The intermediate Sodarshan Chakra Kriya game

The intermediate steps

… are meant for those who already can do SCK but came here for clarity, affirmation and inspiration.

If you are a beginner, please do claim all 9 previous cards of the beginner’s course first.

And understand: The reason why you should do each step and not more, is because you slowly have to build up your stamina.

Like in body-building, it is not about lifting high weights,
but always to lift a little more than you could before,
because that builds muscles without tearing them.
In the same way you are building up your aura in this course.

Believe me: I tried and failed for 20 years to push myself to the highest level – only to fail hundreds or probably even a thousand times; so you can learn from my mistakes and avoid tremendous suffering by following my unorthodox recommendation here!

Someone who already can do 20 minutes 5 times weekly for example, can continue to do their practice, but on the usual days off, instead of not practicing, do just 3 minutes to fulfil the 3-minute levels, and then move on in this course or game.
The rule of thumb is: Always only claim the level of the least time you did in that period.

And if you, for example have done 73 days of SCK for 3-15 minutes,
* then you have already done the 40 days to claim card 8,
* and are 33 days into card 9 already.
All you have to do then is to add 47 days of a minimum of 3 minutes daily and you will have claimed the first 120 days of all three 3-minute levels and therewith the card “Fortune“.
(If things get hard, don’t even try to do more than 3 minutes, but stick to your daily practice.)

I know that you may want to speed up your practice – I myself did even build it up to 2.5 hours within the first two weeks,
but my downfall was that I wasn’t warned by Y.B. and therefore gave up about 50-60 days into it.
Would he have told me to fall back initially to 3 minutes, then 11, 22 & 31 minutes, I would have kept going – maybe only would have done 3 minutes for the second half of the first 120 days, but I would have kept going.
Hence – do as much as you want, but reserve the right to fall back on your level’s minimum time.

The key here is patience and completion of all steps, preferably in order.

Once you had enough of your karmic suffering and feel the need to cut through the slime of your worldly entanglements you may walk the fast path by choosing to do a Tibetan retreat time of 3 years, months, weeks and days, whilst building up, plus 1000 days of a tenth of a day, which Sikhs call a Dasvand.
Those 6-7 years it will take you, reflect a full Cabalistic cycle in which you will have gone through all personality aspects:
1. year: Sun (personality),
2nd year: Moon (emotions),
3rd year: Mars (energy),
4th year: Mercury (communication),
5th year: Jupiter (spirituality),
6th year: Venus (love) and
7th year: Saturn (duty).
If you don’t believe in the Kabbalah, know that our weekdays run exactly according to it (as you can see especially in the french names),
and the biblical Genesis of the 7-day creation of the world simply reflects those qualities.

(That method is what I currently do – with some needed pauses in between, so it even takes me longer.)

You might think that you are not capable of pulling that through
(so your mind will fool you into thinking that you wouldn’t want to do it),
but it is easier than you thought, because the trick is to take breaks after each step, and therewith make space for your other personality-trades which also need attention.

The only steps you shouldn’t take breaks in between are
* the three 3-minute levels
* and the two 11-minute levels,
because they add up to 120days each, and if you break those,
you have to restart those levels all over again without being able to use your previous levels.

In order to accelerate the 28 year long slow path mentioned in the beginners course, I came up with a simple method to collect all the steps, Yogi Bhajan taught about meditation times, and lock in each of them like a ratchet wheel.

Once you accomplished 40, 90, or 120 days of each level, you will have secured it into your personality and be able to start at that level anytime again – even after a long break, so that nothing will be lost.

Let’s start with an easy step: Just do 40 days of 3 minutes only and you will gain the card. (Self-)Adjustment or Justice.

Everyone can do this – even if you didn’t get around to meditate the entire day there is always a way to squeeze in this short time.

You may tick of any step you already did in the past, but you must have completed all steps before moving on to the advanced level.

3 minutes affect
the electromagnetic field,
the circulation,
and the stability of the blood

After a daily practice for 40 days,
any negative habits that block you from the expansion a yoga kriya makes possible,
will be broken.

A transformational example is Jesus, who went for 40 days into the desert, experienced worldly temptations and after resisting them came back transformed.

Without breaking the routine yet, extend your daily practice to 90 days.
This is difficult, so to give yourself an incentive, by adding one more minute every week until you reached 10 minutes.
But even if you stuck to the minimal 3 minutes daily only, you can claim The Hermit
for being able to withdraw into your own world by meditating daily.

A daily practice over 90 days
will establish a new habit in your conscious and subconscious minds.
It will change you in a very deep way.

People who already can practice longer times, instead of skipping this step should dedicate 3 minutes out of their normal meditation time to a total focussed state of mind.
(Simply set a second alarm 3 minutes before the end of your meditation and instead of “sitting out” the last minutes impatiently, doing them in an earnest way, which might bring a surprising addition of insights).

Between 50 to 90 days is where I failed most times so far.
Assuming that you also will fail some steps a few times on this road,
don’t gloss over it in denial,
but restart the entire step from scratch again, because you must prove to yourself that you are up to it.
Believe me, it makes a huge difference, because subconsciously each cheat is nagging on your sense of accomplishment.

I once did restart the entire 120 days of 31 minutes, only because I failed on day 119 (I am not exaggerating: I really had a crisis).
If you failed, you didn’t loose, because
Honesty to yourself will build your sincerity!

As an additional consolations prize, for each time you failed,
you can take one of the 8 cards of the beginner’s course:

This way even failures are turned into a success of building up your personal collection.

Still don’t take a breake yet!
After you did spend so much effort it would be a shame to stop now, because it is quite easy  to complete the last month and turn the 90 days into 120 days.
You only have to do 3 minutes on bad days, and can do up to 10 minutes on good ones. Don’t do it for more than 10 minutes, because else the kriya can bring up so much that you may throw in the towel.

You can feel fortunate for being able to sit now up to 10 minutes,
because you earned the card #10: Fortune, or Wheel of Fortune

A daily practice for 120 days will confirm the new habit of consciousness created; and its positive benefits get integrated permanently into your psyche.

You may ask yourself why the first three steps and the following two are separated when you have to do them in one go anyway, but that is for you to learn to know about the time-lengths of 40,90 & 120 days and can observe yourself what the effects of those are; and also to ensure that you did claim a card, even if you failed once or twice. Now can take a break.

Before moving on, best is to choose a continuing date, which is of symbolic value to you
(such as a new moon, birthday or new years eve for example).

First of all this gives you inner strength to go with the flow, and secondly it serves well for you to remember the beginning of your meditation-practice.

(I needed an entire year for those steps above, because I failed at the critical half-time of 60 days twice and each time had to restart it from the beginning).

11 minutes begin to change the nerves and the glandular system

Now go straight for the difficult 90 days of 11 minutes and meanwhile slowly build it up to 21 minutes. By proving that you have the Strength to do so,
you will get the card 11.

Most people can do 11 minutes easily, so they may be impatient to move on to a higher level straight away, but I urge you to do step after step, because you first have to consolidate this level firmly.

Instead of pushing yourself, rather enjoy the freedom you still have, because later it will get very difficult.
Also: by collecting each card you gain a sense for accomplishment and therewith confidence.

This step is easy again:
Withouth taking a break from the exercise before, simply continue the 11-21 minutes for one more month, until you reached 120 days.

For completion of those, you get The Hanged Man
, because you now start to “hang” up your ego bits by bits.

That’s why I tell suicidal people:
“Go for it!
But instead of killing your body,
kill your ego!
This way you will literally kill two birds with one stone: 1. gain a new life now and
2. loose fear of death also.

And this, again, is the reason for you not doing more than those recommended times, because doing too much too early can throw you into a heavy crisis!

(Just read my bio here, in which I post my epic downfall due to a too early deconstruction of my ego.)

Just for your comparison:
Because I did fail again, 1-3 times, those two above steps took me yet another year to complete.
So enjoy a break from your self-development now, because you have earned it!

22 minutes balance the three minds (positive, negative, and neutral) and they begin to work together.

Since you now know the drill, now, simply skip the 40&90 days, and go straight for 120 days of 22minutes, whilst building it up to half an hour.

Whenever you start a long period there is a hesitation, so the beginning is the most difficult time. The mind plays tricks and tells us that after half a week “just 3,4 days are lost” when taking a break. To get through that point is difficult.

For doubling up your meditation time and your efforts to do 120 days straight, you get the saturnic (duty) card, Death (of false energies).

Now you can take a well deserved break again and enjoy your free time without having to meditate and confronting your self!

I actually did not know of this step at the time,
so after a 4 months-walk, I restarted, in order to do a 1000 days continuing to build up from that level onwards.

31 minutes allow the glands, breath, and concentration to affect all the cells and rhythms of the body. It lets the psyche of the meditation affect the tattwas (elements) and all layers of the mind’s projections.

Now do 120 days of 31 minutes – this seems a lot, but as you probably did experience yourself: Each step is equally difficult, because it is new.
However – up to this step many people have done it, so you can too.
Meanwhile you can build it up every 4 days by one minute, until you can do around an hour. For having had the stamina to complete the intermediate course, you get the Card: Art, or Temperance

Congratulations – you now completed the intermediate course – the level where most people are stuck at!

In your time you can move on to the advanced course, but first enjoy a proper break, because the times of pure contemplation often yield the most interesting results.

This step took me 1-1.5 years because in between I walked along the Danube for 4 months.

If you already can do half an hour daily, please leave a comment here or mail me and I will instantly post the advanced course.

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