From being an altar-boy via an (a)gnostic approach to the non-religious divine

spiritual inspirational sunday #11

For 2 years I tried to write down my spiritual biography and realised that it doesn’t work in a blog for several reasons:

  • The experiences are very individual, so hardly anyone will bother to bring a lot of patience reading them
  • Maybe if I was a very successful person people would be interested, but for all the wrong reasons.
  • Non-holistic-life-experiences to a large extend do not conform with political correctness and therewith will automatically antagonise half of my readers if written as a standalone post.
  • The difference is that between the LOTR trilogy and a TV-series which does have to put closure on each episode.
  • So a larger arch is needed to put everything in context before writing out individual aspects.

My intend is to show to people the how karmic experiences pile up upon another, how slowly they resolve themselves;
how much faster spiritual insights work.
I do this to show you why you should practice spirituality in order to save yourself decades of suffering.

Hence within this week I will create a timeline of my life – each line resembling on year – and fill it with keywords of experiences.
But for now: I will write down a timeline reduced to religion to let you know how I came to the conclusion of that video, despite having had an initial resistance against it.
If anyone is interested in me expanding on individual aspects, which are not linked to yet, I will do so if requested.

Year 1-15
Was raised as a Christian, made an altar-boy and tried my best to believe in god, especially because my simple grandmother said: “Children’s prayers reach the clouds”.

Year 15-30
Discussed god with many people but in the end had such emotional, intellectual and even spiritual aversions, that I did leave the catholic church.

Year 30-45
In my search for the higher meaning I tried all sorts of paths, including Rosicrucianism, the occult, zen-Buddhism and Vipassana, but none was my path.

Year 45-60
Am persistently working my way up by the means of the Yoga-Meditation Sodarshan Chakra Kriya in a gnostic way,
* initially I wanted to prove that it is possible to become divine without faith in god,
* but once I dissolved much of the identification with my bodily form I came to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter whether one believes in a god or simply bows to the almighty laws of life or the universe.

Hence today I replace the word “god” with much more abstract, in an article about the dedication to the divine.
Hence the physical death slowly becomes more and more irrelevant to me.

I would recommend to everyone to actively face death
in order to loose the fear of that ever nagging sword of Damocles which only spoils the quality of our lives.

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