Is procreation really ‘pro creation’?

Spiritual inspiration Sunday 16

The problem with our religious upbringing (regardless of the religion) is that morals are forced upon us in combination with guilt, so we now face two dilemmas: Trying to overcome our lower nature whilst at the same time having to shed moral dogmas which at times go hand in hand with our own insights. That makes it difficult to distinguish whether a resolution is based on your own insight or an external imposition.

But if we don’t resist spiritual voices of reason, they can serve as great reminders to be stored in the back of our heads to know at least what to gear towards slowly.

The most difficult worldly attachment to shed, apart from food, in my eyes, is sex, because our biological drive is so strong and we humans celebrate the dogma of multiplying to uphold our religion, nation, race or species – even more so, because it is so pleasurable. Yet, those are mere intellectual reasons to justify our hormonal drives, whether it is the sex-drive in men , or the biological clock in women – both are equally animalistic, designed by lower nature to ensure procreation and therewith merely to sustain itself.

Since I am not out to depress anyone who already is in a relationship or has children, I will include a video here, which will show how to transform into spirituality within the already chosen female family-structure.
From all angles we can gear towards our highest self – the key is to make each choice a conscious and meaningful one, but our life should not be a result of mere animalistic reflexes.

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The sense for cuteness seems so benevolent, but it is also just one of those reflexes we only redirect into stereotyping people, whom we feel attracted to, into niceness.

This pretty Indian lady for example []:::::::||=======>

stabbed her lover’s pregnant wife 42 times,

And this cute Austrian baby below… ▼

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… ended up becoming Adolf Hitler.

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Nature simply is our most archaic environment and whist it is much less pathological as we are, our natural instincts are just a program built into us in form of strong urges.
In order to make ourselves feel good about being enslaved by them we love to glorify them.

On an emotional basis cuddling serves as the ultimate absolution from feelings of guilt or feelings of insignificance, but that is a solution based on the approval of some other person whose mood it depends on.
Hence this blessing can backfire anytime, if it is withdrawn arbitrary.

Our longing for that one partner who likes us completely is dangerous, because it leads to a seclusion away from ‘the bad world out there‘ towards ‘but we are the good ones‘.
Our need for sensuality suggests that we would need physical contact in order to celebrate love, but this is a romantic instead of all-embracing love, which locks the energy into a couple instead of letting it flow out to the world. This is why often the most social helpers or saints are single.

By declaring procreation as a virtue we are heading in an ever increasing speed towards the extinction of the human race by overpopulation.
But only very few will even consider not to procreate for the sake of saving the planet.
The rest will rather blame anyone else for destroying it, whilst ensuring their own slice of the cake. That’s how huge the need of our ego is to sustain itself in form of offspring.

The same principle, by the way, applies to capitalism by first ensuring ones own wealth and later considering to donate a fraction of it to philanthropic causes. Such similarities give rise to the suspicion that our financial system is a lower-chakra-system of control but not one of the heart.

Another mere spiritual reason for not creating a family is because once the family is set up, your spiritual progress inevitably will come to a halt because you need all your energy to raise and provide for the children. It basically boils down to a preference of the horizontal multiplication of a species versus the vertical spiritual evolution.

An indication that our brain is wired to snap into the (worldly and literal) horizontal axis, is that ones sexual fantasies (for the ones who aren’t narcissistic) nearly always evolve around another partner – if it were merely about the own pleasures there would not be a need for another one to fulfil it.

You see this everywhere in nature: If the quality of life is good it blossoms (vertically and spiritually), but if it is bad it quickly multiplies (horizontally and materialistically) rapidly to at least ensure the survival of the species.
This is how lemons are bread: They are deprived of water to implant the fear of death into them so the rapidly multiply.
And then they are watered again.

The dogma to save human life above all simply stems from our fear of dying, so what contemporary western medicine has brought us is a mere increase in quantity of the all-devouring virus called ‘human’ instead of having elevated us towards our full spiritual benevolent potential.
Whilst democracy and free speech were designed to be means of equality, they now serve to drag down humankind’s consciousness to its lowest denominator.
Unfortunately the few who manage to rise above it are called unworldly, yet it clearly is not the mass of humans which elevates us, but the quality of our individual’s consciousness.

How can we practically transform our sexuality ?

As I see it, the best we can do is to gear towards it slowly, by not putting the oil of seduction into the flames of mutual temptation, and as I said in my post about diets: “Transformation is very slow, but if in doubt, cut it out”. This rule allows for a merciful flexibility and we can slowly tune into our higher inner voice (or as some call it: ‘the voice of god’).

Steps on the way are to separate sex from the moral guilt of our religious upbringing and from medical claims that it would be necessary to move energy or releasing heat.

What I don’t recommend, however, is to impose rigid morals to deny ourselves sex, because that would be like putting a spoke into the overactive wheel of our sexuality, which then would make it crack in forms of diseases.

But if we let our desires slowly swing off we make space for a serenity to enter our lives , which may give us the the clarity how to proceed next.

But what if you have children already? No problem. As soon as they left the house you will be free again to ascend beyond the average wellness-yoga and therewith may be even set an example for your kids to do so as well. My point merely is that as long as family is a priority your spiritual ascension works in the background, by mostly observing that of your offspring.
From a point of education, technically it would be best to raise children in maturity after an ascension, but biology does dictate it the other way around.

2 Replies to “Is procreation really ‘pro creation’?”

    1. Thank you, dear JV for your ever loving and flattering comments
      which inspire me to go on.
      I slowly become a little bit weary to still post articles, because they (like my critical series about Yogi Bhajan or religions) are a residual push-backs against societies dogmas.
      I see myself slowly moving more towards your serenity and at one stage maybe not even wanting to get entangled in those kinds of axes of conflicts anymore.

      I have, however go through that process as long I see it lingering within myself, because
      first of all I have to complete this Sodarshan Chakra Kriya course, and secondly,
      prematurely claiming tranquility borders an attitude of suppressing unpleasant issues,
      and my aim is to clean my internal house thoroughly.


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