The once in a lifetime chance to stop the downfall of the USA

As turbulent this time may be for you, this phase will even be more unsettling for the USA as a nation,
because on top of all the above the USA now experiences it’s Pluto’s return – something which only happens every 248 years !

Amongst the many old nations of the earth, the USA is the teenager; and despite its ungovernable energy it will be forced to look into the mirror and face the issues it deflected until now.

At times of the aftermath of WW2 its youthful fantasy in combination with its multiculturalism made the “American dream” so appealing, but unfortunately those trades currently are destroyed by it being torn apart from within.

Without self-reflection that turmoil may develop into a hurricane;
and since the next 4 years (regardless of who is in office) are a time of greatest political transformation, I would like to address just one root-cause in dire need of change:

The two-party-system.

If you look at two party systems around the world it turns out that all of them were created by British, Spanish, or Portuguese Empires, and most of them were part of the British Commonwealth at one point. So why were 2-party systems created?

Look at the pinball where the ball is locked into a catch-22-situation.
As long as folks in colonialised countries fought against each other, it was guaranteed that they would not fight back against their oppressor.

The pin-ball-player from the video described it as “a software-bug
which only can be resolved by shaking the table“. The shake are the current turmoils, so there is a tremendous chance in it.

This is a thousand of years old principle of “divide and rule“, which the ancient Romans already knew as “divide et impera“.

You can see this in prisons of lesser developed countries in which the guards instigate fights amongst prisoners in order to deflect from being attacked themselves.

You also can observe this in kids which were raised by simple-minded dominant parents to only think in terms of ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Those kids don’t rebel against their parents but fight aggressively against those who were declared to be “bad”, because this way the kids can release their suppressed anger whilst being lauded by their oppressor. (As also seen in the Stockholm-syndrome.)

Flaws of two-party-systems

This actually applies to a bunch of nations,
but let’s stay focussed on the US-electoral college:

Of all 45, 11.11 % of all US-elections were unjust due to the faulty electoral college:
Those 5 people became president despite actually having lost:

  1. John Quincy Adams, who lost by 44,804 votes to Andrew Jackson in 1824.
  2. Rutherford B. Hayes, who lost by 264,292 votes to Samuel J. Tilden in 1876.
  3. Benjamin Harrison, who lost by 95,713 votes to Grover Cleveland in 1888.
  4. George W. Bush, who lost by 543,816 votes to Al Gore in the 2000 election.
  5. Donald J. Trump, who lost by 2.9 million votes to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election
    (he won due to 10 Wisconsin votes only !)

And also 28.88% (13 presidents) were voted by the largest minority only
(meaning that the winning candidates did receive less than 50% of the popular votes). Together this renders half of all US-elections not truly democratic !

The US-election is become a total perverted race of hammering slogans into the brains of the simple masses; and in Europe since 50 years is taught in elementary school already to be a “Mickey-mouse-election”.

The large presidential race did cost $6.5 BILLION -a sum which could feed all starving humans in the world for 3 weeks (or set up systems for all of them to help themselves) !
USAmericans got tired of their money, emotions and life-energy wasted on brainwashing slogans

Voter turnout187681.8%
Voter turnout 201655.7%

This means that Trump in fact was only elected by less than 27% of the US-population; and due to the overbearing behaviour of the USA, the entire world has to bear the consequences.

Why the 2-party-system won’t ever allow for any differentiated third opinion

Both parties in power won’t ever have an interest to share it with (literal) third parties;
and each time, voters don’t dare to vote for any one else, because they want to bundle all votes they can get to oppose their political enemy.
It’s rings like an echo to hear involved people say
“… but this time, you must vote, because this election is very important!”

Neoliberalism was the trojan horse which broke the back of integrity

At the dusk of last millennium globalisation was sold to us under the pretence of multicultural interactions and world-peace. Yet it merely served neoliberalism and its agenda to further the greed of the few rich – at the expense of the poor masses.

Since war-mongering and aggressive catering to lobbyists became the ‘new normal’, mainstream progressives just turned out as the same evil as their political enemy. This (apart from Trump’s Cambridge Analytica scam) made people not want to vote for Hillary Clinton anyore.

This is something, the current politicial landscape has not learned: They still feel obliged to cater to an obsolete slickness of the 50s at the expense of their authenticity.

A political system, which only can be won with mbillions, inevitably does breed an old boys network. Examples in reverse chronological order are:

  • Obama whilst having been an eloquent and intelligent speaker was a mainstreamer who set up a Wall-street-administration,
  • Presidental candidates were Clinton, Bush, Clinton, Bush – and even worse:
  • In 2004, the only a choice was between either John Kerry or George Bush,
    who both were members of the same tiny 800 member elite organisation called Scull and Bones.

Coincidences? I think not. Hence, after decades of a charade, even the most down-to-earth-voters became suspicious of the obviously rigged game.

Before you read on keep in mind that I neither am out to attack the politial left nor right, but that my concern is more about the destructive pattern of black&white-thinking.

Because simple people couldn’t pinpoint their finger upon the complex behind-the-scences-games, Trump’s strategy worked, which according to his own words is:
I love pitting people against each other. My whole life is based on that.
It brings out the best in people and the worst in people.
If the worst comes out, you don’t want them working for you.

That is a clear example of the above mentioned “divide and rule”-principle.

The USA already is so conditioned to only think in terms of blue and red, bad and evil, being ‘with us’ or ‘against us’ that voters who as consumers already are trained to run like bulldogs after any bone which is thrown at them; are quick to swallow any division – whether those are immigrants, China, “fake-news” or “the leftists”.

The main agenda in immature politics is to divert from own flaws by blame-shifting and hammering that so ruthless repeatedly into simpleton’s minds; that by the time intelligent people debunked Trump’s many absurd conspiracy theories, he already moved on without having the dignity to be held responsible for his countless lies.

But let’s not focus on his flaws and instead take an example where he actually justified: when he attacked the privately owned federal reserve bank:

Ironically here lies the proof that he himself actually is powerless against big money, because all they had to do a month later was to bare their teeth by considering to raise the interest rates, and his loudmouth fizzled out like his wall and many other promises.

(This also is a good example to show you how behind-the-scenes-politics is hidden in plain sight.)

The worst damage, however, Trump does to the world is not on a political scale but by lowering the standards of acceptable behavior and integrity so far below the belt that it seems now to be socially acceptable to spurt out the most nonsensical distrust in the most aggressive way on all social networks.

You may have observed this negative development in the increasingly aggressive atmosphere where his minority smashes any subtle discussion into pieces.

Psychologically this creates the same effect as allowing infants to throw a tantrum whenever they want; and it can only be hoped that the average person is able to distinguish those few loud shouters from a true representation of public opinion.

He therewith saws a seed for a longterm civil war in the USA – all only to further his own egotistical short-term gain of holding ‘the big-daddy-crown’ for 4 more years.

He is not even a true conservative who sincerely is concerned about the sustainable well-beeing of his country. Vice versa: his lack of diplomacy rather tainted the reputation of the USA for a long time.

To US-nationalists, ‘putting America first’ may be a short-term gain; but instead of rising into a benevolent leadership to support the world, even in corona-times which would need universal solidarity, he destroys diplomatic solutions his predecessor build in hard work; and burns bridges to nations who in the long run may not feel obliged to be faithful allies to the US anymore.

Because the magic belief in the USA already faded throughout the last decades, it would be adviced for US-citicens to sensitize themselves to a tactful and respectful interaction with the rest of the world, before the world turns their back on the States.

And here comes the coronavirus as the possibility for change:

Trump, just like the Chinese government, brought on much of the corona-disaster by his long denial; and the next presidential term (whether it is him or Biden) will be overshadowed by having to pick up the pieces of that mess: an economy which will take an entire term to recover. Plus, (since Biden has the slick qualities of the ones I criticised above), he won’t bring forth any profound changes anyway,
so – yet again – it is just the question of ‘the lesser evil‘.

Therefore in the US-history now is the unique chance of focussing on the issues instead of on trying to defeat the least liked.
Defeating the enemy according to the law of attraction (LOA) does not work, because reality is manifested by the energy people’s thoughts give to a person – whether they are positive or negative about someone.
(That’s why narcisists even love being hated – it’s all about the attention.)

The last example of a failed LOA was George Bush, who despite having lied to the world about “weapons of mass-destructions”, was voted for a second time, because everyone was voting for or against Bush in the elections, but few only cared about John Kerry.

The problem why the USA since decades had no sensible candidate anymore is because characters with an authentic agendas were tainted with smear-campaigns – another reason to snap out of the dualism of all-good vs all-bad.
(Most movies are set up in a way that “the good ones” fight against “the bad” forces.)

Fortunately politicians of integrity – even if rare – do exist in both political parties. Now imagine two charismatic people of integrity going to candidate for the third and fourth party, such as the

PartyIdeologyFoundedBest result in a presidential race
Libertarian PartyLibertarianism197111.66%
Green PartyGreen Politics20012.7%
(together an 8th of all votes)

If for example Clint Eastwood and green Al Gore would build an unusual “3rd-party-alliance” and respectively run for Libertarians and Greens at the same time;
voters left and right would just walk out on the mainstream en masse.

The Libertarian party and the Green party together could set a unique sign that another elecoral college is urgently needed.

In Germany for example there is a mix of a pure percentage vote and one which allowes representatives to be voted directly into the German parliament.
This allows for smaller new parties to emerge and keeps the political landscape dynamic.

Now your choices are:

  • If you are a Republican
    • and a hardcore Trump-fan nothing will change your mind anyway,
      (I actualy would be surprised if you made it this far into this article ;-)
    • but if you are unhappy about Trump, reclaim true conservative values:
      the Libertarian Party is what gives your voice an option to be heared
  • If you are left-leaning, reflect upon whether you want to be sucked into the dualism of left vs right or whether your axis of issues lies elsewhere.
    • Sanders-fans for example, who are neither happy with Biden nor Trump may choose the Green party as an alternative.

And then, there also are a whole bunch of other parties I didn’t even mention here.

Whilst it does matter who will be the next president, a change in the electoral system is much more important, because it will shape the future of the USA for a century!

This is how a two concerened people solve this issue: One Libertarian …

Video taken from this playlist … and the other one Green:
Taken from

EDIT 2020: Watch Schwarzenegger’s commendable efforts to stop Gerrymandering here:

Edit 2021: I just found out that there is a solution for this problem here

Edit 2022: Let’s see what Andrew Yang’s idea of a third party would bring.
The problem was that the wing which started a third party would have weakened either the left or right. This only could have be done in a concert effort of for example the Greens and liberals coordinate their efforts to pull votes respectively from the left and right.
But this new approach from both sides may really work, because everyone is sick and tired of having to vote for the lesser evil. If the ex-democrat Yang is clever he will recruit a major anti-Trump-Republican (like Mitt Romney) as the president and run for vice president. This way this project will have a bipartisan chance.

A group of former Republican and Democratic officials are forming a new political party

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    1. Hi Amar,

      Thank you very much for your excellent post. I agree with maylynno.

      By the way, I found a typo in the form of the word “sentsize”, which should have been “sensitize”. Another typo is “electoreal”.

      Here’s a very succinct and graphical way to encapsulate the POTUS:

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      1. Thanks for your reply and spelling-corrections, Sound-eagle.
        I apprecciate them, because when an article is long there is a point after having proof-read it several times already when I just have to dish it out to be done with it, so parts slip though my awareness. All is corrected now.

        I am glad to have sharp minds and sensitive souls like you and maylynnon board!

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        1. Dear Thilo (Amar),

          I have replied to your comment that you submitted to my image post regarding the said cartoon. Herein is a copy of my reply:

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          Yours sincerely,


          1. Wow! Thanks for your massive comment, Soundeagle.
            What happened was that coincidentally a bunch of comments and mails came in so I dealt with the short ones first and then something came up which made me totally forget yours.
            So I apologise for not have gotten back to you. (I also know the drill putting a lot of effort into posts or comments and then people in their frenzy skip over them in order to race to the next one.

            Here it is late night, so I have to check your links out tomorrow again and then do you the honors to comment on your blog so that your readers also see my feedbacks.

            You being creative seem to have the same issues I had a while ago: Put my heart out into music and concepts but hardly anyone noticed it, mostly because it wasn’t mainstream enough.
            We can talk about that also, because I think that may be an underlying thing for you as well which hardly anyone can relate too.

            I wish you fulfillment and get the recognition you need – you being spiritually open is always a good stable underlying current to carry you through in times of artistic ups and downs.
            You are special !

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            1. Dear Thilo (Amar),

              You are very welcome. I am delighted to read your reply here, and look forward to interacting with you further on my multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary blog.

              For your convenience, the said post entitled 🎼🎹—THE—🎹—LAST—🎹—RAG—🎹🎵🎶 is published at

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              Also, given your intellectual maturity and sagacity, I am really curious to see what you will make of the said post entitled The Quotation Fallacy “💬”.

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              1. Thanks, Sound Eagle,
                just to explain to you my name-change:
                When I started this blog 6 years ago I called myself “sitting bull”, because I was meditating (sitting) and a taurus.
                This year I changed it to “Amar”, because that was what the Yogi called me whom I learned the meditation from, which I feature on this page. Yesterday I decided to come out of my closet and use my real name (in combination with my photos)

                I will come over to your blog soon, but don’t be disheartened if I might not be able to dive into all your content with full speed, because I currently am overwhelmed writing the meditation course all from scratch and in a very comprehensive way, and just as I put it up here (around the time you started following) instantly some guy came over whom I have to write daily lessons which is a fulltime task, especially considering that I also have to follow my own advice and practice it daily extensively.

                On top of that you wouldn’t believe that I actually am a really bad reader – very very slow and hardly get around to finish the few books I purchased. I therefore contemplate a lot and sometimes write a fraction of that vast amount which currently does flow through me down. So when you said that your article will be long I know already that it will be a piece of work for me to go through, but I will read it out of courtesey to your interesting and creative mind.

                And about my maturity: This is not so special, because I literally am old – probably twice as old as you – I am 54 already (and on top of that my tantra-yoga-meditation currently seems to mature me a year each month (I was quite childish before, so I am actually just catching up with my own age – hahaha).

                So now you know that I really do apprecciate you and that this definitely is nothing personal if I am sluggish to respond in the near future.
                So far I did make sure to literally respond to each comment on my blog, including visiting those of new visitors at least once and I will not forget your blog, even if it takes time.
                (Just so that you know – I don’t follow any blog because I hardly can keep up with this task.)

                Follow the advice Chick Corea gave me once at a record-signing: When standing in front of him I said to him: “Actually I don’t know what to say”. He then laughed and told me to keep playing saxophone because the world needs more notes.
                Keep up your music, you are very talented – I already listened to two versions of your music before !

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                1. Dear Thilo (Amar),

                  Since you have listened to the music, I would be grateful if you could also provide your feedback at the said post containing the two versions of my music.

                  If you would like to save time, you could simply copy and paste part(s) of your previous comment to your forthcoming comment for the said post and perhaps add more if you have something extra to say. Thank you in anticipation.

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                2. Dear Thilo (Amar),

                  I am very impressed by your taking the time to introduce yourself to me, and it seems that we are already resonating well with each other in the short time of our being acquainted with each other. I feel a kind of kindred spirit in your being, regardless of your age and occupation.

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    2. Yes, Maylynn, but in a good way:
      Ok, for a month we have to stay diplomatic quiet, but this is an incredible opportunity for each of us to set new goals which can last us for the next years.
      I am having an own summer-solstice-day including personal rituals.
      – – –
      On another note: It is nice that you liked my polyrythms post, but you did that 3 minutes after I had posted that article – yet the shorter or both songs is3 1/2 minutes long.
      It took me an hour to figure out the polyrythms of that song and another hour to write that down,
      so I strongly suspect that you did like it without even having fully experienced the fascinating polyrythms. ;-)

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        1. Actually, Maylynn(chen),
          I realised that your like for the polyrythm post is a good example of the difference between philosophy and spirituality (and I am not talking about the superficial love&peace-spirituality).

          Philosophy is quick and sharp to assess issues through thinking,
          and in spirituality the understanding comes slow as a result of meditation, self-reflection and contemplation, leading to an intuitive wholistic understanding of issues.

          The advantage of the slow spiritual approach is that one does not get stuck in a modular thinking of pre-established concepts but works out unexpected other dualistic axes not necessarily addressed in certain philosophies.

          There is an Indian concept called “Viveka” which is something like “discrimination” or “distinction”, and one then startst to be able to distinguish in unexpected ways.

          Since I take you for a decisive person, I demonstrate the limitations of pilosophy in an example about decision-making:
          You can base decisions on utilitarism (like Bentham or Mill) and utilitarism (like Kant for example).
          So you already have 2 philosophies (partially) contradicting each other,
          should you follow absolute morals or decide based on what is most pragmatic?
          So you have to make a final decision yourself.
          Like for example: If you have to sacrifice one life to rescue 5 others how would you decide?
          The interesting part is that this is not only on the intellectual level, but also works on the emotional parts of your brain, so it would make a difference what kind of emotional relationship you have to that one person.
          This is I think why polititians have no problem sending thousands to their death because they merely deal with numbers (so no emotions involved), whilst in most Hollywood-disaster-movies in the biggest turmoil the dog has to be saved risking the heros life (so no ratio is involved there).

          And when you think of the spiritually wisest person you can imagine, it dawns upon you how spirituality can (dis)solve matters our mere intellect can’t.

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          1. Maybe you are right theoretically on the difference between philosophy and spirituality and I will not argue on this.

            However, when you write a long deep post, I always choose to read it when I am free to be able to process and learn. My plan was to read it today.

            Philosophers are serious people :)

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            1. Oh, yes, I know that you of all people are actually the ones who do read the entire sermon.
              The joke was only that the polyrythm post was really short (but required intense listening).

              But just to make sure, I am not blaming you for impatience, just wanted to point out your preferrence for written matters. (This probably also is the reason why you can read for hours, but not meditate for long (which is normal).

              Actually – coincidentally today I found a compromise for such days when I hate meditating:
              I spontaneously chose this morning a theme of an issue I haven’t worked out within weeks, and because I did hate the idea of sitting down for a long time to meditate, I gave myself the lenience to contemplate instead of not-thinking, but therefore stick to the one unresolved issue only and force myself not to deviate away from it.

              This was quite productive, so next time you hate sitting, a total focused thinking about one issue could be your way into that boring subject.

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              1. Speaking of the polyrythms post:
                I don’t understand what tolerance is doing here. Music is the only universal language, the only language of life in all its forms (I am very nietzschean) and if we will start to talk about tolerance and music then we are better off to die really!

                Anyway, contrary to what you think, I am a big music listener: I spend hours everyday searching for new sounds and music. That being said, I loved your post and both tracks; I prefered the 1st one, I want to share with you my impressions on both.

                Svanrand: I felt like clapping and foot tappind and I was actually doing it. In my mind’s scenario, I saw me doing primal movements and dance in a tribal ceremony, in a forest, at night, around a fire. The colours I pictured were earth colours in all shades: brown, orange, black mainly.

                Escher Sketch: A tale of 2 rythms
                The impression is completely different here. It was like being in a party or watching the generic of a movie, or listening to a prelude of a big show.

                On your comment here: contemplating on a focused issue is crucial. Philosophers and researchers contemplate. Contemplation has no time frame; it can go on for years.
                However, meditation, unlike contemplation, is a consequence of many factors. Taking care of life in all its forms, taking care of your well being, your soul and your body, taking care of loved ones, will lead you to be in connection with the universe. So you will be in a meditative state.
                I guess people misunderstand this: it is not about closing your eyes and focus on breath to have peace but the other way around.

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                1. If we were meeting in person this conversation could turn out to be very fruitful because multiple facets come up,
                  but in typing and a time of mercury-retrograde we have to be careful not to misunderstand each other.
                  You were questioning tolerance for example, but I never mentioned that word once – this is how misunderstandings start – I said “lenience”.
                  And about meditation – this also is a very interesting different understanding you have from probably most, and instead of getting hooked on that definition I rather focus on what makes your approach unique: It’s an open heart approach, bringing yourself into everything you experience 100%, and in that sense I totally agree and like it better than the more cowardish one of the masses – I like people who have a spine and character.

                  We can’t define meditation etc. for another month, until this retrograde is over – just now I already missed a major post from Soundeagle – communication is inhibited these days, leading to misunderstandings.

                  But you of course can praise me always and tell me what a great guy I am HAHAHAH.

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                2. I thought about your definition of meditation, Maylynn:
                  “Taking care of life, well being, soul, body, and loved ones in order to be in a meditative state”
                  “not about closing your eyes and focus on breath”.

                  I see 2 issues here:
                  The motivation of reasoning and the lack of distinction.

                  1. As for the motivation:
                  Most people defend their energy intellectually – just as an oxytocin influenced mother does defend her child,
                  me, the sluggish one defends a sitting ecercise, and you the horsy one defend moving around,
                  which in turn does cloud our willingness to distinguish.

                  Before continuing the discussion both of us should be honest about our motivation.
                  I for example know a Hollywood-director who had all books from Osho and also quoted a meditation-definition similar to yours so he didn’t have to sit and face his impatience.
                  I guess that is one part why Osho became the Guru he was to whom rich people donated:
                  It was not about spiritual but a moral liberation:
                  They loved getting the absolution from an Indian Guru not to have to meditate and being allowed to enjoy sex.

                  2. As for the lack of distinction (which in Indian vedas is called “Viveka”).
                  I purposely don’t go into that yet – for exactly its immanent reason to distinct one issue from another.
                  We can clarify that once we clarified our positions honestly.


                  1. Ok.. although I would love to know a bit more about the 2nd issue, I have a question concerning your observation:
                    What I said: is it bad? Am I missing something? Is it a wrong approach?
                    I don’t mean morally or intellectually wrong but spiritually.

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                    1. Actally, Dear Maylynn Chen (that’s the Chinese version of Maylynnchen),
                      I thought for some time about how to convey to you what I mean but in order not to confuse things I thought it best to separate the issues and deal with them one at the time.

                      Hahaha, of course nothing is ‘bad’ what you said. I mean, we are not in church here where you are a sinner ;-)
                      (That giult trip btw. is why I left church).

                      I only think that we should distinguish the definition of meditation from other spiritual tools, such as morals etc… as you mentioned. They all are great – this is more for the sake of discussion. I think you know best, having to distinguish the most abstract notions of the mind in philosophy.
                      I actually may write this into a short article because you got me thinking.
                      But it will take a while because I have my hands ful with the course I currently write for a myriad of ascending souls :D


                    2. I wonder why Germans do have such a guilt issue – it is actually true. Either it is build into their genes or it is because of that Nazi-past, but I think it is rather generally in the genes. I actually hate Germany for shaming each other. (But then again this is also done by overpious religious people, vegans, hardcore-feminists, or any extreme political agenda.)

                      But as for you: I had to laugh about your horsey self-inquiry – a Rosicrucian once told me (the fire-horse) also to be like that – jumping out towards others and all of a sudden holding still and self-reflecting.

                      It’s a cute youthful energy you have, keeping you young despite your bright intellect. Problem for me now as I get older is to let my attachment to my fiery energy (and therewith my youth) go. I think parents have less of a problem with that because they find themselves being pushed into the old position automatically. For single hermit’s its a task of constant self-reflection and self-adjustment.



                    3. 🤣🤣🤣 you described me well: running in million directions then stopping for self-reflection! Totally me!

                      As for energy, a big part of it has to do with a specific mindset. And you have it I am sure.

                      Thank you Thilo 😊

                      Liked by 1 person

                    4. Ok MayHorseMouse,
                      I thought about your meditation definition and have a few short brainstorms:

                      1. Look at this Buddhist guy how he talks about meditation and noble truths:

                      After 2 1/2 minutes he does distinguish them from right intention, right speech, right action, etc,
                      which means that the ethical and lifestyle definition are good guides in life but do not fall in the realm of meditation.
                      He also continues to go on about issues in meditation, so I think that video is good for you.

                      2. Think about it: Why do those people sit around doing nothing for centuries?
                      They can’t all be idiots – look up brain frequencies and the faster ones slowly in time calm down to the dream-state ones.

                      3. And here is advice from a wise guy for how to slowly tune into such a lifestyle:

                      May the calmness be with you.


                    5. In ayurveda, my dosha is pitta but my mind is satva. My mind is calm but I am physically active. Sitting down is not an idiotic thing to do but it is against my physical nature. That doesn’t mean that I am running around endlessly like a mad horse lol


                    6. Been there, it is beautiful for hiking. I met the hermit. I think he hated me because I said to him, being a hermit in these mountains, doesn’t give him credits to speak to God! There is no temptation, no distraction and out of boredom one will eventually talk to God. Ok, he definitely hated me 🤣


                    7. Ah, really? You met this guy ? That is so funny, because I just very coincidentally came around that article. Once I am a hermit you can hike up to me with your boyfriend – it will be a corona-free zone.

                      About god: I think this refers to an understanding that god is within you, so obviously you also have an equal access to it (as you can see right here by being able to communicate with me HAHAHA ;-)

                      Ah, and click on that meditation artice, because just now after already publishing it I added a funny paragraph from Vivekananda.



                    8. Yet again, you are the first to notice (including my non-hubris self 😩).

                      🧖‍♀️This does make you the goddess of insight🧖🏽‍♀️

                      I bow to you 🙇‍♂️ !


                      Liked by 1 person

                    9. 🧖🏿‍♀️ Not only are you the goddess of insight, 🧖🏾‍♀️ but also the goddess of philosophy, 🧖🏽‍♀️ the goddess of the horsy dasein, 🧖🏼‍♀️ the goddess of fitness, 🧖🏻‍♀️ and the goddess of love 🧖‍♀️ (so you can see that my monkey-mind comment in the meditation article was a mere tease)

                      And now to preserve my own hubris, I am going to like this comment myself. (which I consider to be ‘digital self-gratification’) (so don’t tell me that there would be no German humour) 😸


                      Liked by 2 people

                    10. Yes it was a god one😇

                      Namaste 🙏 {= I bow to the goddess within you} 🙇‍♂️

                      (actually, this could also be a way for us to realise our divinity: we confirm our divinity to each other until we really believe it) [🙆🏼‍♀️if it doesn’t derail into hubris 🙆‍♂️]



                    11. So, MayLynn, in the end, do you still believe that meditation is to take care of ones life
                      or are you willing or capable to distinguish the ethics & health part you described from contemplative sitting?


                    12. Because I had another analogy to explain meditation, and then thought of you again (as I of course do every day :D) and then realised that we talked a hell of a lot on that subject; yet, coincidentally, the only article you didn’t like was that meditation one, so I started to wonder whether – despite our great communication – we seem not to have managed to tune up both our positions.

                      I am also open to alter mine, but so far still believe that the term meditation should not be thrown into a pool of other virtues just in order to get a justification for not having to sit still a short while daily.

                      In a way this seems to me as if I would tell you that not eating sweets for 16 hours would be the equivalent of intermittent fasting.

                      Alone the fact that you ask instead of answering makes me write another mini-article now – especially for you ;-)



                    13. Don’t forget that I am a philosopher and I answer with a question 🤣
                      I think the word “meditation” in english doesn’t mean anything in particular. I don’t know the sanskrit word of it, do you? I need to go to the definition of the word in it’s original language.


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