A total new intake on Yogi Bhajan, his version of Kundalini-Yoga, 3HO and Sodarshan Chakra Kriya

1.) Yogi Bhajan

Here is a very valuable webinar from Phillipe Deslippe who wrote the interesting article “From Maharaj to Mahan Tantric, of which I wanted to present an excerpt to you, but for anyone who is concerned about the authenticity of YB and the 3HO-version of Kundalini-Yoga I would recommend to watch the entire 2 hours.
* The first 20 minutes deal with YB’s past
* The next 25 minutes analyse his own statements, and thereafter
* questions about the 3HO-dresscode, legalities and dietary advice are answered.

Here are 5 follow up seminars starting tonight, continuing weekly for the next 5 weeks.

Here is a 3 minute-selection which in my eyes sum up the dynamics of, and reasons for why people joined and still are involved in 3HO:

I sum it up:

Most spiritual beginners (like me) searched for clear black & white instructions they can follow so especially Westerners who got disappointed by the loss of spirituality of Western religions turned East and followed the dogma of unconditional surrender to a wise Guru.

Unfortunately most of those Gurus who came to the West were driven by a hunger for money, fame and power of which sexuality is an extension, so many of them did end up becoming the opposite of what they preached.

The more suppressed seekers were, the more fanatic they became, not realising that they actually did perpetrate exactly the same dogmas they were subjected to in their youth.

2.) The 3HO-dilemma

Now that the senior members of 3HO have invested half or more of their life following a poser; they are faced with a dilemma:
Either admit that he was a fraud and loose success and fortune,
or continue on the spiritual path it all should be about – that of authenticity and therefore sacrifice worldly success.

Once more: Here is proof that Yogi Bhajan did take a lot of Dhirendra Brahmachari’s kriyas:

This is the fastest way to evolve and a tip for everyone: Count your losses asap and realign!

I once had a dream of getting a black Kung-Fu-belt, becoming a great musician, then a programmer, then an inventor and as I got older had to admit that I won’t get to pickup pretty chicks anymore.
The quicker I did that, the earlier I was free again to pursue the next step of my evolution, in that case my spiritual quest.
Only because you invested decades in yoga doesn’t mean that you must continue in the same way. You can find a creative new solution which does not even have to abandon everything you worked for so far.

Childhood-dreams also were important to motivate us, but only because you were in love with Mary Jane for 23 years doesn’t mean that you have to working on becoming spiderman – you might become (or probably already even be) a superhero in a total different way.
{My fascination with siddhis for example did serve me well as an initial motivator and at one time I had to replace them with my quest for enlightenment. That doesn’t make supernatural powers non-existant – it just makes them less relevant.}

This is exactly what Jesus described when going for 40 days into the desert and having tempted by satan who promised him rulership over countries.
As he also said: “You shall judge them by their fruits”, and what I saw so far was:

  • Yogi Bhajan himself was not seen doing any of his Kriyas himself.
  • When questioning YB, the answer from 3HO was aggressive denial and shunning which do border coersion,
  • 3HO also has the most terrible ecological footprint of the teachers flying around half the world – sometimes even only to teach for a weekend. I wonder what makes them think that they would be needed all over the world. Ironicaly those are the same people who aggressively preach veganism whilst one of their return flight causes as much CO2 damage as eating meat for an entire year.
  • and a constant hunger for money: Whilst Hayhouse did offer all Louise Hay’s audiobooks for 93 cent each for her birthday, 3HO in this year of its 50-year aniversary started a special website only to collect as many donations as possible and ensures to be in the game with famous stars and politicians.
What happened with YB was a version of the emperor’s new clothes:

There are now 3 solutions for 3ho-members:

For the people inclined to follow the Yoga lineage:

  1. Keep on teaching YB-yoga-kriyas as an ‘open-source-yoga’ which can help many,
    but drop that “kundalini-teacher-training”-hype which suggests competence.

Anything else is hypocricy and actually despicable because if a teacher still continues to turn YB into a holy man for their own benefit they actually do exactly what the catholic church did with Jesus: They turned the gnostic into some god – only to gain power for their short lifes – a damage done which now lasts since 2 millenia since which Abrahamic religions are at war with each other.

(For 3ho-yoga practitioners there is for example a Kundalini Yoga Independents Facebook page from Ravi and Ana.)

2. For the people interested in religion

Convert to proper Sikhism and drop the 3HO-version including its Yoga.
For Sikhs here is a webinar held by Gurusant from the video above tonight & for the next 5 weeks.

3. Or stick only to the original yoga-kriya which he himself did practice and not invent,
meaning … and yes you guessed it …

3. Sodarshan Chakra Kriya

Fortunately I am one of the rare people who did talk to YB personally about SCK and when I told him that I do it for 2.5 hours daily he said to me that his teacher also gave him that Kriya once.
To me it seemed, by the trace of excitement in which he was talking about him, that he was not lying.

He then said that if I would keep doing that I would become “an incredible healer and saint” which actually means that everyone who does SCK for 2.5 hours/day will become a saint at one stage (yes, you too!) This ties in with the claims for SCK to totally cleanse internal garbage.

He also said that it did take him 30 years to master the left-right-nostril breathing (which I will go into at another article) and he did teach that very late in his career – more than 40 years after he had started yoga himself.

That means that SCK is one of the rare kriyas he actually did not make up,
and on top of that – this could have been ‘his secret weapon’ of having gained all the charisma and power he was able to sum up later. He only taught it once he was certain that no one else would accompish that soon.

So in my eyes (as it did come to me in a dream a week ago), I assume that SCK was given to him by his teacher, which according to above video was either

Here is my reconstruction of the history of Sodarshan Chakra Kriya:

As it seems to me, SCK by then already was a compilation of older techniques (which when you go back in history is the fact with all kriyas) and undoubtedly a very effective one.

    Instinctively I did reject

    • the 3-ho-veganism – I actually salute vegans and work on reducing my meat-intake, but the way they aggressively pushed it onto me seemed to be a 70s-fashion-relic,
    • turbans and white clothes as para-military uniforms,
    • and tuning into the Adi-Mantra-Sikhism, because (whilst I am very dedicated to the divine) in my eyes religions are outdated concepts which only lead to atrocities.

    My personal quest is to first master, and then continue to building upon SCK in order to research further into the most effective method for evolving as profound and fast as possible.
    (‘Fast’ in the sense that it usually takes lifetimes to evolve, so this still may take years or decades to accomplish)

    5 Replies to “A total new intake on Yogi Bhajan, his version of Kundalini-Yoga, 3HO and Sodarshan Chakra Kriya”

    1. Hallo Amar, wie sich der Kreis sich schließt.

      Zum Thema Kundalini Yoga, moechte ich Dir und allen Interessierten , Reinhard Gammenthalers Buch Kundalini-Yoga-Pampara ans Herz legen. Es sind 580 Seiten die mich seid 10 Jahren in seinen Bann ziehen und mit jedem abfallenden Schleier der eigenen Ignoranz,neue Tueren fuer mich oeffnet.


      Mich wuerde es also nicht ueberraschen wenn Swami Dhirendra Brahmachari der Schnittpunkt zu JB´s SCK ist.

      Ich moechte Dir gerne ein Exemplar zukommen lassen, und keine Panik Du bist nicht der
      Erste dem ich damit begluecke. Wie gesagt dieses Buch ist mein Kompass und so langsam steht das Erdgeschoss in Flammen :-)

      Bald Zeit fuer SCK welches ich immer in Siddhasana mache.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Alter Brotkrümel, das ist ja unglaublich, was Du uns hier gesagt hast!
        Im Grunde hat sich unsere Nachforschung jetzt ergänzt, und ich habe intuitiv das richtige Bild als Titelbild für diesen Artikel verwendet.
        Ich denke, dass es Dhirendra Brahmachari war und das ist natürlich extrem befreiend zu wissen, dass wir nicht mehr an Yogi Bhajan’s Rockzipfel hängen müssen – wir können unsere Recherche jetzt eher auf ihn konzentrieren.
        Und auf seine Wurzeln.

        Dass Du SCK in Siddhasana machst ist ja noch ungaublicher!
        Interessanterweise hat mir das gerade vor einer Woche erzählt und ich wollte irgendwann das auch in SCK einbauen, bin aber derzeit noch mit meinem Fokus beschäftigt (und ich arbeite immer nur an einer Sache – entweder der Zeit, oder einer Qualitativen Verbesserung).

        Was das Buch betrifft bin ich natürlich ganz Ohr für was Du sagst und schicke ich Dir eine mail.

        Und ich hoffe, dass Du gesehen hast, dass ich die 23 Jahre an Verehrung für Mary-Jane extra für Dich in den Artikel eingebaut habe (auch wenn das nicht die vom Spiderman gewesen sein mag ;-))
        23 Jahre übrigens ist die absolute Mars-Zeit, also könnte es gut sein, dass die Sache damit zu tun gehabt hat.


        1. Brot, es wird immer besser:
          Oben habe ich eine timeline eingebaut in der der Lehrer von Dhirenda Brahmachari Guru/Yogi Maharshi Kartikeya war – ich halte diesen Artikel offen für updates unserer Recherchen.


    2. Thank you, that is true.

      I find it unfortunate that this comment was written anonymous which never did happen in all the 6 years of my blog.
      (Maybe because some senior 3HO members can be quite bullying when it comes to criticizing Yogi Bhajan).
      After having written my last critical articles about 3HO two more 3HO members stopped to respond to me.
      Unfortunately many still shun anybody who does not glorify Yogi Bhajan, which makes them look like a cult to me;
      and this kind of behavior does backfire in the end, because they brought my aversion against them out in me,

      The nicest things I can do for 3HO is to not mention any of my bad experiences with living teachers I had.


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