The house of Sodarshan

{Castle picture by wulfman} {deutscher Kurs hier}

You left a chaotic city-action with all its frenzy.
Because you did pick up the basic nervosity of the zeitgeist, you decided to walk away from it all.
In the far distance you see a mystical building.
After many days you arrive there and read:

The house of Sodarshan Chakra Kriya

You knock on the door and a doorwindow opens

I did look this young around 2010, when this photo was taken by Frank Ulmer

Welcome, to the sanctuary of serenity !

There are many ways for one to evolve, and I will get into that later,
but as an introduction please read those two excerpts from my meditation-course first:

Why meditate?

Whilst life is a mystery, it is a result of many factors of which most are based on deep unconscious decisions, which we did make a long time ago.
In fact, they were so deep, that by now we did subscribe to a worldview of “fate”, or a hope of “divine mercy” of an external authority.

On the changes in personality one can observe how someone
* first decides consciously to take consequences (which can shift hundreds of times back and forth),
* then, when the decision is final, out of spite one doesn’t speak about it,
* and finally one decides to do something subconsciously without even reflecting upon it anymore.

On one hand this can be a relief from great burdens,
but when it happens in bitterness, it can also push people into physical or psychological pathologies.
This is the way how characters are formed.

An example would be a pair of siblings with dominant parents:
Under same circumstances one of both may evolve to become a rebel,
and the other one can become melancholic-depressive.
In both cases it is not an issue of what happened,
but how one decided to react to a situation.

Changes in character trades are difficult to be reached consciously,
but there are possibilities to detangle situations or constellations, into which we did manoeuvre ourselves.
The obvious similarities of eastern and western teachings show that there are profound principles which can guide someone out of ones misery.

Looking at an iceberg, one can see the relationship between the consciousness above the water …

… and the much larger invisible part of the subconscious.
So it is clear that the main task does take place in the realm of the subconscious.(Shamanic journeys for example usually lead someone through a dive into the cave of one’s own self.)

Because all ways essentially lead to Rome, there is not only one path to “the only truth”, but as many kinds of meditations, as there are people on this planet.

And one aspect about meditating upright and the vertical energy ‘up to heaven’:

When you look at people on our planet then the direction above is that one outwards towards other planets.
And when you see planets as neurons then what you do when sitting upright is to create a connection between them – similar to connections between synapses.

So in time we do create a connection first to the macrocosm and then to the microcosm within our brain, which is why meditation does make one more intelligent in time.

and here are 4 reasons for evolving faster:

one for the
one for
one for
and one for

Enter here

6 Replies to “The house of Sodarshan”

  1. From your post, I can see that SCK is very esoteric, hence the lack of followers or the lack of seriousness you mentioned before. Usually people are attracted to esoteric religions or currents but few would go deep in them.
    Anyway 25 likes on your Buddhist meditations!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, I realised that my path is very rare and after a deep crisis recently gave up bending over backwards to spread the truth to the world. That’s why I started to charge – I wanted only people who really are interested.

      My difficulty was that I did not take money from those esoteric inclined people who usually have no money for not being worldly, but your Beirut-explosion gave me the idea to combine it with a good cause to adjust inner and outer well-being. This way I feel justified to charge the rich first-worlders. My concern was never to get rich from the work I put in it within the last 6 years.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Actually, helping Lebanon is the best thing which could have happened to me.
          On one hand I did not have the money to donate
          on the other hand (being a German, as you know) I felt guilty for having it so good in my first world ivory tower here
          whilst you Lebanese are degraded in one blow into a third world country,
          and also I wanted to motivate people to DO the course instead of reading it only
          (wheeding out the fence-sitters by charging them).
          So I found a way to kill all birds with one stone.

          (And btw: Since you did not find the beginning of the 3 songs appealing,
          I hope that your carousal-horsiness did not jump ahead to the next page without having given the third track a chance, because that is without words and relaxing in your times of turmoil.

          I don’t even know what to wish you in Beirut – you all must be pretty desparate, in emotional turmoil and exhausted from having to clean up everything without any governmental help! More power to all of you !!!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. True, we are all on an emotional rollercoaster. We are tired of living in a country that is so troubled.

            Anyway, again, you don’t have to help and thinking of helping us is already a big gesture I thank you for it.

            Liked by 2 people

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