More Self-Aware, Less Social?

Jen puts here into great words what I just experienced:

I am on the longterm meditation Sodarshan Chakra Kriya project/experiment which does make me more and more reclusive, except for this wordpress blog where I release all my insights and self-reflections; plus a handful of mail contacts.

Last month I did reactivate an old twittter account, and soon became involved in a frenzy of rather meaningless smalltalk;
until one small misunderstanding did suck me into a spiral of a witch-hunt, I only could get out of by closing my account.

I also watched “The great hack” and realised that social media nowadays is overrun by bots who instigate hate in order to influence world-politics to that extend that entire countries are shaped.

The problem is the anonymity which does bring out the worst in people under the illusion not to be seen,
whilst in fact everything is analysed to build profiles,
which then are used malevolently.

Smartphones (apart from being spied upon every location and word we exchange)
are a tool to escape society in contempt for humanity,
whilst jumping from the fire of irl interactions into the frying pan of superficial ego-polishing at the expense of sincerity.


One evening, when I was walking for 4 months from Germany to Bulgaria, only with my backpack and a tent;
a Bulgarian put me up at his place only to sit in front of F***book for the rest of his evening;
instead of having used the opportunity to hear the adventures of my hike, or the differences of our cultures.

In the 70s there was a great political awareness; but since then it developed into Orwell’s “1984”, or the Carpenter movie “they live”, where people see the world merely through their distorted glasses of consumerism.


Since self-development is such a slow path,
and people become very aggressive when asked to question their luxury lifestyle,
the best we can do is to work on ourselves with dedication and persistence to become as calm and content as possible when the shit hits the fan.

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