The problem with the law of attraction

The documentary “the secret” made the law of attraction (TLOA) world known. TLOA states that what you think of, you literally attract into your life.
Also this experiment confirms that you simply can pull manifestations from the future:

In my opinion the flaw of such statements is that the first contact with the TLOA usually does initially create a lot of excitement, which is an egoic force;
yet the TLOA according to my experience does not work when driven from the ego, because the egoic mind is cluttered, and one can not manifest unresolved issues.

That is why most people got disappointed after having tried to fullfil their wishes unsuccessfully, so initially the movie “the secret” was the great hype, then seminars came out: “Things you must do for TLOA to work”, and then even “What you do wrong when TLOA does not work”.
Vice versa: even bad things manifest in their lifes ‘out of the blue’ (of their own subconsciousness).

So instead of forcing TLOA to fulfil my desires I personally simply work on clearing up my own mental issues in order to diminish unwanted side-effects and also gain clarity for what desires are appropriate.

Now I want to let you know how 2 1/2 hours of Sodarshan Chakra Kriya Meditation does tap into tloa for me:

Archetypal images come up, totally random, and shortly afterwards, usually my intellect does kick in to interpret what I saw, and I become aware that a conceptual thought is sitting in the background, which could influence each of those images by thinking something like: “it would be really bad if this or that happened now” or “what if that would happen now” – mere fantasies driven by conditioning.

I usually then dismiss that thought or even distract myself (by opening my eyes), because I don’t want to manifest uncontrolled realities (within my psyche) which are driven by my wild imagination.

I think that this is how tloa works and how the advanced spiritual masters and Shamans can do magic – they tap so deep into the dream-world that the border between the mental and the materialistic world becomes blurred not only within their mind but also in the physical world.

But only those who can stay focussed {without being dominated by their subconscious concepts} can control it.
The ones who do tap into such archetypes but can’t trace them back to their origins or distinguish them from internal dogmas, become, or already are, diagnosed as mentally unstable, and usually project them onto others by the means of blame and conspiracy theories.

One spiritual woman once said to me: “The magician can swim in the ocean of the universe and the schizophrenic drowns in it.”
This is why I do believe that a lot of ‘mental cases’ are manifestations of huge spiritual potentials which have not been cultivated yet by the means of a spiritual education.

10 Replies to “The problem with the law of attraction”

  1. So, somehow we are all, if not all then the majority, are schizophrenic. I don’t know if I am swimming or I am drowning. Sometimes we can’t tell the difference when we are at a deep level of subconsciousness.
    To me, TLOA is being connected with other energies out there. I have noticed that this connection done through the ego only leads to deception because you are right, it doesn’t happen that way.
    I am not sure about the archetype thing you mentioned. Archetypes are such a complicated subject.
    I wrote 3 posts about archetypes but I’m not sure if I understood them on a spiritual level.
    Great post, thank you

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    1. Very interesting stuff I have to contemplate upon for a while before I can get back to you on that.
      But first I do I want to give readers the chance to see all 3 links because 2 of them were fused and therewith broken:


      (I got totally confused by a ping back link at the bottom of your first post which I mistook for the next link
      only to have ended up at some teen-blog’s ramblings and thought that your articles declined somehow – hahaha)


    2. I read your articles, May-Lynn and am impressed about your versatile knowledge or research.
      Most people would only know one or the other thing and I wonder what you do all day long – whether you are a therapist, philosopher, or have a rich daddy who did finance a broad education ;-p
      Whatever it is, you use it well and I think that you could compile a selection of your blog into a book.


      As for the archetypes: I think that I brought on the bunch of posts from you by having not been careful with my words: The pictures which do come up in meditation I was referring to were not really specific archetypal but totally and utterly random. More random than my phantasy would allow me.

      I don’t even remember much of it anymore, because whenever those images conjure up they are so nonsensical random that they are hard to be remembered.
      Once a field for example I was flying through, another time a plastic duck, then creases of a face, etc,
      and on top of that all images in another style, like one is like a clear movie, the next one like a painting with running colours and the third one like some kind of grainy rough pixels.

      And all what comes up is not even the least related to what I saw on the previous day or night on the screen or in real life or what I dreamed about.

      All I can tell you that it is accelerated when I do manage to focus properly or when my breath slows down (both of which only come after a long period of sitting – I guess the active mind has to come down first).


      However, you made me think about archetypes and I think that those are the bridge from our subconsciousness to material creation and in a sense they seem the place of the seeds where our inner god begins to work – and i am not joking, i think that each of us literally is divine – you not less than Allah, and as much as Krishna and the same as me.

      But instead of it being the place of the divine inception only, archetypes also seem to be bound to a group-consciousness, especially in the Jung part.

      I think the obstacle to becoming a real god is to overcome those very deep conditionings of our past (lives) until we gain wilful power over that place in our mind & soul which is usually already occupied by long forgotten norms or experiences.

      There are for example certain types of women who do trigger certain associations for me: The noble one, the cute one, the mystical one, the wild one, dark haired, blondes, straight and curly also having their effect, etc… All those associations are likely wrong, yet so strong that in favourable circumstances it could happen that I get into a relationship because I do project so much into a woman.
      I think this is what the illusion they call maya is all about and the deeper I dig into my subconscious the more aware I become of my own conditionings which usually is enough to fade them out, just like if I would tell you how some magic trick worked the magic would be out of the trick but you therefore would not be a victim to its illusion anymore.

      I better stop because I start to ramble – not yet fully awake yet ^^.


      1. Thank you for clarifying this issue.
        Then I would say archetypes are a projection of social ideals, transmitted to us through education. So a person would receive them and create some others based on his or her perception of things.

        I didn’t know however that images that come up during meditation are archetypes or linked to archetypes. Anyway it is good to know.

        As far for my field of knowledge, that’s what Heidegger called a vulgar philosophy, touching upon things without going deeper lol.
        Thank you for your kind words. I am a philosophy teacher mainly and I am interested in many aspects of this life. So I do read a lot and watch even more. I try to be up to date. Heidegger would hate me 🤣

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        1. AHA !
          So that is your secret which makes you look so smart – being a philosophy teacher!
          I think Heidegger would have been very flattered by a Lebanese knowing so much about him,
          so I think instead of hating you he probably would have proposed to you ;-p

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  2. Dear Amar, Thank you. Watched the video and read the book many times. Your experience was what was very interesting to me.
    In my practice, I simply try to recognize thoughts as just thoughts. When I get hijacked by one of them, I simply tell myself ‘thinking’ (when I become aware of the hijack) and return my attention to my meditation.

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    1. That is a synchronicity how you and me did comment literally the same at the same time:
      You just telling about your awareness and I just writing directly above about how my conditioned mind becomes de-conditioned as soon as we are aware of our conditioning.

      I also thought about that in terms of the last article about internet-surveillance: Since observation does influence us on a quantum-level, surely our self-awareness also must do that which in a way is really crazy:
      We are the quantums which do flow like lightwaves and as we (the light-waves) observe ourself (either the breath or our thoughts) we turn that which is observed into particles, so our our waves turned ourself into particles and I wonder what does happen in the second observation, whether those particles become even more dense or whether they turn into waves again.

      A miracle healer once said that all we had to do is to NOT focus on our disease for it to disappear. I guess he took the observation out of that equation.

      So I don’t only change your thoughts by writing, you do change me in the same way by reading my blog post, or when you think about me 8-o
      I am not joking – sometimes, a day or two after having posted something I sense the reaction I got from it or whether that article did work or not – even if no one did comment on it.
      What no one sees is that I literally did fine-tune my writing-style or attitude a few times already to tune it up with the zeitgeist.
      (First articles were child-like excited, then they became rebellious, then intellectual and currently I try to write digestible content everyone can relate to.


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