Yogananda on the love for the divine

Happy 🌞day, my dear readers, wherever you are!

You might be puzzled that on one hand I do post spiritual insprationos, whilst on the other hand I am slagging of orthodox religions. This is because it took me decades to see the difference between the divine and an orthodox personalised creator–god, so today I would like to show you the difference between the god as we know him from orthodox religions, and the divine which does connect to you to the entire universe in a loving way.

You can find the god of orthodox religions in the other post I did send simultaneously (or in the menu under spirituality -> religion, and the divine right below in this video).

Whilst religions did a god job in the past to remind the oblivious mass of the divine by making god tangible in human form; at the dawn of what some call the new age, the divine is much more abstract and it can even become a hinderance to still cling onto obsolete teachings, instead of directly experiencing the divine.

So if you are an atheist, don’t get hung up on the terminology “god” and him being male, and if you are religious don’t feel obliged to follow only the one book you were given in childhood – open yourself up anew for your connection to the oneness, which will transcend your entire reality.

Here comes a beautiful description of the divine from a Yogi who did dedicate his life to serve as a bridge between orthodox Christianity and Indian Yoga.

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