How to deal with idiots

We all have that problem that there are plenty of crazy, dumb, ignorant and even malevolent people around who spurt out their worthless and hurtful nonsense.

The way I do solve the dilemma of wanting to love everyone whilst disagreeing with most
is that I do see everyone as a part of the global brain of our species
and every being as a part of one huge cosmic organism;
and like native American Indians, who said that “we are all eyes out of the same head”;
I see that literally everyone bears some part of truth,
only often conveyed in the most undiplomatic way.

To find the truth of enemies not only is an exercise in tolerance
but can open a vast realm of previously unseen insights.

2 Replies to “How to deal with idiots”

  1. Ok and to be able to love those people is a higher wisdom. However I don’t get exactly the word “love” here: is it accepting? Tolerating? Not being upset? Embracing idiotic behaviour? What is the love you are talking about?

    Sometimes, if not most of the time, we need tough love to adjust a malevolent behaviour

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    1. I pureposely did omit the aspect of love, because as someone who did channel under the name “Barholomew” once said (along the lines):
      “Don’t start by trying to love the ones you hate, because that it the most difficult aspect.”

      The dogma of ‘love & peace’ in my experience brought up only either a feeling of resistance in form of anger or a sense of being incapable of higher pursuits,
      so I simply wanted to guide people slowly into unlocking their aversion towards unpleasant people
      in order to open the door to understanding them just a little bit.

      I think that the rest will follow automatically once the light of compassion shines through that door.

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