The ultimate Sodarshan Chakra Kriya compilation

[My portrait made by Frank Ulmer]

What does make Sodarshan Chakra Kriya (SCK) special is that it is a spiritual concentrate which does yield more results than an average meditation of the same length.
That does make it appealing for people with little time
as well as those with strong aspirations.
In opposition to the usually pieces of many different yoga-exercises, this is one single kriya (exercise), which does combine Bhakti with archaic yogic and tantric methods.

Comparison between 3HO and my compilation
The Yogi-Bhajan 3HO schoolThe Sodarshan Chakra Kriya school
Does promote a mixture of Sikhism and YogaDoes move beyond orthodox religions to find the inner divine behind the rituals.
Demands the unconditional belief in Yogi Bhajan (culmilating at times in a religious worship).Considers Yogi Bhajan to have been a skilled postman, who was domineering and ethically flawed .
Is taught in the traditional style of ever continuing Yoga classes.Is taught in one compact online-course .
+ provides continued motivation+ gives all information at once
+ Creates a community, but
– binds students to teachers.
Sends practitioners on their own path:
-lonely but +independent.
promotes many different yoga Kriyasdoes focus on the mastery of one kriya and the self
– bears the danger of superficial “spiritual channelhopping’– will become tedious without a strong spiritual belief and longing
is mainly focussed on the physical application of exercisesincludes personality-work and addresses emotional and spiritual issues.
Cost throughout years: thousands of $sOnetime limited cost
Should be called:
as invented by Y.B.
Is a form of
ancient tantric

When doing the course, there is no demand for you to abandon your current spiritual practice. Vice versa: this course should enhance your current approach.

For 6 years I did collect informations about Sodarshan Chakra Kriya which includes:

  1. Four possible ways to sit:
    • simple sitting
    • easy pose
    • Lotus-seat
    • Siddhasana
  2. Correlations of SCK to religions, such as
    1. Heysychasm
    2. Jesus Prayer
    3. Islamic mysticism
    4. Bhakti
    5. and also ways for atheists to practic SCK
  3. Pranayama
  4. Mudras
    • correlation of the fingers and planets
  5. Nasagra Mudra
  6. Advantages and disadvantages of spiritual gurus
  7. reflexion, contemplation & meditation
  8. the left-right-relationship
  9. the top bottom relationship
  10. 3HO-explanations about time and duration
  11. analysis of the person Yogi Bhajan
  12. Jalandara Bhanda
  13. 2 methods to count without audio-rhytms
  14. pituitary gland
  15. kundalini energy
    1. ancient sources of Kundalini yoga
  16. nose-fokus
  17. siddhis
  18. sesshin
  19. Pinga Ida and Shushumna, channels
  20. 2 longterm plans which last you for 1-3 decades
  21. how to skip 16 years of futile practice and suffering
    1. by avoiding mistakes I made
    2. and by implementing certain techniques early on.
  22. The Tantra-Shashtra-breathing technique


The old price was 123€, but

Due to many people suffering from the corona hit economy,
until the pandemic is over you can
unlock all informations for 53€ only now
which will include email support for 5 mails.

(make this payment reocurring, and you will
you will get 4 CDs on the second payment, and the German course on your third)
After you payed, start here

Offer of the Week

Because we currently are in Mercury Retrograde which additionally makes our life more complicated, this week I will answer your Sodarshan Chakra Kriya Questions for free:

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