Protected: Reality is an illusion: Everything is energy and reality is not what you really see.

A mind full of illusions

Is this life real? Is everything in our life is an illusion? How do we know that we are not hallucinating it all?. Actually we can never prove that we’re not all hallucinating, or simply living in a computer simulation. But that doesn’t mean we believe that we are. ”How do we know that the stuff we see around us in the real stuff of which the universe is made? That’s the worry about the holographic principle, for example -Maybe the three -dimensional space we seem to live is in actually a projection of some underlying two-dimensional reality. Quantum physicists are discovering facts about the world that we would never have thought to be possible.

The scientific research that has taken place in the last few years are as significant to our understanding of reality as Copernicus’s outline of the solar system. The problem? Many of us simply do not…

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