Help Beirut, the Lebanon, and yourself in one instance!

Watch this imdepressive post of pix made by a Lebanese herself:


You know the explotion-tragedy – the embedded videos are just for the ones who normaly stay away from news. Here 4 vids which sum it up in a nutshell:

As if this is not tragic enough, that disaster may create a second coronavirus-wave.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg, because Lebanon’s political system is a tragedy which besides its proximity to the middle-east wars damaged the country.

Not only that: Just as protests finally manifested …

… they were suffocated by the coronavirus.

… and on top of that;
aid for the explosion-disaster may be swindled away by a corrupt government.

So we can’t even rely on governments supporting the Lebanese government.

Hence we have to open our hearts and help privately.

Let’s face it: We are spoiled first worlders sitting in the safety of our homes and aided by our wealthy government – the only inconvenience we have to suffer is that we have to wear masks when shopping. So we really should chip in as much as possible now to help this poor country which in one blast was turned into a third world country ! HELP !

Here is a brilliant summary which explains the entire dilemma:

Fortunately one of my subscribers, Maylynn D. is a Lebanese Philosophy teacher, so we have a contact person directly in the country.

Hence I decided to to forward all income of my meditation-course within this entire year as an aid to Lebanon.
Your suggestions as to what specific organisation to donate to are welcome.

By taking my course, you not only donate to a good cause but also do what should be most important in those times: Help yourself to stay calm and elevate your spiritual horizon for years to come (including support from me).

If you can’t afford the 123 €, let me know, because most important is that you participate and give what you can – it’s obvious to say that Lebanese or any other people who are financial challenged in coronatimes won’t have to pay for it. Everyone will get the course -no one will be left out because I am very creative in finding bartering options which may benefit all of us.

The english course is here, and the German one here,
but best is probably to contact me here for enquiries:

In case you are interested in an estoeric explanation what Lebanon is going through:
With it’s 100th birthday in a month it currently is in a harsh Saturn-phase and started to enter its third (7×7=)49-year-cycle – the explosion being the most Marsian event which could manifest in such times.

Therewith is exactly one cycle ahead of this analysis I made for global changes:
With the arab-spring it entered the worriesome moon-cycle; and right now it is in the process of entering the tumultuous mars-cycle – another reason that we have to help this curently troubled nation.

Even though each of us is worried about the coronavirus, let’s reflect for a second
how lucky we are; and share some of our bliss with the rest of the world.

Edit: On the same day I wrote this article, one woman told me that she already did donate 300€ to unicef, because they already are placed in Lebanon.
That is a beautiful example how one can pay for the course.

Recommendation from the Lebanese philosophy teacher Maylyn D.:

Please, all the donations you will collect should go through the UN or the German Red Cross

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