The difference between Psychotherapy and meditation

I have to apologise that I did promise multiple times to deliver my spiritual biography and did not deliver. That was because it turned out to be much more complex to untangle the interwoven reasons for us to act and make decisions or conclusions. Over the last 2 years I actually made several drafts and a few attempts to start but found out that each timeline is only capable of displaying a fraction of reality.

The urgency why I wanted to start to write down my life as soon as possible wass because the more I did meditate the more I literally saw it slipping through my fingers, because individual events at one point become so irrelevant, that they slowly descend so far, that first details, and later entire issues become forgotten.

I guess this is why really wise people don’t talk about their past much anymore – not to withhold information, but simply because by subduing their egotistical identification to “their own” life-story, they became oblivious to holding on to it.

Therefore I have to postpone my decision of what is relevant until the completion of this SCK-project in approximately 3 years.

Then I will write down all changes the meditation-yoga did cause for me and maybe find a concise way to have analysed better how a longterm dedication to meditation-yoga can untangle the twists of our mind which do lead to the common hypothesis that Karma would be unfathomable.

So far, all I can say is that the difference between therapy and meditation is, that therapy provides understanding and absolution which helps to resolve emotional attachments,
and in meditation, issues don’t get solved one by one, like pixels of a picture, but by stepping back, in order to see the entire picture, in which individual pixels at best lost their relevance.

The longer you meditate, the more you also see even entire pictures as pixels of an even larger picture

2 Replies to “The difference between Psychotherapy and meditation”

    1. Thank you dear JV, it is quite rare and valuable to me that someone likes me sharing personal stuff, because often personal issues get on people’s nerves.


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