Are you intelligent AND also patient?

Lots of people use stupidity as an excuse for laziness or not caring,
but there also are many very clever people who lack the patience to work out something.
Both kinds of people don’t accomplish anything significant.

It takes a combination of intelligence and focus to be a genius
– or as Goethe used to say it: “Genius is diligence“.

Here is your chance to proof to yourself and the world that you have what it takes;
by transforming this very complex sentence into an understandable one.

Where information is the abstract currency of perception,
such a theory must incorporate the theory of information
while extending the information concept
to incorporate reflexive self-processing
in order to achieve an intrinsic (self-contained) description of reality.

And no, I am not pulling your leg:
This is a sentence from a guy with an IQ of 200 ( no match to yours of course ;-) ),
so I did set up a new blog dedicated to the transation of his theory here.

Go over there, participate, take the challenge and help us all to decipher his work!

6 Replies to “Are you intelligent AND also patient?”

  1. He reversed the idea: perception comes before information. Then representation and interpretation then perspective. A perspective can become the abstract currency of another perception which all leads to concept and self reflection.

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    1. This is a great comment and now I feel like soundeagle, but I think you literally should copy and paste that comment into the other blog, so that interested people can read it.
      I totally agree with you.
      The thing is that it is my suspicion that his theory in all is actually not so great, but this language obviously is such a pain in the arse that no one bothers to read his thesis (which is not too long, but a thousand sentences like this are a kiler).

      Also I was a bit surprised by his stature and looks, as I would never have associated someone with him with a super-intelligent one, but maybe I was full of prejudice.

      So I thought: “Ok, I do the first step and if a bunch of people come together and everyone rewrites one sentence as I did, then it should be understandable at one stage.


      1. You know me by now, I am a bit lazy with internet 🙈 and surfing from one blog to another lol.
        I agree with you, the sentence at 1st is not clear but it happened that he was talking about perception and concept, my field of expertise this is why I understood it.

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        1. Hahaha, “surfing” so far away through a horsy-mouse-click.
          But actually: I don’t really care for that comment there.
          In fact I doubt that this blog will ever take of – I just put it out there and who knows – maybe some half-obsessed smart person will take it on as a hobby and simpify that stuff.
          In that case I will always post another sentence.

          What made me doubt him (after I set up the blog) was that he has some views which match his looks more than his intelligence does: Some right-wing stuff with conspiracy in it which made me doubt the value of such intelligence tests in general.


          1. I don’t like these tests. I saw some people who scored very high in the IQ test and living a miserable life. I prefer the EQ one but again, it is all very reductive to a person.

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            1. Yes, I am such an example of someone with a high IQ and nothing works in my life.
              I also agree that EQ is more important,
              and since I work on my spirituality at times I even think that a high IQ may be even a spiritual hinderance at times.

              And then – on a spiritual level I might righteously chosen worldly failure in order to accelerate the path towards my own authenticity.
              After the wellness-level most semi-spiritual people subscribe to it dawns upon me that in order to find the true self one has to shed all roles and therewith sacrifice everything.

              I give you an example: An old teacher of mine does manage to work it both ways by doing his spiritual work and at the same time teaching it. For a week I was jealous of him and then realised that despite his way seeming the cleverer solution there is one tiny aspect he does not work on in this lifetime: To find out about his true self, because it still is hidden behind his mask as a teacher.

              This is very complex. Intelligence is also a mask.

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