Sodarshan Chakra Kriya Audio beats to aid your meditation count and slow down your breath

To help beginners count the 48 belly pumps in Sodarshan Chakra Kriya
I created some beats to be played until the 16 “WaheGuru”s are internalized:

The first 3 minutes are played with the Mantra to demonstrate when to pump the belly,
thereafter the mantra fades out and meditation bells occur at 3,11, 31 and 62 minutes.

Meanwhile the beat slowly slows down within 62 minutes
from a very fast pace for breathless beginners to a Yogi-level of a 1-minute-breath cycle.

To use those beats I do recommend to put all songs in a playlist, but add Songs 70-108 a dozen times and then sort ist by name. (I purposely named the songs in ascending order according to length.
Then play it whilst doing Sodarshan Chakra Kriya and pump the belly until the breathing-cycle becomes too long, meaning until you run out of air.
If that is the case I would recommend to either stop the recording; or repead that song until your meditation is finished.

The next day delete the first song from the list and continue, so that your breath slows down from day to day. But be aware that the timers are not accurate after deletion of songs,
so you have to set yourself your own timer parallel to playing those songs.

This way you kill 2 birds in one stone – you internalize the 48 pumps so that you do not need the fingers anymore, and you learn to slow down your breath – my personal strong experience is that the slower your breath is the more you will get out of Sodarshan Chakra Kriya, especially within the 15 minutes directly afterwards !

I came up with this idea over 10 years ago and left it unpublished for all that time because a fellow musician recommended to me to add some ambient music underneath.
Because music conditions emotions I find it counterproductive to play anything whilst working on a neutral state of mind. Therefore I did omit any music (except for 3 ambient bonus tracks which may are not related to SCK and be played separately).

I would recommend for you not to download the 112 individual tracks individually but the entire album, in order to play around in a flexible way with your desired time length and slow it down over time.

Except for the alarm sound I only used sampled heart beats and wind or breath to bring it as close to your organism as possible.

Edit: Those audios will be included in the beginner’s course for you to use until you manage to count yourself, or to share with your students.

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