The Sodarshan Chakra-Lineage from Maharishi Kartikeya, via Dhirendra Brahmachari to Yogi Bhajan and why this kriya is not one YB made up

This was my subjective answer when someone doubted whether Yogi Bhajan just made up Sodarshan Chakra Kriya.

First: In case you haven’t seen Deslippe’s talks: Two of them are below (and I only have seen the first which I found very interesting – the same as in his paper but reassuring)

  1. Philip Deslippe presents a ‘History of Yogi Bhajan & the 3HO’ at the UKPHA Virtual Bookclub 27/4/20 – YouTube
  2. Part Two of Philip Deslippe on the History of Yogi Bhajan and 3HO – YouTube

Then I give you all facts I have:Expanding further on my Pedigree which you saw already:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sodarshanchakrakriya-yogi-lineage.png

Maharishi Kartikey lived from the 6th to the 10th Sikh-Guru, so it is likely he had exchanges with them.
Rainer Gemmenthaler’s true Kundalini Yoga teacherings which include all of Dhirandra Brahmachari’s teachings and those he did not manage to publish anymore, are available here. (Since he is Swiss, this book also exists in German language, in case you have an Austrian friend for example).
Links to Maharisi Kartikeya are herehere, and here, and a link to Gemmenthaler’s website is here.
And here is a proof how Yogi Bhajan did copy tons from Dhirendra Brahmachari:

and in case you don’t see this picture in the mail, here once more:

And finally my personal opinion – and due to the blurred history of SCK, this can only be an opinion.

As you know, Yogi Bhajan was ’the Trump of Yoga’, meaning a self-serving bragger, and there is even a video out there where he talks like Trump, saying: “One guy gave the other one the title, but I think I was better” (and I think he meant Dhirendra whom he fell out with). Hence I think he did not want to credit his unloved source anymore, but it is obvious that his many made up Kriyas stem from the knowledge of Brahmachari – he just dished them out improvisingly and maybe slightly modified or how he remembered it.
Brahmachari himself seems to have been an equal sleazebag then Bhajan, because I know a Hindu Yoga Teacher who took a 1-week-course with him where he only appeared for a few minutes daily (where it was cold and he still only had to wear his ‘indian underwear’( I don’t know what it is called), but left shortly after for someone else to take the main classes.

All I heard was that Maharshi Kartikeya’s gift (amongst many, which is not surprising for a man in his age) must have been to see someones swadharma (mission or task in life), so (probably having seen that Dhirendra was more physical and less spiritual inclined) he taught him Yoga but only allowed him to teach the moving Hata aspect of it, omitting the spiritual stuff unless Brahmachari would see a potential in a student for it. This is I think why he finally taught Bhajan SCK, and Bhajan himself only brought this out 25 years after he started teaching his yoga-version in the west.
In the instruction he says: “Of all kinds of yoga including [his own version of] ‘Kundalini yoga’, this is the highest Kriya”No one questioned him on “including Kundalini Yoga”, but this was a giveaway that Sodarshan Chakra Kriya does not come out of his realm. That is probably also why he hesitated for such a long time to teach it,and I don’t know in what context he did bring it out, but I strongly doubt that he did create that one ‘on the fly’ as he did with his tons of other Kriyas. It is much to sophisticated for that – not like ‘just a holding up your arms in 45°’, but an elaborate combination.
For the German speaking people I just summed up how many aspects can be found in it, and I found 24 different ones, so this is not just another Kriya.Having said that: The Hindu teacher actually did criticise it strongly for not adhering to the original Yoga Kriyas, and if you want to really dig into the Origins, look for Patanjali’s kriyas (which best are summed up in Vivekananda’s Raja Yoga.

The Hindu would not do SCK, because it adds the belly pumping and omits the 1:4:2-breathing ratio, but you can add that ratio by breathing in with 4 beats and out with 8 beats.

The belly pumping is done softly by myself anyway, and I think it substitutes for the root-lock demanded in Tantric yoga.

The only issue you may have with it is that the Kriya actually tunes into the Sikh-lineage which is a total different story, but I think that is only an issue once you do 2.5 hours, because those finer energies then come into play (in the form that I got crises due to cultural frictions).

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