The very long term damage selfishness can cause

example one: the christian church

It is likely that within the 30 years Jesus was not mentioned in the bible, he did learn spiritual wisdoms such like those for example:It is likely that within the 30 years Jesus was not mentioned in the bible, he did learn spiritual wisdoms such like those for example:

This inspired early Christians to become gnostics, but unfortunately it took decades to write down his story, and more centuries to compile it into what we know about the bible today.
By then a group of an already established power-structure twisted Jesus’ story away from having been a learned spiritual aspirant into a godly chosen deity, because this way nobody ever could aspire to ever become like Jesus – only to serve the institution which promotes him.
For the short-term gain of power in their lifes, they caused milennias of troubles, and contributed to the religious atrocities, like wars, and fanaticisms of all 3 abrahamic religions.

example two: Trump

Only for the sake of saving his ego from having to admit that he lost, he did continue to lie until the end, pretending that the election was rigged, thereby further injecting toxic hate and divisiveness into the already Divided States of America (DSA), so throughout the entire next presidency of Joe Biden a true healing of this nation won’t be possible, because fake-conspiracies are hammered into the brains of simpletons. Both parties participate on that by demonising their opponents.

example three: corporations

I think it is not even worth to start mentioning the many ruthless successful corporations which did build their empires at the expense of exploited workers and the environment – yet again – only for the short-term gain of the bosses’ financial fortune, centuries of damages to social structures and nature are left behind.
As a rule of thumb: Don’t look at the philantropy of a corporation right now, but look at its beginnings: Most those usually started with either cheating, pushing others aggressively out of business, or outright criminal behaviour. Just search for evil companies to get an idea.

example four : 3HO and Yogi Bhajan

Quite a few of those companies were founded by an Indian customs officer who had learned yoga from a yoga-teacher who was incredibly harsh, demanding total dedication to him and his teachings.
Like many, who want to reap the benefits for their hard work, he then demanded the same unconditional dedication towards him, which ultimately did turn his 3HO-organisation into a cult.
Unfortunately, because their senior members had invested so much in him (and reaped so many financial benefits) even though it turned out that he was a criminal hippocrite and rapist, the senior teachers do continue teaching his self-invented exercises as if nothing ever happened, and as if his self-invented exercises would be a thousand year old tradition of yoga-kriyas.
Thereby they are in the stage of for their short-term financial gain turning Yogi Bhajan into a new religion, because unfortunately in two generations no life testimonials of how he really was will be seen, but the aggressively promoted god-like image of him will keep standing.
They could have had the potential to correct course and save history from yet another cult and religious wars, but instead they caused tremendous confusion by injecting Indian Sikhism into the midst of exclusively white Westerners. One of those teachers even told me straight in the face that it would be “too late” to correct Yogi Bhajan’s image – and then continued to teach his $ 3.500 teachers training in the same old fashion.

The irony is that Yogi Bhajan actually never did practice any of the thousand exercises he did invent on the fly – sometimes in the midst of classes.

But to make balance, I want to mention that in opposition to the traditional 3HO-teachers, I do admire Ravi Shingh, who does continue to teach his kriyas, but with an open great awareness and distinction between the teacher and his teachings. His brilliant answer to my doubtful question, whether Sodarshan Chakra Kriya is authentic, was:

So Darhan Chakra Kriya has been around in many forms for thousands of years. It is described, as you know, in the the Holy Book of the Sikhs. Yogi Bhajan as he did with so many things, updated it a bit but adding the stomach pumping. The allegations against Yogi Bhajan are true and 3HO as we’ve known it is over. Nevertheless, that doesn’t diminish Yogi Bhajan’s supreme contribution with regard to Kundalini Yoga. Somehow the Universe has found ways to transmit perfect Teachings through imperfect people. The personality work which we might call “feeling work” is a necessary component of work on oneself the absence of which makes it possible for cults to develop. A cult makes it easy for one to step into a ready made identinty without having to do the sticky  behind the scenes work required to be a whole human. How many minutes a day are you doing So Darshan? 

I think it is great quality to take what you believe is valuable from a person, though you have many reservations about that person.
It is like removing the peel but eating the banana vs throwing way the banana because the peel is not edible.
Talking of perfection, there is a saying
the universe is perfect as it is with all the imperfections it contains”.

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