive and affirmative messages advertising spirituality by telling us how it is the solution to all our problems, makes us healthier or guarantees us the blessings of a higher force.

Tons of followers of like-minded blogs or spiritual leaders throw their admiration and money towards the successful and beautiful ones; in the hope of getting universal brownie points back;
but secretly each of those followers are secretly suffering from a sense of insignificance which crept into their lifes, since they subscribed to principles of perfection, only people who were spoiled throughout their life can actually fulfil.

In other words: spirituality initially makes our life miserable due to first have to face ones discrepancies,
and thereafter for shouldering the compensation of the lack in ethics or sensitivity of the majority of mankind.
This is why spiritual inclined sensitive people are often laughed upon by ruthless perpetrators who regardless of the consequences take what their ego tells them to.

So by sacrificing my own reputation I want to start a longterm series of articles which in detail describes how despite the best of intentions, great talents and positive character trades ones’ life can spiral down in epic proportions, not only without seeing any rewards of a good Karma,
but instead accumulating more negative Karma of becoming a marginalised, being laughed at,
and thereafter becoming an enemy and therewith burden to society.

The rise before the fall

Having been born to a choleric father and a dreamy mother I learned how to transform anger or address criticism in a way that it reached both sides: with humour and a profound sense for harmony.

From my Kindergarden age I had a talent of creating a harmonious relationship with other kids and when playing in the sandbox I did always make sure that everyone was treated fair and with consideration.

Due to the nonsensical pressure of high school, which doesn’t care about people, but conditions them to become obedient and competitive working machines – combined with the added pressure of my parents – a nervousness start to arise which at times made me burst out in anger, which did lead to the occasional school-fight,.
But thereafter my anger never became physical again and only released itself verbally – unfortunately occasionally still up to this day.

The first conceptional encounter with spirituality was in the form most people do encounter it – through religion –
and the first time I was emotionally touched in a spiritual way was through music.

Whilst I couldn’t relate to the simple minded musical hits my parents listened to, they did enable me to learn classical voice education, the piano, church-organ, the clarinet and later when I discovered the blues (which did reflect my own blues with society), I also learned the drums, a tiny bit of base and did end up playing tenor, alto and soprano saxophones.

In my teens I did learn to know a 30 year old jazz fan who did educate me into the mysteries of this strange sounding music, and how complex and sensitive it was.
This, together with observing his much more serene lifestyle than that of my frantic monkey-mind-parents (who often did change talking-subjects about 5-6 times per minute), made me want to aspire to become a musician.

A key-milestone in my life was the spontaneous insight on a way back home from school wanting to become something really big – either in a spiritual way (and my archetypal image for it was a wise man in a desert),
or something glamorous (in the form of something shiny, like the blinking skyline of a city with its stylish metallic designer furniture).

In retrospect I can explain it as a result of what in TCM is called “the HUN” or my Jupiter north node. Those both are basically the abstract aspects of mere spirituality (without it being linked to ethics, a healthy lifestyle, or other current misconceptions).

This did set me on a path of first pursuing my career in the field of my passion – to become a musician, including all the trades associated with it: Artistic creativity, the ego of wanting to become famous, the profound need to convey deeper emotions to others in order to shed light on their yet non-explored hidden corners of their soul, and the longing to travel the world in order to experience as many cultures as possible.

One of my craziest times in my life were after I moved out of my parent’s place where I first led a life of parties, met the most eccentric people, and with the help of all kinds of drugs I could get my hands on, released my so far suppressed life-force by producing a full audio-cassette of own songs in which I did play all instruments myself. You can listen to the songs here or purchase them as a double-CD.

Because the surroundings of my middle-sized conservative hometown in the black forest were to restrictive for me, I straight away afterwards moved to Berlin to gain some large-city-experience; and after having been disappointed about the aggression (which might have been a reflection of it having still been surrounded by the suppressive East-Germany),
just after the Berlin-wall fell, I moved to London to experience the diversity of a cosmopolitan city and learn English – the language which nearly made me having to repeat an entire school-year, because I was the worst in my class.

After two years of playing in many sessions – (at times I was the only white musician of an all Jamaican band in the midst of an all black audience),
my focus from a worldly career did shift towards spirituality by spontaneously choosing to study traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and doing a lot of Kung Fu, where I was loved by the whole huge community for being so open hearted and having a great sense of humour.

In the Kungfu System Jews celebrated in parties thrown by Muslims, blacks drank in Irish pubs, the Chinese master invited all of us Westerners for lunch.
In a way it was like a heaven of culturally diversity and tolerance.

This certainly was one of my brightest moments in my life, because under the favourable circumstances of a supportive environment combined with sensitive caring people,
many spiritual talents previous unknown to me suddenly popped up out of the blue. To give you a few examples:

At the time I was so shy to physical touch that once a voluptuous woman who stroke my belly whilst she sat on top of me, did inadvertently tickle me, so that my extreme flinching did catapult her right over my head – only to land with her nose at the head of the bed.

So when I was asked to massage in my half-term Tuina and Swedish massage exam the woman did take me out, only to teach me that touch was more important than to do it academically right.

Six months later in college, I was about to massage a female fellow student of mine and to center the person we were supposed to hold our hands over their heart chakra – for women they told us to do it on the back to avoid having to touch her breast, but because I did miss that part, I did it on the back and front of her which she didn’t mind, because we were fellow students.

Somehow I could sense us connecting deeply, so I stood with this process. After 20 minutes (when all the others already long went into their lunch break), I started to visualise as if I was in the total dark abyss of her soul – at a point where she felt totally alone.
Then my soul-search intuitively turned around from listening to her to giving her the message that I here here and am there for her.

She then went on to her own lunch-break and came back flooding with tears, because she finally felt someone being there at the very moment when she was left alone by her original parents, before she was adopted by new foster-parents. This didn’t stop for the entire day.
The massage teacher just said to me that I really did come a long way.

It was a bit like dragging her out of her desert in The movie The Final Frontier:

Around that time I had similar experiences, like an acupuncture-patient of mine who was cold inside.
Normally one can warm the patient by burning a hot herb called Moxa over the belly, but since it was a hot day, I did put my hand on her belly to transform to her some of my energy – something I recently had done to a fellow student, who afterwards felt warm for 3 weeks.

To my surprise images of her sitting as a child with a white dress on a swing came up, and that she at the time was very lonely.
So I did tell her that after the treatment and she instantly started to cry, telling me that she was very sad because her boyfriend did split up with her.
I then thought that my archetypal image must have been of a wrong timing, but when I told her that I saw her as a kid, she went on and told me that she actually was most sad in her life when her sister died – around the age of 6 or 7.

Please don’t take this as bragging – I merely want to convey to you how everything was set up for the most successful life one could have:

Not only was I lucky to have had middle-class parents who could finance my education and came out of the privileged minority of white male first worlders, but
I also was about to get my TCM-Diploma, was 6ft tall and strong (could do 80 pushups), had an IQ of 138, was musically talented, able to write well, had a lot of humour, and got on with all people alike, regardless of race, gender or age.

So this will be the story of how and foremost why in life, despite the best of luck, things can spiral down into an unforeseeable abyss.

Hopefully readers might learn from my story to understand how not previous bad deeds (as Abrahamic religions dogmatize),
but own misconceptions are the source of karmic problems;
and why it is best to dissolve subconscious issues by the means of spiritual methods such as introspection, contemplation, meditation, yoga, or other methods, before a disillusioned bitternes (literally) digs one’s own grave.

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religion#4 : why religions can be spiritual hinderances

After having told you 3 emotional criticisms, and my cognitive reasons,
today I will tell you my spiritual issues I have with religions.
Whilst religions claim to offer spiritual guidance and they serve well to kickstart people into searching for a purpose or looking for their higher self, they in fact can lead to the opposite, by standing in the way of an individual’s own evolution:

7.) The forbiddingness to evolve oneself (or one’s Self)

In the spirit of agnosticism, meaning that I don’t know whether a god exists (and less so, whether this one would be a creator), I start to analyse religious premisses by giving them the benefit of the doubt:

If some kind of god pervades everything in life, it also must be within each of my cells, so logically, we all should be able to elevate to divine heights.

But orthodox mindsetters by any means try to dismiss ones own aspiration to grow towards their highest potential, because they want obedient sheep which follow their believe – something people who evolved into the divine would not do anymore.
I often was told (by my Christian monk classmate, hardcore Bible-readers, but also some eso-gurus) that high aspirations would be merely egotistical and therefore I should practice to be humble first.

An interesting aspect is that there is a really fine line between egotism and sincere aspirations.

These days it seems spiritual to spread tranquility, but where for example does one draw the line between serenity and the ability to influence others with sweet words?

On the other hand someone who longs for a higher reality, yet still is a nervous wreck, might not be non-spiritual, but actually a sincere seeker who is merely be suppressed by narrow-minded dogmas.

So smoothness is not at all an indication for spirituality

Here, for example is a tibetan monk telling that it would we imperative to control the natural forces of the five elements (merely in order to overcome physical obstacles when meditating). Conservative believers declare any aspiration for siddhis as an ego-driven need to be special and therewith nip any growing spiritual ambition in the bud. 

After many years retreat I came to the conclusion, that a human beings physical constitution in particular was a big impediment for serious practitioners.
I came to realise that the only way to remove these impediments was to retain mastery of the 5 elements, so that my practice did not have to be dependent on sustenance and health.

I strongly aspired to master the
6 yogas of well as the secret prana nadhi and bhindu
At any cost I was determined to do train myself to master Tummo or Chandali.

8.) rigid conservatism blocks the mind to open up to a more expanded wisdom.

Another negative side-effect to religious bigotry is that it inhibits access to a more symbolic understanding on a higher level. To give you a Christian example:
Look at the Genesis in the bible where god created the world in six days. Orthodox believers take each word of their religious book literal and therefore insist that the earth had to be created within a week – despite all scientific evidence to the contrary.

The bible- , as well as the Torah version is:
1. darkness & light, evening and the morning were the first day,
2. heaven vs water were created on the second day
3. dry land and plants on the third day,
4. sun and stars on the fourth day,
5. fish and water animals on the fifth day,
6. land animals and humans on the sixth day,
7. and finally a day off on the seventh day (which is the reason for us to have our weekends).

The symbolism an open mind can see is:
1. Light: Sun (it shines on the own self)
2. Water: Moon (think of the lunar menstruation cycles and tides)
3. dry land: (hot) Mars {energetic}
4. heavenly firmament(higher mind): Mercury
5. Water flows everywhere, like Spiritulity, which relates to Jupiter
6. god said “be fruitful”(make love) : Venus
7. day of rest: Saturn (the ruler of blockages and “the bill” for the past – hence better stay still for a while)

Should you dismiss those planetary correlations, think about why Christians adopted the Jewish Weekdays which now are used around the world:
The names say it all:
Sunday, -> sunny boy
Mo(o)nday, -> reflection
(french) Mardi, -> warrior
Mercredi, -> communication
Jeudi, -> Spirituality
Vendredi, -> love
and Saturday. -> duty

The better you understand those planetary or greek god aspects (which correlate with those planets), the more you can apply those cycles to your every day life.

8.) The lack of 60-90% of Jesus’ life

The biggest hole in the bible, however for me was and still is that Jesus mysteriously was just away” for 18-30 years.
This smells like either a purpose censorship in order to preserve the story of Jesus as the sun of god;
and/or a lack of knowledge and therewith understanding of the one person’s life around whom much of the Quoran and a third of the bible evolves.

For me, however, it makes much more sense that he meanwhile was learning spiritual disciplines to become a gnostic, so to me personally Jesus was a highly evolved spiritual master, whose words carry profound meanings until this day.

So I don’t take him as part of a personified creator god and it doesn’t make sense to me that he did absolve humankind of all sins, when I see most humans continuing to live wrongly.

To me by conveying that he “is the way” means that he fully recognised his own divinity, offered himself merely as a spiritual guide – not to become a crutch for a huge institution to accumulate financial wealth and power – something he aggressively fought with the pharisees and temple merchants against.

Actually, considering the law of attraction which states that one becomes what is in ones mind;
this could even be the reason why Jesus now is abused to serve as a flagship of the largest sect of humankind: His axis of consciousness was to fight against such powers so ironically he posthumous was turned into one.

Instead of Jesus being “the son of god”, the Church wants us to believe,
to me personally he is “the sun of god” – the ray which connects to the divinity within each of us.

Hence I am inspired by his gnostic path, which is the reason I was so attracted to Sodarshan Chakra Kriya later,
because amongst undoubtedly many other methods, spiritual yoga
{in opposition of the contemporary propagated mere physical one}
is designed to elevate our human presence to its highest levels.

article #5: the intellectual western approach to a personified god >

religion#3 : my trinity against religions

Yesterday I listed 3 emotional criticisms which led to me having left the catholic church and today I tell you 3 more cognitive reasons against religions.

4.) The errors of old books

The main and most obvious error lies actually in those texts which are taken as the absolute word of god.
If they are taken at face value for contanining the absolute word of god, then why did god leave humankind in ignorance until then? Were all humans before the book appeared not worthy of receiving god’s word?
Logic dictates that a believer in one of those religious texts has to dismiss all previous books as erroneous, which then renders the question why only their book is the right one, which then inevitably leads to an elitist attitude – something which usually is contraindicated.

A display of the ignorance of elitism is the fact that people usually stick to the religion they were born into – they should reconsider if they aren’t willing to convert to another faith, why should others convert to theirs?

When arguing with any orthodox religious fanatics the main argument which ever comes again is:
“but in my childhood-(fairy-)tale (which is the only truth) is written…”
It simply does not make any sense for me why people would be so stupid and stubborn to still believe in some book which is full of errors, inconsistencies. only because they were dogmatised with it as a child.

The Jewish Torah and parts of the old testament of the Christian bible are identical.
Both have a protagonist who in countless examples did set up traps to sin for human kind, only to kill millions of them for failing god’s temptations later, whilst it’s antagonist, Satan, however did not kill anyone.
This list of bible errors shows that it definitely can’t be understood literally, but should be viewed in a spiritual context. The same goes for the Quran and most other religious texts.

It took me a while to realise what is going on there:

Religion is actually an issue of our inner child. We were conditioned to fear, love and cherish a certain authority and our inner child holds on to the first concept because we fear that without the continuation of cherishing it we would loose our own innocence. So religious people continue hammering their own conditioning into the next ones in order to ensure the survival of their own innocence.

The flaw in this logic is that the brotherly love which is preached is violated by trying to force others to adhere to religious people’s own conditioning, merely to ensure its authorisation to what believers belief to be their innocence.

Tthe irony, however, is that innocence can not be preserved in a glass-jar but has to be reclaimed on a daily basis through ones sincerity and moral integrity.

5.) an unhealthy encrustation twisting good values into polluted ones

Since the total dedication to an ancient book (whether it is the Torah, the Quoran, the Bible, or talks from spiritual masters of any direction) are a “frozen in time” approach, they contain many obsolete teachings which were great advice at the time, but in our times are now not only obsolete, but also sometimes even counterproductive. Just to pick out three:

  • The old Testament or Torah approach for “an eye for an eye’ was meant to limit violence to an adequate level (meaning not to kill without a reason),
    but in times where justice is blurred by complexity of justice, political behind-the-scenes-strategies and weapons of mass-destruction, such a philosophy is used to turn the public opinion into a mere justification for violence which drives the spiral of violience higher and higher.
  • The rule for Jews and Muslims not to eat pork was a good protection agains the Trichinosis , which was not known 2000 years ago, but in times of fridges and scientific food-control, is outdated.
  • The advice of the Bible to “be fruitful and multiply” when the world population was only 150-300 million humans small, was great advice to ensure the tribal survial, but in our times of overpopulation, it strongly should be reconsidered whether bringing more humans onto this planet of whom most due to their low-consciousness-behaviour destroy it. Reality meanwhile made a full circle and the only ones who should multiply are the species us humans did endanger.

6.) The circular reasoning prohibiting a versatility

I once was invited to watch a very long video in which someone “proofed” that god would exist. The big flaw of that house of cards was that it all started by the assumption that god would exist and then brainwashed people into such a complexity that the producers certainly hoped for the viewer to have lost their own initial train of thought by the end of it.

In the same way there usually is no way to argue scientifically with creationists, because the entire discussion is founded on the belief they were indoctrinated by their only book and therewith has to take place on their turf, meaning within their mental construct.

Whenever you find so called “proofs” for miracles or god on the web, enjoy them, but be clear that there a real proof is not a spectacular confirmation of the posters desire for reality to be to their liking.

I don’t say that god doesn’t exist; but merely define the divine as an all pervading force, something which cannot be imposed on others, but has to be explored over decades within oneself.

Here is the follow up post about why religions even can turn into a spiritual hinderance.

article #4: 3 spiritual issues with religion >

religion#2 three emotional issues with the three Abrahamic religions

Regardless of their belief I really do salute people of faith for trying to become the best they can be, especially the many believers who sincerely are out to live the peace and love their books tells them to be.

Whenever I was traveling in countries whose customs I was not aquanited with, I usually did trust religious people most, because they had ethics, which non-caring atheists simply dismissed.
So in times of an immature society I do see religions as valuable moral guide rails (as long as it doesn’t backfire into fanatism).

I also have friends from all kinds of religions and do salute their sincerity – especially when compared with the oblivious majority who merely subscribes to a blind materialism, just to live out their unquenchable egotistical hunger for convenience and pleasure.

This is why I wondered why in my lifelong sincere search for the divine and many lengthy discussions I developed a love-hate relationship with orthodox religions of all kinds:

1.) “The fear of god”

What actually did and subconsciously still does create a great discomfort for me is the religious dogma that god only loves you, once you believe in “him“.
(The narrow sexual term “him” makes it even worse, because it triggers the negative archetype of a punishing father).

To me it seems childish, to say “either you are with me, or against me”. Do you really think an almighty god had such huge ego that she cares about what us human microbes think of it ?

I think the reason why believers do like a regulating authority, is because it doesn’t require a great effort on behalf of the worshipper – all one has to do is to follow a handful of limiting dietary and ethical regulations, put all ones issues into the hands of a “big daddy”, and bliss will be guaranteed.
The drawback of such an attitude, however is that this locks the believer in a state of infantility which then inhibits a more abstract inner evolution, leading to a blindspot for possibilities to evolve oneself or to evolve one’s self (a concept unknown and even unliked by orthodox believers).

To be fair – this is not only a problem of religions, but a part of the immaturity of mankind, as you can see on the current global school system, which is not designed to educate ones persona, but to turn us into obedient working machines.
Nowadays ironically, this consciousness of submissiveness is exploited by unspiritual materialists who believe in the mammon instead of the divine.

The dogma of fear has nothing to do with love, but imposes a sword of Damocles upon anyone who keeps the mind open for all kinds of reality.

2. The condescending claim to absoluteness

Mere faith without spiritual experiences lives on the strength of a community, which is why believers are on a constant mission to increase their circle of like-minded ones, whilst people who “know themselves” as the ancient Greeks propagated, don’t need their false ego’s approval of anyone else.

To strengthen their comunity the dogma to missionize others turned into a justification for blinker-minded believers in wasting most of their life by standing on corners or trying to convince people – most of whom don’t even want to hear about their own frame of mind.

Orthodox followers regardless of their religion all in my eyes are equally bad. Fanatics constantly and blindly hammer into everyones brain that whoever they were raised to believe in is the only way”, which is exactly the kind of attitude, which did create the atrocities you can see in the middle east.

The arrogant attitude of “owning the only truth” (as Christians and Muslims do) or “belonging to the chosen people” (something btw not only Jews, but also Koreans do believe in) is the source of all wars due to a distorted concept of being better than others. This comes from, and dogmatically leads to:

3.) religious wars and acts of terror

Whenever people aren’t allowed to evolve upwards, the result usually is that their world becomes so narrow that it starts to attack sidewards:

Just look at history and you will see that all religions got their hands dirty by slaughtering people from other religions. Up to this date it still is done, only in the disguise of a “war against terror “war for democracy”, whilst on the other hand entire religions are stigmatised to have a justification to invade those countries for oil or other capitalistic endeavours.
Minorities who don’t have the means of todays expensive warfare, usually resort to terrorism.
I herewith condemn politicians who are war-mungers as well as terrorists with all my heart alike:

I have never seen a more blatant hypocrisy and stupidity than aggressive fanatics who claim to follow their book of love and compassion only to then kill or do harm to others!

Whilst I can understand any politician who was voted into a position of power to have to move out of running wars slowly, this also goes for politicians who did start new wars they claim that they “had to” -> the blood of each death, whether civilian, collateral or soldiers are on your hands! The Nobel-price has been dished out to a bunch of politicians who were leading wars – therefore I don’t take its value seriously anymore.

Unfortunatly the mass of simple-minded people usually all to quickly resort in a condemnation of the large majority of peaceful members of other religions they were brainwashed to hate by the media (who thrives on creating fearful news).
This also is a strategic foolishness, because a deep rooted belief will only change through the heart, never by physical or dogmatic force.
Nationalism as well as religious fanaticism both bear creepy similarities – just listen to the phrases of politicians and religious leaders dished out – they pretty much are the same.

After a short speech from George Carlin, a really interesting summary of the history of religion including how the church did twist it, can be seen here:

article #3 : 3 intellectual issues with religion >

religion #1: The religious influence of my parents

In opposition to my father who came from the poorest class, my mother came from a successful business family with an educated upbringing in manners – something I fortunately do participate from until now, whenever I meet people of higher classes or standards.

Just to show you how much did change within the last century: Even though both sides were very religious, my grandfather was originally protestant but had to convert to my grandmother’s religion, because two generations ago it was still unthinkable for protestants to marry catholics and vice versa. You probably wouldn’t believe it, but even to marry outside ones village was unorthodox for some (which was probably the cause for the incestual byproduct of a “village-idiot” to have been seen in each village).

This by the way is the reason why I do believe mixed races to be a blessing of a fresh genetic pool to monocultural races. Fortunately for me, my ancestors mixed – if not in races than at least in cultures:

My poor grandparents of my father’s side, in ignorance of the Nazi’s committed atrocities, bought into their simplistic slogans (as simple minded people do), whilst my mother’s wealthy parents hated Hitler, because he did split up the good connection they had to the french border region of Alsace, where their main office was located.

To protect themselves from Nazi-informers they had their obligatory picture of Hitler hanging on the wall, but as soon as visitors left, did turn it around to the side which did show a religious picture of Mary who is revered by Catholics.

So by having been baptised as a baby I was made a member of the Catholic church without even having chosen it myself. This was my first issue with Christianity, even though I only discovered it when I was 18 and had to pay my first taxes in Berlin.

Maybe living away from home helped, but I then decided not to pay a membership-fee for a club I never actually chose to be in. So I did leave the Church.

One of the reasons Christianity was more a burden than a bliss to me, was the dogma that
in order to be loved by a father-like authority-figure I first would have to believe in “him” –
a concept which to me does not seem to be unconditional love at all, but an extortion by the means of fear.

This dogma by monotheists was actually hammered so deep into my brain that up to this day this damocles-sword still lingers subconsciously over my head when dismissing any kind of superior creator god.

Much later I did discover the value of first believing in the concept of a leap of faith which can be a basis for miraculous transformations; but it took me many decades to detach it from the concept of a punishing god.

So my current position is that I am a strong believer of fearlessly following ones own deeper beliefs;
yet instead of hoping for some daddy to “come to the rescue”,
to evolve oneself to a state in which mind controls matter.

article #2: my 3 emotional issues with religion >

my first resolution and dilemma about my manhood

Like anybody, I also am a conglomerate of the different energies I did inherit from my ancestors.

I was told that my great grandfather used to be a kind of jack of all trades who (way ahead of his times) 100 years ago drew up two organic foods for goats, made ballet shoes for the theatre Freiburg, and also had a shoe shop at the most beautiful part of town which in war (due to lack of water) he had to watch to burn down without being able to extinguish it.

There must be some truth to the astrological saying that if someone’s ascendent (the direction one walks to) is a gemini (a person who has many interests), the then one of their parents also seem to be a gemini: My grandfather, father (who was a gemini) and myself also were were similar versatile, and my ascendent is also gemini.

Even though he was totally poor, my grandfather was very intelligent, sensitive, and had many talents – in the second world war he had to get food for the army (he claimed to have done that to avoid to have to shoot humans), he was a great cook (it took him an entire day to cook his legendary Christmas duck), was very musical, taught himself to play a little bit piano, was very versatile in many crafts, could play chess very well (always was beating my father, who always was winning against me in chess), and was reading books from different cultures, few of his time did read – from the secret power of the Jesuits up to the Bhagavad Gita.


I think in evolution there is a dynamic that energies swing from one side to another, because my grandfather, in opposition to my grandmother, was the sensitive one, my father then the fighter, and me again extremely emotional.

My grandmother was a very simple woman – whilst my grandfather was a bear, she was tiny, thin, always frantically running around, but despite her frail appearance had a choleric trade, who hit my sister and me on occasion with our trouser suspenders. Because I had no understanding of anger as a child, when they were arguing, it often looked really funny to me, because my “Opa” reminded me of Obelix, and my “Oma” of Asterix.

In reconstruction one can’t blame her, who was of the lowest class – a farm laborer, for her character trade, because she was raised by a classic “evil stepmother” who supposedly did purposely put hair in her soup.
Somehow she even had very simple and naive rules which somehow are wisdoms I still do remember, such as “you can’t serve two lords”, meaning in her mind that one can’t serve the devil and god, and even though I don’t believe in Satan, I think in spiritual terms she did have a point, when juxtaposing low consciousness greed against a higher mind of serenity.

As it is the case with unresolved issues, they are past on to the children, so she at times left her baby – my father who was raised as a single child – sitting at the toilet for up to four hours, so you can imagine him having had his issues also.

~ ~ ~

In post WW2 Germany, everything was bombed, so my father, who was just 3 years old when the war started, was used to have to work really hard for everything in his life: He had to help to help everywhere, due to war-issues had to change schools 15 times (which did turn the small but strong guy into a lone fighter), studied very hard to become a sports- German- and history-teacher, later created a totally new kind of job which combined school with theatre, and had a passionate side which did inspire and amuse many.

But he also inherited the choleric trade from my grandmother, which despite him having been a warm-hearted dad who was really good in teaching us kids things, at times turned him into a moody tyrant at home, so that our mother, after he came out of his daily naps, often warned us to hide somewhere in order to avoid slaps in the face.

But even on his moody days, in society he played always the great and funny guy, so as soon as visitors came, he was the most hospital guy ever – only to instantly treat us harsh again, as soon as they left.
This is why I got a sixth sense for the dominance of many revered stars and even spiritual teachers and see right through their veil of image cultivation (as you could see in my critical articles about Yogi Bhajan – the only person btw, I criticise by name, because he is dead, and I am not out to hurt living ones).

I then made my first unspoken life-resolution:
Never become as dominant as my father
and give as much space to others as possible.

This, however turned out to become a difficult endeavour, because (besides his emotive affection for dogs) I also did inherit his strong marsian fire of on one hand being able to make people laugh a lot and on the other hand having a potential for being really furious.

So I was set up for the first dilemma of my life –
wanting to suppress an inherited energy, which is a literally inherent part of me.
On one hand, if I dismiss my propensity for aggression, I might become a tyrant,
but on the other hand, if I succeed, I end up literally emasculated.

To avoid this catch-22 situation, in school I usually turned into the class clown in order to compensate my frustration with the education system in humorous sarcasm without getting into fights.

So whenever you see people who fail to fulfil societies requirements of contributing to the national gross income, are homeless, or make a fool out of themselves, remember that such childhood-imprints could be one of the reasons for it.

a disclaimer in regards to my upcoming subjectivity

I find it quite difficult to write an autobiography which on one hand is meant to reconstruct the evolutions of the mind and on the other hand tries to be as chronologically as possible, because our conclusions do come in threats of themes which we later reconstruct to make sense to us.

So in order to give each article a meaning I want to come up with a hindsight conclusion, despite the fact that at the time I did not have those which caused me to repeat those lessons multiple times but please bear in mind that those are usually not the last conclusions or insights I had.

Because I want to reconstruct the internal process of ones psychological evolution I did not post them yet but decided to first post more of the impressions I got whilst I was growing up.

As you know a child does not instantly analyse, but just take in experiences which later they form conclusions which much later turn into higher insights.

So for the sake of walking with you through this internal process you will first read personal stuff about my life which to a large extend might be insignificant for you who is on a different path, and at times nervewrecking repetitive for you,
but that is to show how slow the mere path of following ones Karma works and how the mind has to slowly walk through ones life backwards by the means of self-reflection, contemplation and meditation to “detangle” the tremendous emotional entanglements which did pile on tons of misconceptions on us.

Therefore, whenever you read something you disagree with – please understand that those are mere steps on a path, which at later stages bears deep inner changes and a broader understanding of many sides.

religion #0: How I was raised to believe

Maybe a good way to start a spiritual autobiography is with god.

The experience:

Like most people I grew up being taught by my parents in what to believe, so I took on their faith which in my case was their catholic Christian god.

Because my grandmother told us that children’s prayer would reach the clouds, I did my best to pray.

My parents made me an altar-boy (who always forgot to ring the bells in time, who unknowingly did light his own hair with the own confirmation candle, who missed to visit his own house when walking through the celebration of the “three wise Kings” and who made kids involuntary cry when having to play Santa Claus’ helper “Knecht Ruprecht” – because the costume I got was too small for me; so in order to be able to wear the cap sawn on it, I had to walk like a hunchbag all the time.

In church, I usually could relate best to the sentence at the end of each mess: “thanks to our lord god” ,
and I also thanked him that this boring event was over.

It also got on my nerves that the conservative priest did twist our ears when we hadn’t attended Sunday mess (not knowing that we were there on Saturdays), and I disliked that there always were people taller than me blocking my view, so I visualised god mowing them all down to my size.
Decades later a tiny woman told me that she and her small family was actually always standing behind me and she had cursed me out multiple times for exact the same reason.

But then again, there was nothing to see anyway, except for an authoritarian god-father figure painted on the wall which for decades did “put the fear of god into me” – a phrase I could not really relate to.

Such is the fear of god, that one subconsciously feels afraid when not believing in “him”.

I wondered anyway why god should be male. I think god should be called “it”, because if it is everything why the heck should it be limited to a gender role?
Yay, hardcore-feminists out there, here is something for you to fight against: go after the Abrahamic version of a macho-god, instead of attacking me for having balls !

To strengthen my fate, as a gift for my completed A-levels, my parents generously payed for a trip to see the biblical places of Israel, so I went with a religious group for an exchange with Arab Chrisians who lived near a Kibbuz, but that dudb’t go as my parents hoped for, because
* at the original stations of the cross they sold crowns of thorns for tourists;
* in Betlehem they told every visitor to crawl into some tiny space where Jesus was supposed to be born, to “kiss it, touch it, make a photo!“,
* and in the midst of summer they sang “silent night, holy night” whilst the priest entered the church, holding up a plastic Jesus.
So I pretty much was done with the church, but also
* the Islamic golden temple was not better, when feeling a vertical hole in a rock in which Mohamed supposedly did put his foot in: I wondered: how could anyone put his foot in there sideways, and why did the imprint remind me more of that of a goat’s foot than a human one? #allFake&greed

And seeing members of all 3 Abrahamic religions fight amongst each other made me loose faith in all of them alltogether.
For me the terminology “anti-semitism” for example is already a distorted victim-consciousness, because not only Israelis are semites, but the entire part of north Africa -including exactly those who sarcastically are called “antisemitic“.

So whenever I had teenager crises I did regret not having anyone to pray to, but at least I was authentic for not using god in an opportunistic way.

I also found out that Jesus’ birth definitely was not around the year zero, because passages about Herod the (not so) great who supposedly was killing tons of kids in order to also kill Jesus, died 4 years BC (meaning before Christ was even born!).
The only way you can explain Herod’s “premature killjoy-ejaculation” is by claiming that our calender was arbitrary constructed afterwards.
But then again – so is the entire bible itself.

Later I discovered that Christmas was put onto December to override the Germanic winter-solstice Yule-fest, for me this seemed less as a “merry Christmas” than a “maryChristAndMess”.

Also eastern obviously used to be a spring-pagan festival – with symbols of fertility such as eggs and the rabbit (which – to make matters worse – the bible falsely declares to be a ruminant ^^).

Ok, I thought, the reason Christians cling onto their Bible,
is because in the new testament it is stated that no word should be added, nor taken away.
All good …
… except for the fact that in the old testament any alteration or addition to the book already was forbidden.
So logic dictates that the entire new testament is a sin, because it is added when long time ago the Biblepart corresponding to the. Jewish Torah requested nothing to be changed.

Overall it seemed to me that faith is like the conditioning of small elephant-babies, which are tied to a rope on a peg.

When they later are grown to be huge they still don’t try to break free from their tiny rope, because they are conditioned that the rope would be unescapable.

Adyashanti once said that orthodox religions were meant to serve as “welcome mats” to guide us into our own house of self-realisations, but unfortunately most people are stuck worshipping the welcome mat itself, instead of entering the house of their self.

An autobiographical research into of the evolution of our soul

An attempt to figure out the way the mind evolves throughout our karmic biography

versus the means of reflection, contemplation and meditation.

Our entanglement in life is unfathomable, which leads us to the believe that there must be some higher force or reason behind all of it.
Without wanting to dismiss anyones believe in higher powers, one thing for me is certain – I have the right to understand myself by myself,
so instead of putting my head into the sand of ignorant fatalism, I want to start a very personal research into the twists of the human mind by using my life as an example.

I don’t do this because I do consider my life as more important than anyone elses’, but for the simple reason that it is the only one I fully have access to – at least to the extend that I still remember all those events which were not suppressed into the realm of forgetfulness by my resisting ego.

This timing is right, because I just started a 3 year long inner journey to literally re-search for my higher, true or divine soul by the means of Yoga-meditation which will bring a lot of autobiographical stuff up, before insights come.

So I herewith will open myself up totally; by writing down all experiences which did have a lasting impact on me – regardless of their political correctness or how they make me look like.

What is needed in this time of dishonest Kali-Yuga-masquerade for the sake of preserving an image to impress the shallow minded ones currently in power; is someone who reclaims honesty in the superficial social-network-farce by opening up in an honest way in order to break the story of the emperor’s new clothes. And since I have nothing to loose, I make the first step here; in the hope to inspire others to loose their fear of being authentic.

Whilst most people like stories of inspirations in order to be uplifted, this series might put of those who merely look for the bright side of life without wanting to look at the entire picture.
I observed this already, as some advocates of the (in itself still shallow) mere”wellness-and-health-food-spirituality“, or of the other extreme of a “mere faith in an authoritarian god figure who will rescue us all” stopped reading this blog or replying to mails.
Those usually were people who were looking for inspriations (in from the outside) without wanting to include the saturnic (duty) aspects of (self claimed) “@spirations”.

Those people will resort to autobiographies of people who made it to the top of our society.
But this – in opposition to Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a Yogi” will be an “Autobiography of a looser” – a chronology of an epic downfall, but therefore the display of lessons of in non-attachment through literal dis-appointments -> unfulfilled appointments, my naive mind made in blind hope with reality.

As a future disclaimer – I want to add that most of my life-deviations will turn out to have become valuable lessons
– first on a lower consciousness in form of at times cynical consequences,
– then as a “street-wisdom” or a “wisdom of age“, which as we know is less “wisdom” but often sadly only limited to distrustful strategic lessons,
– and later guided by my meditative higher mind to some forms of more loving and compassionate world-views which allow for the existence of an Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations (which Gene Roddenberry’s Vulcans did cherish).

So whenever you can’t relate to one point or another, I can assure you that most of what I am about to write will be explained later.
The only reason why I won’t explain my misconceptions straight away is in order to let the reader walk with me through an experience – something which would not happen if you knew the outcome (for the same reasons no one likes movie-spoilers).

Because memories will not all come up in chronological order, I will categorise my autobiography in the blog here under a “bio(graphy)” menu points, like:
+>my 20s (, 30s, 40s, etc..)
+> my yin and yang sides
+> different issues (such as #family, #men, #women, etc)
+> lower and higher mind insights …
so that you may pick out the parts which you can relate to.

1000 days of 2.5 hours of Sodarshan Chakra Kriya

For literally 25 years I did build up the Sodarshan Chakra Kriya, because Yogi Bhajan promised:

  1. it to be the highest Kriya (exercise) of all types of Yoga;
  2. it would give one a new start;
  3. it would cut through all darkness and barriers of the neurotic or psychotic nature, by giving one the vitality and intuition to combat negative effects of the subconscious mind;
  4. it would work when no exterior techniques from the outside work;
  5. and it would work at any time and in any space.

Since there are spiritual cycles I took a months break from meditating and waited for my next birthday which is always a good starting point,
so because today is my birthday I did start this final phase in which I want to put his promises to a test.

Whilst I don’t expect specific results, I do hope for the claim that a thousand days of daily practice supposedly will implement the meditation vibration into ones character so that it continues to work on ones personality for the rest of ones life.

I have to admit that I am very scared of failing, because 2.5 hours are likely to be skipped – if not done first thing in the morning.
This means that I not only have put my worldly activities into the background and don’t allow for any interference in the first hours of the day, but obviously have to skip spontaneous late nights – especially in combination with inebriations.

So yesterday evening I went to bed early and in panic not to miss the early hours (in which it is literally 10 times easier to meditate), I woke up 1.5 hours later, but knowing that I would not be able to fall asleep soon, I rose to the occasion and sat for 2.5 hours in the dark – from half past one to 4am (after which I did allow myself to sleep again – without this luxuary I know that I would not have the motivation to get up so early).

What really was beautiful was that in opposition to normal meditations when insights usually come in the relaxation phase after the meditation, I got my first insight after only a few minutes into doing it, because it involved the practice:

Throughout the entire 25 years I didn’t realise that I was mentally chanting “Wahe Guru” in the proposed 3 beats:”Wa”,”He”,and “Guru”, but maybe because in my mind “Guru” has two syllables I always gave the mantra one beat more, to allow for all 4 syllables – I did the “Wa-He-Guru” in 3 syllables but it was more like a 4/4 beat with the fourth beat played by another drum.
You can check out what I mean on the SCK-beats I made nearly two decades ago:

I then realised however, that this has an entire different dynamic to a walz-like 3/4 beat which is much more forward-driven.

So all I can recommend to practitioners of SCK is a new found rule of thumb:
– if you want SCK to become more contemplative, you can add the fourth pause-beat in your head,
– and if you need for some more power and action in your life, go for the walz-like non-stop “WaheguruWaheguruWaheguru” without any mental pauses.

It is amazing how there is always still room for more observations – even within such a simple and limited issue such as a 3-syllable mantra.
Maybe this is the key to amazing wisdom:
Once we ridden ourselves of our intellectual and emotional conditionings we free our souls to see these tiny details, most of us overlook.

Free yourself from your Hamster-wheels !

Der Sodarshan Chakra Kriya Kurs für Anfänger

Der große Vorteil von dieser Meditation im Gegensatz zu anderen spirituellen Disziplinen ist, dass
* alle Informationen auf einer Seite zu finden sind, (also im Gegensatz zu den meisten esoterischen Richtungen nichts elitär zurückgehalten wird).
* Alles umsonst ist, (also dass man sich die Wertschätzung dafür nicht leicht erkaufen kann, sondern erarbeiten muss),
* dass diese Yoga-Übung ungefähr 10 mal so stark wie herkömmliche Meditationen ist, und damit durch einen geringen Zeitaufwand schon Erfolge sichtbar werden.

Wer diese Übung einmal gelernt hat dem kann sie nie wieder weg genommen werden, denn selbst wenn man Alles verloren hat (wie z.Bsp. im Gefängnis oder auf einer einsamen Insel gestrandet), kann man sein Leben lang damit weiter fortschreiten!

Wenn Du Jemand kennst, der nie meditiert hat und sogar zögert es zu probieren, dann ist meine Empfehlung die Person ganz langsam auf das Meditieren einzustimmen.

Eine erste Empfehlung wäre
* Im ersten Monat Die Gedanken einfach zu beobachten
(nur eine Minute wöchentlich oder so oft die Person es schafft)
* Im zweiten Monat könnte man dann den Atem für zwei Minuten lang beobachten
(entweder wöchentlich oder täglich)
* Und im dritten Monat dann für 3 Minuten täglich
wiederholt von 1 – 16 zählen (weil SCK 16 Wiederholungen hat)

Der langsame Fortschritt ist dazu gedacht,
Menschen nicht zu vergraulen, die gerade mal ihren Fuß in die Türe der Spiritualität setzen,
Und die Modifikationen sind gut gegen die Langeweile der Wiederholung,
wenn man anfangs noch keine Veränderungen wahrnimmt.

Dann, ohne die Zeit weiter zu erhöhen,
bringe dem Schüler die Haltung von SCK bei,
eine Woche später dann das linke-rechte Nasenloch-Atmen,
und noch eine Woche später, wie man den Bauch dazu pumpt
(ein mal mehr bei jeder Sitzung, bis die 16 x 3 Bauchbewegungen erreicht sind.

Auf diese Art wächst man langsam in SCK rein und kann ab dann diesen Anfängerkurs hier machen.

Der Hauptgrund Sodarshan Chakra Kriya im Gegenteil zu anderen spirituellen Disziplinen zu machen ist der Glaube, dass Deine interne Unausgeglichenheiten und Fehlkonzeptionen die Wurzel all Deiner Probleme sind.
SCK reinigt Deine Persönlichkeit von den Aspekten, die Dir den Zugang zu Deiner wahren Seele überschatten.
Um Dir den Wert regelmässigen Praktizierens vor Augen zu halten:
Lese in meiner bio>karmic disappointments, was für ein Leid man durchlaufen muss, wenn man nicht täglich meditiert.

Aber genau das macht es sehr schwer, diese Übung konsequent durchzuziehen, denn das zurückgebliebene Selbstbildnis (wie es Morpheus in der Matrix beschreibt) macht von allen Tricks des Intellekts gebrauch, um nicht vom Ego los zu lassen.

Ambition, sowohl als Aspiration benötigt eine Kombination von zwei Arten der Stärke oder Tugend:
Ein langzeit Durchhaltevermögen und der Wille unangenehme Phasen zu durchstehen.
Je nach dem eigenen Weltbild und den Erfahrungen kann man sich entweder eine langen aber sicheren Weg aussuchen (der 28 Jahre des Glaubens benötigt), oder einen kurzen aber schmerzhaften auswählen, in dem man schnell durch den Prozess durchdringt.
Die Wahl ist ähnlich der, ob man ein Pflaster langsam abzieht, oder sich es schnell vom Körper reisst.

Hiermit versuche ich beiden Wegen gerecht zu werden.
Sollte Deine Aspiration sein, SCK komplett zu meistern ohne halbwegs aufzugeben, tust Du gut daran nicht, wie ich, zwei Jahrzehntelang rum zu schwimmen, um immer mal wieder die vollen 2,5 Stunden erzwingen zu wollen, bis die tiefen Krisen unangenehmer Selbsterkenntnis mich aufgeben ließen – nur um später erneut ganz von vorne anfangen zu müssen.

Aus meinen Fehler lernend, entwickelte ich eine Methode meinen verschluderten Langzeitplan innerhalb von 5 Jahren aufzuholen, den Du als Geländer verwenden kannst, um es nicht zu übertreiben, oder vorschnell aufzuhören.

1.) Sodarshan Chakra Kriya lernen

Fange mit einer kurzen körperlichen Übung an:
Gehe zu dieser Seite:
– spiele die Beats von vorne ab (Du kannst das online machen ohne etwas kaufen zu müssen),
– wenn immer der Wind Klang kommt, atme,
dann halte Deinen Atem
– und pumpe den Bauch zu diesen Schlägen, bis der nächste Atemklang kommt.
– fahre fort, bis Deine Bauchmuskeln erschöpft sind und schreibe dann die Nummer des Stücks auf, an dem Du aufgehört hast.
In den nächsten Tagen:
– Da die Schläge sich verlangsamen, fahre mit dem Stück fort, bei dem Du das letzte mal aufgehört hast, bis Du das Stück findes, das langsam genug ist, dass Du den Bauch dazu pumpen kannst.

Solltest Du lieber im Stillen praktizieren, habe ich hier eine ausführliche Anleitung und eine Zählhilfe mit Fingern anstatt Klängen geschrieben.

Für jeden Schritt beglaubigst Du Dich selbst mit einer Tarot-Karte. Wenn Du willst, kannst Du Dir Tarotkarten kaufen, um ein materielles Gefühl des Fortschritts zu erleben.

2.) Als nächstes gilt es die original Anleitung auszuführen während Du weiterhin den Bauch zu den oben erwähnten Schlägen pumpst.
Benutze den folgenden fett-gedruckten Absatz als Spickzettel, bis Du die Übung auswendig kannst.

a) Blockiere den rechten Nasenflügel mit dem rechten Daumen. Atme langsam und tief durch den linken Nasenflügel ein und halte den Atem.
Chante im Geiste 16 mal ‘Wahe Guru”, und pumpe dazu den Nabel 3 mal mit jeder Repetition ( einmal bei “Waa”, einmal bei “Heh” und einmal bei “Guru”; insgesamt 48 Bauch-Anspannungen.


Löse den Finger vom rechten Nasenflügel und benutze den rechten Zeige- oder kleinen Finger, um das linke Nasenloch zu schließen. Atme langsam und tief durch das rechte Nasenloch aus. Setze die Übung genauso fort links einzuatmen und rechts auszuatmen.

Sobald Du es geschafft hast 7 dieser Atemzyklen hintereinander durch zu ziehen bist Du aus Deinem Null-Wissen herausgewachsen und hast Dir die Karte 0 verdient.
Gratuliere – Du kannst jetzt Sodarshan Chakra Kriya machen!

BEENDEN: Inhaliere und halte die Luft für 5-10 Sekunden an. Ausatmen.
Dann strecke und schüttle den Körper ungefähr eine Minute lang, um die Energie zu zirkulieren.

2.) in die tägliche Praxis hineinwachsen

[Original Anleitung:] POSITION: Sitze mit einem geraden Rücken (entweder mit gekreuzten Beinen oder in einem Stuhl mit den Füßen flach auf dem Boden)

Augen sind auf die Nasenspitze fokussiert, oder geschlossen, falls Dir das lieber ist.

Yogi Bhajan

Schritt 3:
Beschaffe Dir einen Timer oder eine Eieruhr und mache ein mal wöchentlich 3 Minuten SCK.
Für jede der folgenden 3 Monate erhältst Du eine der 3 Karten des Magiers:

Innerhalb des nächsten Monats kannst Du Dir die zweite TarotKarte, Die Hohepriesterin, ergattern, indem Du zweimal wöchentlich praktizierst.

(Eins ist eine männliche Nummer, weshalb der Magier die Karte Eins war und die Hohepriesterin die weibliche Nummer zwei hat.)

Anfänger mögen einen Monat für jeden dieser Schritte brauchen,
und Fortgeschrittene können täglich zur nächsten Übung weiter gehen.

Tipp :
Falls Du Dich in einer schwierignen Situation befindest (weil Du z.Bsp. irgendwo zu Gast bist), von Leuten umgeben bist, und keine Eieruhr hast, dann kannst Du Deine tägliche Praxis 7 Atemzyklen lang diskret auf einem Toilettendeckel durchführen, denn das sind ungefähr 3 Minuten.
Niemand wird Deine Abwesenheit über solch eine kurze Zeit bemerken.

{Original Kommentar von Y.B.:}

Die Tragödie des Lebens ist, wenn das Unterbewusstsein Abfälle in das Bewusstsein entlädt. Dieses Kriya erweckt die Kundalini um Dir die notwendige Vitalität und Intuition zu geben, um die negativen Nebenwirkungen des Unterbewusstseins zu bekämpfen.

Faustregel: Fahre erst mit einer nächsten Übung fort, wenn Du Dir sicher bist, diese ohne Schwierigkeiten durchgeführt zu haben. Wenn nicht, dann wiederhole die Übung, bis Du zufrieden damit bist.

Jetzt mache SCk drei mal wöchentlich (das ist der letzte Schritt in dem Du es an fixen Wochentagen machen kannst).
Danach kriegst Du die Karte
Then try to do SCK three times weekly (this is the last step in which you can set fixed weekdays for your practice).
You then may claim Die Herrscherin

Meditation für Fokus und geistige Reinigung
{Original Kommentar von Y.B. :}

Hier ist eine Meditation, die mit Hilfe von Prana geistigen Müll aufräumt, und Klarheit schafft.

Von allen 20 Arten Yoga, einschliesslich Kundalini Yoga, ist das das höchste Kriya.

Dies ist eine sehr wirksame Meditation, um Reichtum zu erlangen.

Sie wird Dir einen Neustart verschaffen.

Sobald Du SCK 4x wöchentlich machen kannst, bekommst Du die Karte Der Herrscher.

{Original Kommentar von Y.B. :}

Es ist das einfachste Kriya, aber gleichzeitig eines der schwersten.

Diese Übung schneidet durch alle Barrieren der psychotischen oder neurotischen Natur.

Wenn sich eine Person in einem sehr schlechten Zustand befindet, werden extern angewandte Methoden nicht funktionieren.

Der Druck muss von innen stimuliert werden.

Bist Du bereit SCK 5x wöchentlich zu machen, gehört die Karte Der HierophantDir.

{Original Kommentar von Y.B. :}

Es gibt keine Zeit, keinen Platz, keinen Raum und keine Bedingung die mit dieser Meditation verknüpft sind.

Jeder Müllhaufen benötigt seine eigene Zeit um gereinigt zu werden.

Wenn Du Deinen eigenen Müll angehst, musst Du selbst schätzen; und ihn dann so schnell als Du kannst oder langsam, wie Du willst verarbeiten.

Du musst entscheiden wie viel Zeit Du hast, um Deine eigene Müllhalde zu verarbeiten.

Sobald Du in der Lage bist SCK 6x wöchentlich zu praktizieren, (also jeden Werktag außer Sonntag z.Bsp.), hast Du Dir Die Liebenden verdient.

Wenn Du Fragen hast, oder mehr über SCK wissen willst, lese bitte die deutschen Artikel oder surfe querfeldein auf dieser Seite, denn hier steht Alles, was es über SCK zu wissen gibt.

Jetzt solltest Du es schaffen SCK (nur 3 Minuten lang) täglich zu machen und bekommst dafür die Karte: Der Wagen.

Nur um Dich zu inspirieren, dass das möglich ist:
Obwohl ich aus einer unspirituellen nicht-meditierenden Familie stamme habe ich alle Schritte dieses folgenden Kurses selbst gemacht.

Also wenn ich das tun konnte, dann kannst Du das auch – so lange Du Dich danach sehnst Deine Unausgeglichenheiten und Irrmeinungen ausbalancieren zu wollen.

Sobald Du SCK täglich machen kannst bist Du auf dem langsamen aber sichern Pfad, auf den Du jederzeit zurückfallen kannst, wenn immer Deine Praxis versagen sollte.

Der Vorteil dieses Weges ist, dass er Deine Seele reibungslos im Hintergrund reinigt, so dass Nichts Deinen weltlichen Ambitionen im Weg steht.

Um Dir also Dein persönliches Sicherheitsnetz zu schaffen:
1.) Schreibe auf, wann Du SCK angefangen hast
(Ich benutze ein Spreadsheet, um meine gewünschten und wirklich durchgeführten Meditationszeiten einzutragen).
2.) Faustregel, wenn immer Du eine längere Pause hattest:
Ab dem Zeitpunkt, an dem Du angefangen hast, solltest Du in der Lage sein Deine Meditationszeit jedes Jahr um 6 Minuten gesteigert zu haben (oder alle 2 Monate um einen Monat).
{Bsp: Nach 5 Jahren solltest Du fähig sein täglich eine halbe Stunde lang zu meditieren}

Um die Meditation bis auf ein Zehntel des Tages aufzubauen, was dem christlichen Zehnt einer Spende entspricht und bei Sikhs Dasvand heisst, braucht man auf diese Art 24-25 Jahre, und dann noch 3 Jahre um 1000 Tage 2.5 Stunden zu machen.

Dieser 28-Jahre-Zyklus entspricht einer Saturn-Wiederkehr, nach der Einem karmische Lektionen vor Augen gehalten werden, denn der Saturn ist der äußerste Planet in unserem Sonnensystem, der damit die Grenzen aufzeigt.

Das scheint eine sehr lange Zeit zu sein, aber wenn man an größere Seelenzyklen (wie z.Bsp. Reinkarnation) glaubt, dann sind 28 Jahre ein winziger Tropfen auf den heissen Stein – erst Recht verglichen mit den Äonen
* des derzeitigen Maya Zeitalters, was 5128 Jahre lang andauern soll,
* unserem Wassermannzeitalter im Zusammenhang des 25000 Jahre Zyklus des platonischen Erdenjahrs, oder dem
* 432000 Jahre andauernden derzeitigen Kali Yuga der indischen Weltalter, was insgesamt 4 Millionen und 320 tausend Jahre andauert!

Alles, was Du tun musst, um das “Äon” bzw die Karte Die Gerechtigkeit für Dich vereinnahmen, ist ein Meditationstagebuch anzufangen in dem Du Deine Meditationszeiten und eventuelle Erkenntnisse danach aufschreibst.

3.) Wenn immer Du diesem Plan hinterher hinkst, gebe nicht auf, denn Du kannst Deine verpasste Meditationszeit in der bald kommenden mittleren Stufe aufholen.
Auf diese Art habe ich es geschafft sogar nach 20 Jahren wieder auf den Wagen aufzuspringen!
Außerdem kannst Du das System auch benutzen, um alle Arten von unbeliebten Tätigkeiten langsam in Dein Leben zu implementieren.

Um etwas zurückzugeben:
Teile Deine Erfahrungen in den Kommentaren,
damit Andere von Dir und Du von Anderen lernen kannst.

Wenn Du so weit bist weiter zu gehen, kontaktiere mich hier,
und ich werde die Schritte der Mittelstufe sofort hier veröffentlichen.

The beginner’s Sodarshan Chakra Kriya course

The advantage of this meditation in opposition to other spiritual disciplines is that
* the entire information can be found on one single page, meaning that in opposition to most esoteric directions, nothing is held back;
* everything is free, meaning that you can’t easily put a value-tag on this method by buying your way into it, but have to earn the respect for it by working for it.
* and since this Yoga-exercise is about 10 times stronger than common meditations, it will yield results within short times of daily practice already.

No one can take this Kriya (exercise) ever away again from someone who did learn it, because even in most adverse circumstances, when you lost everything (such as in prison or being stranded on an island for example) you can continue to evolve on this path for life!

If you know someone who never did meditate at all and even is hesitant to try,
my recommendation is to tune them in very very slowly

by first advising them to simply
* observe thoughts coming and going
for just one minute weekly (or as often as they can)

a month later
* to observe the breath for 2 minutes daily (or as often as they can)

and in the third month for 3 minutes daily
* to count from 1 to 16 repeatedly (because SCK has 16 repetitions)

The slow progress isgood not to antagonise people before they did set a foot into the door of spirituality,
and and the modifications are to avoid the boredom of repetition without significant results.

Then without increasing the time beyond 3 minutes,
* tell them the posture of SCK,
* a week later the left & right nostril breathing
* and one more week later to pump the belly 3 times more each time,
until they accomplished 16 x 3 pumps.

This way they will have slowly grown into the preparations for SCK within a few months,
and can continue with this beginner’s course as described below.

The main reason for doing Sodarshan Chakra Kriya in opposition to other spiritual disciplines is the belief that your internal imbalances and misconceptions are the root of all your problems.
SCK does mentally cleanse your personality from the aspects which cloud your true soul.
In order to see the value of a regular practice, read my bio>karmic disappointments to see how long lasting life’s frustrations can be if you don’t meditate on a daily basis.

But that exactly makes it very difficult to pursue, because ones residual self image (as Morpheus calls it in the Matrix) does use every trick available to the mind, not to let go of the ego.

Ambition as well as aspiration needs a combination of two strengths or virtues:
Long term persistence, and the willingness to overcome unpleasant phases.
Depending on someones worldview and experiences one can either subscribe to a safe but slow path (which requires 28 years of faith),
or a short, but painful one of quickly punching through the process.
The choice is similar to choosing whether you pull of a plaster slowly or rip it of quickly.

I herewith try to accommodate people of both kinds. Should your aspiration be to  fully master SCK without giving up half way, you do well not floating around like me for two decades and every once in a while try again to force 2.5 hours into my life until the profound crises of unpleasant self-realisations made me give it up – only to later start from scratch again.

1.) learning Sodarshan Chakra Kriya

Start with short, light physical exercises:
Go to this site:
– play the track (no need to buy anything, just use them online),
– whenever you hear the wind sound, breath in,
then hold your breath
– and pump the belly to those beats until the next breathing sound occurs.
– continue this until your belly-muscles are exhausted and write down which track you stopped.
Next day(s):
– Because the beats are gradually slowing down, continue with the track where you left of, until you find the track which is slow enough for you to pump your belly along with them.

Should you prefer to practice in silence, I did wrote an instruction for you here, which helps you count with fingers instead of Rythms.

On each step you self-certify yourself with a Tarot-card. If you want you may buy yourself a deck so that you get a sense of a physical accomplishment.

2.) Next:
Incorporate the original instructions whilst pumping your belly to the beats:
Use the following bold paragraph as a cheat-sheet (copy & print) until you know it by heart.

MUDRA AND BREATH: a) Block off the right nostril with the right thumb. Inhale slowly and deeply through the left nostril and hold the breath.
Mentally chant ‘Wahe Guru” 16 times, while pumping the navel point 3 times with each repetition (once on ”Waa”, once on ”hey”, and once on ”Guru”) for a total of 48 pumps.

b) Unblock the right nostril and use the right index or pinkie finger to block the left nostril. Exhale slowly and deeply through the right nostril. Continue, inhaling left nostril, exhaling right.

TO END: Inhale and hold 5-10 seconds. Exhale.
Then stretch and shake the body for about 1 minute to circulate the energy.

As soon as you manage to do 7 of those breathing cycles in a row, you moved out of ground zero, and therewith can claim the card #0
You now are able to do Sodarshan Chakra Kriya!

Many of you will be content to practice 1-3 times per week, which is good to do for quite a while.

And at a later point, one day,
when you read in my bio the still ongoing series about “karmic dissapointments”
you may understand why a daily practice can spare you
many decades of the pains of ignorance & worldly trial and errors.

For those people are the next steps about

2.) growing into a daily practice

[Original instruction:] POSITION: Sit with a straight spine
(either with legs crossed or sitting on a chair with feet flat on the ground)

Eyes are focused at the tip of the nose, or closed if you prefer.

Yogi Bhajan

Step 3:
Get yourself a timer and do once weekly 3 minutes of SCK .
Each of the following 3 months you can claim one of those 3 cards of the magician:

Within the next month you may claim the second card The High Priestess, by practicing twice weekly.

(One is the male number, hence the magician was male, and two is the female number hence it is about the priestess.)

Beginners may take a month for each of those steps,
and intermediate practitioners can do one after another day by day.

Tip :
If you encounter difficult circumstances (because you are a guest somewhere for example), are surrounded by people and have no timer at hand, just do it discreetly on a toilet lid for 7 breathing cycles.
That makes approximately 3 minutes and nobody will notice your absence for such a short time.

{Original comment from Y.B.:}

The tragedy of life is when the subconscious releases garbage into the conscious mind.

This kriya invokes the Kundalini to give you the necessary vitality and intuition to combat the negative effects of the subconscious mind.

In general: only move on to next steps if you are certain that you are up to it. If you are not sure, just repeat an exercise until you feel ready to move on.

Then try to do SCK three times weekly (this is the last step in which you can set fixed weekdays for your practice).
You then may claim the card Empress.

Meditation for focus and mental purification
{Original comment from Y.B. :}

Here is a meditation that makes use of prana to cleanse mental garbage and purify the mind.

Of all the 20 types of yoga, including Kundalini yoga, this is the highest kriya.

This is a very powerful meditation for prosperity. 
It will give you a new start.

Once you are able to do SCK 4x weekly, you may claim the Emperor

{Original comment from Y.B. :}

It is the simplest kriya, but at the same time the hardest. 

It cuts through all darkness and all barriers of the neurotic or psychotic nature.

When a person is in a very bad state, techniques imposed form the outside will not work. The pressure has to be stimulated from within.

Once you are capable to do SCK 5x weekly, The Hierophant is your card.

{Original comment from Y.B. :} 

There is no time, no place, no space, and no condition attached to this meditation.

Each garbage pit has its own time to clear.

If you are going to clean your own garbage, you must estimate and clean it as fast as you can, or as slow as you want.

You have to decide how much time you have to dean up your garbage pit.

If you do SCK 6x weekly, you still can take Sundays of and still claim the card Lovers

If you want to know more about SCK or have questions, please read the archive of SCK articles including practical instructions on how to keep count or about the theory behind it here.

Now you should be able to practice SCK (for just 3 minutes) daily and therewith can claim The Chariot

Just to inspire you to know that this is possible: Even though I do come from an unspiritual and non-meditating family, I want to point out that I personally did all steps I am propagating above (but it took me long until I succeded).

So if I was able to do it, you know that you can do it too – as long as you long enough for clearing your imbalances and misconceptions.

Once you are able to do SCK daily, you are on the slow and save path which you are always able to fall back onto, whenever your practice fails.

Advantage of this path is that it cleanses your soul smoothly, working in the background, so it does not interfere with your worldly ambitions.

To create your personal safety-net:
1.) Write down when you did start doing SCK
(I use a spreadsheet to list my required vs the completed meditation times).
2.) Easy rule of thumb for when you dropped it for a while:
Since the time you started, your meditation-time should have increased by 6 minutes yearly or one minute more every two months .
{example: after 5 years you should be able to do half an hour of meditation daily.)

This pace will take you 24-25 years to build it up to the Dasvand of a tenth of a day, and an another 3 years to do the 1000 days of 2.5 hours – a 28 year cycle of a Saturn return after which your karmic lesson of life will be revealed to you.
(Saturn is the outermost planet of our solar system and it takes 28 years for it to surround our sun. Hence it shows us our outermost limits and duties.)

This may seem very long, but if you believe in a larger cycle of your soul (such as reincarnation for example), a 28 year cleansing is a mere drop against the ocean of aeons, such as
* our current Mayan calendar cycle, which lasts until the year 4772,
* the 25,000 year cycles of the astrological ages,
* or the 432,000 year Indian Yuga Cycle we are currently in (which comprises 4,320,000 years altogether!)

All you have to do to claim the Aeon or the card
the Judgement, is for you to start a meditation diary with the times you did meditate and possible insights you had afterwards.

3.) If you ever fell behind this plan, don’t throw it away, but use the intermediate course to catch up to the point where you should be.
This way I even did manage to jump back on the waggon after having failed to practice regularly for 20 years !
Apart from that you may use this system to implement all kinds of other unpleasant activities into your life.

To give something back:
Share your experiences in the comments,
so that others can learn from you and you can learn from others.

When you are ready to move on, notify me here,
and I will post the intermediate steps for you.

Thoughts on 3HO

How Sodarshan Chakra Kriya does stir up all the emotions

A blue big aura is about Jupiter, which is one of the spiritual principles, which pervade all areas of life.

Jupiter is related to:

  • the index finger,
  • the color blue,
  • the throat chakra,
  • spirituality,
  • and qualities like expansion of the body, career or aura.

All in all it can be compared to the spiritual aspect of the wood element in traditional Chinese Medicine, which is called HUN.

And the left nostril, which is covered in the exercise today relates to the moon side of the person – the emotional side.
So connecting the index finger to the left nostril does bring spiritual awareness into your emotions. And that is how it does clean your emotional garbage.

My conclusions on 3HO

Yogi Bhajan certainly had Jupiter qualities, because at his peak he was big, very spiritual and also insatiable when building his Yogi-tea empire.
I hope that you can see that in the following critical paragraphs my intention is neither to advertise my own spiritual direction as “the next bliss”, nor to degrade Yogi Bhajan, but to be as honest as possible about all the good and the bad, including my own weaknesses and issues.

The reasons that he must have thought that his ends did justify the means is the reason why I am so frustrated with Yogi Bhajan and 3HO: He never payed any of the herbs we prepared for him, some teachers seem to have skipped taxes on their cash-income from lectures, and being an idealistic youngster, I was the ideal person to be exploited for free work (just it happens in cult-like organisations).

Just as Jesus said: “you will know them by their fruits”, this also did spread to his followers: I told 3HO members that I wanted to move to the USA, and would do any job for them.
One sucked $2000 out of me by selling me 3 times his newest version of the same Kabbalah course and making him do advanced web-design for less than the minimum wage whilst living in the most expensive area of Manhattan.
And another one, whom I did help to build up his website (for free in the hope for him to arrange me a job in LA), deliberately kept me at arms length in Europe only to post in his blog that “people who did loose their center are bad for completion, but useful troubleshooters” (a synonym for ‘useful idiots’).

If he was the all-intuitive Yogi whom 3HO makes him out to be, he surely should have sensed how fragile my young spiritual seed was and should have warned me.

To understand my grudge-holding oversensitivity, (and to give you now the warning I never had), I have to explain to you the disastrous consequences his false premises of a “highest” Kriya which “cuts through all darkness”, “gives one a new start” and “the nine precious virtues and 18 occult powers” had on me.

I was told by blog readers that there are two more Kriyas he promoted as the ultimate ones, such as Kirtan Kriya, which would “make you see the unseen”, and Sat Kriya which would be “the one Kriya he would teach if he only could teach one Kriya”.
This did water down thise promise of SCK being “the highest Kriya”, just as you might find it disappointing when you are told to be someones “one love”,
only to hear that this person also told it to two others.

Yogi Bhajan intended and certainly did very well in selling eastern spirituality to scientific minded Westerners. The only problem is that by omitting that he sold his individual combination of yogic energetic work and his orthodox belief in god, he fooled people like Gurusant Singh into Yoga and me into Sikhism – something we both never were interested to adopt. I am certain he had good intentions, but therewith also did mislead: By dishing out black&white “facts” he made it seem as if he knew “the truth” – a clarity most spiritual seekers long for only to find themselves in an abysmal pit when things didn’t turn out the way they were hoped to be.

The effect is like when a child finds out that Santa Claus never existed, or when a teenager’s dream of a super-hero-miracle, is shattered. This is especially bad when significant effort was put into that dream, as it leads to a literal dis-appointment – a step away from a hopeful appointment ones soul made.

I fully admit me naively having been attracted to Y.B.’s teachings, because he had the same assertive “Gallbladder-energy” (as it is called in TCM) as my father had.
One always attracts Gurus which reflect ones own personal inclings. Since “German discipline” was pushed onto me, his unyielding speeches were the language I was prepared to hear – not realising that a rigid discipline is not the path to open mindedness.
{This btw is why I choose those Tarot cards drawn by Frieda Harris:
She did have the exact same ambivalent relationship to her associate Alister Crowley, as I had to Y.B. – a mixture between fascination and awe and frustration.}

For the next 2 decades I was sincerely dedicated to this Kriya trying and failing to do the 2.5 hours regularly over and over again for 1000-3000 of times (no exaggeration!), all in the hope that this would be the key to overcome all obstacles.

My failures (together with not being able to follow the dietary and circadian Indian 3HO-lifestyle of “cultural imposition“) did lead to a tremendous amount of feelings of insignificance and guilt, and did bring out so much internal trouble in me that it did sabotage literally all worldly aspects of my life – from jobs to all my friend- & relationships and even my physical well being.
All, because I always did consider my failings to have been a result of not having dedicated myself enough to the detachment from worldly desires such as pleasures or my ambitions (which I considered to be an ego-trip).

The only aspect, which in the background sneaked up on me continuously, was me ageing and therewith the decline of my possibilities and joy in life.
Realising the ever increasing loss of opportunities I did  spiral downward into an epic depression.

This is what frustrates me so much about most successful organisations:
They never ever will take blame for the huge collateral damages they caused by using tons of expandable foot-soldiers as step-stones on their way.
Such longterm damages are too abstract to be traced back to them being the cause, because the effects are as delayed as the #meToo incubation time is.

However, I am very aware that in the end all the troubles I did encounter were also a result of my own karmic misconceptions of reality, so I mainly write those negative experiences for your educational purposes (to counteract erroneous superstitions) and at the same time for myself to let my past go in order to make love for fresh compassion again.

Whilst I initially did set up this blog to inspire other people to do more SCK, I now put up this slow course in order to protect any of you from trying to force your way onto spirituality, and then fail with nearly suicidal feelings – something I have seen a few times – even here on this blog.

~ ~ ~

Now you may ask why I do even continue to do SCK?
For the same reason couples stay together in times of disharmony,
people keep working in a tough job,
or 3HO holds on to an impeccable image of Yogi Bhajan:
We all did invest too much in our hopes and it would be disastrous to throw it all away.
It took me 2 decades building up this Kriya, and I want to do at least the legendary 1000 days of 1/10th of the day in order to able to say that I have given it the full chance.
It is as much as an experiment for me as “the last straw” I am holding onto, because everything else did fail in life and I still am hoping for that point of spiritual breakthrough. Maybe this breakthrough will only come when hope in it wanes.

But apart from my personal desperation, another reason why  I do continue and advertise for this meditation-yoga, is because I do  consider this Kriya to be one of the most effective Kriyas to clean Karma, so it is definitely is worth doing it (especially if you believe in reincarnation) and want to minimise your future suffering.
I told you about the terrible problems I had, but I also have to point out that over the years SCK did mature me by the means of profound insights.

My week with Yogi Bhajan

Yogi Bhajan

Coincidentally, just as I was at my peek of doing SCK for 2.5 hours daily, Yogi Bhajan (YB) came over to London and because someone stepped back from putting up some of his 3HO-organisation, I did fill that gap and let two members stay at my apartment.

My young energy was still uncontrolled and very chaotic at the time, so (even with the help of two friends) I had to clean my place for the entire day nonstop  until very late at night and I was still very tired when I had to pick up their bodyguards from the airport the next morning.

Because he had a VIP ticket to get through customs earlier, he came out of the gateways ahead of anyone else,  and was surrounded by a bunch of white dressed people in turbans. Since in my eyes all souls are of equal value, I was a bit puzzled that a spiritual leader would ensure and allow for having privileges which state that he was more worth than a common man.

Being very tired, I drove back with three of his bodyguards into the center – like in trance, One 3HO member did tell me that life is a stage, so it would be about playing a role, so I took that advice and pretended to have relaxed control about everything, even though I hardly could focus on the traffic.
About half an hour into the ride, one of them did point out to me that we were driving into the wrong direction – instead of back into London, we were already half way towards Brighton!

The next morning, I made a huge German breakfast for my 2 guests (which, to their shock did include not only many kinds of cheese, but I purposely did include also a few kinds of sausages to make a point that not everyone who does yoga is a perfect vegetarian). Just as we were finished, the organisers called and told us that YB had cooked, so even though we just had eaten big-time, they wanted to rush out in order to experience his cooking. From then on I refrained from the “bed and breakfast” service.

At this meal, coincidentally I sat next to YB and when I was about to rush away again to make place for one of their team he did call me back with paternal love, which to me was very flattering at the time. With hindsight I would say that the strong authority he did emanate was probably the secret to his charismatic success in building up a strong follower-ship. To him, coming from the Indian tradition of unconditional surrender to spiritual teachers, he of course took it for granted to receive the same kind of devotion he did give to his merciless teacher.

He had a ring onto which a diamond was elevated by a metal spiral, and when I remarked that this was a great idea, he replied that he had ‘many great ideas’, which as a European seemed like bragging to me – yet to Americans such statements of self-confidence are probably seen as an effective self-promotion.

The good thing is that in the consultation later he told me that at one point his teacher had him do SCK, so I knew that this Kriya is not invented by him and therefore, whenever I felt grumpy towards him, I could separate the teachings from the teacher himself by considering him to be a postman for valuable information. Remember this in case you ever disagree with teachers (or this blog as a matter): Don’t drop your practice or believe in the path only because the delivery-man was not to your liking.

I will tell you now everything he told me, so that you also may benefit from his advice:

Yogi Bhajan’s consultation

When entering YB’s room for a consultation later, he (who was 8 years older than my parents) had such a non-penetrable aura that I did not dare to confront him on his guru-like status and ask him why he did allow (or even further) that his entire bunch did constantly worship him.

Still being embarrassed about my driving disaster, I asked him what to do against the chaos in my life he recommended me to massage my ears under the shower.
{Over the years I found out that, when washing my hands, also washing my ears with cold water is as calming and refreshing as doing it under the shower and it can be done multiple times throughout the day.}

Someone made me tell him, that I currently do 2 1/2 hours of SCK at the time and in a reflex he instantly burst out something, which in my impression was that this was not targeted towards me personally, but to motivate anyone who does SCK:

If you do SCK for 2,5 hours daily, there is nothing I [meaning any Guru] can teach you anymore.

Probably because at the time I was studying Chinese Medicine, he also said: “He is a simple student and will become a great healer and a saint.”, which struck me as a a bit of a sales-pitch on his behalf to keep me going.  All I can say so far is that I did not become a great healer and am far away from being a saint, but after having read Yogananda’s autobiography of a yogi it dawned upon me that Indians have a very different understanding of saints than Westerners do – more as a person who manifests divine powers, rather  than Christians who associate a saint with someone who is ethically perfect and doing benevolent deeds.

It seems to me that flowery exaggeration is a part of the cultural vocabulary of the Indian language, and me, coming from the plain German culture took quite a few things too literal, like when he said to someone else about me: ‘He is a sage. He was born wise!’, or when he described the superhuman powers of Sodarshan Chakra Kriya.
However, such promises do have quite a longterm effect, because since 3 decades I am now hoping to get enlightened by the means of SCK.
Slowly it dawns upon me that enlightenment probably doesn’t come with a big bang but gradually and less spectacular than I did anticipate – similar to the wisdom of old age, only much faster and without the need of physical sufferings.

He must have noticed that I was not the type of getting up early, because without him asking, he also did recommend to me to meditate before sunrise something I at the time despised.
However, I have to admit, that it’s ten-times easier to meditate in the mornings before the yang of the day rises, because this early are not many internal and external thoughts around, which could an empty mindedness.
But since the morning is the worst time for busy workers to do it, I want to reassure you that this also works at any other time in the day, especially since there is “no time and space attached” to SCK.


He also did say that I would need protection and did recommend Rahke Rakhanar.
At the time and for decades later I did not want any protection, because it insinuates a discrimination against “lesser” or “evil” people, which is the opposite of what I would call unconditional love.

The 3HO dress-code

Y.B. did also recommend me to wear a turban, so I tried it for the week whilst he was there. When doing SCK without wearing a turban my energy did rise to my third eye point between my eyebrows, but when wearing one, it rose to the crown chakra on the top of my head.

I know that YB (in one of the rare occasions when he was lenient and compromising) supposedly did allow for people to wear anything white on the head, but I would add – if you want the full benefits, go for a real tightly wrapped turban, and if this is too much for you just leave it.
I did experiment a lot with wearing other white stuff but never felt anything from it – neither btw from wearing white clothes. Sikhs originally only are required to wear white underwear but not white everywhere, and all-white for me personally does not work and neither suit me. Some people thrive on the role of displaying Sikhism with a turban, but others nearly get beat up for it on the streets.
My rule of thumb is: If you really are a sincere Sikh a turban will strengthen you, but if you can’t relate to religion, then better don’t play this role, because you will end up being attacked for being a hypocrite.

The impressions 3HO left behind their environment.

At times I felt really embarrassed when we (who all where white Westerners, dressed in white and were wearing white turbans) were ordered to go to a gurdwara (the Sikh-church), to take part in their worship – but only to the point in which YB did preach – and afterwards got up instantly in the middle of the ceremony to leave or eat in a special room only for VIP people whilst the crowd was eating in the hall downstairs.
I then usually went to to eat with the community and did ask them about their perception of YB. They deemed him as just another pujari (priest) but not like something equivalent to an archbishop, which his visits with many religious leaders did insinuate.


On a subtle level I did notice YB on one hand occasionally very subtly smiling about me,  when I did follow his recommendation to wear a turban or when I was funny, but interestingly he always instantly stopped to smile, whenever he realised that I did catch him being pleased. I think it was probably a good intention to nip any potentially arising egotism of mine in the bud.

However, just before the end of his stay, because I hit my finger and could hardly wrap a turban, and also because I didn’t want to be someone who just puts on a show for him him, I stopped wearing a turban and all white clothes.
I found it too tedious to wrap it all up only for the meditation session anyway, because I would not have worn it outside.

The tipping point for my faith in 3HO

When I am in admiration of a cause or person I do give everything I can, and so it was with YB and 3HO. I did everything for them, took out all the time for them, and also donated to YB for his consultation, despite the fact that I drove them around for a week and did put them up for free.

Ironically it was actually YB himself, and his huge demands for the 3HO organisation, which made me loose my daily routine of doing 2.5 hours of SCK, because for the time of their stay I was constantly in demand of driving them around.

At one point, in the middle of me still eating, he  demanded that we all get up right now and when I continued to enjoy my food he reprehended me by mocking my epicurean humming and told me of harshly, which then was a breaking point for me.
As I did follow him just a few minutes later, he made sure that he had started the public lecture already before I drove down in the car had the chance to arrive.
You may say that this was oversensitive of me, but looking in the look he gave me when I arrived in that hall I perceived it as one of those subtle power-games and him rubbing in the consequences of my non- compliance in order to drive through a point.

Now I am going to tell you something few of you do consciously experience:

The rare occasion to witness a spiritual war first hand

After he was gone, I found out that part of the reason for him coming was that there was at that time a power-struggle between his top British disciple, who was the deputy head of our college, and the director, who was a Vietnamese Buddhist monk, who supposedly did embezzle some money to be sent to Vietnamese people in need.

Unfortunately neither side was prepared to open-heartedly talk to each other:
When questioning the monk, he only replied that it would be “his way not to talk about it”, and made certain that he was gone to a retreat when Yogi Bhajan came.
But on the other hand I did not sense a compassionate approach on behalf of 3HO either.

3HO surely was a total dedicated bunch who like a busy swarm of bees did shoot through the London Academy of Chinese Medicine, so the many students who did not primarily follow 3HO teachings (or did not even know about YB) felt overpowered by them claiming the place for themselves with their “Kundalini-stare” (as Gurusant Singh calls it). Someone described it like this:
With their Kundalini-Yoga they build up a tremendous amount of will-power, 
but then they don’t know what to do with it.
And indeed, it seemed to be all about strengthening their own group just for the sake of it.

Because both sides did like me, and at the time, I could literally feel being dragged into a spiritual war of both sides, like (the 3HO member and) deputy head of our college “scanning” me at one point for loyalty and then ordering me to clear out the Buddhist monk’s desk, so that the monk perceived it as if I took sides against him and said that I now would be with “the Kundalini-people”.
Not wanting to take sides, this led to me literally “putting my head down” and stay below their spiritual level by going to the pub to drink with fellow students and co-workers, to “ground” me and keep in synch with the common people.

This is something you on your spiritual path have to watch out for – sometimes it is not you having no spiritual discipline, but adverse circumstances may sabotage your internal evolution:
In order to satisfy your karmic need for harmony you at times may sacrifice your evolution, because by preserving your dignity and keeping to walk upright, you might ending up becoming crucified as Jesus did when he did not hide his light under a bushel.

It is very easy at those occasions to hide behind ignorance, because hardly anyone will see that you did.
However – even though it will be initially gratifying to play it safe –
you should not for long pretend to be dumber than you are, because in the long run your ‘playing it safe’ will weaken your character and turn you to a cowardly fence-sitter who will end up merely walking in other people’s footsteps.

~ ~ ~

A month later YB came once more and waved me into his room where he was lying on his bed, because he still was very strong, yet did need to lie a lot in his bed often already.

But I did not enter his room and didn’t even want to talk to him anymore, because the only way I would have opened my heart to him again would have been if we could have talked about my issues with him.
Yet I knew that any criticism would have been dismissed harshly by him. Maybe that’s why he gave me the name “Amar“, because that means something like “free spirit” – probably with a connotation of “untameable”.


3 spirituelle Tugenden: Durchhalten, verlangsamen, ausbalancieren


Als ich einmal ein zehn-Tages Kurs Vipassana in Frankreich mitgemacht habe, hatte ich das Glück dem Gründer selbst, Goenka, zuhören zu dürfen, der sagte:

“Die meisten spirituellen Anfänger wechseln ihre Richtung oft,
aber wer Öl finden will, kann nicht mal hier 10m und dort 100m bohren,
sondern muss an der selben Stelle sehr tief bohren, um welches zu finden.”

Die Meisten glauben, dass sie mehr Probleme lösen könnten, wenn sie schnell denken, aber Yogis nennen solches mentales Umherspringen einen “Affengeist”.


Yogi Bhajan hat gelehrt, dass Yogis es schaffen ihren Atem auf einmal pro Minute zu verlangsamen, also werden wir beim Atem anfangen, der das Bewusstsein mit dem Unterbewusstsein verbindet: Du kannst sowohl freiwillig gesteuert atmen, als auch in Deinem Schlaf, und auch Dein Unterbewusstsein steuert Deinen Atem durch Deine Gefühle.


Jupiter-aspekte sind :

  • der Zeigefinger,
  • die Farbe blau,
  • das Hals Chakra,
  • Spiritualität,
  • und Qualitäten wie die Erweiterung der Karriere, des Körpers und der Aura.

Es kann mit dem geistigen Aspekt des Holzelements in der traditionellen chinesischen Medizin verglichen werden, der HUN heisst.

Und das linke Nasenloch wird der emotionalen Mondseite einer Person zugeordnet.
Daher bringt der Zeigefinger am linken Nasenloch spirituelles Bewusstsein in Deine Emotionen.

Und das ist, wie Sodarshan Chakra Kriya Deinen emotionalen Müll aufräumt.

Danach kannst Du zur Mittelstufe weiter fortschreiten.

2 key virtues: persistence and deceleration


I once had the luck of participating in a 10-day Vipassana course in France
under the personal guidance of its founder Goenka , who said:

Most spiritual beginners change their discipline ever so often,
but if one wants to find oil, it is futile to drill 10 m here and 100m there.
One has to drill very deep at the same place in order to find it.”


Most people think that by thinking fast they could solve more issues, but yogis did call such mental jumping around “a monkey mind”. The transformation is beautifully displayed in the card above which does contain so much symbolism, that it would fill an entire article by itself.

Yogi Bhajan taught that Yogis could manage to breath only once per minute, so we will start only on the breath, which also connects the subconscious to the consciousness: You can breath voluntarily, but also breath in sleep and your breath is affected by your subconscious emotions.

The comfort to know that any tragedy may even lead to your higher purpose

When talking about health-issues, someone recently did recommend to me the book “You can heal your life” by Louise Hay, which I want to pass onto you.
Additionally I want to share a tragic story about a little boy who did cause an accident which then made him go blind. Whilst this is any parent’s nightmare, what I just read on Wikipedia, made me re-evaluate my narrow-minded pity which only was focussed on enabling all of us to “enjoy life to the fullest” by replacing it with a higher purpose:

Louis Braille was born in Coupvray, a small town about twenty miles east of Paris, on 4 January 1809. He and his three elder siblings – Monique Catherine (b. 1793), Louis-Simon (b. 1795), and Marie Céline (b. 1797) – lived with their parents, Simon-René and Monique, on three hectares of land and vineyards in the countryside. Simon-René maintained a successful enterprise as a leatherer and maker of horse tack.

As soon as he could walk, Braille spent time playing in his father’s workshop. At the age of three, the child was playing with some of the tools, trying to make holes in a piece of leather with an awl. Squinting closely at the surface, he pressed down hard to drive the point in, and the awl glanced across the tough leather and struck him in one of his eyes. A local physician bound and patched the affected eye and even arranged for Braille to be met the next day in Paris by a surgeon, but no treatment could save the damaged organ. In agony, the young boy suffered for weeks as the wound became severely infected; an infection which then spread to his other eye, likely due to sympathetic ophthalmia.

Louis Braille survived the torment of the infection but by the age of five he was completely blind in both eyes. Due to his young age, Braille did not realize at first that he had lost his sight, and often asked why it was always dark. His parents made many efforts – quite uncommon for the era – to raise their youngest child in a normal fashion, and he prospered in their care.

He learned to navigate the village and country paths with canes his father hewed for him, and he grew up seemingly at peace with his disability. Braille’s bright and creative mind impressed the local teachers and priests, and he was accommodated with higher education. He excelled in his education and received scholarship to France’s Royal Institute for Blind Youth.

While still a student there, he began developing a system of tactile code that could allow blind people to read and write quickly and efficiently. Inspired by the military cryptography of Charles Barbier, Braille constructed a new method built specifically for the needs of the blind. He presented his work to his peers for the first time in 1824.

In adulthood, Braille served as a professor at the Institute and had an avocation as a musician, but he largely spent the remainder of his life refining and extending his system. It went unused by most educators for many years after his death, but posterity has recognized braille as a revolutionary invention, and it has been adapted for use in languages worldwide.

So the sarcasm is that exactly the action which was initially tragic for him – piercing lether with an awl – is what was needed for him not only to focus on creating blind-signs, but it is also the elevation from piercing material which is the way to make signs palpable. And without that he would have just been any 43 year old man who by now is long forgotten, but now he is remembered over centuries.
Additionally this made me realise:
Whilst we define reality on our physical senses of seeing, hearing, smelling/tasting and touching, who is to say that we don’t also that the (in my eyes wrongly named) “extrasensory” perceptions or  psychic abilities such as intuitiontelepathypsychometryclairaudience, and clairvoyanceprecognition and retrocognition, are not something which everyone should have? (In ancient text there certainly are references as to times in which most humans were capable of those.)

So are not most of us disabled and just don’t (want to) know it?

So maybe instead of worrying, complaining or being frustrated about a loss of part of the tiny physical realm we rather should focus on reclaiming our long lost spiritual abilities by elevating our presence by any means necessary (as described in my still ongoing series about keys to understanding the universe).

In todays brainwash of advertisements we are guided through excitement towards buying certain products by insinuating that life would be “all about being able to have (most youthful) fun right now”. So now you ask you why this is damaging? Because the ever lasting excitement misses out on necessary guide-rails which protect us from deep suffering.

A huge part of life are the principles of Saturn which you could see as the checkout in a supermarket: At one point you have to pay for what you did put (mentally) in your basked (throughout your entire life). Looking at history: at no point in history was society focussed merely on having fun (except in decadent times amongst a tiny elite, such as Roman emperors), so because we are tricked by psychology  into buying into the pleasure centers or our brains, we overlook the largest aspects of our lifes.

Think of it: It is logical that materialistic pleasures (of our materialistic senses) can only cover 0.4% of it, when the vast majority of the universe is not matter to be experienced with those senses:

Since I do focus on my higher purpose, what I did so far interpret as health-inconveniences of ageing is slowly being replaced by me acknowledging physical issues as balustrades of my inner voice which protect me from straying away to far into the meaningless distractions of excitement. After all the outsourcing of our mind distracts from connecting to the source of ourselves and the universe – something which sorcerers . I won’t say that I am all content about my life at all, but in wise moments I remind me that:

  • My body did put on weight, because I wanted to protect myself from unsuitable sexual enocunters, which could have led me into longterm troubles,
  • my health-issues made me stop running around in order to learn stillness,
  • and what I often perceive as weaknesses are often sensitivities showing me what is right for me.

So whenever inner turmoil comes up, I remind myself of to compare myself to others who seemingly are better of than me, but to slowly walk backwards out of the maze I did entangle myself in for decades, and whenever the question “why me?” comes up, my answer is: “because … me“.



Keys to understanding the universe #4: the right posture

As explained in the second last article of this series, directions do influence us, and even the most materialistic inclined people know since body-building that specific exercises do train specific muscle groups.

The same applies to the mind which is known since thousands of years through the many yoga-postures which in its beginning stage of becoming known in the west still are merely seen as a female version of physical wellness, but the spiritual principles behind them are rarely understood.

However, in all spiritual directions, including the mainstream religions, specific postures were and are embedded in rituals, which then create a process the human has to undergo in order to transform. In a christian mess humble kneeling, attentive standing and sitting is regulated to emphasise on the attitude one should have during certain parts, the folding of hands balances out the left and right brain hemispheres, the islamic kneeling and bowing down which also is a yoga-kriya, levels the heart with the brain to prepare it for devotion, Ashtanga Yoga focusses on the transformation between several postures, and many more aspects can be found everywhere.

But in order to keep it simple let us focus on the most basic postures which serve as a root of them all and start with the upright position. Why do we always speak from heavenly forces from above? Christians believe in heaven, but we all know that there is no “angel-harp-bliss” somewhere up there. So we have to look at what does happen to us when we are “drawn down” or “uplifted”. Gravity pulls us not actually down, but to the largest body of matter, in our case to earth, so over millennia we agreed on calling earths gravity pull down. But on a cosmic scale we merely are pulled to our nearest matter, hence the downward movement is associated with materialism, whilst the upward movement relates to a transformation out of it. Look at humans on earth – technically they don’t stand up, but out into the universe:

And now let us see the universe as a bunch of neurones and synapses: The synapses are the knot-like structures, like our planet earth, and the neurones are the connections in between them. In intelligent people the connections between the synapses are improved as the term “lateral thinking” does indicate. When I was in a rehabilitation centre for stroke-recoverers I realised that the less mentally flexible people were, the more damage they had after their stroke. This is why in tests, pupils who had music and math lessons did better in math than those who did have twice the amount of math lessons.

So what do you actually do when you “rise to the heavens” in an upright meditation posture? You do connect on a macrocosmic scale the synapse earth to the cosmos and create a neurone into space, so on a microscopic level you access that space in between matter, of which there is 96% in the universe and way over 99% in matter. So exterior you are telepathically connecting to other planets and interior to unknown parts of yourself when sitting upright in order to dedicate yourself to the divine (what the next article will be all about).

Ancient Chinese had a sense for this energy which they called Qi, and Indians an even more non-materialistic one, which is called Prana, which Tibetans also call “Wind-energy”. To distinguish the different aspects of Prana, 4 elements are used (which do correlate to western elements and to a certain extend correlate to the Chinese elements).

Earth is as mentioned above descending in nature, hence the downward arrow symbol and the line through indicates that it is a final stadium.
Fire is ascending in nature and transforms matter into Prana, there is no line through, because it is a process transforming earth to air.
Air is the ultimate upwards energy, hence it has a line through.
Water, finally, does transform air back into matter (earth), just as rain does, hence no line through.

In the selected minute of this video is a concise summary of how to influence the elements basic  with postures:

To sum up the 7-fold Veru Chana Posture meditations: There are different Wind-energies inside a person:

  • The wind which excretes waste enters inside the central nerve channel, eliminating  negative emotions: (click on the symbols to learn more about the elements)
    • When broadening ones shoulders and sitting upright the
      [I assume earth] wind enters and gets rid of anger and ignorance.
      The reason for that is probably best illustrated by displaying the opposite posture: hunched forward and uptight shoulders:
    • When your neck is slightly bend downwards at an angle,and the tip of your tongue touches the palate,then fire-related wind enters and dissipates desire.
      Two postures also call for a slightly downward bend neck: The yoga posture Jalandahara Bandha and  Omphaloskepsis , which is actually a western method of looking at your navel, but by doing that one also has to bend ones neck.
      Think about the humble bowing which surrenders own desire to the divine:

      Enter a caption
    • When you lower your eye a bit, so you almost see the tip of your nose, the space-related wind enters and gets rid of egocentric pride.
      Imagine the opposite of pride when being ashamed:
    • When you sit crossed-legged and remain in single-pointed concentration, then water-related wind enters and helps to get rid of jealousy.
      Jealousy is the frustration not to stand in wide macho stance and to fulfil ones ambitions, like climbing the career-ladder (often at the expense of others).
      Hence the crosslegged contained legs contain ones egotistical desires.

      Whilst cross-legged sitting surely was born out of  being practical, this now explains why in the East where the is an emphasis of subduing the ego, spiritual practices emphasise in the Lotus seat, whilst in the West where the I first is supposedly be built up (as Rudolf Steiner said), people resort to the more comfortable chairs.
      Inventions like chairs are also a manifestation of a more intellectual and materialistically approach versus the intuitive one of the east. This is why I think that the North-west of the globe reflects the intellect, whilst the south-east the intuition. In this aquarian age both now become intermingled.
      By the way: If you can not sit crossed-legged for as long as you would like to, do it as I do and sit on a bed, so that you can put the legs down when it becomes unbearable, without having to stop your practice.

You now can implement this knowledge into your own daily practice.

<previous article: #3 proper breathing techniques

The difference between fasionable wellnes yoga and authentic personality work

Prashant Iyengar (son of the founder of Iyengar yoga):
The 18 Maha Kriyas of Yogasana    Chapter 6     (2013)

In modern pseudo-yog feelings of beatitude, solace and sense of well-being have become essential features. Bliss, beatitude, tranquility, transcendence are all on the surface mind or peripheral mind. It is only the temporal mind which gets a sense of wellbeing or a “top of the world” feeling. This mind generated by neurons of the brain is but a tip of the iceberg.

Essential Yog works on, if I may say so, ‘mineral mind’, which is ad the ocean-depth of our minds. When the water of a lake is crystal-clear, our gaze reaches down to its basin, its floor-depth, we hardly notice the water. Similarly this mind is just the surface – the tip; there are yet greater depths of mind (why not see the bottom of the ice-berg, why always the tip?), which in this context I refer to our ‘mineral mind’ or ‘mineral consciousness’.

We pay a premium today for mineral water, because it is extracted from mountains and deep valleys and is rich in the nutrients of this earth. Similarly the submerged mind, the mind at bottom of the embodiment/citta also comes as a premium; it is not sighted easily but has to be mined from deep within.

Modern Yog is but a neat consumer package. “Feel fine” is the goal of the pseudo yog, but wheter one feels fine or not is not important as to ‘become and be fine’. The essential bliss in the mind is not a naked mind perception or sensation; like in scientific evaluations, the naked-eye perceptions are hardly consideration worthy or much less than those analyses of findings conducted with strong probes and/or scopes. Similarly here, the pseudo yog’s naked faculty feelings are worthy of neglect.[…]

In the material plane of life one hardly gets the chance to exercice and explore the more sensitive, philosophical and/or meditative states of mind. They remain neclected. But in yogic pursuits the mind gets a deep philosophical exploration and develops trance potentials too.


If your Karma seems to be a never ending pain

We all heard of Karma and have an intuitive understanding of it – usually mixed up with our cultural heritage, so for Westerners it is likely to associate it with the Christian definition of sin and guilt, and since the abyss into it is so vast,
the wild-card for it in Christianity is the original sin which implies that we all are overloaded by it and need the grace of an authoritative god-figure to relieve us from it.


Yet in my understanding Karma seems to be merely the accumulation of millions of decisions, resolutions and conceptions which did in time shape our personality – neither good, nor bad, just the result of ones own mindset which developed over lifetimes.

Let’s take an example of 2 kids under extreme pressure:
One may withdraw into its own world and become more and more sensitive, fragile but also intuitive, and the other one may turn rebellious and subscribe to the philosophy of strength.

If this goes on for decades, the entire body-type may be shaped – the first one turning feeble or fat and the second one may become strong but also choleric.
And this in turn will lead them into total different life-situations where the first one sees the world as hostile and finds a secret happiness in the realms of fantasy and spirituality whilst the second one may become a hardcore materialist and very successful in “breaking a few eggs” to accomplish own goals.

Many situations will be encountered,
which then will lead to total different new resolutions, experiences and conclusions.

A change in character usually happens long after one tried to resolve a situation – usually it is when someone “had enough” and takes consequences.
This is the stage in which one doesn’t bother anymore getting into details and discussing things, but simply acts in a certain way.

Think of arguments you had with some (kind of) people; and at one stage you decided not getting involved into useless nitty-gritty stuff anymore, but just do your own thing.

This is when your personality-type mixes with the conclusions which were drawn from experiences. (And I want to point out that it is merely the conclusions, not the experiences themselves which shape ones character – two people may experience the exact same thing and react in very different ways to them).

And once things got intermingled the way back is usually hard to trace any longer. Whilst psychology does try to reconstruct root-issues through analysis, the causes may lie much deeper than the usual assumed ones in childhood if one believes in reincarnation for example. After each rebirth there is a kind of reset in which previous experiences are forgotten, but the conclusions and physical results being a certain elemental or body type, are carried forward

Someone did experience something a long long time ago which did shape the character and even physiology, and lifes later may react to certain circumstances in unexplainable ways – hence the simple place-holder-terminology for it is Karma.

So now most of us take Karma in a fatalistic way of a mysterious force overshadowing us.
But the good news is that there is a “solution” of literally “re-solving” this huge entanglement between the world and the individual: It’s the “dis-solving” of that which we decided to construct as our persona – our concerns for our relationship to the world – or in other words our ego.

This is a very difficult task, because there is no intellectual guideline and in order to “get a grip” on ones worldly entanglements one has to let this go and look from a meta-perspective. And this is what meditation allows us to do: To simply step out of the hamster-wheel of having to react and therewith add more stuff onto the pile of Karma, and simply to be.

So instead of boiling the water with emotions one does cool it down until the bottom freezes which then lets parts of ice raise to the top. In time the entire water will be turned into “coolness” and calmness.

The only problem with it is that no one knows the amount of water which is to be cooled down – is it a decade worth of troubles or thousands of years of previous lives? And neither do we know the severity of our misconceptions, so to answer how long this will take is like asking “how long is a piece of string” ?

And this is where we all at one point or another fall into desperation for having worked for so long on our issues and sacrificed so much, and yet, here we are still having to endure the same pain again and again and again.

It simply is frustrating not to see any progress, so here are a few visualisations in order not to give up:

1. Nature grows slowly – if a fast change is forced it usually is a tree being logged

Whenever pharmaceutical products work fast, they usually don’t build something in the body, but destroy something like the excessive Yang energy in young people when forcing  them to calm down with Ritalin for example.

2.) Some progress can be seen and keeps being hidden for a long while


  • yet there is progress.

If you for example only focus on the change of a minute, you will not see anything happening for 59 seconds, yet things do shift constantly. Cover the seconds on the right with your hand to simulate to be blinded to smaller changes – you need patience to wait for the next minute when not seeing the seconds move.

2.) If your life seems to go back and forth it may be part of a larger picture

Let’s stay at the example time and think that you would be one of the 24 analog clocks below, but can not understand the irregularities of your life alone.
You may not see it yet, but in the larger context it later may make perfect sense:

3.) Your timeline is not necessarily straight but possible a spiral

You evolve from the bottom and every so often you encounter the same point P again and again, but always on a higher level.

Or if the spiral is lying your evolution seems to go up and down

  • yet you are slowly increasing your level of consciousness:



Subconsciously you know it – even it the personality-work seems never to stop – all you need is to carry on to do your soul-cleansing, because the most stupid thing would be to turn around, when you walked the largest part of the way through the desert already.

I once walked with a group through the desert and we came to an oasis, but the pond below the waterfall was full of people, so we had to walk up the hill to the next one.
This also was full of people so we walked further up to the third one which also was occupied. Knowing that there were Panthers which were quiet in the day, we kept walking to the fourth one, but when this also was not free we carried on until the fifth one and there we had he most beautiful view over the desert and I later found out that I coincidentally did visit the place where David supposedly shot down Goliath.

This taught me that sometimes when times are tough, it simply might mean that I should not settle at this low level but literally rise above my difficulties, because I might finally be rewarded with the most beautiful view on life.

The curses of spiritual awakening

People advertise for their believes, because allies strengthen abstract concepts.
So religious people, Vegans, health-and sports gurus, or spiritual newcomers are on their “missions” to push their agenda onto others and persist despite lacks of success – simply in order to be “good” – usually by praising how beautiful their new-found ways would be.

Yet the reality usually is very different: Hardly anyone has a constant happy and fulfilled lifestyle and even the greatest motivators or masters can contract any kind of disease or die at any time and often the most celebrated and admired people have huge issues – all of which is usually dismissed with the Jokers of unexplainable “Karma” or “Fate”.

So why are especially people who work so hard to better themselves and the world often the ones who are laughed at most for not succeeding in what they preach or long for?

The answer lies in the shift of consciousness:
In music, 2 notes which are close together are called a second and usually sound rough,
the further away a note moves from the base note, the better it sounds – a fifth (which is called “Quint”) for example is 5 notes higher and can provide a quintessence, and when the same note is reached again, things harmonise on a higher octave:

The same aplies to rythms, or colors for example: unvafoable colors can clash
and often oppistes one match better (which is a reason for different kinds of people having a relationship).

So when someone awakens spiritually the person evolves out of the tribal mentality as Carolyn Myss explains it very well, there will be a huge friction – not only because of frictions in (color- or sound-)vibrations, but also,
because the surrounding one grew into does everything possible to keep one at bay in order to ensure everyones continued participation in it and therewith strengthening the tribe.

Especially family problems are a classic issue which make spiritual seekers look like eccentric black sheep,
who compensate for their inability to conform with “outlandish” hopes and projections onto forces which literally are “out of this (material) world”.

The realm of super-heroes satisfies that huge need (especially of not acknowledged teenagers)  and pacifies most materialists by giving them a way to let off some steam through comix or movies.

Yet there also are real miracles (the ones which usually are dismissed and simply accepted as unexplainable), which justify a life-long search for a higher purpose of genuine seekers who are not content of merely playing along for the sake of fitting in(to a much to tight jacket).

It usually just takes only one glimpse of what is dismissed as “Alices wonderland”, such as a moment of understanding or a dream,
to never wanting to buy into the illusion of Maya and play along with the brainwash pushed on us by greedy people in forms of advertised material needs.

And if you are one of the people who “got it”, now you have the problem:
By starting to question a few fundamental maximes you triggered an avalanche from without and within at the same time:
The outer world will react to your “in-sights” with tremendous aversion for their world is literally rocked and your inner world also is shaken,
because you start to see what kind of a fool you were for having slept for ages.

This then will lead to a disaster of you becoming more and more sensitive, whilst your immediate surrounding will treat you with contempt, aggression and schadenfreude.
It is shocking to see how most people will actually “kick a man when he is down” and not the least feel guilty about being responsible to have blood on their hands.
The simple reason for them killing anything they don’t understand (as it is propagated in many alien-invasion and xenophobic mainstream movies) is their fear of the unknown fear of change and also their repression of own guilt.

But as if that is not enough, the double bind now is that the spiritual seeker starts to understand wrongs in a total new way which, then will bring up a tremendous amount of anger and frustration whilst not even being able to express them to the perpetrators. Usually, attemps to work them out together constructively will only make things worse by aggravating others or making them look down on one for being weak.

An example of such an insight can be the Freudian analysis of the ego:

Let’s say that your parents did educate you about their moral values,
so you try to live up to those in order to be a “good” person.
This is called the superego.
Your ego is your self (which you are working on in spirituality),
and the Id are your lower needs and wishes (your inherited limbic desires).

First the task seems in line with spiritual work (or one chooses the spirituality which matches the parental moral values) …

… but once you wake up, some aspects arise which just don’t fit into the clear black & white straight forward goal anymore.
What if in your meditation it comes up that your parents did not merely convey a clear moral goal to you, but also did condition you to adhere to their personal ID?

One case could be the dogma to cherish the parents sentimentality and therewith not being able to live your own life (which could be a classic for Hellinger’s family therapy).

A worse case would be any kind of violation (and I am not only talking about those dramatic sexual traumas, but also about much more often seen constant nagging dogmas such as political or religious believes which are enforced through guilt).

Often when such insights come up they are “explained” to the brain as definite events (which may or not even have happened that way),
or worse, are swallowed in a self-destructive or self-degrading obedience.
This sarcastically does make the person with the connection to higher realities look like a neurotic conspiracy theorist
– something which will turn the seeing accuser into an easy target to be ridiculed.

In case you had such revelations here my strategic 2 cents for you:
Since your intuition could be right, but your intellectual translation into the reason behind it wrong, I would suggest you to treat your insights with extreme caution and not accuse others, until you tested your theories a few times and they did prove to be right.
Because if you only once were wrong, most listeners will loose faith in your judgement and if things go down bad, you might even end up having to apologise to someone whom you know is energetically the cause of your pain – just not in the way you portrayed it.

Even more difficult is it in cases of family problems,
because one has the same genes as the suppressors, so a conflict is nearly pre-programmed:
2 similar characters repel each other, just as the same poles of a magnet do.

So how can you get through the waking up from a fairy tale dream into a dormant nightmare?

The first aid is to look at everything as a reflection of yourself and seeing yourself as the creator of your own world.
This will re-impower you to have the ultimate tool for changing even the most adverse circumstances.

So your parents could be seen not as your parents, but as your former self – whether it is in your genes or your previous lifes (however your belief-system works).
In case you were entangled in a victim-consciousness (which is quite normal, because we are conditioned to have experienced parents as the ones holding the power), this will move you into an empowered position.

However, since each coin holds two sides, there also is unfortunately a lesser pleasant side to this view because with great power comes great responsibility.
So the next step is then is to acknowledge that if you are the creator, then you also have to be the creator of this mess you are in, so the best you can do is to relax into it and not fight it, because else you are fighting yourself.

But this doesn’t mean to play the often propagated “love and peace” number and roll over like an obedient dog.
In order to solve the dilemma of the dogma to revere your ancestors and to protect yourself from constant attacks, it is sometimes not bad to cut family ties for a while (either externally, or internally by doing a ritual).

One ritual for example would be to visualise an umbilical chord between you and someone else and then cutting it with a sword in one hand and burning it with a torch in the other. This then will at least protect your tender soul for a while like a fence does protect a little plant until it grew stronger.

Especially for sensitive spiritual people to cut ties seems totally contrary to their agenda to implement that “we all are one” into their lives, but it is a necessary step on the way to clearly distinguish the self from the non-self as the Indian term Viveka describes it.
After all – each cell knows its place in the body, and it would be a disaster if your body could not clearly distinguish one from another.

This is why people who are too good-hearted to confine themselves often are overweight and can not loose it, because they benevolently take on issues which are not necessary theirs. The lesson is clearly that the time has come to take care for oneself as much as was done for others.

But after that insight the strategy is clear:
Simply (any maybe literally) “sit this one out”, by meditating, contemplating and relaxing into it until the waves of those unpleasant vibration slowly calmed down again.
First of all this will protect yourself and the surrounding from damage, and it also it will ensure a balanced way to slowly withdraw backwards, without loosing the compassion for the people we encounter,
(whom we subconsciously know to have the exact same dilemmas as us).

Us simply brushing them of could wipe them into the gutter of marginalisation, and it is no holistic solution to simply hop onto the bright side of life at the expense of others. After all, that is what they did and our task is to literally “rise above the occasion”.

I once saw my life as a string with many knots in irregular intervals and I realised that each of those knots is unnecessary anger which mostly arouse from narrow-mindedness.

So each time we observe one of those energetic knots and don’t put oil onto those flames our mind has the chance to expand so that those entanglements eventually dissolve themselves for being irrelevant.

When we realise that the people who hurt us were very likely our former selves,
most issues are a result of our own Karma of likely thousands of years,
so don’t be surprised if it takes decades to solve them
– after all this is fast in comparison of the time it took you to pile the issues on,
and you are transforming hurtful misconceptions and therewith bettering the world.

What we often perceive as a curse or as obstacles,
may our souls way of spoon-feeding us the tasks to be resolved.