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“File:Gates gelati.jpg” by Vladimer Shioshvili is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Many opened a door for you, now you can open one for many.

We all build upon thousands of years of work of others,
but contemporary capitalism suggests that everyone would be in it for themselves.

What is hardly mentioned in spirituality is the paradox that on one hand it is fashionable to shout out “we all are one!”, but on the other hand everyone selfishly works on their own enlightenment.

That’s why you don’t pay for “your own” course, but we will build the house together:
Everyone who brings something to the table, will open one door for all of us, and those who did benefit from others should consider helping the ones who follow.
The only exception will be a few luxury, or hand-taylored items.

You can open this door, or show your general appreciation, by donating something here

And if you are short on money:
instead of ‘giving for‘ this cause, you can also ‘forgive‘ a debt you were owed
on the next page here.

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