Gate to another world

Is the course worth it ?

Short answer: if you are set on your spiritual path and happy with it, you don’t need it.

Would I be totally convinced that this Meditation will bless everyone, I would have continued to put out the course for free. but I feel compelled to offer it as a course with guidance, because the handful of people I observed who manage to do 2.5 hours seemed have become so cold and arrogant, that they reminded me of soul-vampires. The reason for this phenomenon is that this kriya is attached to the warrior-religion of Sikhism in which people are required to wear a daggar.

My life-quest was to find a spiritual way which does not rely on the egregor (protective community of faith) of war-mongering-religions.
Little did I initially know that the mantra “Wahe Guru” was nothing else than the Sikh-name for god.

All spiritual exercises in one way or another seem to serve as mere guide-rails to anchor the mind protectively until it does realise its own divinity (but also that of everyone else), so in the very long run it does not actually matter whether you subscribe to the magic guide-rails of religion or the scientific ones of yoga – on a high level any mystic will have to shed them all.
This is the reason why especially many revered (3HO-)teachers who gloat with ‘knowledge’ seem to have bigger tasks to shed their spiritual ego ahead of them, then many of their authentic humble students wo follow them.

So why at all this course ?

To guide sincere spiritual seekers through one possible path in a safe way.

Originally I did start this site as a personal public notepad, and if it was only for me I would have deleted it by now. But since I was asked, I continue to offer this course until I have completely finished my own SCK-experiment.

For everyone:

  • I can help you to find out to which extend it will help you, when it will start to damage your life, or which other path to take.
  • More than for the information (like any teaching), this course is about psychological help, motivation and guidance;
  • to shorten your progress by avoiding 2 decades of mistakes I made on my path,
  • and to avoid the tremendous damages Sodarshan Chakra did cause me,
  • or simply as a donation for my research and supporting materials.

For beginners:

  • To save you from potentially severe depressions on the way.
  • The course puts all those informations in a clear order,
  • explanes of each aspect of SCK
  • includes 109 audios to practice,
  • and as rewards on the way: 33 music-tracks
  • and a slow but safe 28 year- background-plan.

For advanced practitioners:

  • most important: to save you from the karma-downfall of hubris, which did arise in some, as soon as lightvisions arose.
  • a fast 7-year plan,
  • methods which amplify SCK or are missing in YB’s instructions,
  • and a game where you can collect 78 tarot cards on the way – each giving you the right for one mail-question and an elaborate answer
  • it will be hand-customised for your personal need,

Because this course is especially suitable for people with asperga or autism, if you have a such a child or have it yourself I am willing to also teach in person.

As soon as you payed here, you will get a mail from me in which we discuss how to customise the 7th version of this course for you personally.


6 Replies to “Gate to another world”

  1. From your post, I can see that SCK is very esoteric, hence the lack of followers or the lack of seriousness you mentioned before. Usually people are attracted to esoteric religions or currents but few would go deep in them.
    Anyway 25 likes on your Buddhist meditations!

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    1. Yes, I realised that my path is very rare and after a deep crisis recently gave up bending over backwards to spread the truth to the world. That’s why I started to charge – I wanted only people who really are interested.

      My difficulty was that I did not take money from those esoteric inclined people who usually have no money for not being worldly, but your Beirut-explosion gave me the idea to combine it with a good cause to adjust inner and outer well-being. This way I feel justified to charge the rich first-worlders. My concern was never to get rich from the work I put in it within the last 6 years.

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        1. Actually, helping Lebanon is the best thing which could have happened to me.
          On one hand I did not have the money to donate
          on the other hand (being a German, as you know) I felt guilty for having it so good in my first world ivory tower here
          whilst you Lebanese are degraded in one blow into a third world country,
          and also I wanted to motivate people to DO the course instead of reading it only
          (wheeding out the fence-sitters by charging them).
          So I found a way to kill all birds with one stone.

          (And btw: Since you did not find the beginning of the 3 songs appealing,
          I hope that your carousal-horsiness did not jump ahead to the next page without having given the third track a chance, because that is without words and relaxing in your times of turmoil.

          I don’t even know what to wish you in Beirut – you all must be pretty desparate, in emotional turmoil and exhausted from having to clean up everything without any governmental help! More power to all of you !!!

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          1. True, we are all on an emotional rollercoaster. We are tired of living in a country that is so troubled.

            Anyway, again, you don’t have to help and thinking of helping us is already a big gesture I thank you for it.

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