Spiritual question of the month: If you had the power, would you perform miracle healings?

Since a while I became increasingly uncomfortable of writing blog articles, because I felt like ‘dishing out my truth’, so I purposely took out the sharp analytical style which on one hand did produce the best articles,
but on the other hand were a clever way to impose my opinion on others.
That’s why the quality of the articles suffered a bit for the sake of me being more authentic.

I also felt that the rise of social networks did culture a consumption attitude of readers to suck in as much information as possible at the expense of digesting and internalising wisdom, which frankly did frustrate me a bit because I see tons of ‘fence-sitters’ taking in inspirations but not acting on it. In 4-5 years I have only seen a handful people who did dedicate themselves to a daily practice of Sodarshan Chakra Kriya, this blog is actually designed to aspire to.

Hence I had the idea of asking you, my readers, one spiritual question a month which I actually am working on right now. So the question for January is:

I recently did post an article about miracle-healer Bruno Gröning of whom you can watch a documentary here:
part1, part2, part3.

Now the question for spiritual inclined people is:
Assuming that you do believe that siddhis (supernatural powers) like such healing powers are possible,
if you gained such a power (through a dedicated longterm spiritual practice), would you use it to heal others?
(And don’t dismiss such questions with “oh, I won’t deal with questions about powers I don’t have”, because that is simply putting your head in the sand to avoid responsibility, meaning that you voluntarily put a lid on your own spiritual evolution.)

Because of your desire to do good I assume you would say: “Yes, of course”. But here’s the catch:

The enlightened Vivekananda said here that at the brink of understanding the universal force one would either ascend further into the divine, or descend, when making use of siddhis in order to engage in the world.
I assume that most of us still would like to be inclined to heal, maybe without charging; to prove to yourself that you only have the best of intentions and are not acting out of an egotistical interest.

But Vivekananda also brought up another reason for not doing miracle healing, which I was not aware of. He said:

You see it in modern times; the faith-healers teach people to deny misery and pain and evil. Their philosophy is rather roundabout, but it is a part of Yoga upon which they have somehow stumbled. Where they succeed in making a person throw off suffering by denying it, they really use a part of Pratyahara, as they make the mind of the person strong enough to ignore the senses. The hypnotists in a similar manner, by their suggestion, excite in the patient a sort of morbid Pratyahara for the time being. The so-called hypnotic suggestion can only act upon a weak mind. And until the operator, by means of fixed gaze or otherwise, has succeeded in putting the mind of the subject in a sort of passive, morbid condition, his suggestions never work.

Now the control of the centres which is established in a hypnotic patient or the patient of faith-healing, by the operator, for a time, is reprehensible, because it leads to ultimate ruin. It is not really controlling the brain centres by the power of one’s own will, but is, as it were, stunning the patient’s mind for a time by sudden blows which another’s will delivers to it. It is not checking by means of reins and muscular strength the mad career of a fiery team, but rather by asking another to deliver heavy blows on the heads of the horses, to stun them for a time into gentleness. At each one of these processes the man operated upon loses a part of his mental energies, till at last, the mind, instead of gaining the power of perfect control, becomes a shapeless, powerless mass, and the only goal of the patient is the lunatic asylum.

Every attempt at control which is not voluntary, not with the controller’s own mind, is not only disastrous, but it defeats the end. The goal of each soul is freedom, mastery — freedom from the slavery of matter and thought, mastery of external and internal nature. Instead of leading towards that, every will-current from another, in whatever form it comes, either as direct control of organs, or as forcing to control them while under a morbid condition, only rivets one link more to the already existing heavy chain of bondage of past thoughts, past superstitions. Therefore, beware how you allow yourselves to be acted upon by others. Beware how you unknowingly bring another to ruin. True, some succeed in doing good to many for a time, by giving a new trend to their propensities, but at the same time, they bring ruin to millions by the unconscious suggestions they throw around, rousing in men and women that morbid, passive, hypnotic condition which makes them almost soulless at last. Whosoever, therefore, asks any one to believe blindly, or drags people behind him by the controlling power of his superior will, does an injury to humanity, though he may not intend it.

Therefore use your own minds, control body and mind yourselves, remember that until you are a diseased person, no extraneous will can work upon you; avoid everyone, however great and good he may be, who asks you to believe blindly. All over the world there have been dancing and jumping and howling sects, who spread like infection when they begin to sing and dance and preach; they also are a sort of hypnotists. They exercise a singular control for the time being over sensitive persons, alas! often, in the long run, to degenerate whole races. Ay, it is healthier for the individual or the race to remain wicked than be made apparently good by such morbid extraneous control. One’s heart sinks to think of the amount of injury done to humanity by such irresponsible yet well-meaning religious fanatics. They little know that the minds which attain to sudden spiritual upheaval under their suggestions, with music and prayers, are simply making themselves passive, morbid, and powerless, and opening themselves to any other suggestion, be it ever so evil. Little do these ignorant, deluded persons dream that whilst they are congratulating themselves upon their miraculous power to transform human hearts, which power they think was poured upon them by some Being above the clouds, they are sowing the seeds of future decay, of crime, of lunacy, and of death. Therefore, beware of everything that takes away your freedom. Know that it is dangerous, and avoid it by all the means in your power.

He who has succeeded in attaching or detaching his mind to or from the centres at will has succeeded in Pratyahara, which means, “gathering towards,” checking the outgoing powers of the mind, freeing it from the thraldom of the senses. When we can do this, we shall really possess character; then alone we shall have taken a long step towards freedom; before that we are mere machines.

So what do you, my dear readers say to his wisdom?

2 Replies to “Spiritual question of the month: If you had the power, would you perform miracle healings?”

  1. Dear Thilo, Thank you for this illuminating post.
    I am of the opinion that all biological systems, being an expression of divinity, are self healing.
    Quite often, people block their self healing.
    A healer can help someone to release the blocks. But, doing indiscriminately would be negating Karma
    (and playing God ?).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dearest JV,
      thank you for your valuable input, which I knew you would give,
      and I am a bit frustrated that no one else did (despite some having a WP-account and liked it).

      Your point about playing god is totally valid,
      and a woman I asked did answer to me that she of course would heal but not tell anyone,
      but those are all theoretical answers – yet in practice – imagine you really had such a power –
      would you – being a very compassionate person – not feel inclined to totally use it ?

      In practice this is a much more difficult question than in theory.
      You see, what I am trying to do here is to prepare myself to be of total integrity in case I should be so lucky as to gain such a power.
      I do the same with money and do think often what I would do if I suddenly would win the most massive jackpot in a lottery.
      In the same way I did ask all people I know and literally everyone said: “Oh, I would know what to do with that money – give some to friends, invest the rest and then make holidays”,
      but the joke is that literally no one had a true plan of what to do with it, like something specific.

      Maybe I am not really in the here-and-now for anticipating such questions,
      but I think they are at least a bit more constructive than mindlessly dreaming wishfully into the future.


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