1000 days of daily meditation transform a monkey into a saint

Those were my first words when I did start the blog:
This blog is dedicated to the Kundalini-Yoga-Meditation Sodarshan Chakra Kriya
in order to inspire others to join my 1000-day-quest to do do this meditation daily.

Here is the quest I put out in 2014 for others to join: http://www.pledgebank.com/1000daysodarshan, and I started the blog with following words:

It is my strong believe that doing this exercise will transform anyones life significantly forever,
which is why I will not only collect all information I can find,
but also create forums for you to join and comunicate with each other
so that we can inspire each other by letting us know the difficulties we encounter and the benefits we reap.

Then I put all those steps of my progress on the right margin at the blog in realtime:

0.) The beginning of a 1000 day challenge
You can take this opportunity to follow what I did. (It’s always easier when you know that someone has walked the path before)
September 9th, 2014
To let you know in which state I was in when starting: Because I broke my back, had a stroke and 2 cerebral haemorrhages I was lying in bed the entire day and even though I look preatty couldn’t (and still can’t) do much, so I started to declare only 3 minutes of daily meditation as my daily goal. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The philosophy behind my logic is that Yoga-Kriya should heal me and balance myself so that the right lifestyle will follow later, so I did not start as most do by living “political correct” as it is propagated by esos (like non-smoking, not drinking alcohol, eating vegan being all ‘love and peace’) but simply do do the yoga and let the meditation bear its fruit so that changes come from within. This is a longterm experiment which you can follow here to see if that concept works. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And for anyone who wants to start to meditate: read the introduction how to enter the world of meditation and then follow the steps below in your own time. Explicit explanations can be found from the top menu or categories and tags at the bottom of this sidebar.

1a.) Do 40 days of at least 3 minutes (every day)
Start slow and don’t overdo it in the beginning !
October 18th, 2014
1994 I did my first 40 days but never moved beyond them, meaning I meditated on and off since. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The reason for my inconsistency was that I instantly did 2.5 hours, which brought up much to much subconscious stuff, but I did not realize that this was happening. So I would not recommend to follow my attempt to force quick enlightenment and instead to increase the meditation times exactly in the way I described them within this 1000 day plan.
1b.) extend the 40 days to 90 days of 3 min (whilst slowly building up to 10 minutes)
90 days are the most difficult period – use it to slowly build up your time.
December 7th, 2014
It took me literally 20 years to realize that consistency is the key. Only when I started at 3 minutes again I was able to complete them in 2011 for the first time. Meanwhile I did build up the 3 minutes to 10 minutes – just to stay below the next level. The trick to save yourself those 20 years is not to build it up too quickly and stick to the timeframe of consolidating level by level of 120 days each first.
1c.) Increasing the 90 days to 120 days of 3-10 minutes
3 minutes affect the electromagnetic field, the circulation, and the stability of the blood
January 6th, 2015
It took me an entire year to finally complete the 120 days in 2011 for the first time, because I failed a few times. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This might have saved my life, because I did start to do it in the hospital where I was helf after a stroke and before a cerebral hemorrhage. It could well be, that if I would not have done SCK for 3 minutes then, I would have had a much worse hemorrhage. It is difficult to know for sure how effective preventative methods are. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Because I also have done higher levels within the last 4 years I usually do meditate significantly longer this (second) time around within this 1000 day challenge in order to very slowly further build up my practice.
2.) 120 days of 11 minutes (whilst building up to 21 minutes)
11 minutes begin to change the nerves and the glandular system
May 6th, 2015
In 2012 I tried and failed a few times to do 120 days of 11 minutes, but after one year I finally succeeded. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I want to point out that every step is as difficult as the next one because you get used to sitting, and after each 120 days you are automatically ready to move onto the next level. Do each level for 120days to consolidate it before you move on.
3.) 120 days of 22 minutes (meanwhile building up to half an hour)
22 minutes balance the three minds (positive, negative, and neutral) and they begin to work together
September 3rd, 2015
Someone just recently told me that this level existed, and because I have a tough time renovating right now, I used this opportunity to reduce my meditation time for 120 days. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Some people wrote to me, critizising how I ridgidly stick to that path, but I want to point out that this is currently the only thing to do which makes sense to me. Since I experienced many setbacks; the issue of a purpose in life overwrites my worldly longings for fun and excitement.
4.) 120 days of 31 minutes – meanwhile increasing to an hour
31 minutes allow the glands, breath, and concentration to affect all the cells and rhythms of the body. It lets the psyche of the meditation affect the tattwas (elements) and all layers of the mind’s projections.
January 1st, 2016
Yet again this took me an entire year to complete after having failed a few times again in 2013. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After half an hour there started sometimes to be mystical moments of 15 minutes in which I totally was in the moment. Such moments outweigh any hype (which usually rebounds within a day anyway). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The art is now to voluntarily choose the excitement of peace vs a worldly frantic life. The two forces bounce back over and over until the choice is made, so until I am stable I reinforce the contemplative aspect in my life until I consolidated it.
5.) 120 days of 62 min (if possible building up further)
62 minutes change the gray matter of the brain. The subconscious and the outer projection are integrated.
April 30th, 2016
In 2014 I tried and failed multiple times to complete those 120 days which is why I finally realized that I might as well start the 1000 day project – trying again and again these 120 days until I succeeded finally in February 2016. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Because an hour and more requires a more mystical framework of peace and quiet, I was working very hard on fading out the pub-life so that I could get up early in the mornings. So in a way 2016 was the turning point in my life when I set myself up for a life dedicated to SCK. Meanwhile I did build up to a tenth of the day.
6.) Catching up with my 24.5 year plan.
Once I did calculate that if I would have practiced SCK just 1 second more each day since spring of 1994, I would achieve 2.5 hours 25 years later by the end of 2018. So I am working hard to catch up with this plan within these 1000 days of daily meditation.
December 21st, 2016
This level is in a way historically for me, because after 23 years (when I first learned about SCK in 1994) I did manage to finally build it up to the time which I would be capable of doing, if I would have meditated 1 second more each day from the beginning.
6a.) 120 days of an average of 1.5 hours
This is my own intermediary step I use as a guidance just to keep up my discipline.
August 28th, 2016
After the 62min project I first went to Findhorn.org and cut my meditation down to a minimum (between 3 – 10 min), just to keep the golden threat of the 1000 day meditation going. 1 day after my return I increased the time again to 1.5 hours, started a juice-fast and also some bodyweight exercises.
6b.) 120 days of 2 hours on average
Yet again, this is an intermediary step of my own
December 26th, 2016
I did intend to do 120 days of 1.5 and then 2 hours but failed to meditate so much daily. So since this is my own intermediary step I did allow myself to re-declare it as the 2 steps which build up to those times. In fact, I did manage to build up to 2 hours 20 minutes and did “snap” the meditation forward to 2 hours 24 minutes on winter solstice to then start with 120 days of that cycle. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here I would like to remind everyone that I did try and fail for 23 years already, so don’t think that I am really special – this fast catch up just comes towards the end of my slow virtual building up plan of meditating “one second more daily” on average.
6c.) 120 days of an average of a tenth of the day (144 minutes)
In the SCK Kriya instructions 1/10th was mentioned – so it is in all religions when 1/10th is asked for as a donation (or in this case a dedication).
April 25th, 2017
A tenth of the day is not 2.5 hours but 144 minutes. So I do squeeze in this level in order to improve the quality of the meditation to perfection, before I go on to the last level of 2 1/2 hours daily. (Jalandar Bandha, Focussing eyes, slowing down the breath to a 1-minute cycle etc…), and also because doing 2 1/2 hours for 40 days is possible – yet to do it on a longterm basis is an entire different business. So I did 144 minutes and meanwhile did build up the last 6 minutes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is just 6 minutes less than the legendary 2.5 hours – nevertheless I used it to finetune SCK by correcting imperfect postures or attitudes, and meditating before sunrise, including slowly diminishing my intake of coffee, cigarettes and alcohol and depleting habits like masturbation. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This level was a good preparation for the future full 2.5 hours, because this was the first without any shorter fall-back-time. Hence I did have to improve my lifestyle which I did let slide for 23 years until the last possible moment (now). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All in all, it was the first level in which the time-increase was less significant as my lifestyle surrounding my meditation – including meditating before sunrise in order to get the long meditation done before the yang of the day rises and I potentially become impatient.
7.) Completing the 1000 with 40 days of 2 1/2 hours of SCK.
2 ½ hours completes the cycle of prana and apana so what you gain will hold through the cycle of the day. It holds change in the subconscious.
June 5th, 2017
8x 120 days is 960 days which did leave exactly 40 days to complete the 1000 days with a final 2.5 hours. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The milestone here was not to complete the 1000 days, but the fact that my decade-long work of slowly fading out unhealthy substances came slowly to a halt within the last decade or so, meaning that I managed to leave the dualistic axis of having a longtime issue with being excessive and addictive. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hence I have no rule to be a perfect vegan, non-drinker, non-smoker, non-wanker, etc…. but I allow myself to stay flexible as Hildegart of Bingen said and follow her motive: “When Pheasant, then Pheasant, and when fasting, then fasting!” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Instead I managed to channel my excessiveness into spiritual aspirations which seems way more constructive to me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All in all I can say that the 1000 days did not turn me into a saint as promised, but changed my character to a significant more peaceful one, improved my lifestyle and I also did manage to build up SCK from the lowest to the highest level – not bad considering that it took me 15 years to manage to meditate just 3 minutes for 40 days at the time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So the accomplishments did lie more in the preparation for a perfect meditation which then demands for me to continue this Kriya. Since I did put so much pain and effort in building up I might as well go to reap some of its fruits of building up my true self or (vertically concerned) “I” after having shattered my (horizontally society concerned) “ego”.
8.) I couldn’t keep up the 2 1/2 hours, so I had to do SCK intermittent with many breaks in between
For the next two years whilst doing SCK half of the time, I did focus more on my lifestyle and my mental attitude when doing SCK
April 27th, 2019
Building up Sodarshan Chakra Kriya brought up so much psychological garbage (or in other words: release Karma), that it did take up my entire energy. Hence I was literally lying in bed most of the time over the last 3 years. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In august 2017 I accomplished to eat often vegan at home, trained for 20 minutes daily (half bodyweight half rowing), did not eating late night, cut down alcohol and cigarettes by 90, got up around 4:25 in the mornings, did a daily video log &house-cleaning for half an hour daily, lost 12kg bodyweight (which I gained later again). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ However – I could not maintain it on my own for long, so after taking a proper break of a month, I did reset the entire project to start with the final step on my birthday. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ But what I did meanwhile was to prepare for a proper mental attitude towards the divine: Whilst this entire timeline does focus on the time of the physical exercise, I realised that something in my attitude was missing, so I got myself the only english book about Trilanga Swami and Shankari Mataji – the oldest people I know of, and “Mastery of Self-realisation from Shri Sadguru Siddharameshwar Maharaj who managed to get Nisragadatta Maharaj “enlightened” within 3 years only. It took me a year to just start to read little bits of those books though.
9.) Doing 2.5 hours as often as possible for the length of a Tibetan retreat time of 3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days
For 25 years I was building up to this last phase
August 21st, 2022
years to go.
9.a) First part of the final step:
40 days of 2.5 hours of SCK
June 7th, 2019
In order to give myself an incentive, I have to split up my last 1000 days into small packages. So I started with 40 days of 2.5 hours which I had done three times already: * once at the very beginning, 25 years ago, * once a tenth, * and once another 40 days at the end of the buildup 1000 days. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In order to restart my cycle at the best possible point, I did nothing for the month before my birthday and I was proud to be able to get back to 2.5 hrs and also did improve my focus on the divine. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To be totally honest: There was one day when I only could do 1.5 hours, because of a back-pain, but since Yogi Bhajan did tell me that missing one day when doing the full 2.5 hours would not be a problem, plus I did do more than half of it before sunrise, and because I wouldn’t be surprised if adverse circumstances will continue to happen throughout the 1000 days I did continue and add this day unto the challenge so that I can say in the end that I really did do 1000 full days in the end. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I did drink alcohol a few times but overall realised that drinking is over for me. (FINALLY I seem to have managed to fade out this axis of addiction and have no cravings anymore to long for the numbing relaxation.) Also, the draining after-side-effects (whether increased due to my health, age or because of SCK, I couldn’t say) did last for 4-7 days, so the damages by far did outweigh the short-term benefits.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Overall within that time, I stabilised emotionally a lot which is important not to fall back into drinking and smoking. Still the occasional anger-hiccups pop up; whenever I realise how naive I did let people abuse or ridicule me; but that usually fades fast and I am able to move on without the need to drink my anger away afterwards. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Also – since the SCK buildup above did work nicely by consolidating and increasing my slow progress each 120 days, I also started a build up of my greatest weaknesses: daily training and housework. This way I actually can experience a tangible progress whilst remaining on the SCK plateau for the next 3 years. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So I just did 3 minutes training daily – because that time is so short, I chose the most difficult exercises which I hardly could accomplish. And I did 10 minutes of hoursework daily – not more in order to consolidate my growth, but it is amazing how much one can accomplish if totally focussing on one task without procrastinating or escaping it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The temptation is great to do more in order to see results faster, but I should have learned from my 2 decades of failure with SCK and how I finally managed to consolidate my practice (as you can see in this timeline above).
9.b) 2nd attempt to do 90 days of 2.5 hours
This is a new challenge for me, because until now I always failed around day 55
July 27th, 2019
In my first attempt I failed, because I first had to dig painfully through two decades of accumulated traumata. This proves that one can not simply relax into evolving slowly, because if you do nothing, tons of Karma are accumulated additionally, which throw us back and have to be worked out additionally. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Because a little alcohol does not relax me but rather makes me want to drink at least enough to get tipsey and relaxed, there was no way to further reduce alcohol gradually. So towards at the end of the last 40 days I did make up my mind to just stop drinking alltogether – a big step for someone who did drink up to 8 beers per night (8years ago). This is something which I did hesitate to do for 3 decades to do, because I wanted to let my addictions fade out rather than keeping this axis of addiction in my Karma, by supressing it with “discipline”. Since this period I discovered that I did only smoke when meeting people to drink alcohol, so at the same time I also did decide to cut smoking tobacco out of my life (but I still vape with 3mg Nicotine at my window when contemplating to give my limbic system at least one thing to enjoy). I gain the patience to read and focus better – also in programing. So I finally got around to start to read the books I bought a year ago about Trilanga Swami and one called “Master of Self-realization” in order to get closer to the abstract meaning of WaheGuru or the divine. About the training and cleaning: I still continue to build up both one minute more every 10 days (which then falls in line with the 120 days of 3,11,22,61 minute cycles each). Physical energy also increased because the vicious cycle was drinking – creating heat – sexual craving – masturbating – depletion. So instead of suppressing my sexuality as moralists and religious people preach; whenever I had slight sexual urges but I was in doubt, whether it really was necessary to release heat (which was most of the time), I just refrained from masturbating, which additionaly gave me more energy to do my housework and row on the machine. Instead of doing more, in order to loose weight, I rather get more in tune with myself which then also should self-correct my imperfect eating habits. Eating is one of the most difficult imbalances to rectify, because in opposition to (illegal and legal) drugs, it is necessary, and to continuously starve leads to a loss of a health-related appetite, which then can lead to an eating disorder – swinging from the fire of overweight into the frying pan of anorexia. This worked out nicely, because I now manage to have intermittent fasting breaks of 16 hours quite often. My current weightloss is still slow however – 1kg per month. But better constant and changing towards a healthier habit, than a fast change with the typical relapses I had so many times.
9.c.) 3rd attempt of doing 90 days of 2.5 hours
Since I failed to do the 90 days daily, I repeat my efforts to complete them now.
September 13th, 2019
25 years ago I managed to do 40 days of 2.5 hours, and in step 7 above I did them towards the end of my 1000 day build up. But because there were 3 days within the former 90 days, in which I could not complete the entire 2,5 hours, I add them again here to at least complete the 120 days of each level properly. I realised however, that trying to pull through 1000 days of daily 2,5 hours nonstop is nearly impossible, because there will be days when I have to cut it short. This is ok as long as I am really honest to myself, meaning that I can’t just not do it, because I don’t feel like it, but because I had real reasons like back-pain, lumbago or in the midst simply had to admit honestly that I was cheating so much that I can’t count this as a full session. So I won’t go for 1000 days nonstop but for 1000 days as close as possible to each other, continuing to count the previous days I did. Throughout the first 3 months everything was boring and SCK seems to provide a state of relaxation to simply stay with it without compensating. I have to say that for the entire 25 years I never managed to really like doing SCK – it always was an ordeal, but my subconscious knew that I have to balance out my vast range of imbalances. Overall my real focus on “WaheGuru” was a mere ridiculous minute per each session, so within the next steps I intend to dedicate myself more to the focus “in the here and now”. However, even the Dalai Lama and another Tibetan monk said that the most difficult for them is simply to focus.
9.c.) 4th attempt of doing 90 days of 2.5 hrs
In last attempt I made it to day 74 – longer then ever.
October 3rd, 2019
After the magic most difficult period between 50 & 80 days (74 days), three adverse circumstances came together so that I had another day without any energy whatsoever. Since I saw that I more and more was cutting down on SCK already by doing 1/10th of the day since half a week (which is only 6 minutes less than 2.5 hours but a sign that I was on the edge), after having procrastinated the entire day, I decided to be honest again, skip the day properly and enjoy the evening. Since I still have over 2 years ahead of me this is no loss, so I simply continued the next day and did reset the counter. Within the 1000 days I want to at least have accomplished to do 120s nonstop of 2.5 hours. There is a fine line in being obsessive and disciplined, so I compromise, by completing all 120 cycles ridgitly, but take the 1000 day period a bit looser as mentioned before. Due to a emotional intense Mars-period in my life I had to take a few days break twice within a week, so I am restarting the 90-day-challenge once more.
9d.) 5th attempt of doing 90 days of 2.5 hours
I learned that instead of looking for mystical insights I still have to focus on the mantra “Waheguru” without deviating into thoughts.
November 29th, 2019
Mystical insights start to fade in – a blissed state, but recent deviations into social networking and Wikipedia work snapped me right out of it again; and I was reminded again not to look for the fruits of the Kriya, but stick to a plain, focussed daily performance. Focus was still rare, and I did purposely face all old nostalgic feelings in regards to broken old friend- and relationships; but towards day 53 of the 90 days (exactly on the 200th day of doing 2.5 hours) I finally had a breakthrough from my 20 years of tremendous emotional burdens of feeling shame, guilt, anger and resentment, by literally having had no emotional attachment to any of the many people I admired, loved or hated in the past anymore. Plus for the first time in my life I did not feel obliged to keep any friendships open anymore only not to leave anyone behind. It was long enough that I did give everyone the chance of reconnecting with me or that I had given everyone many, many explanations to clarify misunderstandings. To be liberated from those emotional weights, as well as my drinking and smoking habits, came hand in hand with a lot of self-love work I did and do, and paves the way for a total new reality to enter; and also to focus much better when sitting now, by not having to dwell on old garbage anymore. This literally was a historical time for me and made the entire Sodarshan Chakra Kriya Project worthwhile! However, around day 55 I had exhausting duties to do and got attacked so severely that at the end of the day, also due to my back problem – I simply had to skip SCK and therewith have to restart my attempt yet again for a fifth time. So far I never accomplished to overcome the magical 60 days of 2.5 hours for 26 years.
9f.) 6th attempt of doing 90 days of 2.5 hours
You see on my many attempts here how often I did try with each of the other steps – I just did not mention it above, cause I had done them before (which took me a decade).
December 4th, 2019
This started as an emotional challenging time at the beginning of winter, so I failed after just 4 days of going straight – the reason being – I had forgotten that I wanted to watch the movie “Official Secrets”, which only did play on that day, so I had no time anymore to complete the meditation I had prosponed until that time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  This is a good example how not only to do 90 days is difficult, but also to accomplish the first days of such a task, because if I had done 60 days already, I surely would not have preferred to go to the cinema, because I would have lost those. So in a longterm meditation task we should take the first days as serious as the last. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  More deep stuff came up, but also towards the end of the meditation I felt some spiritual insights coming, plus I start to see random subconscious nonsensical images and lighter fields – Vivekanda said that when lights appear one evolves. Within the short 4 days of this failed attempt I already had two fascinating insights: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  First I learned to understand why personal attacks hurt: It is because some initially make ourselves reveal our inner self exterior, and then others do criticise it. This is why those are attacks against the most vulnerable inner part. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And then I gained an insight in how ideas are shaped – initially some random image comes up (I assume from deep inside), but the interesting part is that I then can mold that one depending on my beliefs – for example I saw an image of a baby and then thought of age, and instantly it became old. This seems to be the way how the law of attraction works.
9g) 7th attempt of doing 90 days of 2.5 hours
Since in my last attempt, I just failed after 4 days, I learned to take the first days as serious as the last ones.
December 15th, 2019
It didn’t matter to me to fail so often, because I am collecting as many days of 2.5 hours of SCK as possible, within 3y,m,w,days. What made me fail after only 10 days again was a family event, which already made me nervous enough not to sleep the night before, puls an invitation to drink alcohol made me loose my momentum to do SCK, so I had to give up after half an hour.
9h) 8th attempt of doing 90 days of 2.5 hours
There is no rush to accomplish that step, because I am in the long haul of 1000 days anyway.
December 31st, 2019
Now you can see how or why it took me a year to accomplish each step – I simply failed a few times and then tried again and again until I had accomplished it. You also can see that the 90 day step always was the one which I had to repeat multiple times – the first 40 and last 30 days usually were accomplished on my first attempt. And now you know why my “obsessive” game of completing each step makes sense, because as soon as I failed, I took the next day of doing SCK, because being on day zero again there was no incentive to continuing to do it on a daily basis. *** What made me fail this time was new years eve drinking Whiskey from some youngsters. Whilst beer & wine in moderation is ok, spirits are a killer and the next day I had to give up after 62 minutes. Most readers might loose respect for me for still drinking occasionally, but I want to remind you that my plan is to transform holistically without falling into the opposite of that axis by rigidly sticking to rules of aversion, so I always try to find the balance of going with the flow without loosing myself. *** Alltogether it just dawned upon me that doing 1000 days of 2.5 hours without a break won’t be possible without being a monk, because it is an “all-or-nothing” game without a fallback into a lesser time, so all that counts for me is to do them as close together as possible in order not to loose its momentum, so I did restart straight the next day again.
9i) 9th – ca 17th, attempt (if also counting dropouts after only 1&2-days)
The advantage of rigidly sticking to the 120-day-rule is that it keeps me doing SCK regularly. Else I would have loosened up multiple times already allowing myself to take a few days of.
April 23rd, 2020

Unfortunately what I had hoped for – for other people to join me in the practice, to find like-minded people who stay for longer than a few articles, and to create a spiritual community – did not happen, so I walked through all those steps alone.

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