more materials about Sodarshan Chakra Kriya

More comments from Yogi Bhajan found at
“This is one of the greatest meditations you can practice. It has considerable transformational powers. The personal identity is rebuilt, giving the individual a new perspective on the Self. It retrains the mind. According to the tantra shastras, it can purify your past karma and the subconscious impulses that may block you from fulfilling you. It balances all the 27 facets of life and mental projection, and gives you the pranic power of health and healing. It establishes inner happiness and a state of flow and ecstasy in life. It opens your inner universe to relate, co-create, and complete the external universe. This meditation balances the Teacher aspect of the mind. It acts on all the other aspects like a mirror to reveal their true nature and adds corrections. You act as a human being not just a human doing. If the Teacher aspect is too strong, you risk a spiritual ego, which becomes too attached to the ability to detach and to be “above” normal struggles. When the Teacher aspect is too weak, you can misuse your spiritual and teaching position for personal advantage.When balanced, the Teacher aspect is impersonally personal. It starts with absolute awareness and a neutral assessment from that awareness. The Teacher uses intuition to know directly what is real and what is a diversion. You respond from the Neutral Mind beyond the positives and negatives. You are clear about the purpose and the laws of each action. A complete Teacher is not an instructor. The Teacher is the expression of Infinity for the benefit of all. You master non-attachment so that you are simultaneously in all your activities and not of them.Treat the practice with reverence and increase your depth, dimensions, caliber, and happiness.”

More Yogi Bhajan Quotes from

Yogi Bhajan has suggested that we follow any Kriya with One Minute Breath: 20 seconds slow inhale, 20 seconds suspending the breath and 20 seconds slowly releasing the breath. Do this for up to 11 minutes. If you have trouble with 20 seconds then do 15 seconds. Don’t beat yourself up. This should be a delicious experience where you savor the subtlety of your efforts. This will allow your whole psyche to fully assimilate and digest the Kriya consciously and will help you sustain the effects of your practice.

Yogi Bhajan said in Gurdwara on Sunday, December 22nd, 2002:
“Now, most powerful and beautiful is Sodarshan Chakra Kriya.  I thought that I have taught for so many years, now people are ready for it.  We didn’t start teaching it the first day. For me (I do not know about anyone else) it took 30 years to be able to control my left and right nostrils without holding them with my fingers.  And I still do that sometimes when I feel very weak – I use my hand and fingers.  Somebody can say, “Switching nostrils is not needed since the air coming through the right nostril and the left nostril meets.”  We shall not take any responsibility for such wrong practices!   What the hell is one creating? Disturbing the pituitary, the master command gland?  These kinds of jokes will end by themselves, but it will be dangerous for those who practice it wrong.   There is nothing in the teachings which are not clearly stated and which have not worked accurately”

And another Yogi Bhajan Quote from
“The Teachings are the Teachings, and have no one’s personality in them.  I never edit them; you should not edit them.  It is a Golden Chain.  My own prayer is that you can perfect what it is, and go with it.  It is a funny thing.  It is a three thousand year old proven path – it’s not going to stop.  Why do you want to add or subtract something – to satisfy your ego or convince students?  It is very deceitful on the part of a teacher to teach teachings to please people.  So honestly give people what we have.  Teach like me. Teach exactly as it is.  If you are not going to teach Kundalini Yoga purely, then don’t teach it at all. With Kundalini Yoga you are dealing with the life force of the atom.  Don’t play with the pranic energy”

This is how the Siri Singh Sahib (Yogi Bhajan) keeps track of the counting.
Inhale (blocking the right nostril with the right thumb, other fingers held straight up in the air). And then I hold, and then I count ’16’ – – how? One. two. three — counts with the pinkie finger, moving it slightly three times. Four. Five, six — moves the ring finger three times. Seven, eight, nine — moves the middle or Saturn finger three times. Ten. eleven, twelve: — moves the index finger three times Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen — moves the thumb slightly for three beats. Sixteen — brings the index finger over to block off the left nostril, as he releases the right thumb from the right nostril. Then Exhale through right nostril.
You are open to try what works for you.

— above were unaltered teachings of Yogi Bhajan

A nice comment from Ravi Singh:
A young disciple asked Buddha: How long will it take me to burn through all of my karma. Buddha said, Can you imagine a block of marble 1 mile square? Now imagine that once a year a dove flies over the top of the marble trailing a silk scarf. How long do you think it would take to wear that block of marble down to nothing? Thats what each of us is up against with regard to the load of karmic debt we carry.

So Darshan Chakra Kriya is like 100 workmen with electric sanders working day and night on that
metaphorical marble. So Darshan Chakra Kriya is the most important and powerful meditation in Kundalini Yoga. This meditation will very quickly and effectively help you clarify and resolve the core issues in your life and very directly begin to transform your life in ways in ways you may not even be able to imagine!

  • – –

Here are additional informations I gathered verbally from the 3HO comunity (so I strongly assume that the following is also from Yogi Bhajan):
• 40 days of daily meditation and all skin-cells have changed, (which has to do with the aura)
• 90 days and all blood-cells have changed (blood is related to emotions)
• 120 days the bone-cells have changed and you have changed permanent
by stamping each cell with your spiritual intention.
• 1000 days of meditation changes a monkey to a saint.

From the Hindu Tradition (one of the sources for Sikhism) I gathered:
The Jalandhar Bandha is a yoga position in which the neck is to be bent a little for achieving this bandh. But it should not be bent much. It is to be pressed onto the depression just as a spring is pressed with a little force.
It has been described in Hathapradeepika in the third chapter:
“The chin is to be pressed on the chest (heart) after contracting the throat. This bandh eliminates old age and death. The contracted veins in the throat ensure that the liquid from the skies is received here. Hence, the bandh has been appropriately known as Jalandhar Bandh, which means that it destroys any pain in the throat.
… Who practices this bandh for six months will, no doubt, achieve siddha status.”

I also want to emphasize that I read that this exercise should be done with eyes focussing on the tip of the nose. This will definitely be the hardest part of the entire exercise.
I realized that it is futile to force it, but instead constructive to relax into a forceful non-resistant state of mind which allows the eyes to drift within. I did set myself from time to time a second short timer repeating itself which reminded me often to focus on the nose again.
It has literally to do with a state of relaxed focus.

My personal tips out of experience for you (and believe me I did resist those revelations long) are:

  • Meditating before sunrise is literally 10 times easier than in the day: If you can do 11 minutes in daytime you could be able to do 62 minutes in the morning.
  • For men it is useful not to loose sperm to often – in chinese medicine it is the seat of the willpower, called Jing – and the longer it was able to build up the easier is the focussing on the eye. This comes because there runs a major meridian, called Dumai,  up the spine which connects the preheavenly Qi (our constitution stored in the Kidneys and in the center in between, called the Ming Men) to the brain – in fact this is the essence of Kundalini Yoga to bring that Kundalini-Snakelike-energy up like a Cobra – hence pictures in chinese Restaurants of a bull at the bottom running through the mud, walking up a path and on top a perl ( the pituitary gland of the third eye).

My personal recommendation for you to do this exercise
1.    build it up over a 2-3 week period increasing 1 “Wahe Guru” each time & do it properly ( sit straight and focus on the tip of the nose ) from the start.
(It took me 2 weeks to be able to hold the breath over more than one cycle – then suddenly I had a break through and was able to meditate for as long as I could)

Then to avoid my mistake: Do not try to do 2 1/2 hours straight away: I did it and it brought up so much stuff that it destroyed my entire life for 24 years – within that time I tried and failed again and again and instead of reaping benefits I did suffer a tremendous sensibility for injustice, loneliness and own mistakes. So I even got really sick from it.

Instead do the following (I add my experiences in italic for you):
2.    Go for 40 days DAILY just 3 minutes ( Jesus also went for 40 days into the desert)
3.    Extend the 40 days to 90 days of daily meditation ( meanwhile you can slowly build up to 10 minutes if you wish )
(this took me an entire year because I failed a few times after around 55 days)
4.    stay with the daily practice and extend 3 min. to 120 days
5.    120 days of 11 minutes of Sodarchan Chakra Kriya ( still easy )
(This also took me another year because I again failed a few times between 50&60 days. However meanwhile I did build it up to half an hour).

6.    120 days of 31 minutes ( intermediate- meanwhile build up to an hour )
(This took me another year, because I walked 2500km along the Danube-river in 2013)

7. Whilst building up to 62 minutes you could kill 2 birds and start the1000-day-project (like me): There is an old saying: “1000 days of meditation transform a monkey into a saint”, so whilst you do them you can complete the difficult
8.    120 days of 62 minutes (the length was measured in heartbeats not minutes by the way).
9. Then continue to build up to 144 minutes (1/10th of the day),
9.   and then do 120 days of 2 ½ hours !
10. By then you will know if you want to add 1000 days of 2.5 hours.

This is of course a very aspired plan and not guaranteed to succeed, but we can change our attitude to failure as they do in the gym: The ones training hardest purposely make repetitions “until failure” which is nothing negative but a sign that they gave their best.
So if this should turn out to be too much, you can reduce the time but still strive for 1000 days. This way you can later continue building up until you succeed.

One thing is for certain – persistently and honestly trying will change your life forever, regardless of your accomplishments!

3 Replies to “more materials about Sodarshan Chakra Kriya”

    1. Thanks for your participation and constant likes which are nourishing for me.
      By your face you seem to have a strong character and I apprecciate how “hard” you must have worked on the “softness” of your heart! (Seems you cleansed a lot of Karma out and continue to do so.)

      I also find your articles interesting, and since you are here I don’t even have to come over to you anymore, because I wanted to write under some of your articles about sexuality that it just recently dawned upon me that doing “Siddhassana” seems to be a key component because when sitting with the perineum on ones heel one blocks the energy going upward in front (i.e. erections whilst meditating etc.), but the energy goes up the kundalini-spine.
      In Chinese Medicine the front meridian is called Ren and someone who did study above me did needle all points on that channel and then had an unpleasant erection for 3 days he could not get down.
      And the back channel is called Du and it is all what the kundlini-snake is all about.

      The thing is that I recently had a real depression because I am a typical unflexible white western male and now have to start that from scratch, so I will do my meditation but always at the first minutes sit in Siddhassana as good and long as I can, then cross the legs and do it once more and then sit on my bed for the rest of the time on a big meditation pillow.

      Also: The root-chakra has to do with control, so an imbalance there is the root of all domination-issues, I even think that if we were dominated by parents that is a karmic line which now manifests in our root chakra.
      And when we are intelligent, as the both of us are, then a tremendous amount of anger comes up when we realise how we were dominated throughout our life by our fathers, employers, institutions and all sorts of other groups of people.
      And then we have two dilemmas: Our imbalance and on top our anger which seems like a catch 22.
      This is why I want to sort it out with the help of Siddhassana now,
      but from my own experience I can tell you that the Sodarshan Chakra Kriya I do already also did calm down my sexuality tremendously – deeper than I could have imagined, because it does not “take away” the sexual power but makes me hold still and when I see a hot chick be able to look into her face and question myself whether this woman would be compatible to me – and as often as I find them attractive as often I see that they are incompatible (which in return saves me from even more domination – this time on behalf of women).

      Long story short: Whatever you do, you seem on the right path and I wish you all the power you need for the rest of your life – BLESS YOU !

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