Beirut and the madness of wars

Watch this imdepressive post of pix made by a Lebanese herself:


They said that this exploasion had just about 1/10th of the power of the Hiroshima bomb.
Then you can see how horrible a nuclear war would be and why I strongly propose all nuclear weapons being banished from this earth.

One mad politician making a rash ego-decision
and then one pilot pushing just a button miles up in the beautiful sky.
It is so easy for no one to feel accountable for war horrors.

This shows me again how incredible stupid and closed minded ANY kind of war and armament is. In my eyes there is NO justification for any of those acts.

And anyone who tells me “yes, but it’s more complicated than that …
I tell: “go and sit on the receptive end of a war just for a month,
have your life threatened, your family killed, and your home destroyed,
and then judge again”.

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