Spiritual cycles until 2060 based on 2012

Considering the state the world is in the question arises whether things could come to an end. The comfort is to remember that in nature everything is cyclical, like the seasons for example.

One of those cycles are the Indian concept of the Yugas (of which 3 versions are out there). The classical interpretation states that the worst of times did start 5000 years ago and will go on for 427000 more years. We basically are in the most materialistic and least spiritual times Indians call the Kali-Yuga. The suffering of materialists will increase tremendously throughout this time.

But since this cycle is so large that it is won’t create a significant change for us and the next generations, let’s look at shorter cycles, such as the aquarian age which did start around our birth, or the more recent 2012 change of the Mayan Calendar.

Since those cycles still are thousands of years long, we can deal better with it if we do split the most recent change into cabalistic planetary phases, which coincide with those of Indian astrology.
The trick here is not to focus on too short phases, because those are to fleeting to allow for a zeitgeist to shift, but to step back enough to set our focus on the range which still applies to our lifes.

We can see on a day that a change such as a sunrise takes about 1%-2% of the day (which is a quarter to half an hour out of the 1440 minutes a day has). So let us look at the 1%-2% only it would take for a 2.760 year long count of the mayan calendar to change.

That means that the 2012 shift I spoke about in my previous post does take roughly half a century to manifest.
Much of the excitement of a shift back then was not wrong
but the time it takes for the transition was overlooked in the hope of things to change.

Bear in mind that changes do not come like a clockwork, because they mingle with other cycles, so they are blurred. If we had only one kind of, cycles, they could be so easily observed that would be common knowledge like day and night. They are more to be seen as energy fields fading in and out.
So don’t get hung up on specific dates – this is more about the principle of the order in which the shift of consciousness will manifest for mostly for Millennials.

Based on above combinations of cycles, those are the kind of emotional shifts in the zeitgeist you may expect within the next decades: After 2012…

  • From 2013 to 2019 we had the first 7-year-cycle of the sun
    Everything did shine: subtle spiritual changes faded in which did not bother materialists. For the last time people who bought new petrol cars can still drive them until the cars are broken before petrol will start to get expensive in 15 years. So it seemed as if nothing changed.

  • From 2020-2026 will be the second, the moon cycle ☽︎
    People start to reflect on what happened and become emotional, especially because we just started two successive contracting Chinese metal years. Because people become worried, even kids like Licypria become active and the political mainstream ensuring the structure which does keep the establishment in place is criticised from all sides.

    Edit in April: When writing this article in february I didn’t know about the disastrous consequences the coronavirus would have, but as it turns out that did start exactly at the time this cycle will start, so I strongly assume that the consequences of that will continue to have an effect on the entire world until the end of this cycle, and the issues it brings up will give rise to even more troubles in the next phase. (The rest of this article will be kept as I wrote it so that you see that this kind of analysis works.)

  • From 2027-2033 will be the mars cyle ♂
    Consequences of our environmental damage will show, things will speed up and escalate into heated arguments between forces which intend to keep the old system and the ones who intend to change it. This may even lead to temporary civil wars in certain countries.
    Following video applies more to that time-period than when it was originally created.

  • From 2034-2040 will be the mercury cycle ☿, meaning that people with the willingness to self-reflect will learn from their mistakes and communicate in more diplomatic ways.
    A discovery of a previously unknown non-humanoid life form could occur, either deep under the sea-water, or in form of microbes from outer space; but that could also be staged. (Since I am not a clairvoyant I can only analyse the energy at the time .)

  • From 2041-2047 will be the Jupiter ♃ period which will be a second push for spirituality but in a more mature and mystical way than the eso-clichés needed in 2020 to counteract materialistic dogmata. To put it in todays new-age terms:
    The “earth will split” into “Muggles” who remain in the old materialism and “Violets” who ascend, meaning that a critical mass could be reached to move spirituality out of its marginalised corner of ridicule.

  • From 2048-2054 will be the Venus ♀ phase, which is the calm after the storm, because as always in evolutions changes will at one point settle into the next zeitgeist.

  • From 2055-2061 will be the Saturn ♄ cycle which is like the cashier at a supermarket where everything is checked and billed which happened in the entire 7-planet-cycle before. It is kind of the bill for how humankind evolved, so we simply get to reap the consequences of our actions, whether good or bad.

  • Now you can group this this entire timeline and look at it as the first sun-period of an entire 49-year cycle.
    If you then apply the above qualities to each 49-year-cycles in the same manner, the next half a decade will have a Moon quality,
    the one after one of mars, then Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn.

What you can do if you are anxious about the next 14 years of social and environmental turmoils is

  • First of all to implement a daily spiritual practice (as soon as possible, because it takes a long time to bear fruits) which does anchor you by bringing you to a state of reassuring self-awareness.
  • And secondly: Remember how utterly irrelevant our entire humankind is, by watching this incredible video:

9 Replies to “Spiritual cycles until 2060 based on 2012”

    1. I think you are right, because such cycles always depend on where you do set the starting point.
      I just wanted to explain why 2012 was not straight away the hype it was suspected to be,
      because they forget to see that the entire process is spread out over time.

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        1. Thank you, May-Linn; and since you are interested in meditation – stay subscribed for at least another month because I just started to write an interesting course on spirituality for aspirants of all levels.


    1. And I am very grateful for your consistent support and appreciation of my work even in its most erratic times. By validating my work you inspired me to continue on my path of evolution and having overcome a few obstacles so that it seems to accelerate now.


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