Grow your sun within 3-33 years

All I am saying is: Don’t feel intimitated by me doing 2.5 hours now – I worked for 26 years on that and recently did discover some major lacks in my own practice, so I want to share everything you also can add to SCK without altering it:

1.) Work on your “power of now” as Eckart Tolle calls it: Focus on the mantra and not on your thoughts – this goes in layers and is more difficult than you think – I just am able to focus about 20 minutes right now and continue to work on it.
2.) Because I am an inflexible western male, all this time I was sitting on a high pillow on my bed and put my legs down when they hurt, but it was pointed out to me by two readers of the blog that they sit in Siddhasana pose which for me is nearly impossible and painful so I feel like I am just starting anew again.

3. To implement the 1:4:2 breath I described here, I changed my cycle in the following way:

breath inholding your breathbreath out
4 beats16 beats8 beats
thinking slow:
16x “waheguru” (in 3 pumps each)“wa-ah-he-eh—gu–hu–ro–oo”
{1:2.4} x4 = {4:16:8}, so the ratio is the same and does fit perfectly into SCK

4.) As for Chanting “WaheGuru” I was for decades reluctant to alter the original mantra because mantras not only have a meaning but work on the sound-current.
But as it did dawn upon me that Yogi Bhajan did just inject his Sikhism into ancient Yoga, it dawned upon me that “Wa-He-Guru” seems a bit forced (why using 1 syllables for the first two pumps and two syllables for the last pump?)

I also heard in the Raja-Yoga-lessons that someone gained self-realisation by repeating his name over and over again, and I remembered that Yogi Bhajan himself did recommend to me to alter another kriya by saying “Me and god, god and me are one!”.
So since my middle name by which I am called by is “Thilo” I started to liberate my mind from the dogma of an untouchable god-father by altering the mantra into “Wahe Thilo Guru” which gives it 2 syllables for each bellypump and seems more balanced, plus in my case includes coincidentally all vowels “a,e,i,o,u” in one mantra.
So I think that you are allowed to
* either modifiy the “Waheguru” Mantra to your own believe whether Bhuddist, Muslim, Jainism or whatever (which brings me back to the Jesus prayer);
* or implement your own name by chanting “Wahe” [yourName] “Guru”.
(if I had a hubris like Yogi Bhajan I now would tell you to chant mine ;-))

I myself having been raised as a Christian like the deconditioning of thinking about god as “waheguru” instead of the authoritarian and somehow sexist word “god-father”, so I keep waheguru. “Wahe” means “wow! miracles are possible”, “Gu” means darkness and “Ru” means light, so “guru” is not the person but someone who transforms you from dark to light, so in my case it says
“Wow, miracles are possible, Thilo, transform (yourself and others) from darkness to light”.

You can also implement the 1:4:2 ratio with your modification, in my case I mentally think my 2-syllable-name “Thilo” for the inbreath and the entire “waheguru” for the outbreath which also gives me the sense of breathing in my own Karma, whilst holding the breath and pumping the belly to transform that as described in the emerald tablets here,
finally breathing out the divine & transformation from darkness to light, cleansing own karma & making the world a better place.

5.) But obviously I am no saint: I have to admit that when shaking the body for 1 minute afterwards I often release all anger and frustration towards people who did come up in meditation – but I think it is quite therapeutig and still is better than smashing them in the face.

6.) Finally I wanted to fill in the last part which is not described in SCK, but I actually assume that YB did utilise it: He himself said that it took him 30 years to breath out through the left nostril and out through the right without using his hands. So how do you suppose he did that? With his tongue!

For decades I did experiment with the tongue whilst doing SCK: did put it flat down, then on the front or the roof of my mouth, and finally found the “kechari mudra” which I now do as often as possible whilst doing SCK anyway.

Having said that, there are nutcases around who try to force Kechari Mudra by cutting their tongue which in my eyes is madness. I do what I can do and if I am to inflexible it is the way it is, same with siddhasana – I only can do my best – to the universe I leave the rest.

My philosophy is to get as much as I can out of the meditation time I have to painfully endure.
For me, throughout the entire 2 1/2 decades of doing SCK it was never fun and now as I try to implement siddhasana will continue to be something I dread.
I only do it because it is my believe that it does clean my karma and that all hardships I endured are all a reflection of my own imbalances, not fate.

By giving you everything at once I herewith just made my own SCK-course redundant, but at least I can say that I worked for 5.5 years to share everything about SCK with the world for free so that everyone may also practice it.
At a later stage I might compile everything I wrote in this entire website into a compact book.

I also will finish my SCK-project of doing 1000 days of 2.5 hours which I now worked on all my life for and did sacrifice everything for – from career to a family-life.
Those results may also be put into my book later or I might write an article if some interesting changed did occur.

For now I want to bid you all farewell, because
* of the time it did consume to write all articles,
* after costs just having earned $8.50/ year,
* my constant pondering how to motivate others,
* me having felt compelled to deal with an increasing amount of doubts from readers
* and most demotivating – a seeming low return in actual participants
did weaken my own resolve and practice so that I did fail to meditate a few times within the last 2 weeks.

I will however sort out all articles within this website and put them nicely ito clear menus, and leave this page here as a reference for others who want to do SCK.

Also I let the weekly short spiritual inspiration words of ancient masters roll in,
which I already have set up for the next 2 years, so keep your subscription.

Let everyone of us know in the comments whether you actualy do practice SCK.

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