fff: followers for followers 2

I decided to give you today all the remaining links of your fellow followers’s blogs. It turned out less than I thought, because for your convenience I did weed out all the websites which were advertisements or seem not active anymore (i.e. which did not blog within the last year). But I left in all other links regardless of my preference.

People not mentioned here have likely been mentioned in this blog before, but if you miss your site (because you subscribed with your email only)
feel free to add your link in a comment below for others to see here.

  1. Mythology, Poems, intelligent thoughts: https://wordandsilence.com/
  2. Mystical Sikh yoga: https://yogiamandeep.wordpress.com/
  3. cerebellar stroke recovery: https://mycerebellarstrokerecovery.com/
  4. Spirituality:
  5. Art / poetry:
  6. Random thoughts, brainstorms & ramblings: https://changetheillusions.wordpress.com/
  7. orthodox christianity:

4 Replies to “fff: followers for followers 2”

  1. Dear Thilo, Thank you. I couldn’t post this comment either with WordPress or Google account

    “Fantastic! This is one of the best I ever saw to experience my conditioning”.

    Wishing you a joyful day,

    JV Avadhanulu


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear JV, what do you mean, that you could not post this with your WP accounts?
    I am certain that this is because recently I changed the WordPress-theme and you are the first to comment on it, so your feedback ist important.
    And whilst we are at it, did you mean to post the line “Fantastic…” on another post?
    It seems not to make sense in relation to simple links.


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