The biggest heroes are the unsung ones

Spiritual inspiration Sunday 20

By our rewarding education we are conditioned to do well and excel;
and depending on how much punishment was involved we define our sense of ‘right and wrong’ by what others reward or dismiss. This is why you see kids who weren’t educated in ethics often behave in unnecessary destructive ways – simply because their limit seems to be punishment – not higher insight.

Each human is like a garden with all kinds of seeds and those you cultivate are the ones which blossom. Because we applaud people who did well; approval is what most people strive for. Yet there are many whom we could be grateful for: The ones who made an effort not to cultivate their seeds of lower consciousness, which would have damaged us. Those can be:

  • the one who makes an extra effort to buy sustainable, or recycle products, even when no one sees it.
  • the one who didn’t steal when the opportunity was there,
  • the one who found a wallet and returned it – not stealing passively only no one saw it,
  • the one who got out of his way to help when others were in need – not hiding behind ignorance,
  • the one who didn’t accept a bribe (and there is a very fluent border to bribery),
  • the one who chose not to seduce someone sexually when seeing that it could have caused suffering,
  • the one who did not murder someone even though s/he was enraged,
  • the one who chose not instigate hate,
  • the one who made a great effort to overcome sexual urges not to be a pedophile,
  • the one who did not send others to war, be a terrorist or bring up any of those lowest mindsets,
  • or even the many who sacrificed success because they saw others suffering if they would have taken the glory for themselves.

This list is obviously random and could go on and on, but those are the people we have to thank for daily to have had the bliss of having had many peaceful days in which we did not get raped or killed.
Imagine what a horrible life you could have had if all those around you would have lived out their lower impulses.

It is the average person who may have suffered a lot and not even shown it to us we have to be grateful for – especially because no one else thanks them.

So next time you see someone whom you consider to have a dark energy, be undiplomatic or nasty, remind yourself that they could be doing pretty well right now by having watered down much larger issues (which we all are partly to blame for).

Often especially those who look ridiculous like punks, alcoholics, homeless people or people who play the clown in a certain group are the ones who struggle most to find a way out of multiple dilemmas.
I just wanted to put that out for you in order to shed a light that doing is not the only commendable action, but making space for others also is.

I want to tell you a story of synchronicity:
Just as I was finished writing this article I randomly did pick out one of my 100 followers and looked up what kind of person this might be and then I found out in this article that one of my readers is such an unsung hero,
so I want to dedicate this article to her.
And not only that, exactly at the same time that I read her story
she also had written an article about her pain and forgiveness.

Not only did she do an incredible job
in overcoming much of her pain and potential bitterness, hate or judgement
through ethics, meditation, contemplation and self-reflection,
she also sprinkles love all over the web, writes books and blogs, and despite her harsh life makes beautiful videos such as those above and below.

She also has a free course onBuddhism

Her past sufferings as well as the good Karma she transformed it into is a result of her open heart-energy having transformed a potential harsh intellect into a tool of communication of compassion.

She also has an easy to read Bhuddhist Course
(and I say this as someone who usually hates reading).

Edit: Before you pay anything into her paypal account there, contact her by mail, because since a year she does not reply anymore and I don’t know whether something happened to her.

2 Replies to “The biggest heroes are the unsung ones”

  1. Hello There & really I have no words. Thank you so much for your interest in my work and life and I am truly overwhelmed by your kind words. To be perfectly frank with you, I don’t see myself as an unsung hero, but I’m very moved you have put me in this catagory. There are of course many different viewpoints on forgiveness, and there are equally as many people out there wanting to do harm or injustice to us or our loved ones. For me the most important thing to remember – especially as a Buddhist, is that how they behave has absolutely no impact on how I should behave in response. What I’m trying to say is if a person goes out to deliberately hurt me or my loved ones, they are from a Buddhist viewpoint re-writing their own karma. If I respond with as much venom or anger then not only am I re-writing mine also, I have allowed them to be part of that rewrite and I have full responsibility for my own life and choices. This is why forgiveness is so pertinent to me because not only does it help reduce negative emotions such as anger, rage, revenge even. It’s also often helps you see the other person in a very different light.
    Once again I would like to offer you my heartfelt gratitude and I look forward to reading more of your wonderful posts
    Best wishes

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    1. Thank you, Julie – your story actually had a big impact on me like an intense drama-movie:
      First reading about your hard fate, then how you forgave the murderer of your love,
      then seeing in your first video how you did and do work a lot on the many turbulences in your life,
      and finally in your last video to see how – despite your blows of fate – you did manage still to keep that innocent all-embracing love, only children have (,so Jesus said: “bring the children to me”).
      You literally made me cry and reminded me to humbly accept
      that even perpetrators are just some kind of reflection of conflicting sides within us,
      we better let go peacefully, in order not to fuel that horizontal ego-connection further,
      and therewith to make space or to reclaim our vertical innocent aspirations.


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