3 Replies to “how to deal with wicked people”

  1. Dear Amar, Thanks for the videos and interesting posts.
    There is a spiritual tenet that the world is a mirror of your inner self. So, when you see an idiot or wicked person or….., you can thank that person for showing where you need to work on yourself. At the first level, labelling a person comes out of judgement (conditioning) and once you label a person, you can’t see the human being behind the label. There is no ‘Is idiot or is____” because it is an occurring world. Every person has different aspects in different time-space-people situations.
    At a more practical level for ‘normal’ life, we can learn from animals. When the environment is unfavourable, they adapt or hibernate or migrate. Adapting for us could be acceptance. Quite often, that hinges on self-acceptance of some unacknowledged aspect.

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    1. Thanks for your valuable inputs, JV,
      I will take them as inspirations – in fact right at this moment as your comment came in I already was in the process of writing an article which does quote parts of your previous comments.


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