The psychological implications of internet surveillance on a quantum-level

There are two opinions in regards to being tracked in the web though cookies, Google and Facebook: Some do mind having their data (ab)used and the majority, for the sake of convenience, succumbs to its dominance by declaring that “they have nothing to hide”.

Yet there is a total different aspect hardly anyone does sense:
The fact that by merely being observed we already are influenced on a deep molecular level.
You can see this on children who freeze as soon as they are photographed, because they loose their natural flow.

In the same way electrons loose their fluidity when being observed in the double-slit-experiment, as explained in this video:

in case this video is taken down: here it is once more:

We are literally snapped out of our holistic intuition and living in the moment; into the dualism of opinions and its concepts which drag us away from the now.

Observation determines the axis of thought-patterns of the observer.
Try to simply observe your breath and you will see how it is influenced depending on your focus on its speed or depth.

Some internet-users sense that something is bothering them, but because they can’t pinpoint it, they create conspiracy theories to have a construct against which to push back.

If you found the above video excerpt interesting, search for “dr quantum”.

Also interesting: this excellent interview I do recommend you to watch:

5 Replies to “The psychological implications of internet surveillance on a quantum-level”

    1. Thank you Maylyn(yes),
      It’s so much more valuable to have a reader comment than simply punching the like button!
      (I am glad I found you through one of those comments).


      1. Your blog is very interesting to me because I am interested in energy and chakras and kriya that I don’t know much of. I am the one who should thank u for teaching me

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  1. Wow! This is an eye opener. I knew quantum mecahnics and I am a regular user of internet. Whenever and wherever I have a choice, I turn off cookies etc. But, only today, I understood the reason behind my choice. Thank you, dear Amar, I connected the dots today.

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