my realtime progress

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Since people once in a while ask me about my first 1000 days, I sum them up here.
However, the detailed path is actually described on the right margin of this blog, step, by step.

  • In 1994 in the first 2 months I succeeded to build  up SCK up to 2 1/2 hours
  • From then on I failed hundreds of times for about 15 years
  • And when I realised that I would be capable of doing half already if I only had done 1 second more each day (on average – which makes it a minute more every 2 months,
  • I went for 120 days each of 3,11,22,31 &62 minutes which each took me a year (5 years alltogether)
  • And to build up to 2 1/2 hours I did the legendary 1000 days
  • Whilst keeping up the 2.5 hours I give myself a year  to adjust my occasionally unhealthy lifestyle to the Kriya
  • And then I want to Sodarshan Chakra Kriya (SCK) perfectly for 1000 days

However, I would like to point out that my intention is not to display my life for judgemental fence sitters who don’t do SCK themselves,
but my main reason for putting myself in the open with all my difficulties is, so that people like you who reads this right now might get inspired to also join me in practicing SCK yourself (just a tiny bit every day) <3

Below is a statistics of every 10 days (early years are estimated but the rise in the second half is logged correct)
Green is the theoretical virtual build up of a second more daily,
and blue is my reality.


Update in June 2018:
For nearly a year I did do SCK irregularly and sometimes long, sometimes short, which was necessary to let go of a too dogmatic “going through the motions” only.
Instead I did focus a lot on the coherence between my aspirations and my lifestyle so that instead of the hardship of a daily Kriya I had to honestly admit to myself my faults and relinquish nearly all worldly pleasures. This at the moment takes all my energy so that I do build up SCK from scratch literally by the minute so that once I reach 2.5 hours again I hopefully can do it without my neanderthal-lifestyle inhibiting me from a spiritual progress.

Update in November 2020: I still am at 2.5 hours most days, but whilst I have done now 400 days of 2.5 hours, I still did not manage to accompish 90 days in a row – the magic 50-60 days are always a killer for me.

3 Replies to “my realtime progress”

  1. Hi,
    I wish you thé best on your practice of sck!
    I did It myself a few years ago. Thank you for sharing your experience. I feel also that It is better to build It slowly.
    I wanted to share some information about this kriya. Gurudev singh master of sat Nam rasayan told us last year during the annual retreat of snr that yogi bhajan said sck Works only if you do It with devotion. Something actually quite rare with westerners. He then told that one way to instill that attitude in the practitioner is to havé him listen to the Narayan shabad while practicing sck. Hope this helps. Have a good sadhana. With love Fateh.

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    1. Thank you for your valuable input, Fateh.
      I thought for a week about devotion and listening whilst doing SCK. Here are my conclusions:
      In the last months I had extensive discussions with agnostics as well as strong believers of different religions and slowly liberated god from the image of an authoritarian grandpa.
      At the same time I became increasingly aware that meditation is not merely a process of calming our brainwaves, but of tuning into the cosmic threat of energy. So now when I think of god or in this case waheguru I think of a huge cosmic body of which we are a tiny cell of.
      This way our western ego does not interfere with devotion – it is all of serving the cosmic body in the best possible way, meaning to find out what we are in order to fulfill our purpose as an atom or a cell. Every cell in this case is of equal value.

      This insight even made me tune in before doing SCK – however, whilst the ma Adi Mantra & Ong Namo have undoubtedly values, I believe that anyone of any religion could tune into by praying to the god of their heart. More important than residing some mantras is in my opinion the mental attitude which comes with it. So someone who tunes into the universe to fulfill ones purpose probably could get more out of tuning in than someone who mindlessly chants a mantra.

      The same applies to me to listening to the Narayan shabad. Regardless of its beauty or aesthetic value I feel that listening to something external whilst doing an exercise which is designed to internalize the mantra of god into ones belly and subconsciousness.
      Therefore I personally find it of much more value to keep alert whether I bring a humble attitude towards meditation, rather than to play the right mantra in the background.

      There are 2 possibilities for us to evolve:
      1. To change our energy with energetic work like Qi Gong or Yoga for example;
      2. To elevate our mind via contemplation, reflection, honesty and right actions.
      The first one suits easterners more who devotedly submit to cosmic energies,
      the latter one works well with westerners path of building up an I whilst reducing the ego.

      Both paths are in my opinion valuable and necessary in order to evolve holistically.
      The first path alone makes you healthy but does not make you wise,
      the second path alone makes you a good person, but still trapped in ancient raw energetic dilemmas.

      Therefore I will take your advice into consideration to keep an eye on my devotion to serve the cosmic organism rather than my ego but I prefer to do SCK in stillness not to be carried outwards.


    2. Second reply 3 years later:
      Meanwhile (after having done 120 days of 2.5 hours without any significant results,
      it slowly did sink in that my attitude seems to be the reason why I am spiritually stuck.

      So I did remember this comment and contemplated a long time upon the meaning of devotion.
      This was very difficult for me, because I was educated into a Christian dogma of having to devote myself to a Christian authoritative Father-figure and I simply could not wrap my head around it.

      Trying to totally dedicate myself to the divine I asked JV an Indian who did Prana Yoga since 30 years who told me:

      “God is centric to Religion and not necessarily to Spirituality. Organized religion is a power structure and invented many concepts such as sin, hell and many types of God. BTW, Agnostics is also a very ancient form of Hinduism.
      Yoga, as I know doesn’t mandate belief in any religion or God.
      But, many Gurus and Swamis mixed religion and Yoga.
      You don’t have to be believer in Hinduism or any God to practice Yoga ( or pursue Spiritual Progress).”

      So I am studying masters of Self-realisation and dedicate myself anew to another 1000 days of SCK but beforehand am adjusting my lifestyle to cut out the most extreme distorting substances, such as cigarettes and alcohol and am building my morning sadhana up from scratch again. You will see my progress on the right hand side of this blog.

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