How to use the coronavirus-quarantaine constructively

There were 20 cases of SARS-CoV-2 in the city I live in. After the weekend there were 53; so overnight I became a frontrunner for voluntary semi-self-quarantaine.
I would like to share with you that this is not just a reason for worry and fear, but that there is a tremendous opportunity in this situation which can make you come out of it all as a changed person!

Of course you will watch the development of the COVID-19 closely which unfolds like a dystopian science-fiction, but whenever fear arises I would like to remind to you that
Medicines have its limitations but the creative life-force has none“:

(Update of daily cases in my city 64>86>121>158>195>[ lockdown of the city]>[weekend] > 226 >230> 248 > 333/+6dead > 335/6d > 386/7d > 426/13d> 457/13d >562/18d >608/19d> 657/20d> 690/20d> 704/20d> 732/23d> 795/31d> 812/35d [steeper curve than any other EU country including Italy] >849/42d> 857/43d> 889 /50d> 908/56d> 915/56d> 934/61d> 938/68d> 946/69d> 946/69d [lockdown lifted] > 951/70d > 954/70d > 957/70d> 962/76> 967/76> [peak]> 970/76d> 967/79> 973/79> 977/79d> 976/79d> 982/79d> [now on a weekly basis] 983/79d>986/79d> 988/79d> 989/79d> 991/79d>1004/79d> 1006/79d>1011/80d> [7th November:] 4669>161d … ).

You may now say: “Easier said than done”, so I would like to bring you a combination of tools I accumulated within half a century, and compress them so that you can strengthen your body-energy and mind from both ends to heal and mature many times faster than you would normally, meaning that you are more likely not to even attract the virus in the first place.

The trick is to turn our forced safety-retreat into a sanctuary – a place which will serve you as a retreat for your soul.
Out of your free most usually would not bother to start to even consider a regular spiritual practice but now you are confrontes with the choice whether you waste your time trying to distract yourself or whether you will use it to find your self.

And for those who don’t believe in spirituality, just look at the prediction I just made which like a clockwork does come true right now:

The second (moon) cycle after 2012 did start on the 21st of december 2019,
on the 30th the first 7 cases of the coronavirus where reported.
The moon has to do with emotional reflection, and even the ones who did not worry about our planet’s well-being start to worry about their own health now.
We also just started two successive contracting Chinese metal years – metal relating to the corporal soul called Po in Chinese Medicine which relates to all bodily functions.

Whether you believe this or not, is irrelevant. This is just a demonstration how the understanding of spiritual laws can help you tremendously to understand a seeming chaos around you in order to see some guidelines along the way for you.

( that’s not me btw – I am a 53 year old male ;-)

You will gain even more power if you start to understand yourself, beause then you can accomplish what Sri Yukteshwar above said;
who had such tremendous understanding of life that he was able to do things normal people like us would consider to be miraculously.

So in the next post I will start a spiritual course, and since curiosity initially is much bigger than the desire to practice, you only will be required to meditate guided for 5 minutes each lesson, but you will get 1.5 hours of information which you can digest in your own time.

My introductury recommendations are just for you to set up a peaceful environment for yourself which will serve you as the above mentioned sanctuary. 🌅

When worrying a defensive instinct is to blame others which often makes us overlook to apprecciate the positive sides.
Then we forget that we personally are not affected yet or what a huge global effort is made to overcome this epidemic.
Don’t get primarily hung up on mistakes of politicians and conspiracy theories (all which you can deal with later) but focus on yourself and be grateful for each person who despite their own fears still does provide their daily services so that you have all your needs met.

3 Replies to “How to use the coronavirus-quarantaine constructively”

    1. The moon-worries will continue for 7 years, but straight after the mars-turmoil will take over for the next 7 years,
      so I will set myself up for 14 years of consistent spiritual practice to at least counter those effects, if not even to overcome them by inner serenity.

      I am just in the process of writing a incentive for people to take spiritual work serious and after that will start a weekly long-time-course.
      [Update on the 22nd: For the longtime walkthrough, just click on “sun course” in the menu]

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