Complexity pays tribute to the material world, simplicity resides in spirituality

The more complex systems are, the more materialistic they are and the more simple the more spiritual they become.
Examples from materialistic to spiritual:

  • Modern Sciences and western medicine (with thousands of principles, diseases and body-parts) are only materialistic, and not spiritual at all.
    However- with the rise of Quantum-Physics the circle closes and leads to spiritual principles.
  • Astrology requires many calculations and relationships between aspects needs 12 houses.
    It is emotional and bound to very personal interpretations.
  • The Kabbalah has 10 Sephirot – can be used simplistic or in very complex ways sometimes integrating the indian
  • Chakra System which has a 7er system.
  • In Chinese Medicine you have 5 elements – mixed with complex physical facets.
  • A Source is Yin and Yang, and people who can influence those are sourcerers,
  • and the ultimate oneness is the divine which only truly enlightened people experience holistically, because it is not bound to dualistic thoughts any longer.

I assume that it is impossible to reach the last 2 levels cognitively but only by transforming ones entire person energetically away from imbalances (which manifest as ego) towards deep neutrality.

This is probably how Siddhas like Jesus or Buddha could raise the dead and heal everyone.

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