2012 is now!

As I was just writing tomorrows blog-entry I saw on the computer clock that it is the legendary 21st of December which was the big event in 2012.

Were you one of the people who in 2012 were really hoping for some kind of change to happen;
only to have experienced nothing, but instead the ridicule of materialistic trolls who didn’t understand the concept of it all?

I just want to let you know that the good news is that we literally are at the second point of change right now for following reasons:

A sun dawn or rise takes 20 minutes, which is 1.4% of a day.
If you take 1.4% from a Mayan long count cycle of 5125.36 years, it means that it takes over 72 years for a change to occur – an entire human life-time or two generations !

Hence – don’t believe at all that nothing changed – a turn happened -just very very slow. And this shift of consciousness will pervade the rest of your entire life. In case you don’t believe me, write down where you were at 2012, where you are now, and keep track of your own evolution.

As for me I can only tell you that the last 7 years were definitely the most spiritual accelerating I experienced in my entire life up to the point of having an entire new outlook on life, death, myself and the world.

Plus there is the Cabalistic cycle of 7 years after which all planets are walked through, and we are exactly at the same point in the constellation again. And what do we have right now?
To the day 7 years after the ominous shift of consciousness of our millennium! (It also is winter solstice in 8 hours and new moon in 4 days.)

The second seven year cycle merely does shift now from sun to moon, from franticness and fear to emotions and serenity,
so within the upcoming seven years it should be easier to tune into spiritual work than within the last 7-years.

This will only apply to those involved in spiritual personality work – the rest of the world may get even more nervous for being out of tune with the cosmic cycle, so make sure not to be contaminated by them – just keep calm and meditate.

Here is a beautiful summary of what this change, we currently are in, is all about. Choose between the first long version at the top:

… or the short final one below:

6 Replies to “2012 is now!”

  1. Yeah, I definitely noticed the shift in my consciousness over the last 7 years. That phrase “ignorance is bliss” was on my mind a lot over the last several years, especially since 2017. I kept asking myself why I’m becoming more aware of the disturbances in life and now it all makes sense.


    1. Yeah, that is what makes you so likeable, because you approach the subject of spirituality with such an open and innocent heart that it really comes to life in opposition to some academic texts which hammer away their facts.
      By the speed you shifted – starting two years ago and then accelerated over the last year,
      and considering that this only is your beginning, I see a huge potential for your spiritual ascension and together with the love you emanate could make you a spiritual messenger of some kinds – either in the publicity of the internet or simply by radiating it to people around you.

      Just make sure you don’t forget this valuable period in your life – I have seen many tweens who took a sneak peak in to spirituality only then to be drawn in a mundane life of (usually) family in their 30s. And once the kids came their spiritual search usually was over.

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      1. I still have a lot to learn for sure but with what I experienced in such a short time has been very overwhelming.

        Even though I’m still in the process of understanding myself more, I do feel compelled to share what I have experienced with others just because I’ve always felt that I was a very kind person in a low key kind of way.

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        1. Because I like you as you are, I was actually hesitating to suggest any changes,
          but now that you mention it, I think that you could benefit from the Kriya I currently do because within 3 minutes you do get as much out of it as doing 20 minutes of meditation, so it could be a good addendum for your practice and also give you a tool to do your daily thing whenever you don’t have much time to practice long.

          Here is the beginner’s course which should last you for a year without being to hard on you: https://sodarshanchakrakriya.wordpress.com/2019/03/12/the-beginners-sodarshan-chakra-kriya-course/ , and under the section “SCK-materials” is a section with “inspirations”, which keep you going.

          I am sitting down right now to do it.
          But don’t feel pressured by me – it’s just a tip which you may not even need on your path.

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