Distinguishing different themes into different blogs

Dear readers,

I realised that this is not fitting anymore if I run a blog associated with a specific meditation and then only have followers who don’t actually practice it.

Hence I unsubscribe all of you tomorrow, except for the mystical blogwriter inner peace who did resubscribe after I deleted all the first time around.

If you are specifically interested in SCK you are welcome to straight away resubscribe again here, but you won’t find many of my thoughts here anymore, because I only will focus on Sodarshan Chakra Kriya and focus on the course instead of the worldly chaos we currently are in.
(Ah, and since I am at it, the offer for this week is that you get the first two articles of the course for 2€ in order to test it.)
If you are not inclined to do the course, maybe you better follow my thoughts here:

  • insightseeing (a few old english articles – in the future I will mainly brainstorm half-politicalhalf spiritual stuff here, so I guess this is what will suit you best)
  • Einsehenswürdigkeiten (the same in Deutsch)

3 community blogs (only started by myself with a few articles but designed for others to participate:

  • proposed alternative currency
    (only one kickstarter-article about money – this is for people who are unsatisfied about the entire money-system and are inclined to brainstorm how to change capitalism)
  • summaries of books or themes
    (many fence-sitters already subscribe in the hope to get predigested material, but this will only continue to grow if people like you add more summeries once in a while – I won’t specifically write anything for it – only contributed 2 articles so far and reblogged a third one)
  • try to simplify one complex sentence
    (This is the unreadable supposedly intelligent thought about social interaction which I try to make digestable for mere mortals like us. Again, this also only will work if others follow my initial example and do put in the time to translate another sentence.)

Those look like a lot of blogs, but those are only few articles – I only made sure that people do subscribe only to the themes which do actually really interest them

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