Meditación para concentración y purificación mental

De acuerdo con lo enseñado por Yogi Bhajan en Diciembre de 1990

Aquí tenemos una meditación que hace uso del prana para limpiar y purificar la mente.   De todos los 20 tipos de yoga, incluyendo al yoga Kundalini, este es el kriya más elevado.   Esta es una meditación muy poderosa para la prosperidad.  

Te dará un nuevo comienzo.   Es el kriya más simple, pero al mismo tiempo el más difícil.   Se abre camino entre toda la oscuridad y todas las barreras de naturaleza neurótica o psicótica.   Cuando una persona está en muy mal estado, tecnicas impuestas desde afuera no funcionarán.   La presión tiene que ser estimulada desde adentro.

La tragedia de la vida es cuando el subconconsciente libera basura en la mente conciente.   Este kriya invoca a la Kundalini a darte la vitalidad e intuición necesaria para combatir los efectos negativos de la mente subconsciente.  

POSICIÓN: Sentarse con la columna recta (con ambas piernas cruzadas o sentado en una silla con los pies apoyados en el piso) Ojos concentrados en la punta de la   nariz, o cerrados si se prefiere.

MUDRA Y RESPIRACION:   a) Bloquee la fosa derecha de la nariz con el pulgar derecho.   Inhale lenta y profundamente a través del orificio nasal izquierdo y sostenga la respiración.   Mentalmente cante “Wahe Guru” 16 veces, mientras bombea el punto del ombligo tres veces con cada repetición ( una vez en   “Waa,” una vez en “hey” y una vez en “guru” ) para un total de 48 bombeos.   b) Desbloquea la fosa nasal derecha y usa el dedo índice derecho o el dedo meñique para bloquear la fosa nasal izquierda.   Exhale lenta y profundamente con la fosa nasal derecha.   Continua, inhalando con la fosa izquierda, exhalando con la derecha.

Para terminar: Inhale y sostenga de 5 a 10 segundos .   Exhale.   Luego estire y sacuda el cuerpo por cerca de un minuto para hacer circular la energía.   Tiempo: La extensión sugerida para este kriya es de 31 o 62 minutos al día.   Lo ideal es comenzar en 31 minutos, pero puedes empezar con 11 minutos, luego hacer 31, luego 40 y finalmente 62.

No hay tiempo, ni lugar,ni espacio, y ni condiciones vinculadas a esta meditación.   Cada pozo de basura tiene su propio tiempo para limpiarse.   Si tu vas a limpiar tu propia basura, debes calcular y limpiarla tan rápido como puedas, o tan lento como quieras.   Tú tienes que decidir cuánto tiempo tienes para limpiar tu basurero.

Comentarios: Si tu puedes hacer esta meditación por 62 minutos para empezar, entonces hazla al punto donde puedas hacerla 2 1/2 horas al día ( 1/10 del día). Te dará lo siguiente: “Nao nidhi, athara sidhi” que son las nueve virtudes preciosas y 18 poderes ocultos.   En estas 27 virtudes del mundo se encuentra el universo entero.

Cuando practicas por 2 /2 horas cada día, te harás un super humano perfecto.   Este purifica el subconsciente y se ocupada de la vida humana   Te hará extremadamente intuitivo.   Esto trae juntos todas las 27 facetas sobre la vida y hace al humano mas piadoso, exitoso y calificado.   Esta meditación además trae un poder pranico.   Este kriya nunca falla.   Le puede brindar un interior feliz, y un estado de éxtasis en la vida.  

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14 Replies to “Meditación para concentración y purificación mental”

  1. Thank you for your advice. I have tried to do SCK since 2011 and always stopped and got discouraged. I am at 31 minutes now and still and when I complete the 40 days, most likely will do it for 120 days (while building up 1 minute a week to the next level). In the past, I found that so much emotional stuff came up that I couldn’t cope. Too fast, too soon does not work for me.


    1. Amazing! I just uploaded that translation late night, and early in the morning you had replied already ;-)
      So looking at the right margin we are on the same level 6 at the moment – you do it exactly as I do – building it slowly.
      I find the 90 days in after the 40 & before the 120 the most difficult to accomplish, because around day 50-60 I failed most of the time. So set your goal for 90 days first – the rest will come easy.

      And yes, you are so right – one compared SCK to a wrecking ball – demolishing your entire ego – another compared it to a sandjet, grit blasting away your mental garbage in full speed.
      However – I personally read this description and instantly was hooked by it, because it seems the fastest way to clean your Karma, and my view is that what I don’t do within this lifetime I have to do next lifetime – having to undergo tedious 20 years until I find the maturity to continue this path.

      As for my experience: I tried really hard to go forward fast pace, but so much stuff came up that it nearly killed me – literally – I nearly committed suicide and got many serious health-problems.
      This is why I definitely emphasize strongly to consolidate each level.

      So if you see that you can’t cope with SCK anymore, simply go back to 3 minutes for a while – don’t stop it, but use the effort you already put into it and count it as 120 days of 3 minutes.
      Then you can try again to go for half an hour, and if that gets to painful, simply fall back again respectively to 11 minutes 22 minutes – then you will have completed those levels.
      This means that you have all-together 4 trials to accomplish your task of half an hour without having failed once. Then you can move onto an hour.


      1. I will be doing day 40 of 31 minutes of SCK this Friday! I am very excited. But thanks to your advice I will not jump to 62 minutes but consolidate for 120 minutes (slowly building up to 62 minutes). For me, I think when I stop looking at my watch/timer that is a sign to build up one extra minute/week. A few times I had to do SCK in the afternoon/evening instead of the morning and found it very difficult esp with a fuller stomach or semi-blocked nose.

        I do feel like I am changing at a deep level. I have had two interesting dreams this last week. One of them I noticed people’s faces were changing to metal then back to flesh. These people were strangers in windows. I wasn’t alarmed. Another one I was walking by a construction site and was walking on temporary constructed walk-ways around the site. Unusual dreams for me.

        I also am reviewing my life as if it is a movie and seeing it with more clarity and less emotion. It is as if it is a life review. It happens for a few minutes in the morning after the SCK.
        I have been mildly clairvoyant for the last 20 years but feel like it is increasing now.

        But along with these positive changes, I feel a tremendous resistance too. I deliberately stay up late to sabotage the morning SCK for example. Like I am doing right now :(

        Anyway, thanks for your advice and support and giving a space for people like us. I wish you success on your quest to do this kriya. For me, for some reason, this is very important for me to do. Namaste.


        1. Congratulations to your 40 days of 31 minutes – this is a milestone !
          If you now start to increase the time by a minute every 3 days, you should reach the 62-minute-level around the time you finished your 120 days, meaning that without feeling it you gently slide into it.
          By coincidence I also started to increase my 31 minutes today to build up to the 62 minutes -> Seems we really are on the same page here (on level 6). ->

          And that was a funny comment below you posted ;-)
          Since I pulled away my focus from TV (in order to give my mind a rest from frantic media fear-mongering ), I wasn’t even aware of that video.


          1. Thank you for your support and suggestion. I will increase my 31 minutes by 1 minute every 3 days. It does appear that we are on the same page.


      2. And one more thing…..Now I have to get the image of Miley Cyrus sitting on a wrecking ball out of my mind! Eye-bleach! Thanks a lot……


        1. I purposely waited until you completed 50 day before posting this:
          Tomorrow is new-moon and between day 50 & 60 I was usually most endangered to drop my daily routine, so I wanted to just remind you of the things you know, but we all tend to forget:

          • since I assume that those 31 minutes is the first you do: Seriously, do allow yourself to do the 3,11 & 22 minutes at any time when things get hard. I mean – before you drop it alltogether, fall back to whatever you can and then declare the entire phase as 120 days of 3 minutes. That is way better than not having accompished your 31 min. goal, because you have a sense of accomplishment and later are inclined to do the other times also. Plus you can from then on do any time you want between 3 & 31 minutes for the rest of the 120 days.
          • The other thing is: remember that new moon, full moon and the time between 50&60 days are the hardest (probably because you don’t see a light at the end of the 120 day tunnel. So it is normal for it to be difficult at times.
          • plus: I felt that 31 minutes is where a personality shift starts, so additional crap will be released – between half an hour and an hour is very difficult to keep up the daily discipline and I had to totally set priorities to accomplish that.
          • and finally: Go only for 90 days first – this way you only have another 40 days to do – if that works, you can easily add another 30 to make it 120, but if that really got on your nerves, you can take a break there and still have a feeling of accomplishment – 90 is when all blood-cells will have changed.

          I know you know all of this, but a little reminder sometimes is useful when we start to doubt the value of our spiritual work. All the best to you!


          1. Thank you for your suggestions. It has been a difficult week for me with a lot of memories from the past coming up, feelings of abandonment, even a loathing of life. I am now beginning 35 minutes of SCK tomorrow morning. One positive development was that last week I was walking to the bus stop and along the way noticed a shimmering blue light next to trees planted on the outer boulevard of the homes. When I got to about 3 feet next to the trees, I still saw this beautiful blue moving light a couple of inches in diameter. It seemed not to matter what species of tree was involved, but the taller/bigger the tree, the bigger the blue light. This produced feelings of bliss. For about 15 years, I have been able to see the aura of trees, but usually when I sit in my garden, meditate and consciously look for it in the trees in a distance. But this was a spontaneous opening. But then the next day, I crashed emotionally, felt very depressed and could barely drag myself out of bed after doing the SCK. I have added the following changes in my lifestyle over the last 2 weeks: #1 doing the Mahamritungay Mantra (9 times, the full mantra, not just the first paragraph) once daily #2 after SCK, resting for about 10 minutes to let the energy settle in, #3 trying to go to bed earlier (I am a night owl, so I am trying to go to bed 15 min earlier). I had tremendous resistance yesterday to doing the SCK and nearly didn’t do it. I was horrified as to why but I didn’t do it in the morning and then finished just before midnight. I have been adding a minute every 3 days to the SCK but if it gets too much, I will slow it down.

            I hope your practice is doing well. I have nobody else to share this with and I am grateful for your generosity. Namaste.


            1. I am glad you persevered and I salute you for that !

              It seems that you have a lot of spiritual potential which released on the day with the trees. Blue is associated with Jupiter – the lord of spirituality and trees also relate to the etheric soul in Chinese Medicine – so you really went out there.
              And what expands must contract, so you also experienced the “de-pression” after your spiritual “ex-pression” & “im-pression”.
              So in a way this was not a setback but the pendulum of yin & yang swinging forth and back. If this is seen neutrally, there is nothing bad about it – it’s just another wave. Yet, because we suffer when being depressed we give it much more value than it actually has.

              I think the Mahamritungay Mantra is good (rescuing the moon and therewith female energy), so this Mantra seems to be beneficial to you, as long as you don’t scatter and loose your focus, meaning – always keep up the exercise which is most important to you and keep digging deeper there. I am not judging any exercise – all I am saying is that if you dig for oil you better stay at one place and keep digging deep in order to find somehting.

              The way I see it is that you have a strong will, but therewith could also have strong concepts. And exactly those concepts are dissolving right now and you are shifting which is a real hard process when no one is around to acknowledge what you are going through. That’s why you have to carefully observe yourself whether you overload yourself or not.

              By the way: I am always happy to discuss your personal issues in private if you want to. there is always the possibility for you to send me a mail on the contact form on the top right corner, which I did put up for you there, or just let me knowin the comment, and I will write an email to you next time.


              1. Thanks, I do think your explanation of expansion/contraction makes sense. The Mahamritungay Mantra is not my focus, SCK is. I tend to give a lot of myself to others. And I realized that I have a great need to please people. Also I have been feeling angry instead of depressed lately. I notice that the gaze often softens and I have funny sensations in my head. I am not feeling traumatized or in need of help/therapy but I appreciate your offer of private email and will follow up on it if needed. I don’t have high blood pressure so I am not too worried about the ocular and head symptoms.


                1. Just to put things literally “in perspective”:
                  I se an axis of depression caring anger.

                  In Chinese Elements
                  Sadness (metal) and anger (wood) are antagonists:
                  Metal belongs to the corporeal (physical) soul and Wood to the etheric soul, the dreamworld and spirituality.

                  This is why you not only flipped from one extreme to the other, but also had this extreme spiritual experience (blue light and trees – wood) and the next day sadness and a perceived collapse of your centre.

                  The etheric wood-soul relates to liver and gallbladder and is well described in Bram Stoker’s Dracula (floating sensations, the liver also stores blood, etc..) And the corporal metal element relates to the lungs and large intestine. And in between this battle is your centre, the spleen and stomach which relates to the earth element in Chinese Medicine, and that has to do with loving, caring for others and also pleasing others.

                  So SCK is interesting because on one hand it brings your energy back into your centre, and on the other hand it also makes you aware of dormant imbalances which is why so much trouble comes up for all of us.

                  From what I see in myself and others the struggles you experience seem perfectly normal and everyone undergoes them, so at least I can take away a bit of your turmoil by telling you that you seem well on track here :-)


                2. Ah, and by the way: The change in your gaze and sensations in your head could very well relate to your entire mindset shifting because on the right side it is written, that from 22 minutes onwards you start to balance your positive, negative, and neutral mind.

                  What happens to me is that whilst before things were clearly “right” or “wrong,” “good” or “bad”, I now start to understand each side better. The Vietnamese monk I studied Chinese Medicine with said that the difference between western psychotherapy and meditation would be that therapy brings up the negative, whilst meditation brings up both sides of the coin. So you also can see opponent’s perspectives and also your own faults better – but with understanding and compassion for (even “enemies” and) yourself (the enemy within).

                  This of course shifts your inner vision (which may manifest in outer vision shifting) and can make you dizzy, so this is nothing to worry about.
                  The main issue here could rather be that your worldview may be dismantled which can cause you strange feelings, because you loose some of the crutches you constructed yourself in order to handle things. In other words: your universe becomes a multiverse.

                  One key-sentence for a smooth development there would be for you not to hold onto being right, because when realities shift you most certainly will have to put your opinions in perspective and as long as your ego doesn’t want to be wrong, it will be difficult to let go of obsolete concepts. That’s why I find a sentence once said quite useful: “Do you want to be happy, or do you want to be right?”


                  1. I have read your comments and decided to do some self-shiatsu, specifically: Stomach, Spleen meridians on lower legs, Lung and Large Intestine on the Forearm, Gallbladder and Liver or the lower leg. I also did some shiatus along the intercostal spaces under my pecs and under my collar bone. It seemed a lot of the sadness was there. Large Intestine 4 and Liver 3 helped a lot too. I am finding myself drinking more water in the evening because I feel more dehydrated. It feels like my brain (and my vision) is being re-arranged somehow but it is more a physical sensation than the issue of needing to be right and having a big ego. Not having the mood swings as much now but feeling a bit ‘spacy’.


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