The lost opportunity of reclusive Hikikomories

Our deranged society all over the world, which did focus on social norms, productivity, consumerism and competitive capitalism did suppress our soul’s need to thrive;
so many start to turn their back on the world as a whole, which
– as an alternative to suicide – serves as a state of hibernation.

Whilst this attitude is totally understandable, the only part hibernating hermits unfortunately miss out on, is the tremendous chance to grow spiritually within this time.

This is why I am right now in the process of writing my seventh version of a spiritual course, designed exactly for people who are interested in spirituality,
yet too sensitive to engage in dogmatic communities, which by imposing new sets of rules throws them from the fire of work-pressure into the frying pan of a religious conformism.

Hikikomories are most welcome to walk together with me – a fellow reclusive –
to transform from a worldy caterpilar into a spiritual butterfly.
Your biggest capital is the freedom from society you worked so hard for,
and the time to meditate a bit and contemplate a lot;
use it to unfold your higher potential !

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