Cleanse your Karma faster than you accumulate it!

Recently I posted a reason why we should evolve faster in order not to destroy our own environment, and one for how important spiritual preparation is in times of crisis, such as the one of the coronavirus Covid-19, but there is also a more abstract one:

The massive amounts of emotional damage done out of ignorance.

This doesn’t only happen due to malevolence, such as purposely physically harming bullying or trolling others, but it also can happen in forms of sneaky passive-agression or even ignorant phrases one dished out without having been aware of its consequences.

Remember how your parents did tell you something which made you feel bad for decades for half of your life and remember all those years or decades you were hurt by people who cheated or mistreated you.
Often people don’t even mean harm but simply are not aware of what they were dishing out mindlessly “for they do not know what they are doing.

Unfortunately I have to tell you: It is highly likely that you yourself did the same to others
and on top of it will dismiss their pain simply because you can not relate to it.

Top Post Photo by Engin Akyurt. This photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas

Not only that, but mere energetic imbalances can hurt others or yourself by simply happening (like you making mistakes or having unnecessary accidents due to an inherited roughness, lack of awareness, being emotionally preoccupied or even more abstract reasons.)

The root of this catch-22-situation is the ignorance of each of us combined with our raw deflective energy which makes us (re)act compulsively.
And the dilemma is that even the hurt ones can develop a victim-consciousness which at one point can turn into a burden for others.

The boomerang is that at a higher stage of development really old stuff which still lingers as memories in your cells can release themselves into your consciousness (just think back a few decades and you will find mistakes your ego was not willing to admit back then but which you now are willing to admit).

On a side-note:
Whilst this is a sword of damocles for you, to remember this can also give you great comfort in knowing that everyone at one point will have to face their past karma, which is probably what religious analogies of being judged after life are all about.

The more self-reflected you are, the more aware you are what kind of emotional avalanches you could trigger with an unlucky chosen statement or negative affirmation.

So if you do believe in Karma which does accumulate over lifetimes I seriously recommend to you to start to implement some kind of spiritual practice in your life without postponing it.
Just treat your soul as any part of your body which you have to take care about, like brushing your teeth daily .

5 Replies to “Cleanse your Karma faster than you accumulate it!”

  1. Thank you for triggering my thought process. Vipassana says that if you can observe the sensations that arise without ‘raga’ or ‘dvesha’, you transmute some Karma (that which has caused the sensations

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    1. I looked up dvesha and found aversion so I agree, but did you mean “rage” instead of “raga”?
      I could not find anything on that.
      There is actually a very fine line between dvesha and viveka – on one hand we should not have aversion and on the other we should distinguish.
      Later I want to write an article about that.


    1. Thank you for this valuable article of wisdom.
      The only aspect I miss in your communication is just a tiny sentence to bridge my article to the one you linked to,
      because viewers may not instantly see an instant connection here and dismiss your plain link as a spam or ‘youtube-comment-propaganda’.
      I personally would have added something along the lines of:
      ” A cause for creating Karma is Raga & Dvesha”

      Having said that I am grateful that you finally did put a name to what I follow since a Hindu told me that it is not about being a good person but to leave the axis of entanglement,
      else one who was a criminal in last life becomes a policeman in this life,
      but due to his entanglement in ‘good-vs-bad’ he becomes a criminal in next life again.

      This for example is why I never stopped smoking rapidly but did fade it out over decades slowly and now switched to vaping which I also am in the process of fading out to finally be free from the conditionings of probably many life-times.
      I observe people who became non-smokers overnight to still be very entangled in that axis of affliction
      because they often become intolerant non-smokers, so I rather solve that issue slowly but for good.

      This is probably the reason why Buddha did occasionally eat meat because he was able to flexible harmonise with a farmer who served him a meat dish in belevonlence for example.

      I think I will turn my reply to you into a post one day,
      and btw: your profile lacks a link to your potentially valuable blog so you miss out on giving people who cherish your comments to see what else you have to convey to the world.


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