Use the corona-lockdown to change your life forever within 6 weeks

I actually wanted to post this in 7 weeks, but because I see the population getting nervous and impatient amongst lockdowns and because it is my birthday today I am attempting for the third time to inspire the spiritual community to rise and bring serenity and peace to the world.

Most people think that our circumstances are our reality
and only 1% has the understanding that the world is a reflection of ourselves.
Those whose ego resists that try to desperately find someone to blame for the coronavirus or for its handling which leads to all sorts of conspiracy-theories and xenophobia.

Of the 1% who are willing to take on responsibility for the shape the world is in;
only another percent does try to shift their own consciousness in order to rectify it.
And of that 1% only another percent actually is willing to fully dedicate themselves to explore the world beyond their comfort-zone in order to see behind the veil,
even though the rewards are undescribable.

Here I tell you what literally did change my life forever so that you are invited to copy that.

  1. 26 years ago I only got this one page of meditation-instructions and was instantly convinced that this would be a valuable key to understand the universe
    -> a holy grail humans normally have to search for for their entire life. So I was hooked.
    You can print that page out so that even when your internet-connection or electricity is down you can keep practicing that for the next quarter of a century.
  2. I then did build up this meditation within 2 weeks to 2.5 hours
    • and then did it for around 40 days.
  3. Since then my purpose in life was to accomplish the legendary 1000 days of 2.5 hours which will “transform a monkey into a saint”,
    and unless I should die meanwhile I won’t stop until I have acomplished that.

The effects of doing SCK for 2.5 hours for the first time had on me:

  • After the first 2.5 hour-session I looked into the mirror and my eyes looked nearly parallel, so it seemed to have straightened me out literally.
  • Thereafter usually came a state of bliss which to drug users is best compared with smoking weed, except for the stupidity, silliness, paranoia or weakness being associated with drugs. So despite being like in trance I could deal with daily duties.
  • Being 24 I still went to many parties but even if I did after having drunk alcohol, SCK had a beneficial effect on me.
  • Within a week of doing it it did calm down my very hyperactive sexuality which made me significantly reduce masturbating – another good side effect:
    to save valuable life-force for men and prevent women from being scattered.
  • Having inherited a choleric temper my reactions also became delayed, meaning that I didn’t startle as easy anymore, nor was I as impulsive to react to insults.
  • I did ask many practitioners of different spiritual and healing directions at the time to let me know if it would have any kind of negative side-effect (such as arrogance for example) but none of the many had anything to criticise:
    Vice versa, the best compliment came from an ‘enemy’ of mine who did tell me after two weeks that I became more mystical and changed for the better and that I should keep up whatever I was doing. In general people who hated me started to like me without me having to bend over backwards towards them.
  • On one hand I lost quite some weight over it – not merely by shedding kilos but my entire gestalt changed, and at the same time I got a tremendous strength to train in the fitness gym or doing Kung Fu for 3 1/2 hours at the time, so I also became quite muscular – another sign that this Kriya works very deep down at the root level of the elements.
  • I also became very intuitive and could understand a speech Yogi Bhajan held in a Gudwara even though I can not speak Hindi.
    I just could grasp the meaning and sensed how Indians did react in a less excited way Westerners do, but more with a critical distance. It did take him 45 minutes for him to overcome their reluctancy.
  • I also had psychic moments: When treating a patient with TCM for example I saw her as a sad 6 or 7 year old girl on a swing and she later told me that her sister had died around that age.
  • And despite me having been incabable to touch others (due to own hangups), a serenity bordering healing-powers developed:
    • I held someone who did study with me at the back and front of her heart for 20 minutes – Knowing that she was adopted I could tune into her up to the point when she was 3 years old and then turn around from listening to her to mentally tell her that I would be there for her at her darkest point in life. This did release so much stuff that she then cried – literally for the rest of the day.
  • Without me having known or read any vedic literature at one time I sensed the mantra not coming out of my head when thinking it, but coming out of my belly – as if my brain was in my belly.

Those are all only experiences I did have within this very month and the experiences I have now become different but I want to tell them to you separately in order to give you a clear picture of what can happen at the very beginning.

So in case you currently are in a lockdown now, NOW is the time to do 2.5 hours of SCK and when others will emerge stressed, wanting to get “back to normal” your entire world will have changed for you.
In case you currently are superbusy required outside as a health-worker, this obviously is not the time for you to do it, but save it for after your trauma is over to repair the damages.

For the ones who do have the time: synchronising our meditation makes it much easier knowing that someone else is out there doing it, so I can assure you that I already am in the process of doing SCK for 2.5 hours daily, hence you are definitely have one companion here already.

In case you doubt your ability to do it, here are a few reasons why you have nothing to fear:

  • I had no tools and no one to do it with me, but you have the beats I created to help you here, including the instructions how to count with your fingers here, and can download them here (I did train you up to beat 38 btw, so you can start from there).
  • You probably know when trying to solve a riddle how much more power you have if you know it is solveable – I knew no one who did do it before, but you know that this is doable.
  • At the time I was partying a lot which made it difficult at times, and in corona-times that destructive temptation is drastically reduced.
  • Whilst doing it I also was fully occupied with the final months of my diploma-studies in TCM – something you likely are not whilst you are in quarantaine.
  • If you read this you likely are a first-worlder who is blessed having your basic needs met, so cherish your blessings and use your life-energy to evolve.
  • Also: I am a worldly attached hedonistic starsign taurus and the most restless Chinese sign of fire-horse, so if I did manage to sit for 2.5 hours, you can so too. (I don’t say this to brag but to motivate you and to not make any excuses like: “This is not my thing” etc.)

And a few tips to make it easy on you:

  1. If in the beginning you think that this is much to difficult to hold your breath that long – just overcome two cycles. Once you were able to do those, you can physically do it for an endless time – the entire rest is patience.
  2. Now that summer is coming rise with the birds and do it straight away.
  3. Prepare your essentials the day before so that you can straight away sit down before even having to make any choices (because in the mornings, forced decision-making can rip you out of your sleepy bliss).
  4. Except for going to the toilet (which I do recommend), don’t do anything beforehand, because the slightest aggravation can throw you of doing it alltogether.
  5. If you have to do it in daytime or the sun is rising so early, do it with a face mask, because it is easier if light does not kick up your adrenaline.
  6. If you had adverse circumstances do it at dusk – the time when the sun sets also works good because you become calmer. Just make sure that you don’t do it so late that you start to become tired.
  7. Sitting in a (half) lotus makes it easier on your back than sitting in a chair, but doing that for 2.5 hours nonstop is impossible for me being a Western male, so I have a thick meditation-pillow and sit in brezel-shape legs on my bed, and whenever my legs start to go numb or hurt I can swing them down and sit like in a chair until my legs recovered. (I can’t sit in full lotus but the half lotus works fine for me)
  8. You might find the idea of meditating 2.5 hours impossible but you will be surprised how much easier that is than simply doing boring Zen, because the many aspects of the kriya will give your mind much to deal with:
    1. You have to focus on your fingers,
    2. how to breath in and out,
    3. and most difficult to count the 16×3 (=48) beats.
      So before you know it half an hour will be gone.
  9. You will get very impatient about 5 times throughout this exercise, and the trick to go through that was for me just to keep doing it for another 5 minutes. Most of the times by then my contracting impatience had disappeared again. This way you can literally do it for as long as you want.
  10. No smart-phones did exist at the time and I only had a wrist-quarz-watch which had an hour timer, so I simply set that to 50 minutes in repeat-mode for 3 times: Any egg-timer will do for you.

My only rules were: Do it daily, for 2.5 hours non-stop, and keep your eyes closed throughout the entire time. This worked wonders.

About leniencies:

  • If you miss one day, don’t worry – I also did very rarely, and in the beginning even was so zealous to do 5 hours the next day, but once I asked Y.B. whether this is necessary he said that this would not be required. So simply go for 40 days alltogether and don’t drop it at the first failure. (But also don’t make a habit of missing days deliberately – after all you ideally should do 40 days in a row because that shifts your consciousness).
  • If you have friends or spouses who also are interested, do it with them – even if they live elsewhere. Community strengthens.
  • Once you are interrrupted by the postman don’t worry – cater to the daily needs and simply carry on straight away. At the time I even ignored the doorbell but felt sorry for the postman afterwards, so now I do pick up things as they come.
  • But switch your phones of before you start in order not to get interrupted by friends who can’t know that you are working on yourself.
  • If you live amongst people who don’t understand the value of spirituality
    stay away from them whilst practicing because their doubt will weaken your resilience.
  • And obviously – best don’t take any drugs or drink alcohol because the heat from weed or alcohol will instantly be discharged by SCK and did cause me so much diarrhea that at times I had to run to the toilet whilst meditating.
    Also a lot of guilt comes up when you drank the night before.
  • Since this is not a course on health but on spirituality:
    Surprisingly smoking does not inhibit the breathing-exercise. But what is dangerous is: If you are a smoker, you have to overcome your urge to smoke straight in the morning because by the time you are finished your monkey-mind already has woken up and races. The same applies to coffee. So don’t consume both before doing SCK in the morning. In the evening it does not matter anymore.

Previously I did try to guide you into SCK gently by holding you on your hand to walk slowly into the water whilst now I ask you simply to jump into it, despite your fear of it possibly being ice-cold.
If you want to know the deep sea within yourself, just do it right here and right now!

You might think that you have ‘better things to do than sit around’ but an important aspect is that you create an energy-field for people around you to bring serenity to your environment, so you very active do help your instant community and save your neighbourhood from panicking and doing stupid things.
This is how Gregg Braden explained that effect 11 years ago already:

In that spirit I also invite everyone else who does do other practices to build up yours to a tenth of a day (=144 minutes / 2.5 hours= 150 min) to strengthen the meditation-field our humankind does need so urgently right now.

Please share all your experiences in the comments so that we can get a sense of our community and compare the effectiveness of our different methods we use.

Please only upvote this once you are inclined to at least try sincerely for 7 weeks to give your fullest to a spiritual practice.
Because every month of 2.5 hours seems to mature me a year I guarantee you that you will come out a changed person if you give it your best shot.

Either do it fully, or don’t – it’s your choice whether you spend the next 1 1/2 months playing games or distracting your mind with social networking or whether you elevate your presence.
We leave this window open until the last one who joined will have accomplished 40 days. Become a beacon of light for your country!

8 Replies to “Use the corona-lockdown to change your life forever within 6 weeks”

  1. Thank you for your well wishes!
    What do you mean by life changing phenomenon?
    (Sometimes it seems I don’t get what you want to say – maybe you are just more intelligent than me ;-))

    And you don’t know what you did by liking this post:
    I said: “Please only upvote this once you are inclined to at least try sincerely for 7 weeks to give your fullest to a spiritual practice.”
    So by upvoting you didn’t sell your soul to the devil – but to your own divine higher self!
    I am looking forward to your ascension – if I see an angel shooting into the skies next to me, I know it’s you :D


  2. Du bist der Erste, der hier mitmacht, B. ! (wie in den Youtube-kommentaren: “first” ;-)
    Außerdem bist zu der Letzte (was nicht heissen soll “das Letzte” ;-),
    der mir zum Geburtstag gratuliert hat.
    Das dicke Ende kam zuletzt :-)

    Vorhin hat überraschenderweise eine Frau noch was gespendet und weil ihr die einzigen beiden großherzigen Deutschen seit kann ich Euch falls Du willst miteinander bekannt machen.
    Anfangs habe ich schon mal zwei Leserinnen miteinander in Kontakt gebracht, die dann Freundinnen geblieben sind.
    Du wirst es nicht glauben, aber ihr Beiden habt den Blog sprichwörtlich gerettet – ich war ganz kurz davon das Alles hin zu schmeißen.

    Ja, also wenn es einer schafft mit den 2.5 Stunden, dann als Einziger von allen Lesern Du und die beiden: die schon mal 16 Jahre lang 62 Minuten gemacht haben.
    Schreib ruhig in 1-2 Monaten hier rein, wie das für Dich so funktioniert (hat) und was sich tut – ich tue das auch.


  3. So, ;-) da dies hier mit hoher Wahrscheinlichkeit keine Kaffefahrt wird, werde ich hier wohl öfter etwas schreiben.

    Wie Du weist habe ich die 2,5h schon im November 2019 für mehrere Tage durchgezogen.

    Die Einsichten führten zum Auflösen von folgenden 2 Hauptmustern:

    Aufgabe einer 23 Jährigen tiefen Leidschaft zu Marry Jane. ;9

    Aufgabe eine noch tieferen Leidenschaft zum Mastrubieren ;-)

    Du siehst ich gehe nicht unvorbereitet in diese Runde, und ich möchte Dir hier nochmal Danke! für all den geilen Content auf der Seite sagen.

    Die letzten Monate bin ich immer um 1 -1,5h Stunden SCK gependelt.

    Nach den ersten 2 Tagen kann ich Deine oben genannten Effekte Punkt 1-7 bestätigen.

    Aktuelle Herausforderungen bestehen beim Schlafbedürfnis.
    Meine Zirbeldrüse flutet mich plötzlich mit Melatonin, da mein Job weiterläuft . würde ich das in den Kernzeiten vermeiden wollen und versuche, dass irgendwie besser zu timen. Aktuell brauche ich 8-9 Stunden Schlaf.

    Aktuell läuft das so 20-21h knock out. 2-4,30h sck dann schlafen bis 6,30 h und ab schaffe.. ab 15h 2 stunden nochmal schlafen.

    Wie sind Deine Erfahrungen und Tipp´s.. legt mich inder Zwischenzeit mal hin ;-)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Super – ich hätte gar nicht gedacht, dass Du (oder überhaupt Einer) so plötzlich mitmachst !
    Also schlafen ist sehr wichtig – da lasse ich nichts mehr darüber kommen, zumal jetzt wahnsinnig viel psychischer Krempel verarbeitet wird.
    Auch brauche ich immens viel Zeit zum psychischen Verarbeiten, also kontemplieren,
    weshalb ich am Rest vom Tag nur noch wenig hinkriege (in meinem Fall den Blog und selbst dafür brauche ich ewig, weshalb ich derzeit nichts Anderes mache als zu meditieren, kontemplieren und bloggen.
    Was den Schlaf betrifft hat mir ein anderer SCK-schorsch erzählt, dass sie im Mittelalter immer in 2 Etappen geschlafen haben, was ich auch tue. Surf mal danach.


  5. Ok, since most people are to embarrassed to admit that they failed,
    I start with my first looser-testimonial:

    Only four days after I wrote that inspirational article I myself failed to do the 2.5 hours I myself failed to do it and then contemplated upon whether I did actually dilute my own resolve by having spread it out to the world.

    Once you fail, you are likely to not get back to it the next day, because you think: “Oh well, I have to start from scratch anyway, so I do loose nothing by skipping yet another day. This is why the 40,90, or 120-day-method is quite good in keeping you going, because once you did accomplish a week you want to collect more days.

    Then I restarted and after two days failed again and this time even skipped 4 days, being torn aprart between prioritising to clean my messy place or my soul.
    After having managed to clean my place I felt good again and was on it for 2 days again – only to then fail again but out of a different reason: My soul finally relaxed from the pressure of having to succeed and I had decided to watch the spiritually interesting series Westworld.

    So you now can see why I am since an entire year working on doing 120 days of SCK and did not manage to overcome the magic phase between 40 & 90 days.
    That is exactly how it happened with 120 days of 3,11,22,31,62,90,120 and 144 minutes – they all took a year or longer to accomplish.

    Hence I will continue with the 2.5 hours until I have mastered that also, but am not tensed about it taking long, because meanwhile I also want to accomplish 1000 days of 2.5 hours, which will give me 2 more years to succeed.


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