3D: Destination, Disease and Death

Spiritual inspiration Sunday 10

Because we live in a materialistic age it is commonly believed that our physical existence is all that we have, so most people’s biggest fear is death, and their believe to postpone it seems to be health.

Billions are invested by governments and medical care to poke around the unknown to propagate the newest hype which one generation later often turns out to be obsolete. Our current mainstream-medicine with its high-tech- and chemical approach creates the biggest environmental impact of any medicine in history, which in its own should give a clue to a holistic mind – how can a medicine heal humans if its side-effect (like excessive waste-packaging) is damaging to our planet?

People who don’t subscribe to the current food-dogma are shunned – in the past those were thin people, and currently smokers are hated and obese are sneered at, whilst mental illnesses are on a constant rise – only slowly starting to be acknowledged because they impair society’s desired productivity.

Statistics are a means to give informations credibility, but they neglect the most crucial factor of all the big D’s: The individuality of a human.
How else could you explain a 300 pounds heavy man who never did any sports becoming between 280 and 338 years old?

All that science sees is a physical machine which has to be maintained, but if you look at it from the spiritual purpose or agenda somebody has, that somebody becomes a someone, a person, or a soul. And this explains why there simply is no standard to health and why some live perfectly and still die younger than others whose lifestyle is not conform to the standard of eating well, physical exercise and sleeping enough.

Science does not explain miracles, such as Bruno Gröning who merely stood at a balcony to heal thousands of people only by his word. Yet despite his healings he could see a person’s point of death also. So it was clear to him …

… Disease simply has nothing to do with death at all! (watch the documentary: part 1, 2, 3)

Gröning knew that one simply has to tune into ones higher self in order to stay and become healthy. This is why he never needed to know any kind of diagnosis.

Death is the end of ones life-mission but not the result of disease, so you may say: “Well, then I won’t fulfill my mission and live forever.” But this is not how it works, because you will learn your lesson, the question is only how hard and prolonged you will get it.

Disease in opposition is the grade in which one deviates from ones soul mission, meaning: the worse of a job you did fulfilling your destination – the bigger your disease is, serving you as your personal

So if you are chronically ill don’t ask yourself: “How can I get rid of this disease” but
“What is my illness supposed to teach me?”
With that answer, your healing will follow,
and in the long run even an acceptance of death, liberating us from its grip of fear.

One Reply to “3D: Destination, Disease and Death”

  1. Hi there,
    I really loved this post and I too believe we should give more thought & consideration to death & dying. Yes we live in a very medicalised society, very compartmentalised too. Heart problem we see a cardiologist, stomach issues a gastroenterologist and so forth. But the mind is more powerful than all those boxes and if we can bring the mind into an understanding that disease is just as it says…dis – ease then we can come to a better understanding of how to bring it back into balance and thus in many instances prolong our lives. I look forward to more posts Julie 🌹


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