mind-opening documentaries

I just made a spontaneous list of documentaries to shake people out of their comfort zone,
so I would like to share it with you.
Often videos get taken down, so in case a video is “not available” anymore, simply search for the name of it and you certainly will find it again.
To help others, you can post the new links (or documentaries you liked) into the comments.

Those are just a few movies I had in mind and I would be happy for everyone to add more good documentaries and movies in the comment sections for all of us to see.

Materialistic documentaries

about fiances

The the money masters can also be downloaded

if you prefer to read buy the book “The creature from Jeckyll Island”

Questioning mainstream information: Zeitgeist

About todays politics: (It is every sentient beings birthright to) Thrive

New Age documentaries

Why everything gets faster:
The Quickening can be downloaded:

About what changed since 2012: Crossing Over: A new Beginning

About Quantum Physics and spirituality:
What the bleep do we know – down the rabbithole (an abriged version can be downloaded on vimeo)
part 1: What the #$*! Do We (K)now!?

if you don’t find it, search for it here

About the law of attraction: The Secret
(but take it with a pinch of salt, because life is not that simple, as someone explained here)

Famous spiritual motivators

(in alphabetic order not to prioritise anyone)
And there are also channelers, such as:

In case you consider channeling a farce, my view on it is that it is the uncomprimising outlet of “the etheric soul” (which in TCM is called “the Hun”), so for me it is not a case of someone really channeling aliens, angels or other higher beings, but to focus merely on the spiritual side without having to subscribe to the tremendous weight of the limitations of the zeitgeist.

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