The SPACE aliens finally arrived: “We are your crown”

Society had advanced to a level in which advisors were considered more respectable than title-holders. “Show it on screen!” the advisor of the spaceship demanded.

press play and read on | Composition done by Eckart Adam and myself

A galaxy of bubbles could be seen of which the smallest were so small that they could move in between the molecules of the spaceship, yet when zooming out, the largest ones were larger than our entire solar-system.
The small ones flew right through the titanium walls and then combined again – rendering the best protection-shield useless against them.

When a bubble did land on ones skin the feeling initially was pleasant and warm, but as soon as it burst it left a cold sensation behind.

The advisor was quick to realise that this was dangerous because if to many bubbles did touch a body one could die of a cold-shock. The problem was that every move of the ship would endanger the entire crew to be exposed to contact with more bubbles so another solution than an escape had to be found.

The idea was to create something which was foreign to the bubbles, something which had edges upon which the bubbles would burst – a double pyramid or an Octahedon.

The idea was to let those bubbles naturally float randomly onto the octahedon so that the first bubble would burst, and that burst would then make another bubble explode, creating a kind of domino-effect which would destroy the entire bubble galaxy.

This strategy worked and the entire bubble-galaxy exploded.

But one bubble had entered the body so that the advisor collapsed in convulsions and then floated above the own body. A journey into the dreamworld began through that classic tunnel of light – not into the sky, but facing down to earth.
A long chain of bubbles burst their way through that tunnel until it reached earth where they blasted along its entire surface.

The advisor thought: “What’s going on?”

As in the dreamworld thoughts are not shielded by the body, there came an instant answer from a majestetic voice: “You did unlock the space in us.

The dreamer asked: “Who are you?”

The bubble universe answered: “That which you see in me:

Crown are we called in your Latin, Russian and Spanish languages,
Odin am I – your god in disguise,
Visitors from outer space to those who do wait for a change;
In the year of your “clear vision” 20-20 you finally see me.
Denial of you is my cloaking-device, and
19 – the number of the sun in your ancient card game, the tarot.”

“Are you a virus, the devil, god, or an alien from outer space?”

“I am the holy trinity of spheres: ^
The corona of the parent of your host
, …

the host you live on ^ , and you
yourself whom upon I shine upon “>

“What did we do wrong for you to punish us so suddenly and severe?”

“I am no punishment -just a principle like your heat equation, but I am your cold equation – I am the Yin your species destroyed by your busyness and businesses.

I am not sudden: Your host gave you signs since half a century ago already
– some of you listened, but most of you in your denial caused me to rise.

You poked around in everything possible and sliced my essence, serenity, wherever you could.

You took me – the space – out of everything:
Your rhomboid edges poked not us but the space within yourself.

  • you slice through time by fast forwarding which destroys your patience
  • you cut through space with your travels which damages your host,
  • your politics degraded from solutions to aversions
  • your pleasures do distract you from your real beauty
    – your serenity,
  • and your science cuts all magic beauty into brain-pieces.

Your technology is the spike which turned you into a parasite of your host-planet; and what you call ‘social’ networking did make you hide unsocially behind fake names and you don’t talk to each other face to face anymore. You lost your character and merely define yourself by the dents you had to endure, or did cause to others.

Expression >v< Oppression
^v >Identity< v^
Impression >^< Depression

Your killing and working do the ruthless assign,
to the ones who believe that life’s measure be time
Long lost is your sense to be happy and thrive
so you buy and consume and therewith destroy life.
Finally when you sense that things are no more fine
you take drugs such as wine to forget that you whine.
I-dent-ity is what did dent your sense of your self
into any box you can put on your mind-shelf.
Whether family, party, nation, race or success,
those are merely clichés which you have to transgress.”

“How do you spread – is there a system to your attack on us?”

“Neither am I attacking, nor am I the enemy. I simply am there – I am space, and so are you, you just don’t see that you are literally nothing.
I am merely the osmotic reclamation of the space within you.

This is why I manifested in your worldy empires first.

I came as I seem to ‘rise’ on your planet every morning and as I ‘set’ in the evening – from East to West, and also in the order your empires arose:

  • First in your most ancient Eastern empire,
  • then in 4 European ones
    • initially the oldest Rome,
    • then the newer French, British and German ones
  • followed by your youngest teenager federation in the still wild West.

All those empires did create much pain and suffering to your kind and your earth.

But don’t focus on our path of origin. Your quest for now is finding the space inside you which you do lack, because I don’t just affect your species.”

“What do you mean? You also affect animals?”

“Few animals because most have space enough.
Nature of other species loves me being not suppressed by you for once.
But since I am a principle, I do collide with principles you did create yourself.

The root of all your aggression is the way you do exchange your goods.
Your own creation now backfires but you desperately try to keep it up.
What once was meant to be practical barter was twisted when some of you started sucking energy from others, for what you call lending or ownership of land and houses.
It is not only the few at the top who keep your money-exchange-system going, but each and everyone of you who greedily hopes to grab an own slice of the cake.

Most of you don’t even like their work – yet you are so set to be enslaved that you can’t comprehend any change. And to ensure its continuation you locked it into politics, so everyone who questions it is automatically shunned. But as soon as you are asked to keep calm for only one lunar-cycle, lunatics go mad because the illusion of what you call ‘economy’ collapses – a sign that your logic is patho-logic. Your money-creature ‘makes the world go round’…

… but as soon as the music stops and billions are not feeding your self-created monster with their soul and willpower; it crumbles. That’s why everything possible is done behind the scenes to keep your minds enslaved. Nature works opposite – it gives – to everyone – all that you need. It doesn’t lend and it doesn’t charge interest.

To change that, all you have to do is mimicing nature: Ensure that everyone is fed with universal basic income, which costs much less than trillions of your frantic bailouts . Just forget nationalism, rent & lending alltogether.
Borrowing is what we do call ‘false energy‘ – a lethal fake.

In this century your species is not yet ready for that change. Your fear and greed is yet too strong. Yet once you are, you won’t even need that system anymore.”

“When will you be gone?”

“I come in threes, so I will stay for 3 cycles of your host’s parent, the sun, three of your host, the earth, and 3 of your host’s child, the moon”

3 days, 3 months and 3 years

“Oh no! So long?”

“3 times the 3×3 :

The first time I come physical,
then as an aftermath;
financial, then political;
the wrongs will cause much wrath

unless one’s mind is free.”

“I have so many more questions:

  • Why did a rhomboid shape kill you?
  • Why are you dangerous to old people but not youngsters?
  • Why do they have to die?
  • Why do you attack their breath?
  • Why do you force us to stay apart?
  • And why do you block us from doing what we do normally?”

“I tell you in ways of my first detected origin : the ancient Chinese wisdoms.
I am your Tao, am you Sun: Only where I shine you humans and your plants can grow …

The sun could be your brain, and the rays are your body:
The plantseed at the bottom, in ancient China was called MingMen.

I am the Chinese Hun – the ethereal soul – master of the realm of ghosts only child’s fantasy can see. Dreams are long forgotten in adults who just ask ‘what’s the matter?’

The West does know the Hun under the name ‘Dracula‘ – an undying spirit. What you call vampire did carry me to what you call a ‘batman’.

Your body is the Po – the metal element of the lung. This metal-year and the one thereafter are which I choose to reclaim bodies who displaced their spirit with their career.

This sun-chart also is a timeline & the body, the blue part are the lungs where I reside

… I am in the adult-realm – the spirit most of you lost,
as my wood expands – your bodies contract into corpses.

“So will you kill us humankind?”

“You think to flat – in two dimensions, but time is not one line.
Draw what I showed you on a paper and then do roll it up …

… you then will see that death does straight away lead to ones next life again:

And in your beginning you also see the brain and Ming Men connected:

Death is birth and birth is death. It makes no sense to hort for a lot of wealth, health, beauty or make children – kids only are a sidetrack to your own cycle.
It’s only what you did work on in your life which is what you can take with you into your next.
Now you can see that it is no unfairniss of nature that some are born disabled and others become prodigies. They simply took into this life what they worked on in their last one. Life simply goes in cycles and lasts longer than your bodies do.

We are the large body – what some of you do call god is in fact the entire universe: Each of your planets is a cell of me, and you are microorganisms living on on just one of them.

It is your choice whether you will be a cancer or a virus…

… or whether you will be a thriving cell of us.”


{based on a dream I had 28 years ago}make this post viral (pun intended ;-))
Credits – in order of appearance:

Soundtrack by me
Space title-photo by Frank Cone ,
Star-bubbles by Oleg Magni,
Ice-sphere by Johannes Plenio
Tunnel of light by
The sun-tarot 19 card by NiciDraw / Nikki Paints,
2 orange spheres, sun, earth and Big Ben by Pixabay,
Pink nails by Sven dalby
Chinese Wall byTom Fisk
Rome by Mark Neal
Eiffel tower by Nextvoyage
Bismark by kleinLexikon
Statue of Liberty by Daniel Bendig
Money-pyramid $ by Dids
Moon-dawn on earth by David Besh
Flower-fairy in my illustration by generalgibby (yt)
Ghosthand by Pedro Figueras
Bat by Chauve souris
Moon dawn on earth by David Besh
Universe-cell-corelations by Manja_Ristic
Human virus by we’reKillingOurPlanet
Cell by ar130405
TCM (traditional Chinese Medical) links:
Yin & Yang
the Tao
the Hun
the Po
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links about the economy:

the Money Masters by Bill Still
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esoteric links:
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10 Replies to “The SPACE aliens finally arrived: “We are your crown””

    1. Thanks for your reblog and compliment: ” I gotta say: This is some wild stuff, for sure!! 😎” In the future you can tell your grandchildren that you the first to comment on this revelation :D


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  1. You sound pretty much like Nietzsche in Thus spoke Zarathustra but with a sci-fi twist. I like this post, it is true. We are responsible for what’s happening to us. No one wanted to listen

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, May-Lynn,
      what I found interesting is that some people like the affirmation-posts with pleasant videos in them, but hardly anyone did like that one, despite it explaining a lot about TCM.

      I sense that people’s ego is still so proud that they can’t take being criticised, even if it is in a general way and when they are literally surrounded by the problem.
      (If I had a business-blog I could understand that they have no sense for it, but my readership is of the spiritual kind).

      I sense that now is the turning point in which I have to withdraw and rather work on myself alone than talking to mankind, because what did start as an attempt to inspire does turn into “preaching” if people don’t want to practice or even hear it.

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  2. Hahaha, I think your boyfriend must have a good time with your many funny expressions and great sense for humour.
    The way you expressed that actually made me think because in TCM ‘swollen’ would be a sign of heat in the body,
    so I will let that sink in if the ego does actually have an attribute or counterpart.
    Somehow it would fit a little in that I–dentity diagram in the yellow field above.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ok, Soundeagle, I compared your article to your last version and salute you for making it more readable by including more paragraphs and pictures in your long text, whilst also highlighting it. I think I know what both our common problem with success is (in fact I currently work on that) : We both are driven by our heart-energy which does make us want to bring out perfect stuff which does impress people. That’s why we work on them to improve them until we have the perfect creation and also end up writing very long winded articles.

      There is a study which says that people do read only shorter stuff and I observed how most people react: They want to have some short facts and then allow their minds to zap to the next subject. Hence they ironically sit for hours reading superficial stuff instead of diving deeply into a profound article with background messages. This is why you can see some sites which do split up articles in many parts. In fact it so happend that I automatically started to create series of articles, because I wrote something about a subject, then had another idea about it for which I wrote a second article; later a third, forth, fifth and even sixth one.

      Since then I try to split up my stuff in small appealling chapters (which I do say ironically after my really long article above – the only reason why I decided to keep it so long was that I wanted people to play the background sound along the article and draw them into a science-fiction, and if I would have cut that into 5 parts I would have ripped people out of the mood.)

      My spontaneous thoughts for you would be: Either you could split up your articles into a dozen parts, or what may suit you maybe even more, would be to write one or more books. That’s what books are made for: To write about one subject and stick with it. And if you don’t have enough content for one book, simply combine a few of your longer articles into one book.

      This is actually what I intend to do after I have finished my meditation course in this website. I want to put it online then and write more about my TCM-theory at the bottom of this article and turn that into a book.

      Now I know that you may have the fear that nobody will buy your book but from my experience the majority of silent readers did in the long run not satisfy me anyway, because I would have needed some feedback either in form of donations or comments, and most readers just passed by. Hence I might as well just let the world know that I have a book out on a subject, then relax and let the world decide whether someone feels attracted to my work or not.

      Does all of that make sense to you?

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