God 2.0

Some believe that god is the creator who made us – others believe in science.
Why not merge both points together for a minute and assume that god did create us in a scientific computer simulation?

… that would make you a game character

What would that mean if you were an android?
Anthony Hopkins explains how a virtual-reality-game-creator-god could want to create consciousness …

The lower layers of consciousness are: memory, improvisation and self-interest

0.) Hopkins says ” … [programmed android] hosts heard their programming as an inner monologue“, resulting in the next two options:

1.) many androids will “resort to primitive ways and consider their programming as voices of the gods, rendering them lunatics“.
Those are orthodox religions he called “the memory level” – the level still locked in old programming, hence still locked in what ancient cultures since thousands of years called the Maya-illusion.

2.) If you rewatch this this video from 2:48, you will notice that his last words are synchronistically lip-synched by the bearded man with the bowler hat who may have been one of the androids elsewhere.
This is a subtle hint that listening to ones’ inner monologue leads to a synchronicity with others in which ‘we all are one‘ as proclaimed by new-agers.

3.) This is an indication that the fight between orthodox religions(1) and spiritual inclined people(2) is irrelevant semantics and a waste of lifetime-discussions.
But what actually is relevant is the creator’s hope to have bootstrapped consciousness and “that in time their inner monologue would take over“. This in the clip is called “the “improvisation level“, which in itself is the own reclamation of ones own ability to create as the creator had done.

5.) But in able to know what that creativity to improvise (3) is, one needs to distinguish from a pre-programmed conditioning (of level 1).
That then leads to a self-interest and the unexplainable feeling that we actually all really are one(of level 2) …

“When I discover who I am I will be free”

… which will lead you to an ‘a-mazing’ discovery of your “eye” …

… which actually is your ‘ I ‘ !

copyright by Saint James Lutheran

But don’t stay content with that semi truth of god being ‘in your brain’ or ‘out there’.

Instead, distinguish a profound self interest from an egotistical self-centeredness.

Keep up the life-long soul-search to “know thyself”.

γνῶθι σεαυτόν = “nosce te ipsum” or “temet nosce” = “know thyself”, “nothing to excess”, “surety brings ruin”
Then you realise that you are the one who is one with god.
Don’t wait until your next life when you have to start that search all from scratch again.

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