Gate to another world

You enter a beautiful sanctuary-garden with stone-benches and a fountain where aspirants discuss spirituality.
A valley leads up to a high up building from which a beautiful sound resonates:

You pick up a leaflet about

A comparison between 3HO and the Sodarshan Chakra Kriya School

3HO – yogaThe Sodarshan Chakra Kriya School
Should be called:
as invented by Y.B.
Provides a form of
ancient tantric
Does promote a mixture of Sikhism and YogaDoes move beyond orthodox religions to find the inner divine
Demands the unconditional belief in Yogi Bhajan (culmilating in a worship of his photo).Considers Y.B. to have been a skilled, but authoritative and ethically flawed postman.
Is taught in the traditional style of ever continuing Yoga classes.Is taught in one compact online-course .
+ provides continued motivation+ gives all information at once
+ Creates a community
– binds students to teachers.
Sends practitioners on their own path:
-lonely but +independent.
promotes many different yoga Kriyasdoes focus on the mastery of one kriya and the self
– bears the danger of superficial “spiritual channelhopping’– will become tedious without a strong spiritual belief and longing
is mainly focussed on the physical application of exercisesincludes personality-work and addresses emotional and spiritual issues.
A teachers training costs $3500Teachers training for this kriya only is included
Cost throughout years: thousands of $sOnetime limited cost: 221,87 €

If you are suffering in any way, you get each lesson for 1 € only because the higher principles of spirituality may give your life in pain a deeper purpose.

Before you do purchase it, please read my explanations on the next page.

6 Replies to “Gate to another world”

  1. From your post, I can see that SCK is very esoteric, hence the lack of followers or the lack of seriousness you mentioned before. Usually people are attracted to esoteric religions or currents but few would go deep in them.
    Anyway 25 likes on your Buddhist meditations!

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    1. Yes, I realised that my path is very rare and after a deep crisis recently gave up bending over backwards to spread the truth to the world. That’s why I started to charge – I wanted only people who really are interested.

      My difficulty was that I did not take money from those esoteric inclined people who usually have no money for not being worldly, but your Beirut-explosion gave me the idea to combine it with a good cause to adjust inner and outer well-being. This way I feel justified to charge the rich first-worlders. My concern was never to get rich from the work I put in it within the last 6 years.

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        1. Actually, helping Lebanon is the best thing which could have happened to me.
          On one hand I did not have the money to donate
          on the other hand (being a German, as you know) I felt guilty for having it so good in my first world ivory tower here
          whilst you Lebanese are degraded in one blow into a third world country,
          and also I wanted to motivate people to DO the course instead of reading it only
          (wheeding out the fence-sitters by charging them).
          So I found a way to kill all birds with one stone.

          (And btw: Since you did not find the beginning of the 3 songs appealing,
          I hope that your carousal-horsiness did not jump ahead to the next page without having given the third track a chance, because that is without words and relaxing in your times of turmoil.

          I don’t even know what to wish you in Beirut – you all must be pretty desparate, in emotional turmoil and exhausted from having to clean up everything without any governmental help! More power to all of you !!!

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          1. True, we are all on an emotional rollercoaster. We are tired of living in a country that is so troubled.

            Anyway, again, you don’t have to help and thinking of helping us is already a big gesture I thank you for it.

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