The siddhis

Yogi Bhajahn’s descriptions of Sodarshan Chakra Kriya states:

If you can do this meditation for 62 minutes to start with, then build up to the point where you can do it 2 1/2 hours a day (1/10 of the day), it will give you the following: ”Nao nidhi, athara sidhi,” which are the nine precious virtues and 18 occult powers. In these 27 total virtues of the world lies the entire universe.

So what are those Sidhis? Wikipedia states:

Siddhis are spiritual, paranormal, supernatural, or otherwise magical powers, abilities, and attainments that are the products of spiritual advancement through sadhana (spiritual practices), such as meditation and yoga.

Whilst Wikipedia refers mainly to the Hindu-version, Siddhis are also mentioned in the Guru Granth Sahib – the religious fundament of the Sikhs:
Verse (pauri) 38 of the bani called Anand Sahib refers to the 9 treasures which include:

1. precious metals,
2. gems and jewels,
3. delicious foods,
4. training in the use of arms,
5. beautiful clothing and various staples,
6. trade in gold,
7. trade in gems,
8. mastery of fine arts,
9. and all kinds of riches.

The 18 occult powers are referenced in the “Rag Gujri, Guru Arjan” shabd that comes just before “So Purkh” in the bani called Rehiras Sahib as follows:

(1) to assume another’s form,
(2) to make the body larger or smaller,
(3) to make the body miniscule,
(4) to procure objects,
(5) to read another’s thoughts,
(6) to persuade all,
(7) to fulfill the mind’s desires,
(8) to become heavy,
(9) to become immune to hunger and thirst,
(10) to hear from afar,
(11) to see from afar,
(12) to travel as fast as thought,
(13) to assume any shape,
(14) to enter another’s body,
(15) to die at will,
(16) to meet with the gods,
(17) to fulfill all desires,
(18) to go anywhere unobstructed.

Those abilities are likely to stir up a lot of emotions – on one hand there are those who believe in them but dismiss them as a nuisance and tempting distractions on the path of self-realization, and on the other hand, materialistic people without spiritual inclinations will simply not believe it – a good example is the one million dollar challenge from James Randi which no person could claim in over 50 years.

The reason I mention them here is foremost to pass on the last bit of information related to Sodarshan Chakra Kriya without holding anything back – it is not to advertise spirituality through sensationalism.

The question is now what attitude to take on without subscribing to any extreme. In a way they should not be dismissed lightly because the questions whether they exist or not influence the entire attitude towards spirituality. Let us take Jesus as an example:

People who believe that he was the son of god won’t allow for siddhis to be possible – only god is allowed to have or give those powers.
On the other hand believing in siddhis opens the possibility for Gnosticism, meaning that we humans have the potential to bring out divinity in us – a tremendous implication which could shatter all power structures of religions and society by enabling us to take charge of our own lives without living like powerless obedient sheep.

The disadvantages of being attracted to them are clearly the dangers of first developing a tremendous ego and abusing those powers or to hold us back in the material world while indulging in those fruits.
Think it through: What would happen if you gained even one of those abilities? First you had to question yourself repeatedly when it would be wise to use the force – obviously selfish use will inevitably set one back to square one instantly by having lost ones non-attachment and serenity.
On top of that the question would be what is good for others?At first glance it might be noble to heal others or to spread wealth, but what if poverty or diseases were brought onto people by their own imbalances? Then a correction of course is only a symptomatic treatment, just like you paying of debts of a gambler or an addict who only falls back twice as hard.
And you might encounter a massive opposition from simple-minded jealous people or powerful puppet-masters who see their wealth endangered. Why do you think it is that enlightened people were nailed to the cross, burned at the stake, boiled alive, etc.?

My personal intake on it is that we humans have divine potential which should be cultivated by any means – the gnostic way;
yet one should not aim for Siddhis, because they are mere potential side-effects on the path to absolute detachment and self-realization.

Look at the spiritual strive for heaven as a garden-hose which you fill with pressure so that it may rise up into the air: The unguided hose will jump into random directions and shoot out tremendous floods of water – which could be seen as siddhis – one here – one there – but in fact the goal is to sprinkle the Kundalini-energy up into the pituitary gland, not all around.

I saw people get very tensed about Siddhis – demonizing them – when at the same time those are the Gurus who teach prosperity – another similar worldly attachment – not in any way better than any siddhi. And we all know too well that “it is easier for a camel to crawl through the eye of the needle than for a rich man to enter heaven”. Only no one wants to hear of it any longer, because we all are conditioned to believe that “a hungry man has no conscience”. We salute the “sucessful” materialists who oppress us and we dream greedily of their wealth in the hope to start working on our spirituality once we achieved it.
This rarely ever happens, because once one is really rich worries about keeping that wealth will eat up ones life.

My suggestion for spiritually interested people is:
Stay rebellious and believe in a shift of consciousness in which miracles can happen – this won’t happen as an external event but it will come from within each of us and when a critical mass of believers is reached the global consciousness will shift to allow our higher potentials to arise. Be open to anything possible, but don’t hunt for anything in specific. You might not get any, but one thing is certain – the higher you evolve the more blissful you will be – so blissful in fact that you might not feel the need to stand out in any way any longer, just like most martial artists started to train in order to fight but hardly ever need to use their abilities once they became black belts. And talking martial arts: To hit the target deeply it is recommended to aim behind your goal – the same applies to your attitude to siddhis: If you try to stay small (as religions and churches told us to be for millennia) all we can achieve is to be a “nice person” – but if you aim for the supernatural the sky is literally the limit.

The reason why I am not worried about Sodarshan Chakra Kriya bringing out Siddhis anyone could not handle is, because it “cuts through all darkness and all barriers of the neurotic or psychotic nature” so it will first dissolve ones ego and make one humble.

Never thwart yourself out of a fear of potential problems – be materialistic humble but spiritual insatiable and strive for the highest you can achieve!

In my eyes every person is a potential angel.

Edit I found another explanations on the siddhis and elements here:

5 Replies to “The siddhis”

  1. Since a guy called Vito commented on the front page about reclaiming his selfishness in order to regain siddhis I would like to add a valuable warning about the spiritual path I read in


    One of the great dangers inherent within the practice of Magic and indeed of all the occult arts — is the development of an enormous egotism characterized by messianic feelings, infantile omnipotence and the utter destruction of any capacity for effective self-criticism. It appears that as the student becomes more adept in the skills of meditation, skrying, or ceremonial work, he becomes more threatened by an inflation of the ego. It appears slowly and insidiously, without apparent warning. Only those people who are closely related to or associated with the student become aware of the subtle metamorphosis that occurs. The student rarely is conscious of this unconscious transformation. Attempting to make him aware of this egotism is doomed to failure; it is like knocking on a stone wall.

    It seems to afflict the aspirant who functions outside the borders of an occult order or legitimate magical school. In this sense, most students come within the jurisdiction of this definition. Those who practice their occult work under the aegis of a legitimate magical body or under the guidance of an experienced and wise guru or teacher seem to be more protected from this inflation — unless the guru has himself fallen under the spell of his own messianic fantasies and inflation. If he has, then he communicates his fatal sickness to his students. Or else he is wholly blinded to the debacle about to occur to his student.

    One has only to look at the history of most modern occultists and I use them preferentially because their history is more readily authenticated than those of earlier times – – to perceive how valid this phenomenon is. So many of them developed fantastic notions of their own unique importance and role in the world or even cosmic picture. Only recently I heard of one who claimed to have been the teacher of Jesus! There are an almost infinite number of variations of this theme.

    It is a definite and ever present danger, and all students of occultism within or without occult orders must become conscious of this phenomenon. Otherwise they are doomed. They experience what appears to be at first an enhancement of life-feelings, a rich harvest of previously unknown information and knowledge, and the awareness that destiny has suddenly acquired a new direction, — only to collapse later in total frustration, ignominy, and exile from all of society.

    From the theoretical viewpoint, the gradual expansion of the confines of the limited ego by magical practices, leads to contact of some kind with the `unconscious’. A new source of energy is released, an energy which is seen as carrying with it not only new feelings but new knowledge and a greater capacity for self-confidence with the ability to impress and motivate one’s fellow man. This energy floods the unprepared ego with almost infinite promise. Unless the candidate is properly prepared for this phenomenon, or is guided and guarded by a competent experienced teacher, he is likely to take this seriously. Effective self-criticism seems to have vanished in thin air.

    Crowley seems to have been most conscious of this in some of his earlier work. He himself had a couple of admirable teachers — Alan Bennett, George Cecil Jones and Oscar Eckenstein. For example in one section of Liber 0 he wrote:
    `This book is very easy to misunderstand; readers are asked to use the most minute critical care in the study of it. even as we have done in its preparation. In this book it is spoken of the Sephiroth and the Paths; of Spirits and Conjurations; of Gods, Spheres, Planes and many other things which may or may not exist. It is immaterial whether these exist or not. By doing certain things certain results will follow; students are most earnestly warned against attributing objective reality or philosophic validity to any of them. There is little danger that any student, however idle or stupid, will fail to get some result; but there is great danger that he will be led astray, obsessed and overwhelmed by his results, even though it be by those which it is necessary that he should attain. Too often, moreover, he mistaketh the final resting-place for the goal, and taketh off his armour as if he were a victor ere the fight is well begun.’

    Some few other occultists familiar with the practical side of things also utter similar warnings. Blavatsky in her Voice of the Silence also warns that `under every flower a serpent coiled.’ And in a footnote in this warning, she adds: The astral region, the psychic world of supersensous perception and of deceptive sights — the world of mediums. It is the great `Astral Serpent’ of Eliphas Levi. No blossom picked in those regions has ever yet been brought down to earth without its serpent coiled around the stem. It is the world of the Great Illusion.’

    Only a good guru of almost superhuman powers of effective self-evaluation and examination provide the means of avoiding inflation and the consequent disaster. A third means is almost any form of good psychotherapy. The latter appears to be able to drain off the massive uncontrolled quantities of energy that are released and direct them into new and constructive goals. Those Reichians who have an understanding of `occult’ matters would appear to be more effective than most in dealing with the phenomenon.

    Jung has also described it most extensively in an extraordinarily good essay in a book entitled Two Essays on Analytical Psychology. However, the methods of therapy described by Jung and practised by his followers leave a lot to be desired. Every occult student should not merely read this book but own it, in order to provide the opportunity to read and re-read many times the chapter dealing with inflation of the ego.

    It is his contention that the analysand, the patient undergoing therapy — analagous to the enterprising student beginning his occult work — attempts to identify his ego with the collective psyche. He does this as a means of escaping the pain and anxiety resulting from the collapse of his conscious persona or self, which is one of the primary effects of the analysis. To free himself from the seductive embrace of the collective psyche, instead of denying it as some others have done, he accepts it so totally that he is devoured or overwhelmed by it, becomes lost in it, and thus is no longer capable of perceiving it as a separate entity. As another student once put it, instead of realizing that they have become illuminated by God, they affirm that they are God. Thus the inflation begins. It ends disastrously when or if the `God’ discovers he is not omniscient or omnipotent. But by then it is generally too late.

    It would not do the student harm to re-read the statement by Hyatt and myself on the problems confronting the serious occult student in the beginning of this book. Also while at times outrageous Hyatt’s book Undoing Yourself with Energized Meditation (Falcon Press, 1982), makes good sense in this context.


  2. For clarity I import those comments and my answers here and delete them from the main page:

    • – – Vito Mirinavicius 21:36 on 2015-02-16 commented: – – –

    Wow you make it easy here. I did it for 90 days for 62 minutes and that was soo soo soo soo hard. Its a relief to hear that I dont have to do 1000 days for 2.30 mins. but instead can build it up and just do 120 days for 2 1/2 hours that means 120 days for 2 and 1/2 hours at the end of completing 1000 days as I work up to it slowly. I dont even know if 120 days for 2 and 1/2 hours would yield any results like nao niddhi’s for example.

    • – – Comment End – – –

    My replies on 2015-02-17 and 21 was:
    No one should try to do 1000 days straight away, because this is discouraging,
    this is a plan for the final stages whilst building up to the last level.

    Since nearly no one will be able to do straight away 2.5 hours daily for 120 days,
    I worked out 2 guidelines for anyone to build up their practice:

    the fastest way is to meditate 1 minute more every week which would take 3 years (in theory),
    and the slow one is to do 1 second more daily (on average of course) – this will take 25 years (plus another 2.5 years if you want to add 1000 days of 2.5 hours)

    The slow one is the path I am on, having worked on it for 23 years now.
    Everyone (including us) will start on the fast path and at one stage fall back to the slow path.
    And it is a simple matter of priorities of where one stops – I have never seen anyone (including myself) reaching the top level because most people snap back to their worldly life at one point.

    All I am saying is: EVERYONE who wants to become enlightened can DEFINITELY do it this way – it is GUARANTEED to work – but at one point it requires FULL dedication towards enlightenment

    Dedication towards supernatural powers alone won’t cut it, because at one point the gained wisdom will make it clear that being special is not as important as living in constant bliss.

    It is my belief that the siddhis will manifest approximately after 1000 days of doing a tenth of a day, meaning nearly 2.5 hours.
    If you only go for those you will be surprised by unpleasant revelations regarding your own personality – there is a tremendous cleansing process going on on the way, meaning, you only get siddhis if you are totally consistent with your being – any inconsistency will rebound on you big time.

    Let me make this example: What would it be to be enlightened? One would have to be able to face lions like David in the lions cage in the bible or Franciskus, the saint who supposedly could relate deeply to animals.

    Let us take you as an example (without knowing you). If you have ANY doubt you will not last a few seconds among a bunch of lions. So don’t fool yourself. You want to be someone special ? Your subconsciousness will be like a bunch of lions, eating you up in no time – yes your consciousness tells you now that you would simply ignore that moral stuff, but your soul will tell you a total different story – and believe me, your soul is much stronger than your subconsciousness.

    Just to tell you about my experiences: I started of doing 2.5 hours for around 60 days when I met Yogi Bhajan who told me that he would never be able to teach me anything anymore… and then the avalanche of my subconsciousness crashed my life for literally 25 years ! I am not joking – I went through hell.

    So what I want to convey to you is: If you believe in much bigger cycles than this life (like in reincarnation), and you are willing to clean up a mess we all brought upon ourselves for thousands of years, then 25 years will be nothing in comparison to the time you suffered before, and you will set your priorities straight and continue on this path.

    All I am saying is: This is the fastest way to clean up your mess – and the faster you acknowledge to take on responsibility for EVERYTHING which happened to you, the faster you will clean it up.

    In the end it all comes down to the same desire: If you want to gain Siddhis you only want to gain them to get the upper hand on life – nothing wrong with that – yes please – gain them – seriously, we need more people with aspirations like you have.
    But also do not forget why you want to gain the upper hand in life?
    Because you want to be really happy in the end! And yes – now imagine if Sodarshan Chakra Kriya cleansed out all your garbage to such a point that you already are so happy that you don’t even need any siddhis anymore. Well – nothing wrong with still getting them, but most important is that you will be happy.

    So all I am saying is: Go for it! Use the Siddhis as an incentive to cleanse your soul – and then see what is happening on the way – I for myself went through hell and just come out of it – but I carry on, because I know that I am not there yet – so be conscious what you want to accomplish and then do it ! Go for it ! And go for it as I am doing right now – go for it for AS LONG AS IT TAKES! Even if that should be a quarter of your life!

    This is about your thousands of years of Karma! Not about a handful of years of gloating !
    Be prepared to walk a long way and you can be one of the first ones to start the long awaited shift of consciousness we need on earth – without people like you we might destroy this planet soon.

    • – –

    Vito 16:10 on 2015-02-18 did answer:

    Thank you for your response. Personally my thinking is really simple when it comes to SCK, once breath balance is reached and navel muscle has been strengthened and I usually hit 61 minutes with manageable effort, following 61 minutes then 30 minutes can be spaced out through out the day. To get 60 minutes perfect would defiantly take 40-90 days (which I have done several times now over the last 10 years). Unfortunately I was not able to go over 60 minutes because I moved on to other exercises or could not sacrifice 2hours and 32 minutes per day for meditation doe to work. Yes I acknowledge psychological disturbances but I also acknowledge that it is fun and an adventure, again I have not done 2h and 32 minutes in one day yet. Also I would be more worried becoming a spit-fire when my family is around so to balance things out I would probably have to add 30 minutes of sleep or walking after each iteration (maybe therapy once a week lol). This totals around 60+30+60+30+30+30 = 240mins = 4 hours which is 1/2 work day. So I would have to wait until live cooperates and I can tackle the task.

    At this point I found something a bit more challenging when SCK personally the goal is to reach 1000 days.

    LA873 Nao Niddh Meditation (terribly hard)
    LA088 Egyptian Meditation for Occult powers. (terribly hard)

    Total time 1hour.

    My life goal is to get siddhis and at this point I don’t see anything that works better when Kundalini Yoga. I did have several experiences of a siddhi’s a few years back but I did not continue practice and was rebounded (I was very gullible back in those days and people told me siddhis are bad). Now my belief system is more aligned with my deep (selfish) desires and I feel motivated.

    Soon the time will come when I will be able to do 4 hours of practice a day hence SCK will be an option.

    Peace 🙂

    • – – And this was my reply on 2015-02-19 – – –

    Hey Vito,
    if I understand you right,
    You clearly state your ambition to gain siddhis,
    You are at a level of doing Sodarshan Chakra Kriya for 62 minutes,
    Within the realm of Kundalini Yoga you have 2 other Kriyas you’d like to try,
    Your strategy is to have half an hour breaks in between 60 & 30 minute blocks, and
    Your lifestyle currently does not facilitate your desire to spend half a day working on yourself.

    After long contemplation and meditation it seems to me that you are in a predicament on one hand wanting manifest results (and I assume rather sooner than later) whilst your circumstances don’t allow you to dedicate yourself fully to your desired cause for indefinite time. And since I mention 1000 days you are drawn to other Kriyas which could yield faster results.

    Contemplating upon how you could kill all birds with one stone I came up with following solution for you:

    First of all, as a clarification I want to mention that the 40, 90, 120 and 1000 days as mentioned here are not related specifically to Sodarshan Chakra, but any Kriya, so you might consider that other Kriyas might have a similar timeline before changes occur.
    However my intention is to inspire you to keep up a long-term practice whilst having the maximum amount of liberty and evolving as fast as possible; so my suggestion is:

    Start today (because it is new moon and according to the Kabbalah a Sun-day – both ideal starting points) with a long term meditation plan:
    Do the Egyptian as well as the Nao Niddh Meditations for as long as you are capable of doing them and in between both do just a simple minute of Sodarshan Chakra Kriya. Initially SCK will merely seem like an easy break from both hard Kriyas to you – hence increase both hard Kriyas as fast as you want to, but increase Sodarshan Chakra Kriya only by 1 minute per week – you have enough on your hands with the other 2 Kriyas and want to build a solid foundation for SCK which you will need for your long-term-goal.

    This way you can start straight away to really go for you goals whilst you slowly build up Sodarshan Chakra Kriya with such a solid foundation that you should be capable of meditating a tenth of the day after 1000 days of this program. (1000 days are 143 weeks and 144 minutes are a tenth of the day)

    The reasons being is:
    a.) You have the possibility to really go as fast as you can for the siddhis by doing the 2 other Kriyas – and since they are an hour together you will be fully occupied by them for quite a while and not get impatient whilst you slowly build up Sodarshan Chakra Kriya.

    Then – after 31 weeks Sodarshan Chakra Kriya will take over (becoming longer than each of the other both) and by that time you can evaluate yourself if you are ready to do 1 1/2 hours daily, or if this gets too much for you.
    Should at one point the Kriyas get to demanding; this way of having 3 Kriyas is already set up in a way which ideally facilitates your own idea of meditating with breaks in between.

    At one point you will feel or make a decision whether Nao Niddh & the Egyptian Meditation will have worked for you and whether you want to continue to do them. This way you already started straight away to test 2 meditations without any time-delay. Should they have worked – congratulations – and if they didn’t, you lost nothing, because you used the time constructively to build up Sodarshan Chakra Kriya to a stable half an hour or hour already.
    And should the overall meditation be too much for you, you always can decrease the Nao Niddh & Egyption meditation – even to the point where you only stick to Sodarshan Chakra Kriya.

    This is why I would recommend you to stick nearly rigidly to the Sodarshan Times for 2 reasons:
    First I have seen it myself and also on others that people who straight went for half an hour or a daily hour dropped it sooner or later, because they had enough – us both included: We both came to around 90+ days of 62 minutes but did not accomplish the 120 days yet. I realized that 120 days consolidate each level so that the move towards the next is possible which is why I did my 120 days of 3,11, 21, 31 minutes before I now go for the 62 minutes. And frankly – I do slowly increase the time a bit, but I still stay always below the next level because I realized that if I fool myself and jump higher it usually rebounded.
    Hence my 1-minute-per-week-more plan for you, because this way all levels are guaranteed.

    And as slow as it seems to you: This took me 25 years to get there, so if you follow this plan, you save yourself 22 years! It is like starting a car in the sand – better to start to drive really slow not to dig yourslf deeper into the ground. Plus I have to say that including all the most dedicated 3HOlers I have never seen anyone to be able to do 2.5 hours of Sodarshan Chakra Kriya in one go – and it is different if you split it up – similar to any relaxation-process: It is different whether you relaxed 3 hours straight or 18 times 10 minutes.

    The reason why I evaluate Sodarshan Chakra Kriya higher than the other 2 meditations is not because I think that it guarantees Siddhis more effectively, but because it is the most elaborate of all Kriyas – Yogi Bhajan said that it would be the highest and never fail! Also when it said that one masters the siddhis I assume that with abilities comes also a capability to handle them maturely because what is the use if one might have a race car and not be able to handle it?
    Think about super-hero comics or movies: Entire cities are destroyed because some immature people with super powers still have emotional problems at the level of teenagers.

    With Sodarshan Chakra Kriya I clearly see that the Siddhis take on total different meanings. Let me take the Siddhi of being able to convince everyone for example: Most people might instantly associate this with bending people’s will in order to gain fame, wealth and be loved.
    But I slowly realize that this works the other way around: If I take you as an example, I only can convince you right here with this comment, if what I say is for your personal benefit, to aid the path, mission or desire you are on. So it is by no means my desire to alter your will but to guide your stream in the most constructive result you can gain.

    Someone who would put their will against yours could put moral pressure into the issue of siddhis,
    whilst I only want to point out that you are guaranteed to get much more out of it in terms of self-development and bliss if you don’t make siddhis your main goal but one potential half of the spiritual path you are already on, whilst the other half is a deep karmic cleansing of subconscious garbage.

    If the end justifies the means you might miss out on a tremendous trip you meanwhile have, like a hiker who climbs a mountain without noticing the incredible beauty of the landscape on the way – he could also have taken a helicopter up there. Plus if the only aim was to reach the top the frustration is tremendously deep if one couldn’t reach it (because of bad weather for example). Yet if the aim was to have an adventurous hike, the trip might have been still amazing !

    Imagine you gaining any siddhi but still being nervous or unhappy – what use is it? You want to have both – external and internal power.
    Having said that – yes, go for them and let us know if you gained some siddhis – you could inspire others to evolve faster as well.
    I for myself are all for siddhis – as long they come with the maturity for me to handle them 😉

    So as I see it – our first goal seems to be to build up to a daily practice of 2.5 hours.
    Sodarshan Chakra Kriya will tell us the next steps from then on.


  3. Just to give you a heads up:
    After having completed 120 days of 3,11,22,31 and 62 minutes each within 600 nonstop days, I realize that this kriya is like going straight to the flower blossom of enlightenment.

    The Siddhis are merely potential leaves, but become less relevant, because the siddhis are merely to impress people and therewith gain external validation, whilst the internal bliss is something no one can take away from you and therefore is the real deal.

    This doesn’t mean that siddhis will never come, but it makes them less relevant,
    and it makes it even more relevant to walk the path instead of only to dream a dream.
    There is a good article which also states that it is silly to chase siddhis which never might come,
    when in fact you may gain samadhi in the same time and even possibly gain siddhis along the way:

    This is why Sodarshan Chakra Kriya is so great – it enlightens you whilst working on your siddhi-potential. So join me and get started now 😉


    1. I’ve started SCK 2 years before with 11 minutes and immediately found it difficult to execute. After many attempts I did 60 days of 31 mins practice continuously without missing a day .On 61 st day I missed and started again on the next day.A lot of good things happened after the 35th day and the most important one is the sweet taste in mouth. Even though the sweetness taste varies at times,it is permanently there. I follow a vegetarian diet and lives alone.What should I do to cultivate this?Thank you in advance and sorry if this is the wrong thread to discuss. Satnam

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Dear infinite pause, I answer the first part of your question under the article about time and length there:

        And your question about how to cultivate the sweet taste in your mouth directly here, because it is related to aiming for certain effects in meditation and how to deal with such aspirations:

        Even though, I never did experience a sweet taste in my mouth my instant feeling is that this seems to have to do with a free flow of your 3rd chakra or it could be one of your glands secreting well now (which in the end is the same thing – however you call it – your energy is aligning and balancing out).

        95 year old Prahlad Jani claims that goddes Durga one day blessed him so that he could not eat or even drink anything anymore since 1940. It seems to me that there is a strong link between spirituality and food, and as far as I see it, all energy comes from the light, which is then translated into plants, then into animals and finally into us.
        This probably is the spiritual reason for vegetarianism (and I purposely omit the ethical issues associated with it).

        So it seems that you are bordering the transition from food-energy to the prana energy very evolved breatharians, such as yogis or Qi Gong masters can live on.
        However – I recently tried to force myself a notch further by eating as little as possible of vegan food, and I have to say that I had to withdraw and eat everything again, because physically and psychologically I was totally drained and urgently needed some soul-food again.

        So it is most important to practice regardless of the results – be happy, but don’t try to recreate or attach to certain results, because they come as inspirations come to a child – there is nothing you can do to force a child to be inspired.

        I, for example, did once hear the mantra “Wahe Guru” out of my belly when in the beginning doing SCK for over 50 days.
        But in the 24 years since unfortunately that beautiful experience of a true “gut feeling” never returned. So all I can do is to continue practicing, but I can not force it to come again to me – maybe it will, maybe it will come in total different ways (such as an improved intuition for example).

        In the Bhagavad Gita it is said not to excpect results, and as far as my small understanding of the Gita is, I would assume it refers to our Karma. No one knows how far removed we are from definite insights or abilities, so you might have access to total different parts of the universal wisdom as me, and therefore will gain total diffferent results.
        Hence it would be as silly to compare my results to yours, as comparing apples with peaches. Each is different, and whilst it might take for you 1 year to reach serenity for example, it might take me 30 years.

        All in all – I would say: Observe it, be happy that you have such nice experiences, but don’t be frustrated when you do reach plateaus and nothing seems to improve for years anymore. This is not the case – it’s just the results which come in bouts, but your soul is constantly evolving, so keep practicing SCK as often and regularly as you can.


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