Deepak Chopra the seven spiritual laws of success

Summed up in 27 points:

  1. Allow for silence each day
  2. Meditate at least 30 min mornings & evenings
  3. Don’t judge or blame anyone or anything.
  4. Let energies circulate – give & receive
  5. The right choice gives you a good body-feeling & the wrong choice a bad feeling. Best felt in the heart regardless of how faint it is & it is more accurate than rational choices.
  6. Law of least effort – least action – no resistance – principle of harmony & love.
    Nothing in nature tries anything – they just do it.
  7. Accept people, things & circumstances because non-acceptance would be like struggling against the entire universe.
  8. Relinquishing in defending yourself releases tremendous energies.
  9. Your extended body is the entire universe.
  10. Attention energizes, intention triggers transformation. Intention is the power behind desire.
  11. If you don’t violate any laws of nature your intent can command the laws of nature.
  12. Past&Future are imagination – only the present is eternal.
  13. Slip into the gap – center yourself – go into silence.
  14. Release your intentions & desires.
  15. Remain in the state of self-referral (don’t look at yourself in the eyes of the world – being judged)
  16. Keep your desires to yourself & only share them with like-minded people.
  17. Let the universe take care of the details.
  18. Make a list of all your desires & look at it before going into meditation or going to sleep and then
    release this list to the womb of creation: law of detachment.
  19. Don’t give up your desire but the attachment to it.
  20. Attachment is poverty consciousness, detachment is wealth-consciousness.
  21. The uncertainty provides mystery & excitement.
  22. When you force solutions you only create more problems.
  23. Good luck is when preparedness meets opportunity.
  24. Dharma means to fulfill a purpose.
  25. We are spiritual beings which have occasionally human experiences.
  26. Express your unique talents.
  27. Shift from “what’s in it for me?” to “how can I help?”

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