Walking out on dualism through Diagon Alley (by the means of meditation)

I am often asked about what effects there are to observe in longtime meditation.
The first thing noticed is a very pleasant inebriation without the stupidity of drug-induced intoxication. How long that lasts correlates directly to the length and the amount of times you meditated so far.

But the second effect is that the wheel of my mindset loosens its rigidity and opens up to alternative angles instead of adopting societies consensuses the axes are draw in a refreshing unorthodox manner.
Hence I will tag those articles with J. K. Rowling’s lateral thinking wordplay “Diagon Alley” in which she cleverly matched form and content.

Since there is only so much to tell about Sodarshan Chakra Kriya, I will start to write a few blog entries with unorthodox insights arising on the spiritual path. They likely will create resistance amongst the subscribers to orthodox ideas, but can – if taken openheartedly – serve to loosen rigid thought patterns.

Those positions will of course change in the distant future, and they are not to be taken as “the objective truth”, but as demonstrations of individual and arbitrary thoughts out of a pool of infinite options; on the way of liberating ones mind.

I hope to manage to convey those positions in a manner which does aid constructive re-evaluation of preconceived concepts – if not, don’t hesitate to ask me for clarification – after all, that is what interactive websites are meant to facilitate.

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