How to see beyond the illusion called Maya

We have heard that the world is an illusion – a concept called Maya in spirituality, and we hear about shifting dimensions. Such pictures initially invoke comparisons to the mystical world of Shangri-La or parallel worlds as displayed in Science Fictions.

I would, however demystify that terminology by telling you that this is much less spectacular than you were hoping for , but therefore bears possibilities to influence our reality without relying on high-tech, the findings of hidden places, or the hope for extraterrestrial aliens to open some space-portal for us.

The illusion Maya is more about our emotional (mis)conceptions and conditionings.
So to show you how conditioned we all are, let’s play a game:

As you scroll down you will see 23 photographs of people.
All you have to do with every picture is to ask yourself what kind of a soul is presented to you – beyond your illusions of conditioning. Soul meaning the inner core of a person: its life-path, character-trades, value-system and all aspects which reveal their emotional state and mindset to you.

What helps to see the character behind people is to put those people in relationship to you, by putting them in fictitious situations, such as:

  • Would I entrust this person a secret?
  • Could I fall in love with that person or that person with me?
  • Could I rely on that person in times of need?
  • Would this person stand up for me when I did something wrong?
  • Could I entrust this person my money?
  • Could this be a killer, healer, thinker, worker, politician, or anything you can think of?
    Think of any question which helps.

The pictures are numbered in case you want to comment on one.
Don’t worry if you know some of those – just go by your character analysis.
Now just brainstorm what jumps to your mind within a second,
and then move on to the next photography.



Tilda Swinton in The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)



Tilda Swinton in Suspiria (2018)



Snowpiercer Tilda Swinton's Most Terrifying Roles


The Roles of a Lifetime: Tilda Swinton


















Those are the pictures.
Were the attributes you gave each person very different?
Did they reflect some of your own values?
Or did you put people in boxes, by age, gender, attractivity, etc ?

You may have known it or not, they all are Actress Tilda Swindon,
all the same soul someone who can see behind Maya could recognise.

Tilda Swinton Shaves Head

I admit that the test was not entirely fair, because it included masks which distort the face, but so is the entire hype of the beauty industry today. How much we are hooked on it shows the current amount of makeup-tutorials and selfies. So next time you see some attractive celebrity, search for that name and add “without makeup”, and don’t be fooled by the beauty of youth – it only shows you a person which did not yet have a developed many issues which may come at a later stage.

The way a 2 1/2 hour of Sodarshan-Meditation does change that is that you slowly see people ‘out of the box’ of their person.
You don’t see the friend who always was this
or that or a person with such and such political or religious opinion,
a woman or a boy etc.;
but when you stand in front of someone you see each issue, as it is dealt with, very differently.
One may be a very tolerant person,
yet be quite stern about a certain issue,
and feel attached to other issues – the possibilities are endless
and the further your distinction develops, the more you learn to see individual strings of consciousness floating through each human.
This is what Indians call Viveka – the art of discrimination.

And once someone can perceive the all pervading divine force in someone, they say Namaste – I bow to the divine in you (if this phrase is not used mindless).
So the illusion does not lie as a veil or hologram in front of our eyes,
but is our misconception, that certain material forms would be separate entities.

The more you stay in the current current,
the more you are in the flow of things

One Reply to “How to see beyond the illusion called Maya”

  1. A flattering comment from reader JV I want to share with you:
    “Fantastic! This is one of the best I ever saw to experience my conditioning”.


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