Why I always share all information with others asap

It’s not about YOUR own enlightenment only!

The entire reason for me writing my blog is to share what did transform my entire life with everyone in order to make the world a better place.

  • The beauty of it is that in opposition to money which can be abused,
    a yoga-meditation which does cleanse the subconscious garbage can be shared equally with a really good or really evil person, because it will bring out the best in both.
  • The other benefit is that teaching does make one internalise things.
  • And in case you see everyone around you as a reflection of yourself it does give you a subconscious sense of relief from the potential guilt of having left others behind in ignorance.
  • It also lets energy flow which in my eyes is healthier than stagnation, because stagnation is what causes mental, emotional and physical diseases such greed, enviousness or cancer.
So what Yogananda does call Shiva is in my eyes your higher self.

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